Oh Echo Dot, Thanks for the Intercom System, Bedtime Stories, Music…

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Amazon Echo Dot

Hi Y’all! It’s Holly – a Hip2Save sidekick!

Today, I want to share with you one of my family’s most favorite products! We used to own an Amazon Echo for a long time, but just last year my daughter accidentally knocked it off the counter, and that was the end of it. 😩 Over Christmas, there was a really sweet deal on the Amazon Echo Dot, so we decided to pick up a few to give our kids as gifts. It was one of the best purchases we have made!

The Echo Dot is small, convenient, and less expensive than the Amazon Echo or the Google Home, and we use it in so many ways in our home! It functions as a dictionary, spelling helper, calendar, weather or news reporter, alarm clock, joke teller, question answerer, calculator and so many more things.

Amazon Echo Dot

Here’s why I LOVE our Amazon Echo Dot!

Did you know you can use the dot as an intercom system?

It is the coolest thing. From the kitchen or my bedroom or anywhere else in the house I can say “Alexa, drop in on the Kid’s room”. We can have a conversation right there through the Echo Dot. It’s super helpful if you need to talk to someone in another room. You can also play music on ALL the Echos in the house at once. Just say “Alexa, play Twenty One Pilots everywhere”. She will then play your chosen music on all the Echo devices in the house – So fun!

It’s especially nice when it’s time for everyone to get up in the morning.  The kids just love it (insert sarcasm here) when I say “Alexa, Play The Wake Up Song by The Flannery Brothers EVERYWHERE” in the morning.  Hey, it works!

My kiddos use it for bedtime stories!

We also use the Echo for audio books tied to our Audible Account! My kids enjoy listening to audiobooks before bed. They can just say “Alexa, play my book on Audible”, and she will pick up right where they left off. They don’t have to listen to the same book either.  They can choose which book plays on which device. I have to say this is probably my most favorite feature of the Echo Dot.

Check your deliveries.

Another really fun feature of the Echo Dot is Amazon delivery notifications. If it is blinking white, you can ask Alexa to read your notifications. Alexa will let you know if you have a package shipped or if you can expect a delivery that day.  This is SO convenient!

I’m sure there are many more fun Amazon Echo Dot features we haven’t found yet, so share with me any cool tips you have! 🙌

From our experience so far, my family would definitely give it a thumbs up! 
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Comments 70

  1. Lynne

    My kids use ours to annoy me with songs I hate, terrible knock knock jokes, and Alexa misunderstanding almost everything my 4yo says and frustrating him to no end 🤣

    • Laura

      Mine too. It became one of my least favorite purchases of all time. It has been unplugged for a long time now. However I may have to try the intercom thing!

    • Lana

      We are empty nesters but when our adult children visit they like to annoy me with it. Maybe I will just put it away before they come next time.

    • Rebecca

      Ditto everything you just said. Mine went back.

  2. bdubs

    My son has his echo dot at college and we have ours at home (all on the same account). It’s a cheap way to “drop in” on him and have a chat.

    • Linna

      That’s awesome!

    • Holly (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      That is such a great idea!

    • Gloria

      Love that!

    • Rochelle

      Haha! I was a good kid in college but I’m not sure if I or my roommates would’ve been cool with my parents “dropping in” on us 😉😂 But in all seriousness, it’s really cool that you don’t have to be in the same location to have them all connected on the same account.

  3. Karen

    We love our echo dot but does anyone else get creeped out by the “drop in” feature? We have that setting disabled on ours.

    • Sunny

      That does sound creepy. Why not just use your cell?

    • Holly (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      You can go in and choose who is allowed to drop in on you otherwise, yeah that would be totally creepy! 🙂 My younger kiddos don’t have cell phones and the olders who do don’t keep them in their rooms. PLUS this is totally hands free.

    • Gloria

      I get creeped out by the glowing green which mean “drop in ” is enabled. Correct me if I am wrong, someone.

    • Suzanne H

      You can set it up where it will tell you when someone is requesting to drop in vs. just letting them drop in automatically. Then you can just say yes or no.

  4. suzanne skero

    So if you purchase an Echo Dot and need to speak to your son at collage or another person in the house, would you need to purchase a 2nd Echo Dot? Just curious!

    • Sarah

      I don’t have an Echo Dot but I think you do and make sure you are on the same account.

    • Amber

      You can use your cell phone to “drop in”. You have to set it up through your account, meaning creeps can’t just drop in. Once I really needed to get ahold of my husband but he wasn’t answering his cell phone so I “dropped in to the house. They don’t have to “answer” you just start talking and if they are within ear shot they can hear you. If you want an intercom system in the house you need more than one device either the echo or echo dot

      • mommy2jadzia

        you can also say “alexa call home” and it will ring every device on the network. I do it all the time when I don’t know what room someone is in. I also “call home” from the app and it rings the whole house. hubby often doesn’t have his cell phone on him and it drives me nuts not to be able to reach him if i am our and need an answer on something. now the whole house rings like old land lines used to.
        Im waiting for the ring door bell to ring with alexa. I can’t hear the bell in half my house but i could if alexa would ring for me. they are selling their own extenders right now but the joined with amazon alexa of its a matter of time before this will work with just the dots.

      • Karen

        Amber, that is cool. How do you drop in with your cell phone? I tried to find it in the Alexa app but was unable to see where to do this.

    • Clbush

      You can do it from the app on your phone

  5. Clbush

    I can set my kids’ alarms from my dot or phone app and also set reminders for school (remember to bring your library book)or sports ( you have practice tonight at 6). I use the app to set a Bible verse for them to remember each month. I set it to play every weekday morning while they are getting ready for school.

    • Maggie

      Hi how do you do the bible verse? Thanks

      • Clbush

        I just go to reminders on the app and type one in that I want them to learn. Then you set the time and day you want it to remind them.

    • Bekah

      LOVE that!

    • Mindi

      Where in the app do you do this? I want to schedule these things or play a song on my daughter’s without going in the room, but haven’t seen the option. Hers is the only echo in the house.

      • Clbush

        Go to the menu button in the top left corner and go to reminders. Then choose which echo device you want to add the reminder to.

    • Daniel

      Can you use it to call the kids to dinner?

    • Jill

      I love the Bible verse idea. My kids have a verse every week at school. I can set the verse to repeat night before bed!

    • Melissa

      Love the Bible verse idea!!

  6. benjessp

    I’m always asking mine what time it is – awesome when hands are full or busy.

  7. Elise M

    You can set the drop in feature for only your own household so no one else can drop in.

  8. Cindy b

    Wow! I didn’t know about drop in or call everywhere! It could be helpful with elderly parents (like mine). I need to marinate on this new idea for a bit…..

    • tammy

      All of our old people have more than one of them in their homes. I made sure that we covered every room and that alexa could respond from anywhere in the house.
      Now my old people can call someone by saying a phone number or a name already in their contacts. with the new phone device they came out with you can hook it to a land line so alexa can call 911. My grandma fell and broke her hip about 15 years ago. my dad didn’t find her for just over 2 days. if she had had Alexa she could have called someone or with the special box for the land line called 911.

  9. David

    I recently set one up for an older friend that occasionally falls but always forgets to keep her other thing within easy reach. Now she just holler to Alexa to summon me.

    • Holly (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      What a nice thing to do, David! Love that!

    • Bella

      So you have to have wifi to use right? My father does not have wifi.

  10. Melissa

    Love my echo dot! Another feature I really love is that it can call anyone on your contact list. It’s nice when im making dinner and hubby calls. All hands free and can still talk. My kids like that they can call grandparents without having to use my cell phone. Also good if I’m at the neighbors- they can ask Alexa to call me. My mom got one just so she can make calls if she “falls and can’t get up!”

    • k terry

      That’s an amazing idea for your mom!

    • Amber

      I use mine to call my phone all the time when I can’t find it!

  11. Amy

    My 3 yr old loves Alexa!! He is always telling Alexa to fart!! 🤣 Then he tells her she is fired! She is great at going along with his humor. He is always laughing and talks to her like another member of our family. 😊

    • Holly (Hip2Save Sidekick)


  12. Kelli Rogers

    we are in love too. I love Downcount you can have Alexa count down from any number. Helps motivate the kids to pick up the room. Also we have the hue lights and you can have the lights in the whole house flash when your timer goes off, so you know if you are on another floor. Any know if they have whole house timer for those with more than one dot/echo?

    • k terry

      How do you sync your hue lights to your echo timer?

      I’m sorry I don’t know the answer to your question, but I’d love if you helped me out.

  13. Amanda

    Our 3yo asked Alexa to play his favorite songs. Once it starts playing he always says thank you. It’s great!!!

    • Marie

      Alexa never says you’re welcome though and it bothers me lol!

      • Amanda

        My husband asked how odd would it be if she did say your welcome. I might have to unplug it if it happens.

        • Rockergal

          She does say your welcome, or “no sweat” or “Thats what I’m here for”.. you just have to say her name “Alexa.. Thank you”

  14. Maria

    I love mine for multiple alarms while cooking. It’s also great for jokes, stories and music.

  15. Daniela

    I use mine all day; I like to make recipes but don’t have a lot of room in my kitchen. So I ask her to read me the recipe line by line. If I am doing laundry but am folding in the den, I can ask her to start up Pandora. It is my alarm clock in the morning. If i I need to create a shopping list, no pen and paper needed. I would not enable the drop in feature because we are all adults here and the last I need is hearing my parents make out 😉 but if I had children, I might dig it. And I am constantly for sports scores, lot easier than going to yahoo.

  16. Michelle

    Is there a way to have the dot read books with out purchasing the $14/month audible?

    • jana

      i’m unsure about Audible but podcasts are excellent!

    • Arie

      Not sure about the dot, but the echo can read any book you have in your Kindle library. Her voice is a little monotone and it’s hilarious at times when she gets things wrong, but I still enjoy having her read to me while I put make-up on, fold clothes, or cook. Sometimes she has a hard time finding the book the first time you ask her – I’ve found it helps if you tell her the exact title, especially if it has a subtitle.

  17. Jodi ann

    Our three kids each just got one for Christmas and I thought what in the world are we going to do with this thing! But it’s been great! We purchased the lightbulbs to now they can turn on their own lights, set their own alarm for the morning and get a cute little bedtime story at night. And thanks for the intercom tip! I had no idea! I was literally just looking into buying an intercom system in our house the other day. This would be amazing!

  18. Jodi

    The list function!! I have it in my kitchen and when I run out of something, I just say “Alexa, add milk to my list”. Then, when I’m at the store I always double check my Alexa app. I mean…who ever remembers that they actually ran out of baking powder!?!? Now Alexa remembers for me!

    • Jodi

      Beware though….my kids have gotten smart enough to add things to my list that I don’t usually buy them. When bologna was on my list, I knew they’d figured out how to make it work for them!

  19. lei nani

    How good is the speaker? Does music sound good on it? Or which version of the echo has the best sound?
    Thanks in advance ( :

    • Suzanne H

      The speaker is better on the tall (original) unit than the Dot but it’s still pretty good on all of them. Not Bose quality but I find it perfectly fine even at a fairly high volume.

      • lei nani

        Thank you! I have Bose in my car and I’m quite spoiled ( ::

  20. Suzanne H

    We have several and we love them. We use the intercom feature a lot now that our son is a preteen and goes in his room and blasts music. We all listen to music on them and use them as alarm clocks. My husband hooked up the lights in his office to an Echo Dot – he has vision problems and kept tripping on the step that leads into his office. Now he can stand at the door and turn on all of the lights at once then enter the room. I love it b/c he’s famous for leaving lights on and I can yell at Alexa from downstairs to turn off the lights! We did rename some of ours b/c they can hear from pretty far away. Love the list, reminder and timer features. My SIL got one after seeing me set multiple timers for everything we were cooking over the holidays. You can name the timers so you know what it’s for (so you can have a timer for ham, turkey, potatoes, etc.). In the kitchen we have an Echo Show and I use that to show recipes while I cook. We also play Jeopardy as a family during dinner. We have it tell jokes and stories and my son plays an interactive game on it. Best of all, my son is Mr. Many Questions so he now asks Alexa 100 questions a day! LOL We haven’t set up Audible on it yet but that’s definitely going on the to do list.

  21. Jill

    Favorite Alexa joke:
    “What’s a pirates favorite letter?”
    “You might think R but it’s first love be the C.”

  22. Kalynn

    I’ve read all the comments here and searched online and I still can’t figure out how to drop in on another room in my house. The only thing I can do is “call” another echo, where it rings and the other person in another room has to answer is. I can’t get it to where I can drop in and just start hearing what’s going on in the living room while I’m in the kitchen, or to just be able to start talking and have the living room hear me. I see where I can add contacts that are allowed to drop in, but I’m not interested in that. I just want to drop in on another room in my house.

    • Holly (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      If you open your echo app and go to setting you will see all the devices on your account. Just click the “Kid’s Room” one and turn “Drop In” to on. Hope that helps!

    • thecastelfamily

      I Had that problem too… it turned out for me that I had to download the Alexa App on my phone and use that first. It then signs up for the calling and Drop in feature. It took my phone to initially sign up for the calling and messaging. Here is a link to the instructions. https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=202136190

  23. Toni

    I didn’t know about the drop in feature! Pretty cool! So if I enable this feature, I can say “ Alexa drop in on the kids room” and she will become a intercom feature?

    • Holly (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Yep! 🙂

  24. Kelly

    I thought it was super silly when my husband wanted one… now we all love her

  25. Rockergal

    so is the drop in and intercom system the same thing?
    i have the original and dot and would love to set it up as an intercom system but I don’t have a clue as to how to go about it.
    can someone point me in the right direction?

  26. Ann

    Thanks for posting about these! (And for all of the comments, too— even the farty ones!)
    I won a Dot a couple of months ago, and actually haven’t even looked at it yet. This makes nooooo sense, as I have almost zero tech. Now I’m all zoomed up to go figure it out!
    …I HAVE to say something, though. Whhyyyy did I click on the little link that took me to… a catchy, 30-second sample of a WAKE UP! song. And why did I listen to… all of it. (But just once, thought!) But still. Why. 😜

  27. Maite

    I love the echo dot, it was a gift from my son and we are hopeful that this Black Friday they go on sale so we can purchase more for around the house. They are great for listening to music and Alexa responds better than Siri! 😂

  28. Tola

    Can it be used with a different language or must it be English?

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