Happy Friday: Kudos to Awesome Customer Service

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Sent from reader, Jessica:

Hey y’all! I recently encountered a company that really went above and beyond. I made a purchase at Jet.com and ordered 2 pairs of socks for my 4 year old. When they came in the mail, they were at least one size too big and I thought there’s no way that’s actually what I ordered. Sure enough, I looked up my order and they had sent me 2 packages of sock in a size too large.

I called Jet.com’s customer service and was pleasantly surprised to talk to a human right away, no being placed on hold. The call center was based out of Utah and there was no language barrier, I could understand her and she could understand me. It was very refreshing.

I explained my sock dilemma to her and she offered to send me socks in the correct size or to issue me a refund. Then, where my respect for this company really grew was when she told me to either keep the socks that were the wrong size or to donate them. What?! That is unheard of customer service.

This whole conversation took a total of 3 minutes, not 30. I will definitely be doing more business with this company and I wanted to share with my Hip2Save friends as well!


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  1. Bonnie

    I’ve experienced Jet.com’s customer service before, and it is stellar! They really want you to be happy. It is wonderful!

  2. ybcoupons

    Thank you for sharing. I was looking into buying from them but had never heard of the company. Now, I will definitely give them a shot.

    • e

      They are now owned by Walmart.

  3. J

    Last year I contacted Zappos for an exchange because of a tiny defect on a pair of $100 Birkenstocks. They refunded me in full and told me to keep the shoes 👍🏻 Zappos customer for life! Amazing customer service!!!

    • Holly (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Awesome to hear!


    They are awesome, I prefer shopping with them over Amazon.

    • Linda Dirks

      Amazon owns Zappos

      • A

        I think she’s talking about jet.com not Zappos.

  5. Me

    Thank you for the feedback. I occasionally get offers to place my first order, etc. but really have never heard of them, etc. so for you to share your good experience makes me think I should see what they sell. I have been ignoring/throwing away all offers up until now. :o)

    • Stacy

      Same here. Might have to keep that next flier I see!

  6. JC

    One time Gymboree sent me wrong size of my son’s t-shirt, they refunded me and I was asked to keep or donate too. Also, I placed order in early December in 2016 and they didn’t process it in a timely manner, they sent me $25 gift card for waiting such a long time.
    I think Gymboree has excellent customer service too.

    • Shannon

      Wow you’re lucky they’ve sent me someone else’s order and they just sent me my order again and sent the ups guy to get the wrong box.

  7. K

    I had a similar situation with Carters. I placed an order but was sent someone else’s. When I called, they said they would ship me the correct order but said I could keep or donate what they sent me!

    • Sue

      Oh wow! I just had the opposite experience with Carter’s. I returned 2 outfits that I bought for my grandson. My daughter had purchased the same outfits in the same size for him. I sent them FedEx on Dec. 10 and they received them Dec. 15. By their own return policy, my credit card was supposed to be credited within 3-5 days. As of last week (end of January), I still had not received my credit. When I called, they first blamed it on a lag due to the holidays, then later blamed me, because I didn’t call them to give them a “heads up” that I had mailed the outfits back. I printed the return label from their website and followed the return directions with the label exactly. No place did it say that you should call the company as well. I like their clothing, but I can buy it at Macy’s, Boscovs, Kohl’s instead of from Carters.

      • Michelle W

        Sue, I would call the credit card company at this point and dispute the charges. That is too long for them to not do anything.

        • Alyssa

          Yes! Credit card will issue refund immediately then go after the company. But that’s ridiculous.

  8. Dipz

    Jet.com customer service is awesome. Once my package tracking shows delivered and I didn’t receive it. I emailed them and they sent me same order immideately . It was 2 huge boxes of diapers worth $70 plus. And I received both my packages after 2 days. They told me to keep them. It happened to me twice.

  9. MrsFelix1004

    I was recently surprised when I called Canon about my printer issue. My printer would not connect to my Wi-Fi so I called Canon and I was impressed I actually spoke to someone who was so friendly. I love that they are based in the USA!

  10. Erin

    I wouldn’t have thought of calling the company if it wasn’t their error. Just keep the socks–kids grow!–and buy new ones in the correct size.

    I do love the irony that she’s getting an Amazon gift card, though!

    • Amy

      I didn’t see that it was her error. She said she looked up her order and they sent socks that were too large. That sounds like their error.

      • Erin

        Oh, I see now. It was kind of vague. She didn’t explicitly state that what she received was not what she ordered. In that case, calling makes sense, though I don’t see how they went above and beyond: their mistake, and they corrected it. It would cost more than it’s worth to send socks back. When I had my second child, I wanted a specific handprint/footprint frame to match one we had from our first child. I searched everywhere for the frame but all the ones I found had a colored background, and the one I had was white. Finally found the one I wanted on Diapers.com, ordered it, and received the frame with a colored background. I called customer service, she made a note to the warehouse, they sent me a new frame. Still the one with the colored mat. This happened three times and they told me to keep all the frames. I think they would have continued sending me new frames, too, even though I think the issue was an old picture on their website. So I bought some white matting at Michaels and ended up with a matching frame after all. . . . And two extras if I ever need them!

        • Susan h

          You sound like one of those ppl that can’t admit your mistake. She stated it perfectly fine and easy to understand. You misread and then instead of saying “oh my bad” you blamed your mistake on her. It’s a minor thing to point out but it’s a huge character flaw IMHO.

    • A

      I didn’t see that she’s getting an Amazon gift card?

      • Tina

        She gets one from Hip2Save for being chosen as the Happy Friday winner.

  11. Kim

    One place that does NOT have great customer service is TOMS. I ordered a pair of shoes and they sent the wrong size, I called and they said they could refund or send the right size, but I had to return the pair they sent me. They said they would send me a prepaid return ups label, I told them I did not have a ups close by and asked if I could send usps and they said if I want to pay for postage myself I could otherwise I had to get the package to a ups drop off location. I was not happy that I had to go out of my way to return something that was their error.

    • Shannon

      Macy’s does the same thing. I got a wrong item and they said I had to use a ups prepaid label only. The nearest ups is 50 miles away but the guy said I had a year to drop it off so it was fine.

    • Ann

      Legally you are not obligated to return something sent to you in error.

      • Tina

        This is true but would apply more to something someone else ordered and was sent to you in error. Not sure why you wouldn’t want to get it corrected when it’s something you paid for and it did not show up in the correct size, etc.

      • Laura

        Interesting! I recently received an incorrect toy from Toysrus.com. I called and asked if they could mail out the correct one. Of course it was out of stock. Said they would email me $5 gift card for trouble (never happened). And told me to simply return item in store. I dislike going to store that’s why I shop online.

    • Sue

      Pottery Barn Kids does the same thing with the pre paid UPS label. They also will NOT accept any returns that were bought online in their store, if the store is an outlet store. It does not specify that in their return policy, but I found out the hard way.

  12. riss

    Starbucks always deliver! A few times in the past I emailed customer service about discrepancy in star points, or pricing during promo that I didn’t get, and they’re always quick to correct their mistake with an apology and extra free drink for the inconvenience. And I love, love caramel macchiato!

    • Kalynn

      Dunkin’ Donuts also has fabulous customer service. I was charged incorrectly at a drive thru once and they sent me 6 coupons for free items like medium coffees or breakfast sandwiches.

    • kharrington

      When it comes to starbucks game stars… I always have issues with c.s. they always blame me and then tell me I’m lying. I get so frustrated! I don’t have time to waste lying about 5 stinking stars! Ugh!

  13. Laura

    Love to read a happy story. Great way to kick off the weekend 👍

  14. jazzchic

    When I have a pleasant customer service experience, I always look for a place to comment on my experience. I hope it comes back to the person who assisted me some how.

    • J


  15. Maria

    Kohl’s also has customer service. During Christmas one of the shirts I ordered has a small hole on the babies onesies and they gave me a refund and said I could keep the item.

    • Laura

      Kolhs sent me the wrong pin for Kohls cash. Then they cancelled, gave me a promo code and it doesn’t work on anything. I tried to use it 4 times, each time I called customer service and they placed an order only to be cancelled. I lost $60.00 Kohls cash. Horrible customer service!!

      • kharrington

        Go directly to the store and tell them exactly what happened, they are likely to reissue it for you. I had a similar situation happen and the store fixed it for me. I was so sick of the issues I was having with customer service.

      • Karen

        Kohl’s has terrible customer service. I ordered a pair of shoes, but when my package came, there was only 1 shoe in the box. I had to go thru the hassle of returning the 1 shoe and then re-order the same shoes again at the higher price. Only after they received my return, would they refund my original order and credit me the difference on what I had paid. It took over 3 weeks and several phone calls. I don’t order from them anymore.

        • Laura

          Same here! I’ll check out the in store clearance but won’t order online anymore.

        • Laura

          Same here! I have grown to dislike Kohl’s customer service! I tired using one of those $10 coupons they mail during Black Friday to get u to shop Instore. I did and cashier said it didn’t work. I asked her how thT was possible if it’s Instore only and she herself took it off of the postcard… another time I ordered online and kept checkcing for delivery date. I finally received email that item was cancelled, I tried to reorder. Price was back up. Called customer service, she said she didn’t know hey item was cancelled, could have been clerical error and said she would credit difference once item was ordered. Ordered. Days later, no credit. Called about 7 times to get order credited. Finally credited but they still never credited correctly. I just gave up. Keep the difference Kohl’s!

    • Elaine

      I have had the opposite experience with Kohl’s. I ordered a pair of Converse and was sent two left shoes instead of a pair. They made me drive across town and return them to the store before they would send me a new pair!

    • Amy

      One time I forgot my 30% off coupon and the cashier told me I could come back with the receipt and the coupon and get it applied after the fact. I was in a different state at the time. When I went to my home store they said I needed to go back to the original store. I called Kohls customer service and they said I needed to go to the original store- but I could go anytime (didn’t need to go before coupon expired). I ended up going back to that store (an hour away) and now they told me since the coupon expired they couldn’t do anything. I lost out on $50 savings and I didn’t use my kohls cash because I didn’t want it to affect the discount at all.

    • anna

      I’m done with Kohl’s. They are horrible if you need to return something. I will never go in there again. The worst part is they say no hassle and YES they are BIG hassle returns. For little stupid low cost items too. Thought it wouldn’t be a big deal and boy, was I wrong.

      • Chris

        Agree with horrible customer service from Kohl’s…had an issue with an offer redemption in store, customer service there wouldn’t do anything, contacted them thru the website, went back and forth I don’t know how many emails (was very clear that I had the issue instore) and finally they said there was nothing they could do because it wasn’t an online issue 🙁

  16. Kalynn

    Panera and Dunkin’ Donuts also have great customer service. I’ve also had a great experience with Skip Hop customer service. I ordered a diaper bag off Babies R Us for maybe $40-$50. Within a few months of occasional use, the fabric on the straps was peeling off. I contacted them and they sent me a credit for $90 which was the price of the diaper bag on THEIR site, and way more money than I had paid. I even sent them a copy of my confirmation email which showed the price I paid. I couldn’t believe it! The bag was still 100% usable, so I basically got another bag for free! I ended up ordering a different bag (the backpack style) and was able to use both bags still. Great service!

  17. kharrington

    That is pretty incredible service for jet.com. I’m impressed. I LOVE that they were based in the U.S. I absolutely love when our money is helping our people! I’ve used jet before but stopped because I was told it was bought out by walmart.

  18. Jackie

    Wow that’s great!! I was at Macy’s today trying to purchase a cookware set I saw online. They didn’t have it but offered to order it for me and ship it to my house, sounded good so far. Then I wanted to use the coupon I had but she said it wouldn’t work even though it showed in my basket that it was working. She then suggested I just order it online because it would be easier for both of us!!!! Another Macy’s fail.

    • Stacy

      🤦🏼‍♀️ #customerservicefail #macysfail

  19. Elaine

    Wayfair also has amazing customer service. I ordered a tv stand that arrived damaged. Took me all of a minute to call and get another one sent. It arrived in just a couple of days and they didn’t make me send back the damaged one.

  20. Litsa

    Wonderful! I was skeptical about using this company since I had never heard anything about it except seeing it on Hip2save. 😊 Now, I know they can be trustworthy!

    • Vee

      Walmart can be hit or miss so *shrug*

  21. Lisa A.

    I had a similar experience with Chewy.com. I ordered a product that wasn’t going to work for my cat and they gave me a refund and told me to donate the cat tree to a shelter.

  22. Marie

    I have been using jet for a couple years now and love them. I had one issue with some food that I ordered and they credited me back plus gave me a credit on my account for my damaged food. Amazing customer service.

  23. Renee

    For Christmas I ordered a photo blanket from Shutterfly and never received it. I sent one email and they immediately reordered it for me for free. Turns out it was delivered to one of my neighbors by accident and it took him a month to let me know he had my package 🙄

    • anna

      Shutterfly did the same for us. They reship very quickly. I was impressed with them. (unlike Kohl’s)

    • *Angela-Miles*

      Yess shutterfly service has always been great for me!! 🙂

  24. AilineAZ

    I had ordered a quiet expensive telescope from jet.com right before Christmas. The packaging was completely damaged when it arrived and I could actually touch the telescope thru the holes. I took pictures before opening the box and contacted customer service. A extremely friendly associate got back with me a short time later and offered me to either return the item immediately and refund the full amount or to have the telescope checked out and send it back later if anything was damaged. Thank goodness everything worked fine and my fiancée loves his Christmas gift. Jet.com has gone above and beyond to satisfy me. I can only recommend them and have since made a few additional purchases. The prices are VERY competitive and everything is being delivered within two day. Love jet.com!!!

  25. MaymeV

    Chewy.com and Shutterfly.com are my online customer service heroes! Their folks always go out of their way to make sure everything in our order is just right. But I have to give a shout out to our local shops; the small business people in our community are really trying to hold their own against the big box stores & our online shopping trend!

  26. Jessica

    Just last night I got great customer service from Ulta. Two items in my online order arrived useable but damaged. They shipped me replacements within a few hours. I was really impressed!

  27. Kris

    I’ve never used this company before; I think I will give them a try!

  28. melissa

    I love jet! I also dealt with customer service in the past and they helped me and like you said, easy to understand

  29. Jim

    I ordered some pantry items once and because of the way they packaged it a jar of pasta sauce popped the seal and leaked. They refunded it and sent a separate jar. This was before the Walmart purchase. It seems like their pricing dynamic has gotten worse since Walmart took over though. Which is disappointing.

  30. Kay

    I luv to shop. With all my years of experience so far, these stores have the best customer service:
    Oriental Trading Company
    Office Depot

    Mixed customer service (sometimes great, sometimes not):

  31. Allison

    I’ve had crappy luck with them. JSYK it’s a Walmart company. My experience has been as good as Walmart experience.

  32. *Angela-Miles*

    I recently had a not so great experience with forever 21. I had ordered several items and a couple of the tumblers I got were busted when I opened the box. Some of the glass had snagged one of my tops. I contacted them, and they told me I’d have to send it all back in order to get a refund. Lol I just threw all the pieces in the trash, donated the shirt and kept the 2 things that were salvageable. I just thought it was hilarious they wanted broken glass sent back to them

  33. moria

    I’m glad that someone had a great experience as I’ve never ordered from them before.

  34. erica

    Thanks all for sharing your experiences. I have always had great customer service experiences with online orders from Target, Amazon, and Shutterfly.

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