Aldi Shoppers: Benton’s Cookies Only 95¢ (Better Than Girl Scout Cookies?)

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The other day we posted about Walmart’s Great Value Brand being just as good as Keebler cookies. Several readers commented that Benton’s cookies at Aldi are just as good as Keebler AND Girl Scout cookies, if not better and cost a whole lot less!

Even sweeter, they were rated Best New Product by Better Homes & Gardens!

Check out what Hip2Save Readers have to say…

Aldi coconut and peanut chocolate cookies look just like Girl Scout and Keebler, but taste better for less than half the price!

Aldi’s Samoa knockoffs are amazing. So are the chocolate covered peanut butter and double stuffed Oreo knockoffs. We love ALL of them!

I have to pretend not to see Aldi’s version of Samoa’s whenever I go. It is not safe for me as I’ll eat the whole thing – they’re so good!! 

My husband loves Aldi’s Chewy Chocolate Chip cookies.

Aldi Deal Ideas – NO Coupons Needed!

Benton’s Peanut Butter Filled Cookies
ONLY 95¢

Benton’s Fudge Mint Cookies
ONLY 95¢

Benton’s Caramel Coconut Fudge Cookies
ONLY $1.39

Benton’s Fudge Stripe Shortbread Cookies
ONLY $1.19

Benton’s Pecan Shortbread Cookies
ONLY $1.39

Benton’s Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies
ONLY $1.69

Have YOU tried Benton’s cookies at Aldi? Let us know what you think in the comments!
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  1. Amber

    Y’all are missing the point of Girl Scout cookies. Are Aldi cookies cheaper? Yes, but here’s the thing: selling cookies is not just a fundraising program. It’s a program designed to help girls learn entrepreneurial skills. The mission of Girl Scouts is to develop girls of courage confidence and character. The cookie program does that. Buy your Aldi cookies, that’s fine but please know that when a little girl approaches you outside a store or when your neighbor brings their daughter to your front door, she may be going way outside her comfort zone to ask you to buy. She has set goals, learned her product and has learned how to sell.

    • elissia borrego

      Take your own advice John

    • Katwoman

      Really? No need to be rude or insulting if you disagree. All she did was ask people to remember why the girls are selling the cookies.

    • Melissa Rice

      I totally agree with you but Scout organizations should also understand that when a child comes knocking outside the door, we are obliged to buy. It’s hard to say “no” and the products are very pricey. It’s okay to sell outside grocery stores, but please don’t come knocking on a friend’s door !

    • John

      Great post , I will buy the cheaper Aldis cookies but is not going to stop me from buying a bunch of Girl Scouts to help them out . My sisters , daughters and now grand daughters all sold cookies !

      • Yes...and I bought cases just to sit at the church exit.. with a help yoursel

        Yes, please buy cases it is only once a year….Do like me fonate it at the church exit…with a sign…help yourselves.

    • Debbie

      Thank you Amber!

    • Barbara Peck

      Unfortunately are Girl Scout cookies are not available all year. So hear you can have booth if you like!

    • Hugh Jorgan

      Really? It seems like the parents are selling all the cookies.

      • Teresa H

        Agree, I would buy Girl Scout cookies from the girls if they were selling them But unfortunately their parents are the ones selling them. What are the girls learning from having their parents sell the cookies for them? I refuse to buy Girl Scout cookies from a parent.

    • Joy R

      I buy girls scout cookies when available but they are only around for a short time. I like a good cookie more than once a year. I’m sure most people buy a box at ten when they are available but it is a discussion on Aldi cookies

    • Ellie

      First Off, I am a female, 73 years young and sold Girl Scout cookies riding my
      bike for miles. Even back then, the Girl Scouts made mere pennies on every
      box. I was a very knowledgeable young girl, worked extremely hard in the hot sun and sold about 40 boxes. I remember each box was sold for 35 cents (very expensive) and when I found out, the mere Pennies our troop earned, I felt Cheated by Keebler!! Yes, Amber, our whole troop learned a Big Lesson….you
      sweat your butt off and Keebler Slaps us in the face!! If Aldi can make a profit
      selling the cookies for 95 cents today, why is Keebler still cheating the scouts?

      • Sue H

        My understanding is that the bulk of the money goes to support the national organization, including fat executive salaries. What lesson in enterpreneurial skills is learned by girls selling at three times the market price to people who feel pressured to buy? I agree with the comment about just donating directly to the troop. If they are not allowed to take your donation, offer to the leader to buy supplies for their next project or contribute to their next trip

    • Thomas Rubincan

      JUST DONATE $$$$$$$$$$$$$$
      Buy your cookie at Audi FOR .95 cents instead of $5.00 Girl Scout they only get a small % of that $5.00 anyway !!!
      Just give the $5.00 right to the little cookie pusher and tell no thanks on the cookies but here’s five bucks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thomas Rubincan

      JUST DONATE $$$$$$$$$$$$$$
      Buy your cookie at Audi FOR .95 cents instead of $5.0uj0 Girl Scout they only get a small % of that $5.00 anyway !!!

    • Nosmo

      But, Girl Scout cookies are pricing themselves out of the market. The girls can learn all those good things that come from selling cookies without the price gouging.

    • Nosmo King

      But, Girl Scout cookies are pricing themselves out of the market. The girls can learn all those good things that come from selling cookies without the price gouging.

    • Elana Barnett

      Being able to purchase a similar taste of these year round just helps us feed our cravings until Girl Scout time again. It doesn’t take any thing away from GS’s ❤️

  2. Jerry

    I live in the Chicago area and have shopped at Aldi for many years. Within two miles of my house there are three Aldi. The stores originally were pretty basic, no produce, no meat, no frozen foods, only nonperishable s. Now the stores carry everything. I just have three concerns. First there frequently long checkout lines. Secondly, you really need to carefully check their produce. Finally, they offer no rain checks on sale items.

  3. Rob

    It is unfortunate that large chain stores feel the need to compete against children who sell cookies not so much to push cookies but to teach sales, marketing, budget management, people skills, customer appreciation, goal setting and making money needed for a goal rather than just having parents pay. Girl Scouts have sold cookies since the 1920s, i believe this predates Aldi. Shame on you setting up a competition against children.

    • Rebecca

      Seriously? Because they surely invented the cookies & thus no one should ever make similar cookies? Lol. That’s idiotic.

    • Any

      No John Yoi shut up!

    • Joe

      Way back when, yes GS cookie sales taught girls various business skills. No more today. Nowadays you see the PARENTS setting up their tables in front of the grocery stores with the kids doing nothing more the practicing begging skills, which might only be a useful skill as an adult when they stand at intersections with their “homeless and hungry” signs. Then there are the PARENTS who achieve their kid’s goal by bringing in sign-up sheets to work to pressure coworkers into buying overpriced cookies with zero kid involvement. And now we have PARENTS who complain that there are stores that sell quality, inexpensive cookies which are in competition with their fundraisers. Nice touch, parents, teaching your kids about free enterprise and competition.

      • Jim C.

        Joe, you couldn’t be more RIGHT! I watch them in front of Wal-Mart and all they do is ask “wanna buy some GS cookies?”.

      • tipaye

        Well said!

      • Barbara Oppenheim

        I agree. I buy Girl Scout Cookies every year, but I have a rule. The Girl Scouts, not the parents have to ask me and arrange the sale. Otherwise I do not buy. I refuse to buy from the parents and I tell them why I am not buying. Also the Girl Scout cookies have changed over the years and are not as good as they once were. I do buy Aldi and Walmart cookies and find they are often better and alot cheaper. If I want to help the Girl Scouts I can donate money. I do not have to buy cookies. I was a Girl Scout and I do support both Girl and Boy Scouts, but they have changed and I find I am less and less motivated to help them. I do not see the same level of mentorship now. It seems like another way to “babysit” kids. The whole purpose was personal growth for the kids. So yes I buy and like Aldi cookies and I do not apologize for buying them. If this adversely affect their cookie sales then the Girl Scouts need to find a way to change that.

    • Barbara Peck

      You are missing the point. The year has 12 month and Girl Scout cookies are only sold in what maybe 4 – 6 weeks. So may I buy the rest of the year other cookies, or are you telling Walmart and other grocery stores to stop selling cookies?
      Comment from a person (me) who doesn’t eat cookies!

    • Jeannie Goodwin

      When you have “the parents” selling the cookies at their work place. I don’t see how the girls know how to interact with buyers, if they do, I haven’t seen any where I live. Parents are not helping the children learn the girl scout skills by doing the selling. I’ve seen mother’s sell over thousands of boxes for the kids. Just not right.

    • JMidtown

      Unfortunately, very little of what you mentioned actually happens. I do believe at some point in history this may hay been the case but no more. And the saddest part is the actual troop makes less than 3percent profit ( depending on the state/troop council on average a local troop will receive $0.25 per $4.00 .) I speak as a former troop leader of four years and putting 4 daughters through the program from Daisies to Cadettes. Also, GS does not make the cookies. Little Brownie Bakers make them and resell to Girl Scouts…..or Aldi…or Walmart….or wherever knock offs are sold. The later can sell them but must market under another name.
      The shame should really be on the Girl Scout Council of America for profitting off children under a complete ruse of teaching life skills.

      • JMidtown

        To clarfy that percentage…based on our troops in our state in 2012- cookies sold at $4.00 /box. If a troop took incentives they only received $0.15 per box which is a little over 3percent.
        If they opted out of taking incentives (which are simply cheap dollar store “prizes”) they earned $0.25 , a little over 6 percent.
        Each local council determines what the troops will receive in profit so they will very. Also, box prices can be higher. ($4.50-$5) In addition, the local troop leaders themselves do not receive any financial support from the GS Councils. Trainings, aside from the very basic skills, must all be paid out of pocket by the leader.
        This info is available on the GSA website but of course nicely packaged so as to appear virtuous.
        And for the record…..troops DON’T have to sell cookies!


      It really doesn’t matter that they are a big chain store, everyone cant afford Girl Scout cookies,we all know how the GIRL scout cookie thong works and how the sell of the cookies work, however there are just as meany people out there that cant afford Girl Scout cookies,girl scouts is a big organization also, so let those less fortunate buy some girl scout cookies knock off,but they are not knock offs,they are just cookies,js

  4. CarolynMom

    Yes, we love the Aldi cookies!! We did a taste test last year with the GS equivalent and the Aldi packages all won. I’ll still buy GS cookies from my kids’ friends if they ask me, but it’s frustrating that they charge so much now for a tiny box of cookies when I don’t think that much goes to the troop.

    • Conlan

      BINGO!! As a Girl Scout I would be embarrassed to sell the GS cookies at the price they ask. I’m all for the reasons why and lessons learned by “selling” cookies. However I feel the exercise has a reverse effect. I would guess a major portion of the proceeds goes back to the manufacturer and a slim portion goes to these great organizations. Many times when approached by both BS and GS I have chosen to decline the product and just give the representative a donation. I would prefer to give 100% of my $$ to a good cause than feed the pockets of the companies who come up with these “have I got a deal for you!” schemes.

    • Chad

      GS only get $.65 for their troop the rest goes to the baker and other places.

  5. Donna Avila

    Where can you buy the Aldi’s cookies in California?

    • Jamie

      We live in Southern California and have many Aldi’s locations that have opened up in the last 2 years. Not sure if they’ve made it up north yet. But – if you do have an Aldi’s nearby, these cookies are absolutely amazing!

    • Bunny

      Here is the store locator Donna. I would have been happy to look up for you, but you didn’t mention the California city you live in.

  6. Irene

    I stopped buying GS cookies when I found out the troop got 10¢ a box but the executives were paid handsomely back when my kids were Scouts. And often it’s the parent(s) who are doing the selling, not the girls.

    • Jessica

      Troops get 65¢ a box and nearly everyone involved is a volunteer. Parents can help sell to work etc but girls are supposed to be selling as well.

      • James

        Nice assertion. Provide some documentation to support your assertion. Otherwise we have no reason to believe. I will never buy gsc again after the garbage they pulled around here. I refuse to support corrupt organizations.

        • Jessie

          It’s a fact. You can easily look it up. Not sure what you’re going on about the “garbage” you’ve experienced but I suggest you complain to the council or the regional managment.

  7. Rebecca

    I realize the post references girl scout cookies but for me (and many people I assume), we’re not looking for “comparable” cookies, we just like cheap cookies lol. Girl scouts are not the first nor the only to make certain types, I don’t really see how people are getting upset over this. I don’t buy girl scout cookies now because I don’t know anyone personally selling them, when asked at booths at stores, they’ve been $5+ a box. I remember working hard to sell cookies as a kid, and our troop still didn’t get to do anything. As people here said, little of that goes to the troop. So save your money.

  8. Robert Twigg

    The extreme scarcity of sugar free foods is deplorable. Diabetics spend money too.

  9. Kat

    Crazy how some of these cookies look exactly like Girl Scout cookies:(
    As part of a troop of 40 girls who stand out at cookies booths in rain, sleet, or snow for 59 days during the coldest part of the year(on the East Coast) I know what these girls go thru to sell cookies. And while we don’t get the $4 that is charged per box, our troop received .80/box last year and we sold over 20,000 cookies. So you do the math…that’s $16,000 our troop received as well as learned so many other skills by interacting with people,etc! so yes Aldis is by far a better deal but everyone should know when you buy from a Girl Scout your not just buying cookies:)

    • Bunny

      Hi Kat!

      This post isn’t dissuading people from buying Girl Scout cookies in general. However, they are only sold for two out of the twelve months of the year! And Aldi’s has a great alternative for the other ten months of the year when these cookies aren’t being sold.

      And since the Girl Scouts only make 20% profit on each box, I’m sure there are those who would prefer to make a donation to their local troop so they can get 100% profit!

      For example, I could write a check to your troop for $20 and you would get 100% of that. Or I could buy 25 boxes at $4 each ($100) and your troop would get $20 ($100 x .80).

    • Wanda Armstrong

      I try to be a frugal shopper…Buying GS cookies is NOT being frugal…The cookies at aldis are awesome. ..The crunchy chocolate chip are better that any other store bought CC I’ve ever bought..

    • joe

      Here’s an idea that could teach your kid some real business skills:
      Instead of selling GS cookies at $4/box and only making only 0.80/box, buy Aldi cookies at $1/package and market them in your fundraiser at $2/package so that your troop then makes $1/package. Saves your customers $2/box, gives them equal or better quality cookies, and your kid still makes more money for her troop. Teaches your kid win-win business strategy and “out of the box” thinking.

  10. Ken

    Just use aldis as the girlscout cookies from now on and let the troops get $3.00 per box. Come on people….. Think.

    • Lisa

      If you’ve ever been part of Girl Scouts then you’d know that they wouldn’t allow you to sell Aldi’s cookies instead. It is part of their brand whether you like it or not… maybe you should think!?!?

  11. Lauren

    I love their cookies! In fact any of their own store brand I have found to be great. I believe they offer a double your money back if you do not like their store brand. That says a lot right there.

  12. Katwoman

    I love their fudge striped cookies. Better than Keebler and more in a pack. I love Aldi for the basics, some items are hit or miss when compared to brand name. Not a fan of their cereals or their version of the Little Debbie Nutty Bars. Love their yogurt and the refrigerated pasta like tortellini is great too.

  13. Jess

    My daughter is a girl scout and I will buy GS cookies 100% of the time when given the chance for the reasons other people have mentioned. However, as has been said, they don’t sell the cookies all year long, so this will be great for those summer and fall months when they aren’t selling and my stock is gone. Thank you!!

    (Also – is there a way the comments of people being called “idiots” and the like can be deleted? Way to ruin a normally nice blog.)

  14. Merlin

    Love aldi just right low prices for my budget and always have good deals and sales.

  15. Kelly Corey

    They are better than Keebler but not better than Girl Scout cookies if you are buying the mint ones – nothing can beat the GS thin mints. I never turn away a girl that comes to my door to buy her cookies. I do however, not buy on facebook or in front of a store. My son and I spend hours and hours selling boy scout popcorn and he makes over $1000 in sales but we do all the work door to door so I do support any scout as everyone has been so generous with him. The nice thing about the stores having these is you can buy them year round!

  16. Betty Maas

    We still support the Girl Scouts by purchasing their cookies when they have their cookie sale!!
    I just wanted to let everyone know what a great store Aldi is and that all the Benton’s Cookies are so good and you really can’t beat the price!

  17. Yayo

    It’s just a post about cookies, Jesus! Just let it go

  18. Debbie

    These pictures of cookies don’t look like girl scout cookies. They look like keebler cookies . Keebler cookies are quite expensive. Once in awhile I well buy Girl scout cookies if I have the money and one or two boxes as there expensive. But over all love aldi’s.

    • Vee

      Keebler MAKES GS cookies…they aren’t better or not better. They’re the same.

  19. Angela

    There are MANY cookies on the market.. Girl scouts are not the only ones. Some people could not afford to buy a box of Girl Scout cookies they are way over priced and honestly it is not really the girls selling them anymore.. I was a girl scout 40+ years ago. I AM THE ONE WHO DID THE WORK..MY MOTHER DID NOTHING. Parents take these order forms to work and ask everyone.. the girls do very little. This is just a deal on cookies comparable to girl scout and Keebler cookies to point out you can still get the same or better cookie for cheaper if your budget does not afford for you to buy very small box of cookies for the price of a meal.

    • Jessie

      I was also a girl scout many years ago and everyone’s parents took the forms to work. And we sold door to door. Same as now.

      • Tomoko

        I don’t sell cookies for her. My daughter goes door to door and works soooo hard. I’m really proud of her😉

  20. Shirley

    Girl scouts don’t even make 50 cents per box! I know from working with my daughters troop. I used to buy a case plus and more when they stood out side the stores, they freeze well. When they order their cookies they have to buy the entire case, even if they only needed 1box out if it. That’s why you see them Infront of stores, to get ride of the extra the troop has to purchase. So over priced, you wouldn’t spend that much on a cookie in a store! Knowing how little they make per box I won’t buy them anymore. They need to go back to selling calendars!

  21. Amy

    Have you ever seen a normally shy girl overcome that and talk to people. I see this with new girl scouts every year. They tell people about their cookies talk about going to camp or the projects we do for children’s hospitals or food banks or the homeless, the gifts we take to nursing homes ( the best gift is the time the girls spend with the people there).
    Yes in our area they cost $4 per box and the troop gets around 80 cents. But you are paying for more than cookies. You are helping out your community beyond girl scouts by supporting these girls. One day it may be you they are visiting in nursing homes passing out cookies they had to work extra hard for to donate.

    This sale promotes courage and character. Girls frequently help other girls reach sales goals so they can afford to go on trips as well.
    That girl may have overcome great fear just to speak to you, please be polite as you say no thank you. We have girls with autism that are coming out of their shell to speak to you.

    • Nicole

      I agree with you. My daughter who shys away from everyone, even close relatives, was so proud when she came home from school with 2 orders all by herself. I am probably going to do most of the work, (she is 6) however, I still make her do tons of things to help out that are appropriate for her age and ability. She sees me do a lot of the work and I explain to her what I am doing when I set up her site, why we are selling cookies, how it all relates to money, giving, etc., the importance of manners and teaching her how to approach people and what to say when someone does decline. It is an awesome opportunity for her and so many others, far beyond the .80 a box they get.

    • mikescott

      I found them to be better than the chips ahoy.

  22. Tonia

    YES I DO AGREE I LOVE THE FIG BAR CHEWY COOKIE.AND ITS MUCH BETTER THAN THEN NAME BRAND ONES IN ONLY COST 1.00$.. I love dig bars BENTON’S Products has gotten a lot better,then before..and the cost IS AWESOME.You can’t go wrong..I’m a very picky person and eater..I have to watch for I eat..Trust me what I say..ALDI’S has came along way,from when I started shopping there when my kids were very small..and that’s over 20yrs ago..I just started buying the baby back ribs..My Hubby Loves Them..I don’t shop at Save a Lot.

  23. Happy Aunt

    This is kind of off topic, but still relatable. There is a factory in my area that produces cookies and crackers for a variety of brands. It’s currently owned by by Snyder Lance, but they do orders for many private labels too such as Wal-Mart’s Great Value etc. Just thought it was worth sharing when talking about the quality of different off label products etc.

  24. Rachel

    I love both GS and Aldi.

    On a side note, it is very difficult when students ask teachers to buy fundraisers products. Please consider not sending students to ask all their teachers. They get very disappointed when a teacher they look up to says no thank you. I teach almost 180 students a day and at some point in time have taught the whole school-600 students. I can’t possibly afford to buy from all who ask and it’s not appropriate to buy from some and not all.
    Well I appreciate the effort, please consider not approaching teachers.

    • tipaye

      Very good point!

    • Sarah Salter

      As a GS mom and teacher, I disagree with premise while making no comment on Rachel’s personal comfort level. I always have my daughter ask. I also prep her to understand that sales lead to no as do many things in life. As a former leader too, I taught even my youngest daisies to understand and respond with “thanks anyway” or if the response is no due to a previous purchase to say “thank you for supporting GS”.

  25. Kat

    I think Aldi’s Peanut Butter Filled, Fudge Mint & Fudge-Striped are comparable, if not *better!!* than GSC/Keebler’s versions & obviously, the price can’t be beat. As a single mom of 3 on a very tight budget, these are my go-to cookies, though I WILL buy 1-2 boxes from a Girl Scout, if approached by someone I know — not a stranger sitting outside of a store. Sorry 🙁

  26. Daphne

    I love Benton’s Chocolate Chip Dunkers! They are the Exceptional!

  27. Katwoman

    Don’t see any reasons to worry here…

  28. cedenf

    My sons are boy scouts and many times people said they would rather just donate money directly to the troop instead of buying the overpriced popcorn. I think that is a great “win – win” especially if the person wants to write a check and get a receipt for a tax deductible donation while still supporting the child who is selling goods.

  29. Elizabeth Tran

    They are not on sale in lake worth,fl.

  30. SusyShmoosy

    I am happy to buy cookies from any scout that approaches me to initiate and complete the sale. Too many times I have seen the scouts behind the table on their tablets while the parents are selling. Such a shame. With three kids of my own, funds are tight and unless the kids earn my donation, I will give it to another organization. That said, I love Aldi regardless and will buy cookies, cereal, anything if it tastes good, and it won’t take away from my donations to any organization I deem worthy.

  31. Vee

    I’m a chick. I used to shave my head. Never wanted to be in any scouts though as I think they’re stupid. My daughter who has hair past her butt wants to be able to go to boy scouts with her older brothers and uncle. Why is this a problem?

  32. Zanadoo

    They are good.However Walmart’s store brand are better.Cost a little over a dollar.I have been buying theirs for years.I make donations to the Girl’s selling their cookies.

  33. v

    I gave in to pressure. Eased down the icy metal staircase in our apt building. Stepped in knee deep snow to get to the car. (I think the neighbors were video recording my struggle, lol), and hopped into my son’s car. Thank goodness I have one that loves driving thru the snow.
    Anyway….got to the store. Picked up five flavors of cookies. And a few other things to get us thru til the snow has finished melting off the roadways.
    Got home and finally got around to trying a few of the varieties. I loved the chocolate covered peanut butter ones. Reminds me of Reeses Peanut butter cups. I also loved the Pecan Shortbread ones. The fig ones were ok.
    After eating half the bag of the shortbread ones, I felt like……

    They were that good!!!!

  34. Sarah Salter

    For future advice, if you don’t want to open a huge can of thin mints flavored worms, don’t compare you deal store cookies to gs cookies! 😂

    • Joe

      In other works, hide or suppress the truth. Also, a nice lesson for parents to teach their kids.

      • Sarah Salter

        You are way too uptight! Here’s a 🍪.

  35. Ashley Vorpahl

    I just wanted to point out that I’m pretty sure the baker for aldis version & GS cookies are the same. My husband came home with a $20 box of that boy scout popcorn and we had a box of aldi popcorn and guess what, it was the SAME EXACT PACKAGING on the individual popcorn bags. I’m eating aldis version as we speak (thin mints) and there’s no difference.

    • myobnatcherbizness

      Certainly it is my theory that the same bakery is making all three: Keebler, Girl Scouts, Aldi’s. After all, it is a known fact that the same factory (LBB) produces cookies for Keebler and for GS. Given that both Aldi and its cousin Trader Joe’s are well known for having deals to make private-label versions of famous brands under their store name, it’s hardly a big leap to the conclusion that LBB is making all three.

      That said, I see a great deal of Merit in the comments that point out one can buy GS cookies during the season (or donate directly so that they get more of the money) while buying the comprable Aldi version the rest of the year. I only wish they had a version of Do-si-dos!

  36. mike

    Maybe the girl scouts can sell aldi cookies??? I mean, they are better.

  37. Ann Rosete

    I love BENTON’S caramel coconut fudge cookies And fudge marshmallow cookies. Thank you and more power BENTON’s ❤️

  38. Teresa

    Maybe it’s time for the Girl Scouts to look into alternative solutions. It’s not like the Girl Scouts actually make and bake the Girl Scout cookies. Maybe it’s time for them to start to sell other things. Maybe better things like actually make something. I remember them selling pocket calendars. These Aldi cookies are great. The Girl Scout organization really needs to be revamped anyways. It’s just a part of life changes.

    • myobnatcherbizness

      Funny you should mention that… Apparently that’s how GS cookies got started: a troop back in the day baked cookies, and later on recipes spread as troops were encouraged to do fundraisers. The mass-manufactured cookies came later.

  39. William Finn

    Aldi cookies are every bit as good as the higher priced national brands. Much less expensive. I’m very impressed with their products….

  40. Jennifer Collazo

    I never have been much of a cookie eater until I bit into one of the peanut butter filled cookies and now I am hooked on them. They are way better than Girl Scout cookies and the price cannot be beat. I work in a care center and take these to share with the residents. They look forward to me coming in with my bag of cookies everyday. During this time of corvid it’s nice to see them smile and looking forward to something! You want to know how good they are if you haven’t tried them yet- I took the time to get on here and write this comment .
    So what are you waiting for, get out and buy your cookies you will not regret it

  41. Ervin

    I purchased Benton’s Shortbread Pecan cookies in aldi every week from February 2020, to November when I detected an ingredient change rendering them to a taste that I didn’t like. Before the recipe change, these cookies were the best. I no longer buy them. Thanks for the memories!!!

  42. Tom Satikin

    As a very, very serious customer of the Pecan Shortbread cookies, the last batch were NOT THE SAME.
    I immediately noticed they had more volume, ea cookie was fatter/thicker. That is a NON problem. What the main problem is, is the flavor! I don’t speak gourmet scientific but the taste I have loved over the same Keebler offerings has been diminished, watered down. Did they change recipes, bakeries? Both?
    They have about 80% of the flavor of the last 4 pkgs I purchased.
    I hope the next three I have on the shelf show this to be an anomalie but I have very serious doubts.
    Please do some due diligence to restore the previous, excellent flavor.

  43. Donna Green

    Wow. How did this become a discussion about Girl Scout cookies!
    I happened to pick up a package of the Cherry Heart shaped cookies for Valentine’s gifts. I opened a package and couldn’t stop with just one. I went back and purchased more and then went back a third time and bought all the rest of their supply. They are delicious – just enough of every taste requirement and not too sweet!

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