Bath & Body Works Hand Soaps as Low as ONLY $2 Each (Ends Tonight)

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Last chance to save BIG on Bath & Body Works Hand Soap!

Through tonight, December 5th only, Bath & Body Works is offering up select Hand Soaps for just $3 (regularly up to $8.50) – this sale even includes the Exfoliating Hand Soaps with Tea Tree Oil!

And through December 7th, save $10 off a $30 purchase when you use the code WRAPPEDUP at checkout or print this in-store coupon.

Prefer to shop from home? Check out this online deal idea…

Buy TEN Hand Soaps $3 each (regularly up to $8.50)
Total = $30
Use promo code WRAPPEDUP at checkout
Shipping adds $5.99
Final cost only $25.99 shipped – just $2.60 each!

Heading to the store? Do this deal…

Buy TEN Hand Soaps $3 each (regularly up to $8.50)
Total = $30
Use this $10 off $30 in-store coupon
Final cost only $20 – just $2 each!

Shipping is $9.99 for orders under $10 and $5.99 for orders over $10.

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Comments 95

  1. Lydia

    Any idea when the body wash goes back on sale for $4 ?

  2. Noelle

    What’s going on this Saturday sale? Anyone know?

    • Brittany

      Hand Soaps $2.75 if they follow what they’ve been doing the last 3 yrs (2nd Saturday in Dec.)

      • Kayla

        Do you know if they still honor their coupon 3 days before/after policy? I missed the 2.50 hand soap sale & would love to use my 10/30 coupon on Saturday (if they’ll be on sale).

        • jessica

          They do still honor the 3 days before/after dates on coupons 🙂

  3. Sandee

    Are the hand soaps $2 or $3? Your header reads $2 but then when you read the article regarding the Soaps it says $3 please clarify?

    • Mel

      Read further down, she explains the breakdown for the $2.

    • Rachel

      Please read ENTIRE post and you will see if you buy IN STORE Its $2 each.

      • Patricia

        that is after you use the coupon that is $10 off of $30

    • Cheri

      If you shop in store and use the $10/30 coupon it works out to $2 each before tax. (It’s further down the page). 🙂

    • Blessed

      They indicated if you use 10 off 30 coupon when buying 10 it will bring down to 2

  4. KB1006

    Does anyone have the $20 off $50 Abercrombie they would be willing to trade? I have free shipping, $25 off and a free wall calendar for Shutterfly. I’d trade all for one Abercrombie code. Email Pumpkinbrain at mindless dot com

    • Bee0619

      Hi, I have for you. Sent you an email!

      • Bee0619


        • KB1006

          I emailed you back, did you get it? Check your spam, my email address tends to end up there 😉

          • Idahomomof6

            If you need another $20 off $50 and have more free shipping codes, I would LOVE one!!! In all my years of couponing, I have NEVER gotten a free shipping code for Shutterfly. They’re like my unicorn 🙂 If ANYONE has one to spare, I would be incredibly grateful!!! eternal8mail at yahoo dot com. Thanks!!

            • Daisy

              I emailed you one. Subject is Shutterfly free shipping

  5. Ann Dee

    The St George, Utah store and Fashion Place Mall in Murray, UT near Salt Lake City would not take the retailmenot coupon. So frustrating this year. I only got a 20% coupon in the mail so not a good deal. Sigh. I will be emailing corporate.

    • Krisp

      They don’t *have* to take a coupon from a 3rd party online coupon company.

    • ET

      Corporate has told the stores not to take retail me not coupons, so they are actually following the rules. The ones taking the coupons are not.

    • Idahomomof6

      My store told me tonight that retailmenot has been posting illegal images of their coupons for quite some time and they’ve been fighting them. Corporate has supposedly instructed all of their stores to stop taking them.

    • Gritzi

      There are many one-time use coupons & others that are being uploaded fraudulently, so many can’t be accepted.

    • Gritzi

      Also, do you receive the emails? If so, check your email daily. Yesterday there was a $10 off $30 purchase coupon.

  6. Jess

    They do not partner with Retail me not! They do not have to take a screen shot third party coupon.

  7. Monique

    @ Ann dee if you can make it more up north the bath and body works store at the Newgate mall in Ogden always seems to be accommodating when I go in. There are times I have forgotten or not received a coupon and they are always super nice about “hooking me up with a coupon” I was a retail store manager for many years and I hate when stores act like giving a discount is coming out of their own pocket or paycheck. A lot of companies want you to make the customer happy especially with so many brick and mortars suffering these days. The only times that I wouldn’t “hook a customer up” is if they were being a jerk otherwise if you make your customers happy they will return and your store ultimately gets the benefits of that…ok done ranting good luck hopefully you’re able to get some $2 soaps 🙂

    • Ann Dee

      Thanks! I like your response the best! 😂 I totally agree with you. Have a wonderful holiday season. Merry Christmas!

    • mkpassey

      I’m going to head to Newgate tonight!

  8. PrincessMom

    I always stock up this time of year, love the kitchen lemon soap! Thanks for posting so I didn’t miss the deal! 🙂

    • Lucy Alvarez

      I LOVE the Kitchen Lemon scent too!

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      You’re very welcome!

  9. Asmomama

    The printable coupon just says ten off thirty, starts tomorrow. Doesn’t say the name of the store, doesn’t have a a date. Are we sure it’s legit?

    • Katie

      They allow you to use it 3 days before the date

  10. Sandy

    Sweet! Haven’t tried the exfoliating hand soap with tea tree oil yet thanks for the post!

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      You’re welcome Sandy!

  11. Jess

    As a cashier I could not accept this coupon because it’s from retail me not and there is no expiration date.

    • nk

      there is coupon in ther emails.u use that only

  12. Monique

    My employees wouldn’t have been able to take the coupon from retail me not either my store Claire’s/icing (same company) only use one coupon and it’s received when an ear piercing is done but a discount is just a push of a button and as the manger I had the discretion to allow the button push or not…that was my point the holidays are hard enough as it is in retail I’m certainly not trying to make my day harder by making a customer mad and loosing business. You don’t generally have 50 customers in the same store that don’t have the coupon so making an exemption for one customer gets me that much closer to making plan and getting my fourth quarter bonus 🙂

  13. Jodi

    Just came out of my store and they claim the soaps are not $3 in store, it already ended.

    • pm

      it kills me when the sales people don’t know the sales!! It might be all the seasonal help, but B&B should educate them each day so the customers don’t know more than them. I always check online first, and then ask in store and they usually price check for me. the signs are not always posted.

    • Gritzi

      Some of the promotions are store/area specific. I.E. Stores in one general area might have had $2.95 soaps yesterday, while stores on the east coast might have had $5 lotions.

  14. Frugal Lady2

    Just download Bath and Body Works app to get coupon if you don’t have the mailer one. You’ll get rewards to earn when you buy using the app. Hope I help someone today!😊

    • MargieL

      I’m not sure if the app is available everywhere yet. We have it here near Chicago and I love it! Very handy

    • Katie

      It’s only available to a very, very small area. Not mine, sadly

  15. Brenda

    The $10/30 coupon was emailed out so if you get BBW emails you should have it in your email. If you’ve ever shopped there you should get their emails because they ask for your email address when you make a purchase. You can also sign up from their website. BBW does tons of sales around the holidays and you will get coupons in your email, by mail if they have your address, and in store sometimes by making a purchase.

  16. Jane

    If Reatilmenot coupons are NOT valid at Bath & Body Works why are they still offered here. I’m so confused LOL!!

    • Bsili

      That sucks!! I tried the same thing at Desert sky in Arizona and sure enough they said they accept retail me not coupons …and reading everyone’s comment I almost wasn’t going to try!! Lol

  17. Brie

    Hello! If anyone has a 10 off 30 from their email they are not using I would love to have it! Plz email me at Thank you so much in advance! Brie

    • Brie

      Also I tried using a retail me not and they said no they don’t take them and the app is not available in MN and I am signed up for emails but maybe it went into my spam?

  18. Rebecca

    These make great neighbor Christmas gifts! I put tags on them that say “we wash you a merry Christmas” OR “spread cheer, not germs”. Always a hit, and way better then giving treats.

    • Taryn S.

      This is a great idea, thank you for the suggestion!

  19. Jill

    Dear folks, if u don’t have paper coupons (mailer), OR if u didn’t receive emails from Bath&Body, THEN just DOWNLOAD the app for Bath and Body Works. It’s super EASY and you’ll get rewards (freebies, coupons) just like Kohls or Ralph’s app or any other app. It’s better than waiting for someone to ask for email & forward it to you. You should try it. Most stores do not honor Retailmenot app anymore. I don’t know why it was not suggested here before BUT the APP works! Good day everyone!😉

    • Katie

      It’s only available in like two areas. That’s why.

  20. Jill

    Oops sorry I forgot to add, just download IF it’s available in your area. Thanks!

  21. Amanda

    I have a $10 off $30 coupon (in the Christmas booklet from previous online orders). I’m looking for a Shutterfly free ornament code. If you would like to trade please leave your email address

  22. Rebecca

    I had a $15 off $40 coupon from a mailing. Got 10 soaps at $3 each and 10 matching antibacterial hand soaps (5 for $6)for $27 total! Incredible for stocking up the gift closet!

    • Rebecca

      Plus they give you free gift bags and ribbons if you ask for them, so it really is an incredible way to get gifts on the cheap!

  23. Hannah

    Does anyone know when/if the hand sanitizer goes on sale?? TIA! 🙂

  24. Molly

    My store in Okemos, MI did not have soaps on sale still. Said the sale ended yesterday:(

  25. Jess

    Just because they are on sale online doesn’t mean they are in store as well. Call your store and check before you make the trip.

  26. jane

    did I miss the cheap lotion deal. They do it one day a year . Did I miss it??

    • Katie

      Last Saturday they were $5

  27. emmi

    FYI, Got some really good soaps BUT not all soaps were on sale for $3 at our local store.

  28. Donna

    Which soaps are regularly $14.50?? The most expensive ones I saw in store were $8.50.

  29. Haylee

    The sparkling Limoncello hand soap is $14.50! Its around 15-16 ounces. I bought the last 10 they had! 🙂

    • riss

      I was told by staff at BBW that Limoncello is now a retired scent and may be available at their outlet store, but not in regular BBW stores. I couldn’t find one last week in our local store.

  30. Luna

    Hi I happened to add $25 off holiday cards with free shipping code to my account, and realized won’t be using it. I’d like someone to use it so posting it here but not sure if they’ll be able to as it has been saved to my shutterfly account. good luck! All in upper case
    $25 off holiday cards:
    Free shipping:

    • Merideth

      These codes have been used. Does anyone else have a Shutterfly holiday card code they won’t be using?

  31. Mama

    Thanks! I really like their soap.

  32. Victoris

    Went to one of my local stores and they said the soap sale is only select stores….I’ve never heard of this nor have I ever ran into this problem until now. I was so mad I left without buying anything.

    • Gritzi

      There are some promotions that are select stores.

  33. Lucinda

    I have $15 off $50 from Sephora. Also have $40 off $100 from underarmour.
    Please email me with offers for trade.

    • Krisp

      The $15 off $50 to Sephora is a generic code this year: 2017reward

      • Jay


  34. Hulagir114

    Does anyone need old navy supercash codes? I have a few

  35. Kayla

    Do you know if they still honor their coupon 3 days before/after policy? I missed the 2.50 hand soap sale & would love to use my 10/30 coupon on Saturday (if they’ll be on sale).

    • jessica

      Yes, they do 🙂

  36. Catrina

    My store didn’t have the soaps on sale and wouldn’t honor the email 😞 going to order online tonight

  37. Jessica

    25% off plus free shipping on $25+…

    Comment when used!! Happy holidays!

    • liz

      thank you, used! happy holidays!

  38. Gina

    I had an email from for Free shipping on a $25+ purchase & 25% off. I got the handsoaps for $2.25 each. Be sure to check your email if you are signed up for emails from bath & body works.

  39. SEC

    The post says up to a value of $14.50 – I went to the store – nothing was priced above $8.50 – did I miss something?

    • Lisa

      Sparking Limoncello soap is 14.50

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Thanks for the feedback!

  40. Bee0619

    I have a free shipping code for BBW if anyone’s wants to trade for Kohl’s cash or a small gift card

  41. Anna76

    Free shipping on a $25

  42. Ry

    I posted in the Hip2Share section how to get the soaps for $1.75 shipped when you buy 4. I’m guessing that would also end tonight as well. Check it out:

    Also here is a free shipping code at $25+ if anyone wants to have it (unfortunately u can only use 1 code so decide if this works better for u than the 10 off 30 code) – SHOP1-QNXTKW3R6569TCQT. That code expires on the 6th.

    • Idahomomof6

      Thank you Ry! I used your scenario and code to get them for $1.75 each shipped. Thank you!!

  43. Autumn

    Does anyone need Kohl’s cash? I have $20, $15 of which expires tomorrow. Would like to trade for a Target or Amazon gift card.

  44. Amanda

    I went to Bath and Body today, and the sign said 6 hand soaps for $25. I asked the customer service person why they weren’t $3, and she said that corporate made the mistake of putting it in the email that it was in store and online, but that the $3 price was for online only. However, they were nice enough to accept the $3 pricing and give that to me in store. They also accepted the retail me not coupon of $10/30.

  45. Amy

    If anyone would like, you may have my Free Shipping on $25 or more code: SHOP1-M9PRQFHB7CW2GRP3. Enjoy!

  46. Edy

    If anyone has a credit card lane Bryant and shops there be n the look out for a small envelope from lane Bryant it has a gift card $25

  47. Megan

    Free shipping with $25 purchase.. shop1-Z2Z74Z7N73W954T6

  48. Anna

    Old Navy Super Cash:
    $50 off $125 (Expires 12//5/17)

  49. Jess

    Bath and body works
    Free shipping and 25% off valid tonight only

    • elaine


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