300 FREE Starbucks Bonus Stars with Chase Pay (= 2 FREE Drinks)

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Through March 19th, head into participating Starbucks location, make a purchase using Chase Pay and score 300 Free Starbucks Bonus Stars! Keep in mind 125 stars equals out to 1 free drink, so you basically can score TWO FREE drinks with any purchase – SWEET!

Keep in mind you must pay with Chase Pay.

To score this deal…
  • Open the Starbucks app (or install the app)
  • Set up Chase Pay in the Starbucks App
  • Download the Chase Pay App (FREE for iOS or Android)
  • Activate the Starbucks offer in the Chase Pay App
  • Pay with Chase Pay at a participating Starbucks location

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Comments 78

  1. Sarah

    Can anyone confirm if this works when you have set up Chase Pay in the Starbucks app in the past? I don’t remember downloading the Chase Pay app last time though

    • Sarah-Rene

      Nvm. I don’t have to show my card at all. Just the chase pay app.

  2. Sarah-Rene

    Do I have to transfer money on my Starbucks Card first using Chase Pay OR just have them scan my Starbucks without transferring money on it and it will automatically charge my Chase acct?

    • Holly (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Once you’ve added Chase Pay to your Starbucks app you’ll just need to pay using the Chase Pay app.

  3. riss

    This is so exciting and such a good deal, but I’m as confused as everyone. I remember paying via Chase pay before to get the free stars, but do I need to do the Chase pay app?

    • Holly (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      You would need to use the Chase Pay app at checkout in Starbucks, but make sure you activate the Starbucks offer in the Chase Pay app first.

      • riss

        So I already have the option to add money to my Starbucks app using Chase pay. Then I need to download the Chase pay app and it will be linked to my Starbucks account so I get the 300 stars after activating the offer on Chase pay app? Did I get that right? Thanks.

      • riss

        Oooopps! I was so excited I didn’t read the post all the way to the end. It’s all there. My bad!

  4. Gigi

    I’m excited and confused at the same time, lol.

    • Erica (Silly Sidekick)

      Hey there Gigi! Yes, you will need to download the Chase Pay App (FREE for iOS or Android) to take advantage of this offer!

      • Gigi

        Thank you! Initially the offer wasn’t in my Chase Pay app when I downloaded it but I just went back into the app and the offer was there and ready for activation!! Thanks a bunch!!

  5. Megan

    My Chase Pay app did not offer the deal at any of the Starbucks near me. Not sure how widespread the deal is.

    • Erica (Silly Sidekick)

      Oh bummer Megan! So sorry, it must vary by region. 🙁

    • Helen

      Try updating your chase app, my needed an update, after I updated it the offer was there.

    • kharrington

      Definitely try closing out the app and then signing back in. Worked for me:)

      • wisusanv

        Same here: downloaded the app and it wasn’t there, closed it, opened back up and voila!

  6. kharrington

    I can’t believe I finally got one of these offers! I had to sign out of the Chase app and then sign back in before it showed up in my account. Super psyched about using it though! Thanks!

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Yay! Thanks for sharing how it worked for you! You’re SO welcome!

  7. Tara

    Has anyone gotten the offer if they already had downloaded Chase Pay and used it within the Starbucks app before? Thanks!

  8. JMcRayde

    So I already have the Chase mobile app and Starbucks app downloaded. I have Chase pay as a reload option in the Starbucks app. I didn’t see any invitation in the Chase mobile app :/ Where should I be looking to find it? Is it possible this offer isn’t offered to everybody?? Thanks!!

    • neha

      You need to download the Chase Pay app which is different than Chase mobile app.

  9. hip2trade

    Thank you🙂

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      You’re welcome!

  10. B

    How do I set up Chase Pay in the Starbucks app? I opened the app and I don’t see anything about Chase pay.

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Hi there! Be sure to activate the Starbucks offer in the Chase Pay app first, then select the Chase Pay app at checkout in the Starbucks app. Hope that helps!

  11. Melanie

    Is this only for Chase customers? Or is it like Masterpass and Visa checkout where you can add any card to it? Thanks

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Hi Melanie! It appears you would need to be a Chase customer.

  12. Swati

    Stupid question but when I go to starbucks do I open the Starbucks app and then choose chase pay inside the Starbucks app to get the 300 stars? TIA

    • Gigi

      Within the Chase Pay app there’s a link on the Starbucks offer that takes you to you online, not app, Starbuck’s account. It prompts you to login to your Starbuck’s account and link it to your Chase Pay app. Hope that helps!!

      • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

        Thanks a bunch for the helpful tips Gigi!

      • CarSanCan

        I don’t see any Sbucks offers, just that they are a participating merchant. Even when I search, no offers come up. Is this only available in certain regions/sates?

  13. Dylan

    The chase pay app looks awesome! I noticed there’s an order ahead screen that says $10 off $10 to local food places!

  14. Melody

    My Starbucks store couldn’t get it to work this morning! 😞

    • NorCalMomof3

      Swung by starbucks to see how it works. If you use Apple Pay, Chase Pay is similar. They don’t scan the barcode in the Chase Pay App, you open the Chase Pay App and hover it over the card reader like Apple Pay and use your touch ID to initiate the payment and it deducts from your card that is linked to your Chase Pay. It worked like a charm.

      It was confusing but luckily there was no one behind me and both myself and the baristas were trying to figure it out.

      • lenin1991

        That is not true. They do scan the qr code that displays in the Chase Pay app. Chase Pay does not use NFC; if your transaction paid, it was likely Apple Pay.

      • riss

        I don’t have Apple pay, so I don’t know how it works. But when I used the Chase pay earlier, I used it like I would have with my Starbucks app. I just placed the QR code in front of the that thing (is that the card reader?) and it went through.

  15. Jacqueline

    Thank you – used this morning on my afternoon snack of petite French Madeleines- have a great day

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Oooh! That sounds SUPER yummy! You’re very welcome! Hope you have a great day too! 😉

  16. chickie00

    Is Chase Pay like Visa Checkout?

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Hi there! Yes it is similar, however you will need to be a Chase Customer to use Chase Pay. Hope that helps!

  17. chickie00

    Ok, looks like Chase Pay connects with your cc account? My husband and I both have a cc, but it’s the same account. does this mean we can only use the SB offer once? Or still twice, since we both have our own SB account? TIA!

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Hi there! It appears to have a limit of one per person – “This offer is exclusively for Starbucks Rewards Members. Limit one per person. Offer good in the U.S. only.” Hope that helps!

  18. Jeanette

    Awesome!! Thank you!

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      You’re welcome Jeanette!

  19. CarSanCan

    So I followed the steps , but there are NO Starbucks offers in the Chase Pay App. Anyone find it?

    • Terresa D.

      Log out then sign back in. It was there when I signed back in.

  20. LC

    Thank you!

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)


  21. Terresa D.

    Thank you! I just really confused the cashier because it was the first time he had seen it used. It went through like a charm though!

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      SO happy to hear how easy it was to grab the offer! You’re very welcome!

  22. CarSanCan

    It worked finally, after logging out and back in repeatedly. Lets hope it works on Friday when I go to use it

  23. Pat

    My Starbucks app already has my chase pay enabled. I checked my my chase pay app and I don’t have any offers for Starbucks. I did anyone else have this issue?

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Maybe log out and then back into the app Or see if the app needs an update. Hoping the offer pops up for you that way Pat!

      • Pat

        Thanks. I deleted and reinstalled both apps and then it worked.

        • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

          Yay! You’re very welcome Pat!

  24. chickie00

    I finally got the Chase pay app, and found the offer, but when i click “Activate this offer”, it keeps saying “it’s not you, it’s us. We’re having some trouble Please try again later”. Ugh, been trying for a couple hours already… :/

  25. LindaS

    Just bought a $5 gift card at my participating Starbucks. The barista said it should work and I should get the 300 bonus stars. He’s going to do this deal himself later today. Hope he’s right and it works…

    • LindaS

      My 300 stars finally posted and I used Chase pay to buy a gift card. Hope everyone else gets their stars soon if you haven’t already. Thank you Hip2Save for posting this awesome deal.

  26. Jordan

    So I went there today and tried to follow all the instructions, but not sure I got it right. I activated chase pay, got the app, activated the promotion, went back to Starbucks app as did a mobile order, but used chase pay to reload my card because I didn’t see a way to just pay for it straight with chase. Maybe I needed to go inside the store? (Not possible with two babies). Does a reloaded card count as a purchase? Hope it worked😩

    • Holly

      I’m pretty sure you need to actually pay with Chase Pay using the QR code that the Chase Pay app creates for you. So a mobile order/gift card reload may not work. But you should still be able to order using the drive through, then just show the barista your Chase Pay code and he/she just needs to scan it with the scanner. 🙂

      However, if you don’t get the stars from the mobile order you already tried, contact Starbucks customer service and they might honor it for you anyway. It’s worth a shot!

  27. Jane

    At Starbucks on Tatum and Shea in Phoenix. They said they don’t understand this promotion and will not honor it! Downloaded and followed all instructions.

  28. Holly

    A few hints/tips on this one:

    First, as a couple of people have said, if you don’t see the offer in your *Chase Pay* app, exit the app and restart it. (Also, make sure your app is updated). My promotion didn’t show up at first, but once I exited the app and restarted, there it was.

    Chase Pay is the app you’re using. Once you follow the first couple of steps to set up your Starbucks account to use Chase Pay, then you won’t need your Starbucks app or card at all.

    When you go to Starbucks, you then need to use Chase Pay — not your Starbucks rewards card or any other payment method — to buy your order. There’s no minimum amount, and as long as you’re making the purchase using Chase Pay, it can be for anything in the store (including gift cards, bulk coffee, mugs, etc.)

    When you get to the register, have the QR code ready in Chase Pay, then hold it up to the scanner — not the scanner you’d use to swipe a card, but the one you’d use to scan a barcode. Don’t be surprised if the baristas and cashiers are a little confused, too — Chase and Apple Pay are more commonly used in some areas than others, so my barista wasn’t sure how to scan my barcode at first, either. We figured it out together!

    The promotion notes that the stars may take 5 days to appear in your account, so don’t panic if you don’t receive them immediately. As long as you’ve followed the steps and paid for your transaction using the Chase Pay app/barcode, you should receive the promotion!

    Be careful if you visit a Starbucks in Target — it MAY not work, and that may be the fine print regarding “participating stores.” I’m guessing that the transaction on Chase Pay needs to show up as “Starbucks” to qualify, because keep in mind, this promotion is coming via Chase Pay, so they have to be able to verify that the purchase was a Starbucks purchase. If your purchase says anything other than “Starbucks” on your Chase Pay app, then that might not trigger the promotion. (I don’t ever go to Starbucks in Target, so I’m not sure how they show up on a credit card statement.)

    • Kitkat

      Thank you! Super detailed and helpful instructions!!

    • Swati

      Thank you! I was confused after i followed the steps above what to do once I got to the store. I wasn’t sure whether to use the chase pay app or the chase pay inside the Starbucks app in order to make the purchase. So I should use the chase pay app to make the payment and not go into the Starbucks app at all at the store.

  29. riss

    I’m not sure if I did it right, but mine said the offer is activated and just use Chase pay at Starbucks, which I did yesterday. Does that mean I linked my Starbucks account to Chase pay?

  30. Belle

    Will give this a try tomorrow! ty

  31. Shebeshoppin

    So I went to Starbucks yesterday and paid via chase pay. I believe my Starbucks account is set up correctly and it says enabled for chase pay. However my purchase came off of my chase debit account and not out of my Starbucks balance. Is that right? How do I get it to come off of my Starbucks account balances. I want to make sure I earn my stars too. Please help

    • Holly

      Yep, based on what you’ve said here, it sounds like you did it right. You DO actually want it to come off your Chase debit account (that shows you paid with Chase Pay).

  32. Bronwyn Cole

    Ugh, I’m so frustrated! The instructions on the Chase Pay app weren’t clear and I ended up reloading my Starbucks app with Chase Pay, and I did not earn my stars. Does anyone know how i can fix this??

    • Holly

      The easiest way would be to just go by Starbucks and make another purchase and just be sure to use Chase Pay, not your Starbucks Rewards app/account/card.

      There’s no minimum purchase required — you can even buy a gift card, mug, etc., it just has to be paid for with Chase Pay.

  33. Melissa

    Has anyone received the 300 stars in your account from it? I followed the instructions, got the offer and made sure to pay in the Chase Pay app. Yet I have not gotten the stars.

    • Shebeshoppin

      I made my chase pay purchase yesterday and I still haven’t received my stars for it. Beginning to think I did it wrong😩

    • Becky

      Did it beginning of the week still no stars.

    • Holly Jones

      I posted a bit more info below, but check your Chase Pay apps.

      First, you want to make sure your Starbucks purchase has actually cleared — mine said “pending” for about three days, so I’m guessing there’s a lengthier verification process than for a typical credit/debit card purchase.

      My payment finally completed this morning, and I now have a message in my Chase Pay app that says “You’ve earned stars.” I should receive the stars within 5 days. now. 🙂

    • LindaS

      I did this 3 days ago and my 300 stars finally posted today. I used Chase pay to buy a gift card. Hope everyone else gets their stars soon if you haven’t already. Thank you Hip2Save for posting this awesome deal.

    • riss

      I used Chase pay on the 14th, wasn’t sure if I did it right, but I got my 300 stars yesterday 🙂

  34. Holly

    Hey guys!

    Checking back in with an update!

    Today I logged in to my Chase Pay app (again, not the Starbucks app, but the Chase Pay app), and where it previously said that I had the offer activated, it now says “You’ve earned stars!” It does say that it may still take another 5 days for the stars to credit, but you can at least confirm that you completed the offer and earned them!

    So, check your apps and see!

    This said, if you DON’T see your “You’ve earned stars” message yet, also check to see if your Starbucks purchase has completely cleared on your credit/debit card. Mine actually took about three days to process — it said pending until this morning. So until the payment actually clears and processes, the offer won’t trigger.

    Hope this helps! 🙂

  35. Tig

    ISuccess! I already had Starbucks app and Chase Pay app so activated the offer. I saw the deadline of 3/19 to make a purchase. I wasn’t able to get to a Starbucks store – too far- so I reloaded money on Starbucks card with Chase Pay on 3/17. I then made purchase at Starbucks on 3/22 forgetting that deadline had passed. Much to my surprise I received 300 points to my Starbucks account. Woohoo!

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