My New Favorite Sneakers Are Under $10 & Jeans Under $8 (These are Regular Prices!)

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Hey Hip2Savers! It’s Wednesday and you know what that means…

It’s time for the big reveal of this week’s Walmart Wednesday looks! I was so excited to spot these Time and Tru canvas sneakers last week… so I basically planned my entire outfit this week around them even though it’s not quite spring yet, and there’s still snow in Idaho. 😉 BUT hey, they are cute and I don’t mind dressing for Spring in February. AND you know what else I’m excited about? Every piece of my outfit this week is under $10 each!

Check out this week’s looks and get inspired to put together your own Walmart Wednesday look. You can share it with us by tagging your picture on Instagram with #walmartwedneday.

Collin’s Look…

Faded Glory Striped Tee
Just $7 on clearance (regularly $8.88)
*In-store only

Danskin Now Women’s Athleisure Layering Cardigan
Just $7 on clearance (regularly $14.96)
*Out of Stock online

No Boundaries Juniors’ Classic Skinny Jeans
Just $7.78 – That’s the REGULAR price!!

Time and Tru Memory Foam Sneakers
Just $9.94 – So cute and SO comfy!

Michelle’s Look…

Time and Tru Women’s Everyday Woven Tank
Just $6.44 – This is a soft rayon! Looks much more expensive than its price!

Terra & Sky Women’s Plus Open Cardigan with Peplum
Just $14.97

No Boundaries Juniors’ Classic Skinny Jeans
Just $7.78 – Same jeans as Collin is wearing, just in black 😃

Time and Tru Women’s Surf Moccasin Sneaker
Just $9.94 – These remind me of the much more expensive Sanuk shoes!

Time And Tru Turq 5 Drop Short 16″ Glass Mix Necklace
Just $5
*In-store only

Time And Tru Turq Drop Glass Mix Stone Earrings
Just $4
*In-store only

And here are a few of YOUR favorite finds from last week…

AmyinFlorida Says: These posts have caused me to reconsider shopping for clothes at Walmart. I had some quality issues a long while back and stopped shopping there for clothes but I bought a hoodie that was featured a couple weeks ago and love it. I love the Walmart Wednesdays. Would love to see a target Tuesday outfit too.

Yana says: You all look great!! I got the flat shoes you posted before and they are comfy!! Got some leggings too on clearance.

Ginger says: Love love love the tote bags! My favorite. I use my silhouette and put designs on them and personalize them. Perfect gifts!

Jamie says: I have that tank Collin is wearing in 3 different colors😂. It’s super light-weight and flowy. Perfect for the AZ heat. Also I have washed it many times and it has always held up great. I do feel that it’s a little booby when I bend over, so I have to watch that.

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  1. Colorado Amy

    How do both the sneakers fit? True to size. I see they only come in whole sizes and I’m a half size, 7.5. It seems that if a shoe runs true to size and I wouldn’t wear socks with them, a 7 is always too small and an 8 is too big.

    • Michelle Price

      I wear a 10 and mine were just right! Collin is a half size and she bought the next size up, but since they tie and have the scrunch back they fit great.

      • Colorado Amy

        Thank you, Michelle, for the response and the help. I will try a half size up. I have that same tank you are wearing. You look great!

    • Maite

      I wear an 8.5 and bought a 9, they are very comfy and I don’t look like I have humongous feet 😂

  2. babymair

    Thx Collin and team, I am so loving this Wednesday post …and the walmart clothes I have bin purchasing…God bless and keep up the good work!!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Thanks for the sweet feedback! Happy you have been enjoying these Wednesday posts and your new Walmart items! You are SO welcome!

  3. J

    Are the black jeans in the junior section?

    • michelle (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      They are from the junior section. They go up to a size 17 though 🙂

      • Kelly

        Are they similar in size to regular women’s?

        • Michelle Price

          They do run small! I bought the 17 and usually wear a 14.

  4. Sarah

    Do you love these sneakers more then the mad love brand at target? They look very similar.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      I honestly like them the exact same. They are super similar to the Target ones and the price is so much better. The quality may be a wee bit better on the Target ones but honestly I don’t notice much of a difference.

      • Koffee

        Hi Collin, I tried those shoes today and they were very comfy also tried flat shoes too but my question is when I see those flat or cute sneakers, you guys looks like not wearing socks. so do you normally bare foot? My feet might get stinks without socks LOL. I tried no show liner socks but they did not stay.

          • Koffee

            I appreciated your time to reply back. THANK YOU!!

  5. Rosamunde

    I agree with “AmyinFlorida”, bring on Target Tuesdays!!!😍😍😍

    • MommySpendsLess

      Me three! I LOVE Target… still have to force myself to walk into a Walmart. I have noticed that my local stores are improving customer service and I’ve heard good things about their new pick up towers.

      • Cher H

        Same- really have to force myself to walk into Walmart lol.

  6. Pam

    I miss the girl who wore plus size clothing. Bring her back, please! There are plenty of us who shop in that section.

    • smgpw

      Second this!

    • Lori

      Would also love to see more plus size outfits.

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Thanks for the feedback Pam! I will be sure to pass that along to the team!

    • Jessica

      Me too!

    • Michelle Price

      I’ll let Stacy know her fan club is calling 🙂 She’ll be back next week! We are rotating through our team to try and hit every body style. And just a heads up that Michelle (that’s me) is a size 14 so I can wear both plus and regular sizes. The white cardigan I’m wearing is actually a Women’s Plus item. And here’s a fun tip I learned last week: Time and Tru is the regular size brand we are loving, but Terra & Sky is the same brand, just the Women’s Plus version, so be sure and look for those items, as they have that same trendy look!

      • Lori

        Thanks for that info Michelle!

    • Lisa

      Definitely need the plus sizes. 🙂

  7. Amy

    Will there be a FB live video today, featuring the Walmart Wednesday clothes? I love all videos you do.

    • Alexandra

      I wish the videos were on the app, I don’t have social media and use to love all the deal videos!

      • JA

        I agree! Facebook isn’t my thing and I really miss seeing you in action!

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Hi Amy! There will be a video posted shortly, however it will not be live. 🙂

      • Amy

        Yay! Live or recorded….love all videos from you ladies.

  8. Amy

    Target prices are nowhere near as good as Wal-Marts! Stick with the Wal-Mart Wednesdays please!

    • Lori


    • Lexi

      Prices are more at Target but quality is better. I would love to see both! 😁

    • Rochelle

      Yes! Target gets enough love everywhere else.

  9. LS

    I bought these shoes in the girls size and I absolutely love them. I bought the blue and grey ones and they fit so well and so comfy.

  10. Sneha

    How is the fit on the juniors’ jeans? I’m assuming they run smaller than women’s sizes?

    • Amy

      I just read the reviews online for these jeans and many reviews say they run small. Some reviewers say to order 1-2 sizes bigger. I tried these jeans over a year ago and they just didn’t fit me right but I can’t really remember why. I probably was in too small of a size and my muffin top showed. LOL. Maybe I need to try again.

    • Michelle Price

      They do run a little small!

    • viiknight

      Juniors tend to run small, and are typically for young teenage bodies. A lot of the jeans are more low rise, but high rise seems to be coming into style somewhat for juniors clothing. I’m a size 2 in misses and need anywhere from a 1 (curvy fit) to a 5 in Juniors. It just depends, and it’s typically hit or miss when ordering online. I’m also 40 and have had 2 kids, I definitely prefer a higher rise, and curvier fit.

    • MommySpendsLess

      I find that the sizes are comparable but women’s clothing tends to have more room in the hip area so if some of your size is there then the Juniors may seem smaller. I also think the styles, embellishments, fabrics tend to be younger in style and lower in quality in juniors as a broad generalization – not that that matters for simple tees and basic jeans from Walmart. As a 34yo with a wedge shape Juniors fits better so it’s sometimes frustrating that I can’t wear the sophisticated women’s clothing, especially dress pants.

      • Shannon

        I am in the same boat! Womens clothes hardly ever fits right because it’s wider in all the wrong areas even a size 00 is bigger than a juniors xs which is what I usually buy and I’m about 20 years too old to shop in the juniors section. Everything is poor quality and has glitter on it. 😑

  11. Eileen

    I don’t often shop for clothes at Walmart, because Target is my Happy Place!! But I do have the jeans Collin is wearing and I love them!! I am very tall so I cuff them once and wear them as ankle jeans. I get a lot of compliments on them and several people tell me they make me “look” skinny… That always makes me laugh. They are so comfortable, I highly recommend!!!

    • Donna

      Thanks for mentioning you are very tall. I am too but have found the Target Mossimo skinny jeans with “high waist” and in size L to be a great jean for me. But the price of $27-$29 makes me cringe! Their jeggings fit nicely too except those have the fake front pocket so they are a deal breaker. I’ll have to check out the Walmart ones.

  12. Sabrina

    I typically don’t buy clothes or shoes fro Walmart, but based on your Walmart outfit posts lately I bought ballet flats the other day. I wore them to a work event where I was on my feet for about three hours and they were super comfy. I bought a size smaller than I usually wear and they fit perfectly.

    • Amy

      So happy you shared. I love that they have half sizes in these flats. I need to do some shoe shopping at Walmart.

  13. wissam rossa

    i love that

  14. Sandy

    Cute sneakers will have to try them!

  15. Chris

    You guys look great! And those sneakers are so cute I might actually try them 😉

  16. MamaJJ

    I know we all want to save money whenever we can, however I urge you to seriously look into some of the practices of Walmart and the ultra-rich Waltons before giving another cent to them. Parents Across America just gave Walmart their Bad Apple award, please take a moment to research the details about why. Nothing is going to change unless we stop shopping there.

    • Rochelle


      • cool mom


    • Janis 1e

      Why don’t you get your facts right. Walmart is a company providing jobs for thousands. The family is unassuming and Sam Walton lived simply. Instead channel your energy against anti-Christian and anti-America facebook, Starbucks , Target, etc. These CEOs live a lot larger than the Walmart family. I have relatives that worked for Walmart and were very happy to have a job there. Also, they employ the disabled to stock shelves, greet customers, etc.

    • Krystal

      Walmart was one of the companies manufacturing clothes in Bangladesh where over 1,000 employees perished. I urge you to research Rana Plaza and consider others’ lives before you purchase from this brand (and other fast-fashion brands). If you must shop these brands, at least shop secondhand so no others have to live (and die) like that.

  17. CO Mama

    I was so proud of myself channeling my inner hip2save at Walmart the other day (not normally a Walmart shopper)! I was able to get an entire wardrobe (shirts, pants, dresses, shoes, jewelry)for our upcoming family photos, so many great pieces – their clothing line has really improved! Thank you for this post and it’s inspiration!

    • Michelle Price

      Yay! That’s so fun!

  18. Diana

    You all look lovely! But I would love to know where those pretty curtains are from. The light green/blue/coral ones 😍? Thank you!!

    • jo

      Yes second this where are those curtains from??

      • DealAddict

        I just posted that same question & then saw yours! I hope we can find out. So pretty!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re so welcome!! The curtains are from Anthropologie! 🙂

      • Elizabeth

        Cute outfit!!
        I’m hoping you can tell me where you got the area rug. I’ve looked at so many rugs over the past 2 weeks and that is the closest I’ve seen to what I’m looking for.

        • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

          Thanks! The rug is actually from Amazon. You can find a few that are similar over here – 🙂

          • Elizabeth

            THANK YOU!!! 🙂

            • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

              You’re welcome!

  19. V

    So bummed now! As a larger, very busty gal, I am so frustrated with Wal-Mart! Their new Terra & Sky brand stops at 3X; which means I can no longer purchase shirts there anymore. I have never been a frequent clothes shopper at Wal-Mart, but sorry to see that they have discontinued their Faded Glory brand & stopped carrying Just My Size brand also, that offer larger sizes.

    • Ann

      I second that. Miss their faded glory brand. I’m finding the new brand is off with their sizing and quality is less too. But so love these Walmart parts from Hip2Save.

  20. Kelly

    I bought Walmart’s Danskin memory foam shoes and they are amazing!! LOVE them! I used to spend tons of money to buy comfortable shoes for work since I’m on my feet 10 hours/day. I tried the Danskin for $12 because they were worth trying…and I’ll say they have been my best investment! I can only find them in the winter months though. I’m going to try these sneakers too! Love these posts…thanks so much for doing them. I hate shopping but I won’t mind checking Walmart for cute clothes next time!

  21. JEB

    Very cute outfits!

  22. Patty d

    Just bought the tennies they are super comfortable.
    They had some really cute ball caps in that same line that I bought for gift bags for my daughter bday. They were $3!!

  23. Amber

    What about Michelle’s necklace?

    • Jennifer (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      It was in-store only and cost $5 called “Time And Tru Turq 5 Drop Short 16″ Glass Mix Necklace.”

  24. Kelly K

    Bought a few shirts a couple weeks ago and love them! Very surprised. Haven’t bought any clothes from wal mart before.

  25. Joy

    I own the jeans Collin is wearing in 3 different colors, they say juniors and I am definitely not a junior but they fit perfectly.

  26. DealAddict

    Those curtains are so flowy & pretty. I’d love this type of post for your home decor!

  27. C

    I love your Walmart Wednesday post. You all look great! I bought the flat shoes from the previous week post and love them. They are so cute and comfortable. Going to checkout those sneakers 🙂 Thanks.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re so welcome! Thanks a bunch for the sweet comment!! Super glad you have liked that flats! Hoping you will love the sneakers as much as we do!

  28. Ashley

    While the quality of the sneakers are pretty close, if you have a wide foot, the target ones are much better.

  29. Chris

    I just bought Colin’s “Faded Glory striped t” for $1 on clearance at my Walmart….actually bought a few at that price 🙂

  30. Tiffany

    Bought the shoes to try and very excited! They met my 2 requirements—support and under $20. 😉

    • Holly (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Yay!! So glad you love them and they are a great “fit” for ya! 🙂

  31. thecastelfamily

    I love all the Time and Tru shoes, they are so cute and very well made, especially the sandals for summer. I do agree however, with the above posts, that the plus size is a little on the small side. Cuter stuff though! :0)

  32. Camille

    I went to Walmart last night to Check these shoes out and thy are amazing even if they were twice the price. My hubby even liked them and he usually only likes me to get heels!

  33. Maite

    The moccasin shoes are the best, bought them today and they are super comfy! I also bought shorts, a skirt and some other stuff from the brand that you posted and everything is super comfortable and they were between 12 and 15 $. Love the post!!! Thanks!

  34. Maite

    Time and Tru, that’s the name of the brand…love it!

  35. Amy

    Just curious if you could put all your Walmart Wednesday posts in an easy to find place on the website. I wanted to look back at a shirt from the first or second post you did and it took me awhile to go back that far under the Walmart section and find it. Just an idea.

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Thanks so much for the suggestion Amy! I will for sure pass this along to the team! In the meantime if you head to our Instagram account on your mobile device there is a Walmart highlight button that has pics and links to all of the posts.

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