This Machine Completely Changed How I Feed My Babies (AND It Saved Me Money Too!)

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Sent from reader, Kylie:

Hi Hip2Save! A few years ago when our first baby was born, we were so clueless and had literally no help. I was so lost but soon after I stumbled across Hip2Save. Let me tell you… you have the BEST tips on money saving, DIY’s, recipes and so much more. You have really helped me become more more efficient with time and money which enables me to be the mom and wife I have always wanted to be!

When first feeding my daughter her baby food, I was hoping it tasted better than it smelled. I tasted it and decided then and there I would not feed my kids anything I would refuse to eat! I tried so many different ways to make and store our own baby food but it was usually somewhat of a disaster.
One day, I found this Infantino Squeeze Station and it has completely changed how we feed our children! The squeeze pouches are really fun and easy to make. Our 3 and 5 year olds still love to eat them. I have literally had this thing for 4 years and run it through the dishwasher often and it is pretty much indestructible!

I love that I know exactly what goes into our children’s food and I can make it exactly the way they like it! As an added bonus, we have actually been saving money by making our own baby food! We buy in bulk and stock up when prices are low! Our older girls like to help make it too! It gets messy but we have fun and it’s totally worth it!


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  1. Jessica

    I have this and have used it for 4 years and 2 (soon to be 3) babies! I love it too! I use it for smoothies for my older kids and baby food for the littles! It can get messy, so I like to use it in bulk and not every day. It does save money!

  2. Tamara

    Yay.. She’s just starting food! Ordered!

  3. Katrina Theiss

    Oh wow! Yeah, as a mother of 3, each about a year apart, this would have saved us tons of money about a decade ago!

  4. Ruby

    The machine looks neat. Price is good too. However, the pouches are not reusable and they are a little pricey.

  5. momo

    Ordered one! My little one hates eating leafy green & veggies, needed one of these for the all the juicing dh is making for her! Thx 🙂

    • Jennifer (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      You are welcome, momo!

  6. Aara

    Be careful with kids eating too much out of pouches. Kids need to bite and chew and use their mouths (even saliva production can be effected) for developing strong healthy mouth and tongue muscles

    • Tiffany

      Great reminder! Our dr recommended the same.
      We do love to use pouches for a treat or to sneak in extra nutrients. Also, pouches helped us on recent trips–especially through the airport! My daughter didn’t like most of the savory ones but would eat them mixed with a fruit one. Love the idea of knowing what goes in them–definitely wanting to try this for our next baby & on-the-go smoothies. Good post!

    • Jamie

      Agree. Also a sensory thing with textures and tastes. Everything in moderation though!

  7. keesh

    This is great for on the go mom’s. I love it

  8. Judy Trac

    i can see why this gets too messy

  9. liz

    I totally agree. Even if im just filling pouches with store bought applesauce i coupon for i know what my kids eat and save $$

  10. ProudMama

    I bought one similar last year & I use it to make & store smoothies for my two toddlers. It originated out of the waste from buying the applesauce pouches! Although they LIKED those, they would get bored sometimes. So I bought one to store fresh puréed fruit. They love it!!!! It’s great frozen as a mess-free snack on long trips in the car.

  11. Jamie

    Baby led weaning requires no special equipment, or really any extra work. I just start by roasting some root veggies with our dinners. It saves so much and it’s so good for the babies!

    • Jamie

      I did this with my 1 1/2 year old and wish I had done it with the first 3! I was skeptical and nervous but my baby hated baby food. She took to BLW right away and is a great eater (hopefully that lasts!). And she has never choked! It’s intimidating at first but it made my life 1000x easier! And she would finally eat this way!

      • Sara

        We attempted baby led weaning because we had a couple friends with girls that did it and loved it. It went super easy for them. With my son that was not the case and I actually wasn’t nervous about it going into it because it had worked flawlessly for them. He didn’t just gag but he choked on his food to where we had to intervene to help him. Needless to say, we waited until he was about 10-11 months before we stopped during purée. He isn’t a picky eater at all. He is one now and eats absolutely everything. I guess each kid is different as far as what works. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    • Jennine

      Oh, it feels SO good to hear this shared! I felt awful being a new mom going against the trend of purade foods. My kids didn’t like the texture or taste -still don’t. I can buy the apple sauce pouches, but they just sit. They would rather eat an apple. As a new mom you’re “suppose “ to do this, thats what I thought. Mommy guilt was delt. They ended up getting what we got, only mashed with fork, or cut up small. No meats till older. They didn’t get into eating real food till between the 8-10m stage. I gave my kiddo one of those yogurt puffs at 7m old… yea… she gagged on that one. So we waited. They are both excellet eaters. They started by sucking on sweet red pepper slices. Watch them when they eat 🙂 happy baby- happy mama

  12. Brie

    We had this, but I loved the reuseable pouches with the seal on the bottom even more. I forget the brand, but they are shaped like animals (we got the penguin ones)

    • Mamasweetpea08

      You may be thinking of squooshi. We had those and loved them. Fairly easy to fill as well because of the bottom zip openings and makes it easy to clean as well. The prints were very cute. We had the animals and trendy dots

  13. Carol

    nice to see the review here, my sister gave me one for my little girl. Did my first batch of baby food yesterday so quick and easy. There are reusable pouches that you can purchase to be more Eco friendly and save on money.

  14. Ginger

    The pouches cost .30 each, then you pay for the ingredients, and use your time to make it, plus the cost for soap to clean up, cost of hot water and the initial cost of the machine. I’m not really seeing how this saves a bunch of money when baby food pouches are .69 each at my local Kroger and I often find the organic ones not much more. Maybe I’m missing something. I have 5 kids my time is very important. I have to be very picky what I do with it. This just seems like too much work. This is just my opinion. I’m glad so many find it useful though.

  15. Mamasweetpea

    I agree that the tradeoff is you pay with your time with homemade baby food. I was one of those busy working moms. With my first I was very particular and made sure my child. I made most of the baby food. At times this would mean making food for the family without putting salts etc, pureing the food, then having the adults add salt. I made sure up our baby/tot had met all the daily amounts of fruits, vegetables, etc. With my second, I recall relying a bit more on store bought baby food and I believe it contributed to issues with him not weighing enough at one point, and we had to do whatever we could to try to get him back on track. The pediatrician indicated how store bought baby foods just doesn’t compare nutritionally. It was a very stressful time for us. This was about 7 years ago, and I’m sure advancements have been made since then. Anyhow, I think one of the attractions of homemade baby food is knowing exactly what goes into it. It’s not processed or made from any sort of concentrates. I’m not saying don’t buy them at all but I personally wouldn’t use them only.

  16. Ranchgal

    My little one loves his sweet potato/apple/yogurt pouches & also spinach/banana/yogurt. What other combinations do y’all do?

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