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10 Clever ALDI Hacks You’ll Regret Not Trying

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Aldi exterior

Updated July 19, 2019

Who wants to save more money!? 🙋‍♀️

ALDI, for those who aren’t familiar, is a grocery store in a league of its own. Thanks to its shorter hours, fewer product options, streamlined checkout, and exclusive brands, this grocer offers goods priced significantly lower than their competitors. That said, you’ll save even more money with these genius hacks to maximize your savings at ALDI.

Not sure if you have an ALDI nearby? CHECK HERE.

1. Pick up an empty box to stash under the cart.

box in Aldi cart

Forgot your own bags? In a hurry? Pick up empty corrugated boxes as you shop and place them under the cart. The cashiers don’t bag your groceries for you; they unload scanned items into an empty cart for you to bag yourself once you finish checking out. When they see that you have a box, they’ll usually put the box down in the cart first and unload the items directly into it. Then you can walk right out the door without having to bag your groceries at the side counter. The best part is they’re free! (We love free!)

2. Don’t bother with coupons unless they’re ALDI’s.

pork chops at Aldi

This tactic applies specifically to meat. While ALDI doesn’t take manufacturer coupons, they’ll slap their own discount stickers on meat when it’s getting close to expiration. Sure, the shelf life is near the end, but either cook the meat when you get home for weekly meal prep or pop it in the freezer!

Looking for other ways to save on meat? Check out these ideas!

3. Get baked goods at a discount.

hot dog buns at ALDI

ALDI is known to discount loaves of bread exactly 5 days before they expire (they also mark down other baked goods by 50% as they approach expiration). Keep your discounted bread fresh in a bread keeper or stash it away in the freezer until you’re ready to use it.

4. Shop on Wednesday mornings.

spareribs at Aldi

Not only will you take advantage of the Wednesday meat special, but the produce section during the morning hours is also at its best. Plan your recipes around what’s on sale that week!

5. Avoid purchasing personal care items.

personal care items at Aldi

Unfortunately, there’s no real discount here. You’re better off getting them at Amazon, big box retailers, or drugstores when sales and/or coupons are available.

6. Don’t overlook the special buys in Aldi Finds.

Aldi finds signage

This aisle may seem like a cheap trap, but you can find a hidden gem within this assortment of non-grocery products! Be sure to act on the Hot Deals FAST because those usually sell out before the week is through.

7. Always ask a manager if something is marked down.

Virtual reality headset at Aldi

According to an employee at ALDI, asking a manager if or when something will be marked down actually improves your chances of having the price lowered. Some managers will mark it down on the spot just to move the product.

8. Don’t forget to get cash back.

cash back app on iPhone

Grab cash back on groceries with apps such as Ibotta and Checkout51!

9. Don’t like something? Return it!

Aldi Twice as Nice guarantee

Not only will ALDI replace your product, but they’ll also refund you the money for that purchase! Take advantage of the double product guarantee on anything that doesn’t suit your taste.

10. Check Reddit for product reviews.

Aldi subreddit

Reddit is an amazing source of unsolicited opinions on just about anything. Check the Aldi subreddit for feedback on products, special buys, and shopping experiences!

Are you a new shopper at ALDI?

Here are some helpful tips to get you started:

1. Get your quarters ready!

Aldi quarter cart lock

If you’ve never been to an ALDI, you’ll probably be thrown off by the locked shopping carts. Simply pop in a quarter, and voila! – the lock is released. Just don’t forget to relock the cart when you’re done using it to get your quarter back.

2. Download the ALDI App.

Aldi app on iPhone

The app functions are very similar to the website, but they’re useful for viewing the weekly fliers and your shopping list while you’re out and about! The app is available for iOS and Android devices.

3. Check ALDI’s website for Weekly Specials.

Aldi weekly ad on website

You’ll want to check ALDI’s site not only for the weekly sales, but for any new low prices that may not have been included in the weekly ad. Check for the Red Hot Deals along with the mid-week meat specials in the ALDI Insider ads.

4. Preview the upcoming weekly ad.

Aldi flyer in-store

In addition to viewing this week’s ALDI ad, don’t skip viewing NEXT week’s ad so you can see what’s coming. Look for their ads on the website, app, or grab one when you’re there (they’re available near the exit), so you know what items to hold off on buying until the following week.

5. Don’t forget your own shopping bag.

Aldi reusable shopping bags

ALDI charges for basic grocery bags at checkout ($0.07 for paper and $0.10 for plastic) and offers up a variety of insulated and reusable bags. Plan to purchase one there or come prepared with your own.

6. Look for discounts on name brands.

refrigerated juices at Aldi

ALDI doesn’t have the same name brand products in stock all the time, but when they do, you’ll save some money by purchasing them here over their competitors!

7. But go with the generic when available.

BBQ sauce at Aldi

Give the ALDI exclusive brands a shot! Not only will you save money, but you also won’t sacrifice any of the product quality. Some generics are even made by the same manufacturer as their name brand counterparts!

8. Connect with ALDI outside of the store.

Aldi social media on flyer

Follow ALDI online to get the latest deals and recipes when you signup for their email list, view the blog, or follow their social media accounts. These pages also respond quickly to customer feedback should you ever experience a problem at your store.

Don’t have an Aldi near you? Check out these grand openings to see if there’s a store opening in your neighborhood! 🎉

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Comments 210

  1. Tara Broadway

    If anyone didnt know Aldis is owned by the same company as Trader Joes. They are huge overseas. In America they are more in poor areas though.

    • Rosanne

      We have several Aldi’s here in Orange County, CA, and they’re not in poor areas or tiny shopping centers. Anaheim has one, it’s an anchor along with Target in a very busy shopping area. I actually tell friends coming from areas without an Aldi’s about this one, they’ve loved it. Great store, my family and friends love it.

    • Linda

      In my area, Aldi’s aren’t in shopping centers, they are stand alone buildings. Years ago, someone told me that Aldi was for poor people,lol. She eventually started going to Aldi, bragging about the great deals. Don’t knock it until you go.

    • Jodi P

      Aldi’s in the US is actually not owned by the same company as Trader Joe’s. There are two Aldi companies, Aldi Sud and Aldi Nord. They are “cousins” in that the two Albrecht brothers who started Aldi split it into two totally separate entities in the 60’s. Trader Joes is Aldi Nord.

      Aldi’s is not mostly located in poor areas. They were until the 90s when they began expanding, and they’re often near Walmart…..sometimes right across the parking lot, lol

    • Pamela S Gray

      They are not owned by the same people. They are brothers who disagreed on their business model and wah lah, one become Trader Joe’s the other stayed Aldi’s.

  2. *Angela-Miles*

    I disagree. Everyone that shops at Aldis is not poor. Poor or rich, some people could care less about brand “names”. Trust me. My uncle is a wealthy man and when he met my aunt he started going to Aldi with her because she liked it. Might not be his favorite place but I also don’t hear him knocking it.
    Also some of Aldi brands are made in the same factory as name brands, just are repackaged in different labels. Not all, but Some.

  3. Ashley

    I’ve run into our pediatrician several times in our local Aldi so I’m fairly confident that Aldi isn’t for poor people. 😉

  4. Ashley

    Ive been shopping at aldis 15 years. 15 years ago it certainly catered to a poorer clientele. Now id say its very mainstream with all incomes shopping there.

  5. DealAddict


  6. DealAddict

    I don’t buy meat anywhere that doesn’t have a butcher. Maybe that doesn’t make sense. I imagine the meat being shipped from China & just won’t do it.

    • Grace

      I agree, The frozen salmon at our local Adli is from China.

      • cynthia

        where is the salmon from at food city ingles or krogers that has atlantic salmon from chilli and they named it atlantic but it comes from chilli

    • C

      I have seen Tyson chicken trucks delivering the chicken to Aldi. Regulations require that products like meats coming into the country must be labeled with the country of origin. If you read a label and there is no country listed you can safely assume it is sourced in the US. The seafood at Aldi lists a country of origin. Some items also list where the product was caught and where it was processed if those countries are different. That is the case with the salmon that is usually caught in the US, but processed in China.
      Aldi meat comes prepackaged and well labelled, so you should be able to find out the origin of any meats in the store. If anything the seafood and meats will have more accurate labelling that loose meats that have been known to be inaccurately labeled in markets.

  7. amy111

    Or maybe people who don’t want to be poor. I may not a millionaire, but why spend more of my hard earned money on the same items. Just saying!

  8. Jeska

    I think Aldi is for smart people. I, for one, am thrilled that I save so much on my groceries, don’t compromise quality, and am able to either spend or save that money elsewhere. *SCORE* Also, my husband teaches economics and uses Aldi as an example frequently. Their no-frills business plan is genius for those of us who don’t care if we walk on carpet and pick items off of pallets while we grocery shop.

    • sue

      Jeska, I love Aldi’s. I make my list out ahead of time. So, I can get in and out of there in no time. I recently fractured my fibula, tore ligaments, had surgery. I can’t be on my feet more than ten minutes full weight without really bad swelling and pain. So, I throw my crutch in the cart, using the cart to carry most of my weight. I know where everything is, so i’m in and out in way less then 20 minutes. I can tolerate it, cause i’m not full weight bearing while in the store. I can do something for myself. To me, this is priceless!!!!!!!!!!! I see people from what I consider, all financial levels. That’s part of the fun!

    • C

      I agree with you 100%. Why pay more for something at a different store when you can get it at Aldi for less?
      Claiming Aldi is for poor people is ignorant and offensive. People of all different means shop at Aldi. Those so called “generic brand name stuff” are often the same exact products as the name brands people pay more for at other stores. If you are willing to pay more simply for a different looking label so be it. I care more about the product itself, and not the packaging.

  9. Grete

    Very fun fact!!!: If you already love Trader Joe’s… will totally love Aldi!! The founder of Aldi (Theo Albrecht…. go ahead, google it!!! LOL) was also the owner and head to Trader Joe’s USA.
    They share many of the exact same no label manufacturer products for at least 10% less (personal observation) and you will find that is the exact same product at Aldi as TJ’s.

  10. Ackerson73

    She tells him specifically what to buy, (to avoid, among other things, an ingredient that give HIM stomach issues), he ignores her and gets the wrong thing that she probably had to return to the store. And you feel sorry for HIM? Maybe he meant well and thought he was getting a deal, but still. She’s just trying to feed her family healthy non-crap-filled food, which is a LOT of work, especially on a budget. And even harder when a grown adult cant pay enough attention to avoid additives that make them sick.

    Why do women have to be so judgy towards other women who are just trying to do their best for their familes?

  11. Maria

    my Aldi’s has milk for $1.17 gallon and eggs for .47. you have to try the milk chocolate with almond bars. they are delicious 😋

  12. Mariel

    Emily, I used to work at the Tonawanda store on Sheridan drive and am still aldi obsessed years later. I hope I run into you someday! 😂

  13. Katie

    My husband is a doctor, and we shop at Aldis when we can. We are not poor, just don’t want to throw away money when Aldi has great products for less 😉

  14. Lu

    I like Aldi, but the “streamlined checkout” description did make me laugh because in my local Aldi there is only ever one checkout open. The relatively new store isn’t that busy but still it’s feast or famine at checkout. Sometimes I get right in and out, but other times there has been NO checker at a register and I’ve spent 5 minutes waiting to spot ANY employee so that I could get someone to help me, or more commonly all 4 customers in the store happen to come to the checkout at the same time and you get stuck in a line. If I’m in a hurry, I have to make sure to allow 5-10 minutes for checkout because it’s not necessarily a fast process.

    The best deals for me are on meat ($1.69/lb boneless skinless chicken breast!), lunchmeat, produce, and nuts.

  15. andreahaynes

    I believe the Ibotta app now partners with aldi. They are listed under stores and have EVEN BETTER DEALS!
    I just got back a $1.50 for using the no name brand cheese, milk, and eggs!
    Eggs were .40
    Half gallon Milk was $1
    And a bag of mozzarella for $1.25

    • C

      Thanks for posting this! I did not know it was on Ibotta. It is on Fetch.

  16. Jane

    Aldi just popped back up on my ibotta. It was there last year and went away but I just saw it 2 weeks ago (Dec. 2018) and have used it twice since! Hope they keep it now.

  17. animity

    Wonder why more stores don’t do the shopping cart coin lock thingy ma-jig. That is how it is done in most places in Europe and it is genius. Except in Europe it is a whole euro not just 25 cents.

  18. Tiffany

    My local Aldis wont put the box or basket in the cart and put the items in it. They say they are timed and not allowed to “bag” the groceries.

    • Americhick

      I’m pretty sure that most of us are fully capable of bagging our own groceries, and then returning the cart to the cart “line” and retrieving our quarter, aren’t we?? Or, are we really THAT lazy of a society?
      I love my Aldi’s, especially the IMPORTED Chocolate 🙂

      • Tiffany

        I just commented that bc the number 1 hack is about the box and putting it in the cart. Just wanted people to know its not always the case. I gladly will bag my own though 🙂

      • Tiffany

        I just commented that bc the number 1 hack is about the box at bottom of cart. Just wanted people to know its not always the case. I gladly will bag my own though 🙂

    • Mary C

      Not surprised that an Aldi’s cashier won’t take the zero time involved to place scanned items in a box that is sitting in a cart…they have no customer service at that store. There is never more than one cashier at my Aldi’s and no one working the floor or departments. I picked up a package of meat there that was so rotten than I could smell it through the package. My hands stunk so bad I was retching while trying to find the bathroom in my attempt to wash off the stench. AND there was no staff around to ask the location of the bathroom or to tell about the rotten meat. I know they have a loyal following but I will pass. Many vilify Walmart for paying their staff low wages but at Aldi won’t even employ enough staff.

      • Ms truth

        How do you think they keep their overhead costs low? Who pays for employees? The consumer, duh.

  19. Julie


  20. LB

    Great tips! I used to shop at Aldi’s all the time – great store but it’s a bit of a drive for me. A Lidl opened up down the street and I’ve been shopping there lately (LOVE the bakery and the prices are comparative to Aldi as well). Would love to see some Lidl tips here. But I have to admit this post inspires me to take that drive back to Aldi to check things out again!

  21. Maggie

    Someone should tell that to the folks driving the Bentley, Mercedes and other imported cars at the one I go to…..

  22. yonawrites

    I LOVE Aldi’s and swear by their produce. Just got two cucumbers for 49 cents. You can get avocados for 59 cents each instead….comes in handy because I never use all the ones sold in a bag before they go bad. I’ve always thought their apples are the freshest and crispest. I get my tomatoes from there…and strawberries. They have good sales on berries. Plus, the frozen fruit is really good.

    Thanks for the tip of Wednesday shopping for produce.

  23. Be Platt

    There’s a very well-placed Aldi’s in Stanton, FL 1/4 mile from the Am-Trak station where the AutoTrain unloads Snowbirds from the Northeaster states and Canada. SOOO very convenient to stop and grab the very basics, like milk, bread, eggs, fruit, etc before heading to your winter home. This gives you time to unload your car, air out your house and not have to worry about hitting the grocery store after all that driving & unpacking. the SAME DAY.

  24. Mary W

    Since this article was written, Ibotta now includes Aldi. It’s usually for the any category. Worth checking because you never know!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re right! Thanks so much for pointing that out!

  25. Thrifter

    More expensive stores that offer free gas with X dollars of groceries are for poor people in my area. Free gas with EBT. I see teachers and secretaries at my local Aldi.

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