OVER 60 Sam’s Club Stores Are Closing

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Sam’s Club Shoppers! Have you heard the news?

Business Insider just released an article claiming that 63 Sam’s Club stores will be closing their doors within the next few weeks. In fact, select stores in Georgia and Texas closed their doors TODAY without any warning. 😱

Of the Sam’s Club locations that are closing, about 50 will be going out of business for good and the remainder of the stores will be converted to distribution centers to help fulfill online purchases.

To see if your local Sam’s Club is among those that will be closing and for more information, head over here.

What do you think about this sudden announcement?

(Thanks, Deidra and Kristen!)

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  1. Ashley

    One location less than 2 miles from my home closed this morning. Doors were locked and security guards were standing outside. Employees received notice today. Its really sad the way that they did this with no notice to the employees.

    • IB

      That’s terrible.

    • jeanine stack

      I feel such remorse for those workers that make a wage that can not maintain a family They work for a company that can’t give a 2 week notice to their employees of shutting down. We should all shop at COSCO

      • gary

        You feel regret/guilt ??

      • She

        So you’re upset about the employees losing their jobs, yet you want everyone to shop at costco, so more Sams club employees will lose their jobs as well…..? smh

        • Marie

          Costco treats their employees properly for a retail establishment, so I’m on the shop Costco train instead as well. Sam’s obviously does not. I moved to a small town from SoCal and I went from having three Costcos within fifteen minutes to one 85 miles away. I still waited almost two years to get a membership to Sam’s when inclement weather became a problem Bc I despise Walmart. Deplorable how they did this with no notice to employees. I’ll go back to Costco now.

      • Bentley2822

        Our store in CT closes at the end of this month but employees will not be laid off until March and April. Not that it makesit any better.

    • Luz

      They did that in Puerto Rico today. Puerto Rico is still struggling after hurricane Maria, grand part of the population has lost their jobs, food price is getting expensive every day for them and now they close 2 stores and close departments in other stores. One of those store is 6680 and that’s one of the store that sell the most in USA. My heart is breaking for all of the employees that will not have a job now and will be difficult for them to found a different job on the island. Puerto Rico still needing a lot of help… our president is killing Puerto Rico.

      • Karen

        Trump is not the reason Puerto Rico is suffering. The Hurricanes were devastating. The cost to rebuild that country will cost all of us. America is financially hurting with low wages, limited jobs, and crippling high cost healthcare premiums. Our healthcare premiums are devasting to our family. We have zero money to put away for retirement or anything extra. Especially for Americans to give to such causes of areas of our country that are experiencing devastation when they are struggling to make ends meet themselves.

        It is sad all over this country. I am tired of folks blaming Trump! He is trying to rebuild this country and that includes Puerto Rico not kill it.

        • Helen

          Well said Karen. When they try to find excuses on their failure, struggles or just about anything – blame on Trump. When they ran out of excuses-blame on Trump.

  2. Bunny

    Sadly, this is how corporations make a profit today. Their taxes have now been significantly reduced and then they lay off thousands of employees. Shame on Sam’s Club for not giving these workers zero notice about this.

    • Bunny

      *not zero notice* I meant ANY notice

    • A

      Except Walmart announced that they’re raising wages and giving bonuses to employees….

      • Monika

        Because they knew they were closing stores and wanted to try to change the narrative. They laid off thousands and I’m sure the raise won’t be anything livable because it’s Walmart and a bonus is nice if you are actually eligible for it. Sure they have a lot of red lines attached to the bonus.

        • A

          Do you have sources regarding this information? I haven’t seen a statement from Sam’s or Walmart saying this is why they are laying off.

    • Carrie

      I work in corporate retail and this has been happening very frequently. Sam’s club has to do what they have to do so they don’t file for bankruptcy (so many retail stores and brands have shuttered in the past 2 years). If a store isn’t making money it’s in the best interest of the company and remaining employees to close stores that they don’t profit off of.

      We of all people should know. We always look for the best deals and won’t settle for less than retail price. We don’t want to pay for shipping. We are really cutting store margins here. At the same time retail rent, wages, utility costs are rising.

      Brick and mortar stores are in tough shape right now. In a few years time we will all just be shopping at Amazon and whatever is left of walmart or target. :\

      • Karen

        Unfortunetly for my family we have to shop wise and look for the lowest price and snag free shipping whenever we can. We are self employed and our healthcare has gone up over $400 per month for 2018! We now pay more for healthcare then our mortgage and property tax combined. I have to look out for my pocket book then worry about loyalty to Walmart or Target. Amazon has been more affordable for us to make bulk purchases and receive free shipping. I don’t even have to leave my house, which means we save fuel costs too!

        Low wages, high cost healthcare, limited jobs, this is tough on families. We need change! We need more companies here in the USA! We need to make more products in the USA.

        We need to Make America Great Again!

        • Carrie

          I am 100% with you on MAGA.

  3. LR

    I’d say it’s a good thing if more Costcos are going to pop up instead (I never liked Sam’s Club), but really unfair for current members and especially employees.

  4. matt

    Are they abruptly closing so they don’t have to give refunds for membership? I should go cancel my membership now for the way they are handling this…..before they decide to close the one by me

    • iamkris10

      the business insider story looks like they are refunding the memberships of customers who are affected

    • becki

      it appears you didn’t read the cited article all the way. this was about halfway through:
      “Sam’s Club membership fees — which cost $45 annually — will be refunded to customers affected by the closings, a Walmart official said.”

  5. M

    The way that this was handled was so inconsiderate. It’s one thing to have to close, but it would’ve been decent to alert staff so that other arrangements could be made. I feel horrible for the employees affected by this.

    • iamkris10


    • Jamie

      Right, I’m sure many employees live paycheck to paycheck. If they knew of the closure a few weeks in advance, they could have started applying for new jobs elsewhere, most jobs it takes a few weeks at best to get hired and trained, so potentially these employees will have to go at the minimum a few weeks without a paycheck.

      • M


  6. Deb

    Despicable behavior on the part of the Walmart corporation.

  7. iamkris10

    Unless they pay their employees for 60 days, they are also in violation of the WARN ACT that requires they give employees notice of such closings. I am kinda’ glad I didn’t renew my membership yet, too! I’m sure the one by us will close. 🙁

    • Daniela

      One article on twitter said eligible employees will be paid their wages through April plus a severance package. I don’t know who would qualify but at least, that is something.

    • Sarah

      That’s what I saw on the news. They’ll receive 60days pay while Walmart will increase their minimum to $11/hr plus $1K bonus for all employees that has been working their for some years.

      FYI..I still can’t post comment on my app. ☹️

      • v

        I am curious if only full-time employees will receive the mentioned 60 days of pay. I am also curious if there are any full-time employees, other than management.

    • Tracy

      This does not apply to every state. My state follows at will employment laws:

      At-will employment is a term used in U.S. labor law for contractual relationships in which an employee can be dismissed by an employer for any reason (that is, without having to establish “just cause” for termination), and without warning.

  8. Jan

    How disrespectful and cruel to the employees! I hope there is some type of severance. Unemployment takes a while to kick in.

  9. andrea

    Ours is just finishing remodeling. Layout is more like costco now.

  10. Karen

    There was a sign posted on the door when the employees got there this morning. I feel really bad for them. First our Kmart, then Target, now our Sam’s. 🙁

  11. Jodi

    Wow, that is not right the way they did that. I am guessing since they left their own employees out in the cold they won’t be refunding any membership fees!!!

  12. Sandy

    This is so terrible! I can’t believe they can do that!

  13. Jennlk84

    The 2 locations near me are closing. We did so much shopping at Sam’s , this is really upsetting. 🙁 I’m just glad that we didn’t renew our membership yet since it’s up in the next month or so. The interesting thing is that earlier this week I got a deal in the mail to renew at our “closing location.”

  14. MrsK

    Oh, no. We are almost out of yeast. Sam’s Club has the best price that I have found.

  15. Momeka72

    I was very disappointed to here this. The one closest to my house closed without warning. It was always busy. I love Sam’s Club. But this decision makes me rethink whether I want to keep my membership. Next closest one is over 20 miles away.

  16. MelissaS1014

    Gasp* My store is on the list!!!! Oh NO!!

  17. kerRI

    Rhode Island too 😢

  18. Jill P.

    I’m due to renew mine, and mine isn’t closing but out of principle, the way they handle this makes me think twice. The article states all membership fees will be refunded for the clubs that closed.

  19. IB

    Walmart is giving raises to employees, so they are doing well. Maybe laid off Sam’s employees will get the first chance at new openings there.

    • Monika

      Walmart was always doing well. It’s a billion dollar company. They paid their employees peanuts and ENCOURAGED THEM TO GET ON WELFARE! Who does that … a company that doesn’t care about their employees. I’m not shocked by this and hope that people take their business to other companies that at least pretend to care. Walmart giving raises and bonuses that long overdue. The Walton’s are set forever and refuse to pay their employees a living wage. If they are closing a store, why would they open another store nearby?

      • PaoPao

        You are completely right! And on top of it all, they will get a HUGE, permanent tax cut. But they are still laying off people and closing stores. And in this way!
        Shame on them for treating employees this way, shame on this country for allowing this to happen, and shame on us who continue supporting this corporation

  20. hellfiregainz

    Only a small handful of those stores are going to be used for distribution. That leaves a lot of empty stores…course I love a good conspiracy theory, too.

  21. Sara

    I drove to my local Sam’s Club (Moline, IL) earlier today and was met at the doors by an employee who told me they were closed today-unless I was there to pick up an Rx from the pharmacy. I asked why and he said he was given no explaination as to why himself. I now see my store is on the closing list!

    • v

      I must have been posting at the same time as you. Do you remember when the Moline store opened? It hasn’t been very long. What a waste of money.

      • Marie

        I live in Silvis and read from a local news source it opened in August 2014. Sad!

      • Krisp

        They probably wrote most of it off for taxes so I doubt they care.

      • Sara

        I can’t believe it! I just looked it up…they only just opened Aug.21, 2014. I like that store so much better than the Davenport store. So disappointed!

    • Kris

      This is a terrible story but it’s fun to see some fellow Quad Citians!

      • emilym

        This is fun seeing quad city people! I’m from Kewanee but now live in Indiana! I spent many weekends in Moline shopping!

    • Kate

      I’m in the QC also. It’s nice to see others here from my area. 😊

  22. V

    Wow! When you think Walmart can’t be any worse to their employees. If I am remembering correctly, the Moline, IL store opened just a little over a year ago. The news reported that employees showed up to a note on the door, that it was closed for today. They are reporting that it will reopen tomorrow and will officially close for good on January 26th. I feel for the employees that had no advance notice.

  23. Mona

    Neighborhood Sams is on the list of closures. I am not sorry because I always felt the checkers were doing you a favor by
    allowing you to check out and, quite frankly, all those big packages of goods put me off. HoweverI did go to one at another nearby location and the difference in attitude and courtesy was evident.

  24. Krisp

    This is why I hate and refuse to shop at Walmart or sams club. They make lots of $$ but don’t give a rats tail about any of the employees, or the customers that drove to those locations today.

  25. Kate

    Retail apocalypse!! Went to the mall to find that Justice and Hallmark are closing this month and Teavana has already closed!!

  26. Boisegal

    This is good to know: “Hourly associates will continue receiving compensation for 60 days while they look for other opportunities in nearby clubs or Walmart stores,” she said. If employees haven’t transferred after the 60 days, they’ll receive a severance, Wyatt-Moore said.

  27. Mike

    It’s our fault people. We all (and that means you) do our shopping online these days!

    • Julia

      Yep! Amazon is taking over.

  28. armywife2001

    I won’t be renewing my membership!

  29. cheap mom

    So I work at Wal-Mart as a dept manager and it’s true that ppl who make less then $11 will be bumped up to that and the “bonuses” is a crock of crap I have to be with the company longer then 2 years to be eligible and to get the whole $1000 I have to be with the company 20 years or longer so it’s based on how long u been there and bc of that we don’t get our yearly raise till next year so nice going walmart:(

    • Jjenelle

      @ Cheapmom, I don’t work for WM but I knew that would probably be one of the stipulations.

  30. Kayla

    If you do your research, you will find that Walmart has a long history of being crappy to their employees. I read a few years ago that a large percentage of them have to use government benefits for food, healthcare, etc because wages and benefits are crappy. I would chalk this up to mostly corporate greed, not just an increase in online shopping.

    • Krisp

      Exactly and I’m sure they just got more tax breaks due to the changes that were just passed.

  31. Erin

    We’ve been lucky — none of the closings reported on hip2save have happened where I live.

  32. todd

    That’s why I love Costco and would never go with Sams Club. They basically SUCK and did a crappy thing to their hard working employees. Wal-Mart general is a horrible company.

  33. Big Heart

    The real question is…are you going to continue to shop at Sam’s or Wal-Mart? Or it’s ok for this company to treat people poorly as long as it doesn’t inconvenience anyone? I’m choosing not to shop or like posts from either.

  34. Gabrielle

    Two closed here in Cincinnati without notice, literally overnight. Doors were locked this morning

    • Tracy

      I’m in Cincy and was surprised about the Fields Ertle location.

      Wow…they’re already closed?

  35. Jamie

    Does anyone know if there will be discounts for the stores that are closing but did not abruptly close? I would imagine so but the article didn’t say so.

    • Krisp

      I think they will move the stuff to other stores or back to their distribution center.

  36. Michael

    Business are in business to make money. if they arent making money, they are out of business. I am sorry but it also does not help bring in the customer base they need when disgruntled employees expect a living wage and raises while walking around pissed off and unhelpful all the time. While your heart made bleed for them, I would suggest perhaps either shopping more locally and in store (duh!) or helping people improve their well being to the point they become more attracted potential employees then places like Wal-Mart. Sorry if this seems harsh, but you do realize, myself included, we are all a contributing factor towards this? Please save your sympathies.

    • Linda

      Everyone love deals and save money. More and more people shop online and when stores like this close they all whine and whine “it’s not fair!” Why don’t you all start shopping in store so that these people who live from pay check to pay check continue to have job? Walmart is shifting their business according to market (consumers – deal seekers) demand. Stop whining and blaming, start to support local stores then none of this would happen.

      • Anna

        Thank you for posting this! You said exactly what I was thinking. If any one of us owned a business and it wasn’t performing, would you keep losing money? Come on people…I think y’all are all a little smarter than that! And of course most of you will go to one of the locations closing starting today to get all the “markdown deals!” It is terrible for the employees, but guess what! They will most likely be placed and offered jobs at the thousands of Walmart’s and Sams Clubs that are still around. So please stop posting ridiculous things about something that you are clearly not educated on and basing your info off the media…who by the way is soooo reliable, right????

        • Holly

          Finally, some rational comments.

  37. megan m

    This is awful for those employees! So sad how many stores are closing.

  38. Teresa

    I much prefer Costco! In my town you can drive by Sams and their parking lot has a lot less cars then Costco! Sad for the people that work there! Seems Sams and Walmart have never been very good to their employees. 😱😨😰😥😓

  39. Edy

    Omg! I had been running errands today and didn’t see the news until now, so basically one sams near my house closing – had thought about making a trip before Ii heard of this —- and I sended my check to renew my membership this morning , I guess I go to Cosco and see what they have there, I like to shop only for the big items – so sad how they didn’t let there employees know , but they did said that the employees will get 60 days of pay,,

  40. K

    People, call your local Sams Club if it is closing. The recording clearly states that they are closed today and will reopen tomorrow. They closed the stores today to let the employees know. The two closing by me, will be closing their doors for good January 26th.

  41. dealzgurl

    I seldom shop at Wal-Mart for a host of reasons but this is the nail in the coffin. I truly hate how a store that is in nearly every community in America gets to treat its employees like dirt. To not give employees advance notice is heartless; everyone knows that the one thing Wal-Mart has plenty of is money. They could have afforded to handle the layoffs in a better way. As broke as Sears is, they at least gave their staff advance notice of store shutdowns. I did have a Sam’s membership which expired last month. Even there, the lines were always long and staff hard to find. I’m glad I hadn’t renewed yet.

    • Linda

      Well Walmart continue to pay these people for 60 days to get job transfer, if you still can’t transfer after 60 days you will get severance package. Would you like 2 weeks notice while working or 8 weeks paid without working while looking for another job?

  42. Lynette Gaines

    For the past several months I have received approximately 5 emails and regular mail every week with offers to renew my Sams membership that I did not renew 4 or 5 years ago. So shady. They did not make attempts until recently. I am very glad I didn’t pay just to have the store go out of business.

  43. Danielle

    One of ours in MI closed today with no warning. They are paying their employees for 60 days. We also have a Costco member as one just opened near us and I didn’t care for it as much as Sam’s 😞

    • v

      Do you know if all employees get 60 days pay or if it is just full-time employees? Do they even hire full-time cashiers and stock people or will it just be management the gets 60 days pay?

  44. She

    So you’re upset about the employees losing their jobs, yet you want everyone to shop at costco, so more Sams club employees will lose their jobs as well…..? smh

    • Natasha-ai

      Well, if those people think Costco has a better business and better product, why not? Then maybe more of the better businesses will be operating, and the dissatisfying businesses will be gone. And the better businesses will employ those laid-off people, perhaps have better training, which will lead to more pleasant experiences for all. So yes, close Sam’s Clubs to make room for better experiences for all in the long run, even though there may be temporary pain.

    • Erin

      😂 true!

  45. Marcos

    Same here in PR, three stores closed with early morning clients inside

  46. BlueRS

    My location nearby is closing at the end of the month. Does anyone know if they will be doing liquidation sales or are they just moving the product back to their warehouse?

    • Iamkris10

      They’ll probably slowly shift it to nearby stores.

  47. Jean

    I had been thinking of dropping my Sam’s membership for several years, because I didn’t save enough to justify membership fees. When the (then) CEO bragged on video that she would not talk to vendors except through black agents, I dropped my membership.

  48. Rn404

    I’m in Atlanta and the Sam’s club that closed here is about 10 min from me!! I really hate it for the workers who were blindsided by this and now eill sit a huge building empty and subject to vandalism and being an eye sore

  49. SJ

    Yeah I probably won’t renew my membership once it expires in May. I’ll stick to Costco.

  50. crystal

    This is sad news in the NEW YEAR . people showed up to work at the location by me Stonecrest Mall GA only to find the doors shut! really sad . No one saw this coming. Def getting a refund. Thanks for sharing .

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