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ToysRUs Possibly Closing ALL U.S. Stores… WHAT?!

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Is ToysRUs closing? ⚡ It’s possible. 

As you likely know, ToysRUs announced in January that they were making plans to close more than 180 U.S. stores by mid-April. However, according to this new Wall Street Journal article, it appears that they are now making plans to possibly close ALL U.S. stores after not being able to recover from their $5 billion debt.

ToysRUs currently operates over 800 stores in the U.S., including BabiesRUs locations.

What this means for you…

If your store is one that is indeed closing over the next month (see this list of planned store closures), you may want to head in-store soon, as they are marking items down by as much as 50% off. And the discounts should become steeper as more stores get closer to permanently closing.

If you have unused gift cards lying around, it might be a good time to use them up.

What are your thoughts?!

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Comments 73

  1. Cb

    What!? :O

  2. Myrah

    I had a feeling about this. I am so glad that I used my $150 worth of gift cards last month.

    • Lexie

      Me too! I had some from when my 3 year old was born that I never used. Used them up in January when they had that big toy sale.

  3. iamkris10

    Noooo- that’s really sad, actually. I always love going in-store.

  4. Just passing through

    I’ll miss the Saturday events but their prices have always been too high for me.

  5. Crystal

    That is a bummer. I hope they keep their online stores.

  6. Katie

    I will hate to lose babies r us! They have the best baby registry rewards program. The Toys R Us nearby unfortunately has terrible customer service, so I avoid that store at all costs!

  7. Mande

    Good riddance

  8. Valerie H

    I’m not surprised. Every time I’ve been in a Toys R Us or Babies R Us they are so gross. They were also really overpriced a lot of the time. When my kids were little I would shop there because it was easy to get everything in one place but with Target and other stores stepping up their game and the increasing ease of online shopping I don’t see the point anymore.

  9. Laura

    I feel sad for all the people who will be out of jobs, not happy for all the cheap toys. I went through 2 retail stores closing (Venture and KB toys.) It’s a sad time for our economy.

    • Jen

      I think it’s less about the economy and more about the current competition and ability to buy online for the same price or cheaper.

    • Mar

      Seriously, what Jen said. This has NOTHING to do with the economy, which is booming is so many, many other ways. This is about competition, and Toys R Us’s was terrible. They’ve always been ridiculously overpriced, especially compared to Amazon and Wal-Mart.

      • Jill

        Walmart and target could afford to lessen their toy prices at Christmas because they could make it up in other departments. Toys r us just sold toys. If everyone keeps shopping online all the brick and mortar stores will be out of business, then amazon can charge whatever they want for items and for shipping.

  10. Stephanie

    I hate this

  11. Cherdh

    I loved perusing the aisles for good deals, every quarter or so- and found some good ones; but I felt there were better deals to be had with other store and online retailers.
    I never like to hear someone is going out of business, but I can understand why their sales are down.

  12. Kristin

    Nooo!! I love toys r us. They always carry toys I can’t find elsewhere, and often times have great sales on stuff. I also love their price match policy. I’ve shopped there sooo much over the years

  13. Carrie

    I think it’s terrible. Looks like Walmart is taking over. Which is terrible because their customer service is horrible and they don’t price match no more. TRU was a great place to go with the kids and be able to be a kid. Now we won’t have that. It’s sad. Now we rely on Walmart or online Amazon.

    • Christine

      I think it has less to do with Walmart and more to do with Amazon creating a monopoly. Walmart and Target have already announced they can’t keep up with Amazon. I love the low prices Amazon has. It’s starting with TRU now, next it will be another department store. Afterwards, Amazon will increase their prices because WE allowed this to happen as consumers. TRU, Walmart, Target, etc need to research why Amazon has been such a success. And focus more of their online sales, if that is the future of shopping.

      • Cristen

        Exactly, Christine! ☹️

  14. Dipthi

    The store in Irving dallas location is closing in few weeks and more sales going on

  15. Emily

    Not surprised. The Toys R Us stores that were around me all closed recently.

  16. Rachel

    This is so sad but I’m not surprised. So many people buy online now, me included. I’m seeing mall stores closing up too. It’s really sad to watch. That’s another part of my childhood closing.

    • Amy

      I agree that the amount of laid off employees is sad.
      However, I admit that even with a two year old child, we never shopped there and there are several BRU and TRU locations around us. Amazon and Target receives most of our toy and baby item purchases.
      IMO, the locations around us were not well kept, run down, and the prices were high. Yes, I know they price match but that wasn’t enough for us to shop there.

  17. Laura

    Sad. My three year old loves Toys R Us. And I almost always found price matches on the items he chose so I didn’t have to worry about getting it elsewhere cheaper.

  18. Melanie

    I’m not surprised to hear this, but am actually shocked ALL are closing. I thought they would at least keep a few stores. I actually just purchased a Toys R Us gift card off of Groupon a few weeks ago ($20GC for $10). I guess I need to take the kids in there soon and use it.

    • Kalie

      We got an email from them today where they are trying to sell their gift cards for a discount. Pretty messed up that they suspect they are closing and are pushing their gift cards like crazy.

      • Kelly

        That could easily be a scam. TRU customers would easily believe it, click a link, buy a fake online gift card, then be out a lot of cash.

    • Melanie

      Well, I’ll find out tomorrow. The email came directly from Groupon 4 weeks ago and is even listed as a voucher in my Groupon account.

    • Melanie

      I was able to place an order online for in store pickup using the gift card I purchased through Groupon. It was the full $20 amount promised. If you were still on the fence about ordering the Toys R Us Groupon

  19. TanFan123

    I am not surprised. Their prices are high, the stores (in my area anyway) are filthy, and customer service is poor. I have not shopped there in years. Amazon and Target definitely have them beat.

  20. Ginger

    They just remodeled mine. What a shame.

    • Christine

      Mine too. Are you in Florida?

      • Ginger

        No, Ohio.

  21. Meredith

    I work for a company that has products in toys r us and we are pulling 50% of inventory next week. I recommend using gift cards sooner rather than later if you have something specific in mind.

    • Brooklyn

      I went today and used up my giftcards for this reason! As soon as they file for chapter 7 all giftcards will become void. If it doesn’t happen next week it definitely seems like it will be in their near future.

  22. todd

    This sucks. Yea they were kinda over priced but they had alot of toys to choose from. Your not gonna find a quarter of the toys they have at Target or (crappy) Walmart. Plus that’s tons of unemployed peolple. I’m not happy about it, but i can understand why.

  23. Joan Thompson

    Pretty sad.

  24. Sarah

    As a mother of two toddlers, I hate to hear this just due to the unwmployment factor.

  25. Susan Crawford

    I have been saving my MSN rewards for Toys r Us gift cards. I was going to give them to my 2 nephews for their Christmas presents. I know it sounds strange, but they are old enough to go pick out what they want, Legos. I can always get other gift cards but this will be hard. I hope they don’t close in Mishawaka, In.

  26. Stacey

    I’m going tomorrow to use all my gift cards. 😭

  27. Sue

    This past holiday was the 1st time in 6 years I didn’t buy anything there. I was able to find it all cheaper at Target or Walmart. That being said, they also have things I can’t get at Target or especially my Walmart, which has a very small toy section. & my daughter loves just going through the store & looking at the toys & playing w/ them, something you can’t do online. Our store has always been clean & had helpful employees. My daughter keeps saying “At least we still have Target.”

  28. Jodi

    Sounds like if it does happen it will be another case of employees just being locked out one day. I was in ours today and the employees have no idea what is going on. I hope they plan on taking care of the employees but if they are so in debt they just close the doors to all stores one day I can’t imagine they will be giving the employees a severance package.

  29. Me

    I am sad about this as well. I grew up on TRU and as a child I remember thinking that I was in heaven! But like the others have said, they are overpriced and customer service lacking. The rewards were not all that great, etc. I had a bad feeling about all this after the first announcement last fall and used up my GC stash on Christmas presents (Thank goodness!). They just built a brand new TRU near me….what a waste if it’s going to close!

  30. Stacy

    There was a really good article a few months ago on CNN where an industry insider explained what happened. Basically, an investor group kind of strong armed whoever owned it into selling them, but then basically made the company re-pay them for the sale. So they didn’t really end up with any put of pocket, and then went through to cut corners on staffing and gave themselves huge bonuses, driving them into the ground. Apparently its a well known tactic and something people with a lot of money and no conscious do

    • Happy

      Stacy, I read a similar article. Companies like that disgust me. Bain Capital is known for employing similar tactics. It is almost impossible to recover from it. I guess they smelled blood and instead of running the company like a viable business, they decided to cannibalize it. It is a shame this is an accepted practice. Something similar is going on at Sears/Kmart.

  31. CherryBlossom

    This makes me very sad.

  32. barbara

    Yes they are overpriced but where else can you look at so many toy products in one place? Touch and feel and see. Amazon is great but I feel that the process of seeing lots of items and making choices is a good thimg. Trying the item out before you buy. I am sad

  33. Tati

    Alright folks, the reason Toys R Us is going down is because they entered into a bad deal in 2005 with a real estate investment trust. You see how closing the stores and demolishing them would benefit a real estate company, yes? The economy is doing the best it has and we have the lowest national unemployment rate since as far back of AT LEAST 2008 (as far back as my financial chart goes). The employees will be fine, America will be fine.

    • barbara

      The economy is not great everywhere. You must be lucky. My spouse has an advanced degree and has had unstable employment for over 3 years his situation is not due to job performance but due to bad economy. Good for you if that is not your situation. You should try to see both sides of the coin before you make blanket statements that you have no experience with. I am sure that the people that work at these stores will struggle and feel worried aboit how to pay their bills and suffer anxiety over the loss of employment. It obviously has never been your reality and you might think about being a bit more sensitive in the future.

      • Nate

        I believe she was speaking of the economy. Which isn’t dependent on any one family’s personal misfortune. A simple google search honestly would show what happened to toys r us and the choices the company made. I know in college, we were taught to always research companies before we even apply. Toys R Us has not been a customer-friendly company as a whole for many years. They definitely use to be. If companies don’t keep up with innovation, they will close down. Times are always changing and so are human habits.

        • Mar

          Barbara, just because your husband is struggling to find stable employment HARDLY means the economy is terrible. And sorry but anyone who is capable of using a cash register at TRU is capable of using a cash register at literally any other retail store. The employees will be fine.

  34. Dana Edwards

    It is very sad to me. A great memory from when I was a kid was going to toys r us and just looking at all the toys and maybe picking one out. My local Toys R Us is not nearly as magical as others, it’s much smaller and kind of dank. But they offered a nice birthday celebration that my daughter participated in last year, with a stuffed geoffry, story book and balloon. We also had a negative experience recently, where we stopped for a saturday event 15 minutes after it began and they were all out. I later complained online and got no help.

  35. Shari

    What a shame!! Closing Toys R Us takes away the whole idea of bringing my kids to a toy store as opposed to toy aisle. Hopefully, this doesn’t happen.

  36. Lori

    Wow TATI, that’s a pretty savage response. Maybe you should switch over to Twitter. This is not that kind of forum.

    • Ginger

      I want to be a toys r us kid.

    • mgrandi

      What Tati said was perfectly fine…. you are way off base, Lori. Try to have a pleasant day.

  37. Martha

    I don’t see the “savage” in her comment lol geez. Sounded factual and not personal to me (which would be her thoughts and what this post on this forum asked for btw). Toys R Us had this coming and I don’t think anyone is surprised. Long gone are the days of their fully stocked shelves with the latest and greatest toys. Their awesome rewards, sales and discounts and coupons are gone too and have been for a long time. We as family would love to get the game system games from there when they were on sale buy one get one free! We would go in at least twice a month. It hasn’t been a fun place to shop for years. We still go in occasionally but it would always be just completely dead, no customers. And each time, we would stand at customer service waiting for an associate to come out of wherever they were and ring us up. It is nothing like it was 10 years ago and has been on a steady decline ever since. Not to mention a huge eye sore. Goodness the stores are so outdated and dingy

  38. Dirt

    I thought their buy online pick up in store model was great. But if it’s not on sale for the normal amazon price it’s not worth shopping there. I remember when I was a child singing the song. My kids stream everything they watch and commercials are a thing of the past. So they don’t know the song or giraffe. A lot of stores are seeing the effects of over priced merchandise in outdated stores. Toys r us doesn’t need massive stores with 5 facings of each toy on the shelf to make it look full. Move them inside a mall or something.

  39. Madglyn

    I am glad to see them go. The past few years they got less and less about the customers and more about the bottom line, guess we know why now. Customer service was awful when I dealt with them a couple of years ago. I won’t miss them.

  40. Maria

    I’ve never been a fan untill I went to a newly remodled babies r us. Loved the breastfeeding room and being able to look at everything in person with the other mommies and mommies to be. Wish they could have figured out things sooner.

  41. DealAddict

    We will miss their Lego builds. We always went to those & my kids got a lot of free legos. Was so fun for them. I’m not an Amazon shopper (rarely) because I don’t like the way things are heading. Sad.

  42. Heather

    It has nothing to do with their pricing or competition, and everything to do with some very poor business decisions they made years ago. (They were a publicly-traded company until they did a leveraged buyout of their stock to go private in 2005. This left them with a huge amount of debt. So, although they were still a profitable company, they created a situation that they were unable to overcome.)

  43. Jenna

    I guess I won’t get my endless earnings rewards from my baby registry :(. That was the only reason I went with babies r us over buy buy baby. I had a lot too :(.

  44. Pansy

    I’ve lived in three states and every toysrus I’ve been to, have been filthy. There’s never an employee at the registers, even when there’s a long line. I’m not surprised they’re closing, but it is sad to see all the toy stores and book stores disappearing.

    • Lovely

      I agree. Same here in Omaha, Ne. I would never take my kid to shop their because it was always so dusty and dirty in there. I hate shopping in dirty places, I feel like that’s why Kmart is going downhill too.

  45. Joy

    How sad! I’m still a Toys R Us kid and always will be. 🙁 As far as the gift cards go … don’t worry. TRU still will be operating their online store, you will just lose the free in store pick up.

    • CherryBlossom

      How can you be sure that they will continue operating their online store? I don’t think anyone can give any guarantees at this point. But , of course, I do hope that they in the very least keep their online operations. However, I fear that this may be the end to everything Toys R Us. So sad 🙁

  46. Chrissy

    It is sad! I know it’s convenient to shop at a one-stop store of course for lower prices but I feel sometimes it reduces variety and often quality. I think about how my kids would be thrilled to go to a big toy store – a place just for them.

  47. KolbsK

    The Babies R Us in Riverdale, UT is on the list, so we’ll have to check it out.

  48. taylor1277

    How is that, I even worked at Walmart, how can a big box office store like Toys R Us go out of business, when they are the only big box toy store. Not everyone can carry that many toys like Toys R Us can. And Babies R Us too. Walmart and Amazon only have so much floor space for each department. I can see grocery stores going out of business or office supply or something like that, they have competition. Even electronic stores. Maybe Toys R Us needs new management. Arby’s got new management and look at it, its thriving.

  49. taylor1277

    If I was Eddie, I would buy that up. Sears/ Kmart should buy up Toy’s R Us and Babies R Us. Get hold of more retail shares

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