Come On, Target! These 50% Off Toy Cartwheels Do NOT Make For Great Deals

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Through February 28th, Target shoppers can save 50% off select toys with these new Cartwheel Offers. At first glance, one would assume these offers would make for awesome deals; however, after some research by our awesome team, we found otherwise!

Check out these deals finds…

Transformers Autobot Sqweeks Remote Control Figure $79.99
Use the 50% off Transformers Autobot Sqweeks Remote Control Figure Cartwheel Offer
Final Cost $39.99 = NOT A DEAL!
*As a price comparison, this same item is $28.32 on Amazon

BB-8 Star Wars Mega Playset $199.99
Use the 50% off BB-8 Star Wars Mega Playset Cartwheel Offer
Final Cost $99.99 = NOT A DEAL!*
*As a price comparison, this same item is $95.99 shipped on Amazon

Star Wars Forces of Destiny Action Figures $19.99 – $24.99
Use the 50% off Star Wars Forces of Destiny Action Figures Cartwheel Offers
Final Cost $9.99 – $12.49 = NOT A DEAL!*
*As a price comparison, these items are as low as $6.68 on Amazon

Transformers Dragonstorm Changer Figure $79.99
Use the 50% off Transformers Dragonstorm Changer Figure Cartwheel Offer
Final Cost $39.99 = NOT A SUPER EXCITING DEAL!*
*As a price comparison, this same item is $40.79 on Amazon

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Comments 55

  1. yes

    I’ve found this with alot if items. Their own website has items cheaper sometimes.

    • Sue

      So true! It happened to me with a FP dump truck I bought. It had a clearance sticker on it for around $12 in store at Target. I checked Target online on my phone and it was $8. I was all ready to price match at customer service for $8, when it occurred to me to check Walmart online as well. Walmart had it for $6. My final price ended up being half of the in store Target “clearance” price. I never left the store, and it just took a little extra effort on my part to look at my phone. I kind of chuckle at my great deal every time my grandson plays with it!

  2. Amber

    Deals are in the eye of the beholder.

    • cathy

      So true. I have seen many deals posted on hip2save that I could get cheaper someplace else.

      • Rochelle

        Do you share that? They often will update their posts if you can actually show that you can get it cheaper elsewhere.

        • cathy

          No actually I never thought about it. I will do that from now on. Thanks.

  3. Anna

    This is a great post! Thanks for the heads up! 🙂

    • Nan

      I don’t have Amazon Prime (and generally don’t buy from Amazon), so I still appreciate these Target deals. And don’t forget that Target will price match if you ask.

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      You’re very welcome Anna! 😉 Glad you enjoyed this one!

  4. Ashley

    Thanks for the research! I hate it when companies jack up a price to “discount” it!

    • 🌺 Nolee 🌺


    • Patrivia Goff

      I so agree. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen sale prices at walmart and when you flip the tag you can see it is the same price as it was before the sale or that it was cheaper before the sale. LOL

  5. Stephanie

    Although I have found that Amazon will reduce the price of the item when it is on sale at other stores..I noticed it a lot at Christmas time so really it COULD still be a deal but then Amazon goes in and goes even lower after the sale has happened at Target. Amazon does this with several stores and items and is one main reason they are so incredibly large and successful.

    • Jenna

      This! Amazon often price marches Target and then drops it another 10-15%. It’s nice because I can get the item cheaper and shipped free, but the option of free returns (if bought in a store) is worth something too.

      • Jessi

        Amazon has free returns as well. I’ve returned many things via Amazon with no problems. The delivery guy will even pick it up from your front porch at no extra charge.

        • 50ShadesofLipstick

          Agreed, Amazon makes returns super easy! They’ll refund the $ very quickly too. There have even been times where I purchased something under $10 and when I called customer service to complain about it being defective or the posting being inaccurate etc. they just told me to go ahead and keep the item, on top of refunding me the $.

      • Just passing through

        I worry about returns also so I don’t use amazon unless it’s a really good deal.
        I don’t think all returns are free on amazon. I believe sometimes they reduce the return $ amount to cover the return shipping.

        • David

          You’re correct about amazon returns not being free in all cases. There are occasional items that state returns are free in the listing, and items that arrive broken or defective are free to return (depending on the item they may tell you to keep it and refund your money). Anything else is not free to return. They can get you a postage discount when you use their label, but the large majority of their items do not have free returns unless there’s a problem with the item.

  6. jamie

    Can you pricematch and then use cartwheel?

    • Taylor S

      Exactly what I was thinking!! Definitely a steal when you combine the two 🙂

    • Dara

      Target has refused to price match and let me use the cartwheel before, but the last time I went, they let me do both. I think it just depends on who rings you up. I had a manager tell me no they could not do both but then a regular cashier did it anyway and told me she could. I guess it’s hit and miss.

    • K

      Their price match policy says one or the other, not both. That being said some stores might let you do both.

  7. Txmama

    Typical target, they’re always guilty of this

  8. linsey

    Target will price match Amazon and then you get the 50% off…I got transformer for $19.99

    • Jessie

      It is Targets corporate policy not to price match AND combine cartwheel. If you’re able to do so at your store, more power to you. Its been at least 2 years since I could do that.

      • Rochelle

        Yes, I was told the same thing by customer service. They’ll generally only price match.

  9. Amy Burdt

    While these items were found for less on Amazon, remember that Target will price match. I recently bought a Keurig from Target based on a deal on saw on here; however, I found it for less on Amazon. I brought the Keurig to Customer Service, showed them my phone with the product on Amazon. Not only did I get the $50 gift card for purchasing the Keurig, I got it for the price on Amazon. Hip 2 Save have some great deals, but always do a little extra work just in case you can save a little extra money. After all, who can afford to NOT save a little extra money?!

  10. Katie

    When Targets website has a cheaper deal, I’ll buy it online for “In Store Pickup” and continue my shopping. I usually get an email “Your item is ready for pickup” within 10 minutes.

  11. Aleshia Jones

    The same transformer robot was on my wal mart Christmas clearance for 19$

  12. sad

    When all brick and mortar stores close remember this mentality. Closing by the droves to save a few bucks. When the monopoly comes prepare to pay more. No more holding the item in your hands before buying. No more getting the kids out of the house for an excursion to go browse the toy section to see what they want for their birthday, holiday or just a job well done. Support your physical stores!

    • Rochelle

      You might be on the wrong website… This is Hip2Save – I *AM* trying to save a few bucks 😉 Times change, culture changes, many people prefer not to shop at a physical store, whatever their reasons. Paying more for the same item at a retailer that can compete with Amazon (Target is the 8th largest US retailer, just behind, Amazon, ironically) is not valiant.

      • Day-to-day

        The only brick and mortar stores I’m interested in saving are the locally owned small businesses (toy stores, restaurants, book stores, etc), non-franchised, non huge corporate retailers who are always forcing Independents to shut down that can’t compete with high volume low margin sales. I shop on Amazon or anywhere else to save money and spend much of what I save locally. This is a great post for people who aren’t aware that they aren’t getting a great deal and can price match. Nobody in this post said to shop at Amazon or you’re losing something. They’re just bringing awareness. Great job and many thanks H2S.

      • Sarah

        Yes, some of us live in places that never had a lot of choices of physical stores in the first place. So I’m very thankful for Amazon, personally. Our closest Target is an hour away. I used to still go when I only had one child, but now I have 3, 3 and under and I’m quite happy to order whatever I can online and shop at Walmart when I can’t do that.

    • 50ShadesofLipstick

      Good grief…the world isn’t ending because we are choosing to spend our $ more wisely or to be aggressive about saving. You know who is obligated to make sure that a store stays open? That store- not its customers. Why would I spend time taking my kids to the toy store to show them the 5 options that they have when we can browse online, buy from Amazon, have it at our door same day (or in 2 days tops), and put that extra $ we saved towards a nice family vacation? Time is $, honey.

      • mel

        Stores are closing b/c they are not adapting. My Kmart is terrible. You walk in and it feels like it’s 1980! It’s just dirty & dingy looking and the regular prices of beauty items are higher than the drug stores! The toy selection isn’t much better. My local Sears did a remodel and while it’s nicer than it was 5 years ago, it is never busy. My boys are 16 & 14 now, and I could always get nice clothes for them b/c it was the one store that had a fabulous baby & kids section. Now, the boys clothing section is half of what it used to be and the selection is terrible. I don’t think B&M stores are going to entirely go away, eventually they’ll be a pendulum swing where more people will shop in store vs online.

  13. Patrivia Goff

    It seems that a lot of people in Central Arkansas have a lot of money. When I give out coupons that will expire in a week and I know I won’t be using it and I see somebody that has the item in my cart I will give the coupon to them. They look at me like they are afraid to touch the coupon. LOL When the cashier at Walmart told me that couponers were the reason that prices were so high and it wasn’t fair that other people can’t get items for the prices that we do I said you just have to take a few minutes a day to see what is on sale by looking at blogs and clipping your coupons and she said people don’t have time to do that. They are to busy. I told her I just use my lunch hour to do it so it isn’t an issue.

    • Libby

      I can’t believe they blamed prices on couponers! They are reimbursed by the manufacturer for coupons. Prices are high because of shoplifters!!! Ticks me off. My daughter worked for Kroger and people would walk out with a cart full of groceries. The employees aren’t allowed to do anything for their own safety. It just ticks me off so much.

    • Valerie H

      Lol! I stopped giving coupons to people after several similar encounters. People look at you so weird! One lady, who was with I assume her husband, “thanked” me for noticing what they were buying. She was super snarky like I was trying to pick up her husband by saving them a dollar. It was hilarious.

  14. Kalynn

    A lot of those Forces of Destiny toys were coming up much cheaper at the checkout than the price showed on the shelf. I found that out because I was going to price match to their online price at the checkout when we discovered that it was ringing up at the price which was much cheaper. So be sure to price check some of those Star Wars toys because several of them were listed way higher than the price they were ringing up for.

  15. Julie

    Target does price match so if you find it lower show it on your phone when you’re in the store!

    • Patricia

      Sure, price matching is nice but why don’t Target’s team check prices too and offer a real deal instead of lying to us about those sales? That would be nicer don’t you think instead of spending time and effort asking for a price match ?

  16. Jojo

    I wonder if the Target bashing (this post and the magnolia salt shaker one) combined with the Walmart praising is so H2S can get Walmart to partner with them/sponsor posts, etc…

    • Taya

      Umm…you are clearly choosing to read between the lines based on the beat of your own drums.
      If I am not mistaken, the magnolia post only criticized one item but did state liking the other items. How is that bashing Target itself???

      • Day-to-day

        In all the years I’ve used Hip2Save and other shop saving sites, nobody else has praised Target more that H2S.. This was a playful post to let people know they can price match at Target, or get it cheaper elsewhere and to look around before you leap into what you think is a good deal but isn’t. The salt and pepper post was funny too and certainly not bashing Target or C&J’s farmhouse goods. Try to reread the posts from a less negative perspective if possible. There’s so many worse things than a silly post to get hung up on.

  17. Teresa

    I find this a LOT when it comes to Target! 😡
    And on lots of things not just toys!! Do your comparisons ladies! Target is one of the worst!!! 😡🤬😡🤬

  18. Meghan

    I’ve noticed this lately. Has anyone noticed that when they do the gift card deal on bounty or charmin, the items are no longer on sale and there is no cart wheel….? You used to be able to combine all three discounts plus coupons.

    • Teresa

      YES!!! It’s ridiculous!!!

  19. Christine

    I used to shop in-store at Target more often, but their deals aren’t that great anymore generally. I did purchase a swimsuit online from Target this week, though, because the sale was online only and they had something in my size at a good price. A friend and I were just talking about how Target has done away with some of the really good store brands like Circo and replaced it with the Cat and Jack line, which is more expensive. I really liked the Mossimo tank tops and my store didn’t have any last weekend when I visited, but they have the New Day line, but the shirts are very different and not in the pretty colors they used to carry.

  20. 50ShadesofLipstick

    This isn’t anything new or outrageous…it’s just basic capitalism at work and every single company does this. A retailer can choose to charge you any amount for any item and you can choose to either pay that amount or research and wait for a better deal. We aren’t being forced to buy the thing that we like on the spot…but since many of us do, that is exactly what the companies count on to make $ and it works.

    A tip for beauty products, which can get very expensive and go on sale rarely- Nordstrom will gladly price match their competitors. When there’s a deal on say, Clinique’s website or Anastasia Beverly Hills has a great promo going on but they don’t offer free shipping etc., I just chat w/ Nordstrom’s Customer Service and they will price match the other company’s promo (plus any coupon codes that can be stacked on top of it) and since everything ships free from Nordstrom, you wind up saving a whole lot that way. Never pay retail price!

  21. Kristin

    We got the dragon storm for $20 last week at target!

  22. visitor3

    Great article!

  23. Jennifer

    Thanks for having our backs ladies! 😀💃💸💰💵

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      For sure Jennifer! You’re welcome!

  24. ambur

    I bought the transformer toy last week and only bad 24.99 because the toys were on sale. So i guess you would just have to watch out week by week depending on what they put on sale

  25. Sue

    What’s funny is that a few hours after this post came out, the prices on some of these items at Amazon has changed. At least with Target, I can count on the sale price for that week or how many days the offer is available. With Amazon, the price can change an hour later. And with so many people on here complaining about Target’s pricing & raving about Amazon, I’ve had the opposite experience. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve found things cheaper at other stores (both online or physical locations) than at Amazon. Almost everything I bought at Christmas was the same price if not cheaper at Walmart or Target this year.

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