Cash Budget Envelope System & Super FUN Kids Piggy Bank (Time to Save in 2018)

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As we mentioned last week, we’re starting 2018 with a January lineup featuring some of our favorite products (health/nutrition items, finance products and more)! If you’re looking for an easy way to keep your budget in check this year, here’s one of our favorite ways to do that…


We love the Cash Envelope System here at Hip2Save – this is a great and very simple way to control your monthly spending and follow your budget. It’s so easy to get started, you’ll just want to make time to categorize your cash expenses (i.e. – groceries, entertainment, clothing, gas, etc.).

Note that automatic withdrawals and bills are probably not suited for the envelope system.

One affordable option is this Budget Keeper Cash Envelope System, which includes 12 water/tear-resistant envelopes in assorted colors. Fill each color-coded envelope with the money allotted in your budget for each one. So if you have $800 allotted for groceries each month, put $800 in your grocery envelope. Once the cash in that envelope is gone, it is gone until next month! This makes budgeting SO simple. LOVE THAT!

Plus, as an added feature, you can easily keep track of your expenses with the ledger on the back of each envelope.

NOTE, you can also opt to make your own envelope system just by using durable envelopes and labeling them. Regardless, using a cash only system like this truly works!


This is SO fun!

If you’re looking to teach your little ones how to save money but want a fun alternative to the classic piggy bank, we LOVE this hilarious Little Panda Coin Box! It’s a fun toy and would make a great gift too!

Just set the coin on the designated spot and press down on the coin. The panda will say “hello” and then covertly take one coin at a time while saying “thank you” in return. The stealing coin panda box holds approximately 40 coins and at the bottom of the box there is a twist latch that the parents can open to retrieve the money that has been saved up! Just don’t tell the kids how the latch works! 😉

Speaking of kid oriented financial products, be sure to check out this post that features TEN highly rated products to help teach your kids about money!

Need more inspiration to save in 2018?!

Check out these Money Jar Challenges for the New Year!

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Comments 46

  1. Tina

    I love this envelope system!!! Wish another company sold it though. I’ve been using plain envelopes and they get torn up quiet fast. But I refuse to shop Amazon (for budget reasons lol, and cuz I would rather support someone smaller with my 2 cents) thanks for the post! At least I know there’s such an idea out there:)

    • A

      You can find free templates online to print envelopes. You could use thicker paper and just fold and glue or tape.

    • vmm

      you can also just get a few inexpensive zip-top pencil pouches to do the envelope system like the Financial Peace Jr Kit does…but cheaper.
      or you could just buy some “tear resistant” envelopes from any store and cut/tape them to the size you want.

      • Anna

        Wow! great ideas thank you! love the zip top pencil bag idea! I shop online too much to really use the cash system for most things- might work for groceries though! Would need to subtract the subscribe and save products.

    • Sue P

      Or you could also laminate envelopes. Have laminated with the flap down then use a razor blade to cut through the lamination on the flap to open it up.

    • Tracy

      I’ve seen some very cute fabric envelopes sets on Etsy.

    • Racquel Gehrig


      Actually I am the creator of the Budget Keeper Envelope System. We are actually a a very small business (only my husband and I ) and work during the evenings on our business. We are committed to providing quality products and help people save money. Because we are so small, we do not even have an online shop set up and we only sell on Amazon currently. I am so sorry for this inconvenience!

      • Carissa - All Day Mom

        I was thinking that Amazon has tons of Mom and Pop sellers, it’s definitely a big business but offers a known store name (Amazon) and that helps small sellers get their products seen! I’m happy you cleared that up for people who don’t understand that a huge part of Amazon works in a similar way to eBay. Your envelopes are very cool!

      • Lexi

        I just wanted to say that I happened to order those envelopes two weeks ago and after reading your post I am so glad I did! People do not realize that there are many sellers on amazon. I didn’t even think about it myself! They are great quality and work so well following Dave Ramsey’s total money makeover recommendation for cash budgeting! 😁

        • Milly

          Hi Lexi,
          We are just doing the dave ramsey devotion for 10 days on the bible app it is free. Just wondering what is the envelope system and is there a place I can read or hear about it? Also is there a cost?
          Trying hard to save $ this year.

          • Kim

            YouTube Dave Ramsey or Rachel’s channel. Google every dollar budget also Dave Ramsey and is part of envelope system. Tell your money where to go.

    • Leanne

      I have a partial envelope system. I use fair trade pouches I bought from a small independent shop here in town. Double win, I have durable cloth zipper envelopes and supported fair trade and local.

  2. Angela

    Just wondering whose grocery budget is $800/month haha!!!

    • april

      I was going to comment the same thing! I wish that could be my budget!!

    • KA

      I have a family of 6 (2 teenagers) and we spend $450. $800 seems like a lot!

    • sundowner2

      I sure wish ours was! Im 300 a month for a family of 4. Once my boys get bigger, not sure what I’ll do!

    • colleen

      Mine is. We are a family of 6 with 3 teenagers. I pack lunch and our out to eat budget is 40 a month. With the friends they invite over and our desire to fill their bellies with fresh fruits and veggies we average 180/week.

      • Angela C.

        Same with us (family of 5) – we rarely eat out and we pack our lunches. I don’t think accurate comparisons can be made unless the “dinning out” and “school/work lunches” are factored into that number.

      • Milly

        Hi Lexi,
        We are just doing the dave ramsey devotion for 10 days on the bible app it is free. Just wondering what is the envelope system and is there a place I can read or hear about it? Also is there a cost?
        Trying hard to save $ this year.

    • Mona

      Hi Angela, my family and I choose to eat fresh foods and organic meats. It gets quite expensive, easily $800+ a month and we also host a lot of dinners. We believe in always being connected with family and friends and the environment. We also eat out very little because most places don’t meet our standards in regards to food prep and quality. Therefore, $800 is actually very little considering all the above.

    • Kim

      We spend $800 easily even when we majority buy things from Aldi. Costco bulk shopping so some months are cheaper and eating out (dollar menu type not fancy dining). We are never home we are always at church or homeschool field trip (I think some people forget how expensive it is to feed multiple kids 24/7 not at school) or driving somewhere day trips to the specialist doctor. If we cut out restaurants we would be down to $400 but then we would have to have a cooler in the car with ice (plug ins only work while my car is running.) We literally sometimes spend 18+ hours without ever coming home. Food is safe for 2-3 hours less of it’s 100+ degrees.

      • Kim

        I also couldn’t imagine having teenage boys. My husband is an athlete and eats a lot. He has to stay on a certain protein-carb-calorie bracket everyday. Of healthy foods luckily he has a fridge at work. He easily eats as much as a teenage boy if not more I couldn’t imagine multiplying his portion of the food budget x3 or 4 more boys.

  3. Charlene

    I’ve been doing this since I got married 20yrs ago!!

  4. Rebecca

    I’ve always been better at budgeting with a debit card. I check my account every single day, I know how much is going to bills, groceries, savings, etc. I also shop online for the majority of my purchases. If I get cash as a present & I don’t deposit it, it’s gone super quick & half the time I don’t remember what I spent it on lol. I also wouldn’t feel comfortable carrying around a few hundred dollars at a time.

    • Michelle

      I’m with you… my husband check is “direct deposit” and most of our bills are paid online…we have different checking accounts so I can divide out the money and track it… I can keep far better track with my debit card and my bank app… I even got debit cards for my kids so we can keep track of there spending as well… I feel like with cash it’s gone so fast and I have no clue where it went…

    • Susan

      I agree – it hurts me more to use my debit card (because there is evidence of spending) then when I use cash!!

  5. Kristy

    My kids have that cute little panda box. It steals the coin you out on his dish and saves it for you in the box. A cute and fun piggy bank. As far as my budgeting goes I use an excel worksheet and I check it almost every day so I always know how much is left in each category. Plus if my family has some leftover in any category at the end of he month we save it for a fun vacation or for down payment for a house.

  6. Dee

    We bank with Bank of America and use their budgeting tool. All of our purchases fall into specific categories (i.e. Home, Entertainment, etc) based on the merchant and each category has subcategories. We set a a budget for each category and watch our spending for each one. It’s a quick glance and we’re able to see how we’re doing. We also have the option to move things around in case they fall into the wrong category. We tried the money envelopes and didn’t care for it. We have had much more success using this method. We can also see our spending trends for each month, which is helpful.

  7. Amy

    I have been using envelopes for years. I just use the white envelopes you get from the bank.They are free and you get one every time you withdrawal cash. My bank will also give you extra. They have the bank logo on one side and are plain on the other side. I write my amounts and categories on the blank side. Then I put all the envelopes in one zippered pouch. All the money stays at home and I grab what I need when I go out. It does take some getting used to, but once you are in the swing of things it becomes second nature.

  8. Tori

    My Mom uses the envelope system and has since I can remember (I’m waaay over 21). She doesn’t own an atm card.

    I thought this would make a fun gift for her as we always laugh about her system & bank teller requests (x number of $1s, y number of $5s, etc).

  9. Mandy

    I have found and a rewards credit card to be more beneficial than this system. You must be accountable but if you have the willpower it can make you money. I pay all my bills with a free Ally rewards credit card. 2% back on almost everything. I set my budgets in and pay off the card balance fully every month. I get nearly $500 in rewards every year, and if you redeem them into an Ally account (we have a savings acct with them too) they give you an additional 10%, so an extra $50! Cash in an envelope doesn’t make me any money.

  10. Luv

    We used excel for budgeting out income. Husband has every bill listed down, including specific amount $ that goes to different saving accounts. We have so many savings accounts and includes baby savings, car funds, 2 emergency savings, and a house funds. This really helps out for those times something’s goes wrong with car or the house, there’s already money saved up for it. Also in the excel he put set amount for groceries and estimate for gas. Whatever is left over, we get to keep it in checking for spending.

    • Anna

      Wow! that’s great I need to do that with our savings accounts- thank you!

  11. Kay

    I might get the panda bank. Pay my 5yo in quarters for allowance. Sometimes she gets lazy n unmotivated to earn $. Hoping this bank will motivate her.
    I prefer to pay with credit card so I can earn rewards points. I pay in full every month. No history of credit card debt. I don’t like to carry cash in case I lose my purse. Can’t recover the loss. Since I don’t spend much, not even on groceries for family of 5, I feel comfortable to not use a cash envelope system. Plus, I like to track my expenses via credit card statement n mint app. Also like shopping online n keeping digital receipts.

  12. smgpw

    I got two of these banks last year for my niece and little sister (both college age) in the cat version and they loved them! They save their quarters for the vending machines with it.

  13. Christy

    We just tried a single envelope system this past pay cycle (2-week pay cycle). I got large bills ($100 and $50) and tried not to use those as the money dwindled. Originally I was going to divide into separate envelopes, but then I was more aware of the spending with it all in one big envelope. We kept receipts and labeled the receipts instead of the envelopes. My husband also had no cash in his wallet for the last week. We saved almost $400 this pay cycle. We are so excited!!!

    I love the idea of a pencil case for an envelope and I have seen various kinds at Dollar Tree!

    • Cas

      I’m so curious where you saved $400 in two weeks!?

  14. Jennlk84

    Love this! How fun is that panda bank???

    • Holly (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      So fun!!

  15. Patti Schorr

    Really enjoying everyone’s tips to help us save $$. I’ve been using an envelope system for groceries and various “funds” I’m consistently adding to, to build up for various things we’re saving for … home projects, property taxes, bigger ticket “things” wanted, Christmas, Birthdays, vacation, etc. One tip I’ll add is to never spend your coinage. I NEVER spend mine. I put it aside and roll it as it accumulates (or you can use a coin sorter … some banks can even do this for you). Once it reaches $50, I take it to the bank and get five $10 bills. Each $10 bill goes into one of my funds. Years ago I did the same thing but added it to what I would normally send on a credit card payment in order to pay off debt faster. I got out of debt much faster by doing this. Hope this is helpful! Happy Day, everyone!

  16. Milly

    Hi Lexi,
    We are just doing the dave ramsey devotion for 10 days on the bible app it is free. Just wondering what is the envelope system and is there a place I can read or hear about it? Also is there a cost?
    Trying hard to save $ this year.

  17. Milly

    I have two teens ages 11 and 17 what is the recommended allowance a month to give them? And what chores are recommended for them? Currently we have to consistently ask them to put dishes away, take out trash, pick up after them selves, clean their rooms, fees the dogs etc..

  18. Amy

    I have done the envelope system several times, but like you said, it doesn’t help with things purchased electronically or things that you need to save to pay annually. It’s very inconvenient to go to the bank and divide out your money every time you have income. And my husband was never on the same page with our spending. I recently started using YNAB (you need a budget) , you can access online or through the app. It’s a high tech envelope system and let’s you see how much money is in each category at a glance any time. You AND your spouse. It’s the solution for keeping track of long and short term needs conveniently and without having to run the bank all the time. I really LOVE it. And they have so many free online classes and videos to help you be saucessful in many different areas of finance. AMAZING customer service. Check it out!

  19. Kathy

    My husband and I use the envelope system and setbacks. As far as the cash being ‘hard’ that’s the point to me is making you aware. When you only have a certain amount you are more aware of it disappearing when it’s cash. We made a commitment and it’s neat to see God worm through that, even at the grocery store. I know it’s working, because just the other night I have my teenage daughter $20 to take my 2 younger boys to eat. Their bill was exactly $20. My ten year olds comment was, “God is good!” It made my heart happy to hear that.

  20. SAM M

    i am looking for any kids bank accounts with promotions.

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