Cheryl’s Cookies Gift Boxes as Low as ONLY $5 Shipped

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Hurry on over to Cheryl’s Cookies where they are offering gifts for as low as $5! Even sweeter, you can score FREE shipping through ShopRunner (Not a member yet? Score a FREE 2 Year Membership here!). Note that if you’re not seeing the ShopRunner option at checkout, try logging into your ShopRunner account first, then click HERE.

These cookies freeze well and are excellent to pull out as individual treats without having to make a whole batch. 😍🍪😋

Hip Tip: If you add at least one item that is eligible for free ShopRunner shipping, your ENTIRE order ships for FREE!

Dig your teeth into these deals…

Buttercream Frosted Holiday Cut-out Cookies – ShopRunner Eligible
Only $5 (regularly $26.99)

Autumn Greetings Gift Tin-Frosted Assortment – ShopRunner Eligible
Only $10 (regularly $44.99)

Thanksgiving Gift BoxShopRunner Eligible
Only $10 (regularly $44.99)

Happy Holidays Buttercream Frosted Cut-out Cookie Gift Box – ShopRunner Eligible
Only $5.99 $7.99 (regularly $32.99)

Warmest Holiday Wishes Gift Tin Tower ShopRunner Eligible
Only $20 (regularly $59.99)

Alternatively, you can save $5 off your purchase with promo code SWEET5 at checkout, but this code CANNOT be used with ShopRunner. Shipping appears to start at $11.99, so it’s better to go with the free shipping with ShopRunner option.

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  1. Stefanie

    The one I got is 72 buttercream frosted cookies in different flavors for $14.99; it was a fall one as well and qualified for ShopRunner

  2. Stefanie

    *I meant to add that the 72 cookies were originally $94.99!!!

    • Aleshiaj77

      where is the link. I can’t seem to access any of the fall treats on sale. Thank you

      • Angie (Sweet Sidekick)

        Hey there! Most of the sale items can be found here.

        • Amy

          None of deeper discount fall/thanksgiving ones are listed. I wish there was a way to list just those. Thanks.

  3. Aleshiaj77

    I am thinking the higher count boxes are gone

    • Amy

      It looks like they are. I was lucky and got the 72 ct for $14.99 earlier but they no longer have that size listed.

  4. Jennlk84

    Picked up a dozen for $5.99!

  5. Mom2Bear

    Thanks for sharing. Was able to get two Tins for just 6.99. (Remembered I had a reward card from back in Sept when you posted the sampler deal.)

    • Jennifer (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      You are so welcome!

  6. Felchia

    Anyone having issues with getting free shipping? I’m signed in to shoprunner.

    • Jennifer (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      I am still seeing it for me. Try refreshing your page and going back to checkout. OR, if you are on mobile, try desktop. Hope this helps!

    • Jennifer

      I am having trouble also. I am on a laptop and signed in through shoprunner and still have no option to get the free shipping. It’s a bit ridiculous.

  7. Dp

    I purchased the Passport through Cheryl’s. $20 for the year. Used at their other sister sites too–like 1800-flowers etc.
    I then get free shipping on everything and use codes through the year. I just purchased cookies 8 times using the code SWEET5 and sent the $10 gifts for $5 total to a bunch of family and friends.

  8. Puzl

    Shoprunner does stack with the $5 off promo code SWEET5. I’ve done it many times over the last year and I just placed another order. Just make sure you aren’t logged into shoprunner yet. Put your item in the basket then enter your code SWEET5. Back out then click on the cart in the top right. It will show the item but look towards the bottom where you will see “shoprunner login”. Login then on the checkout page (don’t choose express checkout) choose Paypal as your payment. I bought the $5.99 box. If you want to place multiple orders make sure you are logged out of shoprunner and repeat the process that you did with the 1st order.
    Order Summary
    Merchandise: $5.99
    Promotion Discount:-$5.00
    ShopRunner Shipping:Free Shipping
    Total Before Tax:$0.99
    Order Total: $0.99
    PayPal Checkout

    • Pksmom03

      Thank you! I just ordered one for .99!

    • Tara

      Thanks for the tips but it didn’t work for me:(

    • anchoredinfaith

      Thanks so much! I was also able to place an order for .99!

    • Lauren

      Thank you so much Pulz for your advice. With the added savings, I was able to get some for my extended family and friends to share my love of Cheryl’s cookies with them.

    • Natasha-ai

      Super! It worked for me.

    • Helpmesave

      Thank you SO MUCH for this tip!! I was able to use my Groupon and the Shoprunner for the free shipping.

    • Jan

      Thanks, I had to fool with it a bit but finally got it to work. I think what was confusing me was when you said not to use the express checkout but choose paypal, but since paypal was under the express checkout options I was confused but decided to choose it anyway and it worked.

    • Pamela Berkey

      Thank you! It worked for me for the $7.99 sale cookies so I paid $2.99. It took me several tries for about 8 minutes going in and out of the cart and signing in and out of shoprunner until it worked, but it did so do give it a bit of a try.

    • JessicaGuzman13

      Thank you for posting this! It took a few times but I got it to work as you said with codes and got the $7.99 cookies shipped to my door for $3.25 with tax!

    • Jenn

      Ohmygosh! THANK YOU for sharing!! So excited to try Cheryl’s! 😊😊😊

    • MammaK

      Thanks so much got 2 $7.99 sale for $2.99 shipped, lunch box treats for awhile.

    • SL

      I will try this too, sound great. What are you ordering that is $5.99 and comes out to $0.99?

      • SL

        By the way just tried it on the $7.99 Happy Holidays Buttercream Frosted Cut-out Cookie Gift box and it said that sweet5 isn’t valid for the item in my cart??? 🙁 Any suggestions? What did you buy to get it to work?

  9. Puzl

    I forgot to mention a couple of other codes. Use the code SHOPFORTEN to receive $10 off of a minimum of $30, ENJOY2017 for 20% off of a minimum of $40 and the already mentioned SWEET5 for $5 off of any order

  10. Felchia

    Thank you. Refreshing page worked.

    • Jennifer (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Score! You are welcome!

  11. Lorrie Briggs

    I am logged into ShopRunner, but I am not getting free shipping. I have tried to refresh several times.

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Darn! I still find the Free Shipping to apply with Shoprunner. Are you able to try a different browser?

  12. Puzl

    BTW..I contacted their customer service four times months ago to explain to them what I was able to do so that I was not taking advantage of a “glitch “ so they could fix it if that’s what they wanted to do. I kept screenshots of it just in case the issue came up. Not once did I receive a response. Obviously, they don’t care. I’ve often placed orders when items weren’t on sale so I’m not trying to cheat them out of any money. I posted it here because hip2save has helped me save money numerous times and I appreciate it. Thank you for all of your work to get the info out to everyone and to the people that provide info in their comments. 🙂

  13. Jen

    I’ve tried several times and was charged shipping even though it showed shoprunner selected ☹️

    • Jennifer

      Same. It’s frustrating. It shouldn’t be that hard to take advantage of Shoprunner.

  14. Puzl

    Sometimes the system fail to log you out despite the fact you hit the logout link. So I’ve learned to back out to another page, add something to my cart then click on the cart again. Then look at the bottom of the page and you’ll probably see the logout instead of the login link. Their website has some IT issues. Another way to know if you are not logged out is to look at any of the products and you’ll see the shoprunner symbol (looks like 2 halfs of a circle not connected) saying “shoprunner eligible”. That means that you are still logged in to shoprunner.

  15. Cat

    I just don’t see anywhere to get shop runner free shipping even when I click on the examples in the posts that say they are shop runner eligible

    • Puzl

      I have tried the whole stacking code with shoprunner on quite a few of the sale items and every one of them has accepted both EXCEPT for the items priced at $5. I always try to buy the items that are on sale because I can’t justify spend $2 or more on each cookie. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you if it will work on every order except to say it works on almost every sale order more than $5.00.

      • SL

        So strange. I tried stacking the codes but it only lets me have which ever code that was just entered. If I go back and enter the previous one then it jumps back to that discount and can’t be combined.

  16. Puzl

    Sorry, I’ll be writing a response and I don’t see the next question or I would have tried to answer them at the same time. Other people have had the same problem with the charge so they call customer service to cancel the order. I have found that people have that problem when they don’t choose Paypal because you have to use Paypal to get shoprunner and the promo code to work. Don’t choose the express checkout so go to the actual checkout page where you will see that it shows you receive the promotional discount and the free shipping with the total you are expecting. Then choose the Paypal option. When you are on your Paypal you will see what you are being charged up towards the top. If it’s not reflecting what you saw on Cheryl’s checkout page then don’t hit the “place order” button. Close it out and try it again but I doubt you’ll have to because i have never had Paypal changed the total owed from what you saw on the actual checkout page on Cheryl’s Cookies website. I hope that helps.

  17. Puzl

    If you are seeing that it’s, “shoprunner eligible” that means you are logged into shoprunner still. You have to enter in the promo code first before logging in to shoprunner or you will receive a red highlighted message saying you can’t combine the promo code with shoprunner. So enter the promo code in then back out to any page. Click on the basket on the top right and when that opens up then look at the bottom where you will see it says to either login or to logout of shoprunner based upon if you are logged in already.

    • Mamaof4

      Have you ordered more than once in the same day and they honor the code and free shipping?

  18. Puzl

    There are more cookies on sale than what you see on their sale page which I find odd. Why not list everything that’s on sale on the sale page? Anyway, if you go to the search bar type in “thanksgiving”. A bunch of different types of cookies, from what you’ll see in the Christmas assortments, are on sale. Everything has been frozen so they haven’t been aging since Thanksgiving.

  19. Puzl

    Yes, I’ve placed as many as 10 orders in one day at 99 cents total for each order. I have 3 kids in college who think that they are starving so they need lots of cookies for themselves and their friends lol I also placed orders to be sent out in February, as Valentine’s Day gifts, for my nephews whom could care less if they have elves on their cookies. I have had a problem, several times, where they shipped the cookies out a week earlier than the date I had set which caused some problems because the receipents were out of town when they were delivered. So be aware that they don’t always stick to the arrival date you set up when you ordered them.

    • Mamaof4

      Wow! Thank you for sharing this great tip!!

      • Puzl

        You’re welcome 🙂 I’m glad it’s working for you!

        • Emy

          Thanks , just placed a few orders ! My kids will be happy with cookies coming in the mail !

    • Crystal

      Have you frozen the cookies? I’m curious how long they will keep in the freezer and if they thaw well. Am I crazy to think I could get some for the holidays in 11 months?! lol

      • Puzl

        They say they can be frozen for 6 months. I’ve purchased the 100 count basics when the kids were away at school. No way I’m eating all of that so I froze some for 4 months. They were great when I took them out of the freezer, I’ve read comments about Cheryl’s cookies that are very negative which was surprising because I’ve been placing orders with them for over 3+ years. From what I read, if anything does arrive that you think isn’t “fresh” etc then contact customer service because they will replace them.

        • Crystal

          We love their cookies I’ve never gotten a deal like this! (12 for 99cents)… which is why I’d love to stock up for Christmas gatherings this year, but I’m not sure if I’d be majorly pushing it to expect to freeze them that long.

    • starkissed01

      Thank you Puzl!!

  20. Lisa

    Thank you so much Puzl! I was able to place three orders for $0.99 each using your method. I did find the easiest way to do it was to clear my cookies/cache in between orders. That made it a breeze!

    • Puzl

      That’s great and that’s good to know since that sounds easier. Thanks for the tip!

  21. Jill

    I had a hard time with this as well, but finally figured out that not all deals are shoprunner eligible. Just add 1 eligible item and then whatever your non was and it works, you just need the 1 that is

    • Puzl

      I’’m curious about which items were you finding that would not allow you to use shoprunner?

  22. Di

    Are there any awesome Harry & David pear deals like there were the last two years? Thanks!

  23. Sandy

    Thank you Puzl for the tips!!! I place 5 orders! Hope they don’t get cancelled haha what a great deal thank you H2S!!!

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      You’re welcome Sandy!

  24. *Angela-Miles*

    I’ve fooled around with the Cheryl’s website all night tonight, on and off LoL. I always send the cookie cards to my friends and family every year…but I can’t get the promo code and free shipping to work on the cards like the comment suggestion above. It has to be one or the other on the cookie cards. Is there anything else that is 5.99 on the site,?? I’m not finding anything :-/

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      It appears that the code will not apply with ShopRunner. Hope that helps!

    • maingram

      You cannot use promo codes or free shipping with the cookie cards it says it on the website. The cookie cards already have free shipping.

  25. Joanna

    Darn can’t seem to get both shop runner & sweet5 to work for me, I’ve tried everything:( Those of you who got it to work are lucky!

  26. cat

    I keep making sure I am logged out of shoprunner but every time I go back to the cart it still shows free shipping, SO when I go to Paypal it won’t give me the $5 off.

  27. Deanne

    Just placed an order for $2.99 for 18 cookies!!! I tried the $5.00 but it didn’t work. Guess item has to be over $5.00. Not complaining at all! Thanks PuzL

    • cat

      so you didn’t use the $5? What cookies did you buy that were only $2.99?

      • Deanne

        I did use the $5… I bought the ones with the reindeers for $7.99 but looks like they r fine now

  28. Sjp

    In order to get both shoprunner and the $5 code to work, you have to first apply the code, then hit edit cart, then log in to shoprunner, you can then go to PayPal option which will take you to the checkout page. This part is KEY…now you have delete the $5 promo code from the field. The discount should still be there but you have to remove the code, otherwise it won’t work. Make sure everything is now ok and hit pay. Rinse and repeat. If you place another order, you have to add the item to the cart, select edit cart and sign out of shoprunner, go to the checkout page, enter code and follow steps above.

    Also, $5 code only works on order over $5 so the cheapest options are $5.99 and $7.99.

    • Sue

      Sjp…which cookies are $5.99 that work with promo code? I do not see any at that price.

      • Jennlk84

        I believe the $5.99 cookies are now out of stock.

  29. kat

    Cant use SWEETS for some reason…

    • LF

      It’s sweet5 not sweets!

    • Cassandra (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Hi Kat! Be sure to enter promo code SWEET5 to score this deal. Hope that helps!

  30. erin

    Yeah! I was able to use an old Groupon I had forgotten about, along with shop runner! 36 cookies and it didn’t cost me anything!!!

  31. Kat

    THANK YOU! Got a few orders!

  32. Sue

    Will surprise my nephew in college with 2 orders of $5 cookies arriving a week apart. Used the code and paid $5…so $2.50 each is still a great deal for what he says is “mail that he can eat!”

  33. cat

    So bummed. I could not get it to work for me but I just went back to try 1 more time and it appears ALL of the holiday cookies now say, This special offer cannot be combined with Promotion Codes, Reward Cards and Shoprunner.
    Oh well maybe next time.

    • kevashell

      getting the same exact thing. I think this deal is dead.

      • Alli

        Still working for me

  34. muggle731

    I meant to say the discounted Holiday cookies. I didn’t try Valentine. Just Christmas & Thanksgiving.

  35. kat

    Paid with paypal, hope the purchases clear.

  36. Puzl

    I just got suckered into placing another order for a starving college student so i do know that the codes are still working with the free shipping through Shoprunner. You just have to carefully follow the instructions that people have been posting along with knowing that the cost has to be more than $5. You can easily tell if you are logged into shoprunner if you see the shoprunner symbol (broken circle thing) with it saying “Shoprunner Eligible” next to the description of the item. If you have set your shoprunner account to be remembered on the device you are using, it will often log you in without you knowing it. So logout following the instructions in previous posts. There used to be a box for $5.99 but it is no longer available. You could try the Happy Holidays Buttercream Frosted Cut-out Cookie Gift Box (18 Cookies) for $7.99 (drops to $2.99 after codes & free shipping) which is around 16 cents per cookie. If you type “Thanksgiving” into the search bar, you’ll see a box called AUTUMN GREETNIGS GIFT TIN-FROSTED ASSORTMENT for $10. You’ll receive 24 cookies for $5 shipped (around 20 cents per cookie) but the cookies are different than what you’re seeing in the Christmas assortments (personal fav is the pumpkin 😋). I hope that info helps someone.

    • muggle731

      I knew all that but I read earlier that it wouldn’t work if the item said, This special offer cannot be combined with Promotion Codes, Reward Cards and Shoprunner. Earlier when I was trying some items said it and some didn’t so when I went back and saw that every single item I looked at said it I figured they changed it and it the codes wouldn’t work any longer. Thanks.

  37. Tarri Myers

    Tried to do the offer with SWEET5 and Shoprunner, acted liked it work then hit submit and it said they don’t combine.

    • SJP

      Guys, this deal is STILL working, despite the messages saying that the codes can not be combined. I just tried it. Some options are being sold out but there are still great options left. To pull up the best variety, search using the words – fall, thanksgiving and christmas.

      1) Make sure you are logged out of shop runner before starting the checkout process. Add an item to your cart and then click “Edit Cart”. To the left side of the screen, you will see shop runner status. If you are signed it, sign out. If you are not signed in, great. Go to checkout and SHIPPING COSTS should be present. If not, repeat steps above. Once shipping costs are present on the checkout page, apply your promo code- SWEET5 ( not the last character is a five)
      2) Now, click on EDIT CART and click on the sign in link for Shoprunner. Sign in to Shoprunner.
      3) Refresh your cart page or just wait a few seconds and click on the PayPal checkout option at the bottom of the page.
      4) Log in to PayPal and pay with your preferred option. If the free shipping didn’t kick in, repeat step 3.
      5) PayPal sends you back to Cheryl’s “Place Order” page, BUT BEFORE SUBMITTING THE ORDER, DELETE THE PROMO CODE from the promo code box, otherwise you’ll trigger the dreaded error message in red letters. If it does, repeat steps above.
      6) Click the “Place Order” button.

      Note, I was able to pay with a credit card and not paypal, but follow the steps above if you can’t.

  38. Lisa

    Just placed another order using the methods above. SWEET5 and shoprunner both worked on the $7.99 box so only paid $2.99. Helpful hint: clear your cookies/cache before trying to add the item to your cart. In doing so, it will log you out of shoprunner. Then add the item to your cart and select “checkout”. Put in your address and phone number. Then the next page will ask about a gift message. The next page will be checkout…..enter the discount code and apply. Then close that page and click on any of the cheryl’s links above. Then click on your cart (which should show the item you put in) and sign into shoprunner on that page. It should still show the discount and then the free shipping. Then select paypal for payment.

  39. Puzl

    I’m confused as to why Paypal is kicking some of you back to the checkout page? As soon as I choose Paypal, as my payment option, I’m redirected to Paypal. Once I’m logged into my PayPal account, I choose “place order” and that’s it. I’m redirected back to Cheryl’s only to give me my confirmation number. Maybe it’s how you have your settings on Paypal? I have never had to mess with Cheryl’s again once I place the order on Paypal.

  40. Rae

    Why are these cookies so special? They seem to have a lot of love. Just wondering, never tried them. 🙂

    • Amy

      They are super yummy. Soft, sweet but not too sweet. Just a good cookie.

  41. TanFan123

    Could not get it to work last night. I chatted with customer service and she told me to place the order and she would manually take off shipping. Should not have done that. That didn’t happen. I am going to file a dispute with Paypal. Today, they all have this message
    “This special offer cannot be combined with Promotion Codes, Reward Cards and Shoprunner” so I believe free shipping and codes no longer apply to the great deals 🙁

  42. JENN

    Code SWEET5 and shop runner just worked for me! Thanks! With three boys I’m always on the look out for cheap food. Lol

  43. Puzl

    SWEET5 and Shoprunner’s free shipping are both still working. I just placed an order.

  44. Mel

    If you want two of the $5 items you can use the sweet5 code making them each 2.50. If you just want one $5 item you can use take15 to get 15% off making them $4.25. Both work with shoprunner. I have found as long as your total isn’t zero the codes will work with shoprunner. I ordered two of the brownie/cookie combos for 2.50 each shipped. I have frozen these cookies for 10 months and tasted as good as fresh!

  45. Faith

    Thank you so much.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re welcome!

  46. Rach

    This special offer cannot be combined with Promotion Codes, Reward Cards and Shoprunner.

  47. StephK

    Now it is saying that code “sweet5” isn’t valid for the clearance items 🙁

  48. Patty

    Thanks for posting! This triggered my memory that Cheryl’s sent me an email that I had $20 reward dollars accumulated ( I thought I would not get to use it before expiration date)… So I got a lot of cookies for free! 🙂

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