Coming Soon! Tackle Your Target Run Without Leaving Your Car

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target's new drive up service same day store pickup

This is the best thing to happen to Target since the Dollar Spot!

Try to contain your excitement (!!!), but did you know soon you should be able to get the Target Run experience without leaving your car?! Target just announced Drive Up, a new feature on the Target app that allows you to place an order online, AND have your entire order brought right to your car!

target drive up service now available in select locations

Think of all the time AND potential money you can save by actually sticking to your shopping list, rather than aimlessly roaming the aisles and tossing every amazing find into your cart.

This service is currently only available in VERY select Target locations (Minneapolis, MN or St. Paul, MN area), so you’ll have to wait for your local Target to become fully equipped for this service.

Here’s how Target Drive Up works:

  1. You choose “Drive Up” in the app when you’re ready to place your order.
  2. You’ll receive an estimated time for order completion.
  3. Once ready, you let the store know you’re on your way.
  4. Park in one of the designated Drive Up spots and click “I’m here”.
  5. Have your order barcode on your app ready so your Target associate can scan and load your order into your trunk.
  6. Smile. Drive home. You’re on your way!

Here’s the downside….

  • This service is likely not available in your location yet (see the list of participating stores here), so you may have to be patient to try this out.
  • Target Drive Up is currently only available for iOS, so Android users will need to be patient just a bit longer.
  • Just like regular online orders, you won’t be able to apply Cartwheel offers or use coupons on your order.

That said, we’re still SO interested to see how this convenient service works!

Will you try Target’s new Drive Up service?

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Comments 39

  1. Becky

    Great idea. But I like to wander around looking for deals at Target.

    • dana


  2. BG

    Great idea but I think I’d have Target clearance withdrawal. Lol The best part of shopping target is finding everything you didn’t know you need on the clearance shelf.

    • beth

      Might be ideal for parents with young children . Personally I enjoy browsing for the clearance .

  3. Jomomma

    Excited for the convenience but I think they need to let you use your electronic coupons. Safeway and Fred Meyer apply electronic coupons to your order with pick up. So it can be done.

  4. Beth

    I have used this service so many times! You can check in when you’re on the way to the store. I have never waited more than 30 seconds from when I parked in the drive up area for an employee to run out with my order. SO great for a quick trip or with kids! You can order everything for drive up though – mostly just the perishable stuff is excluded.

  5. JES

    I enjoy randomly wandering the isles of Target, this would take all the excitement of my trips.

  6. v

    If you can’t use cartwheel, I can’t see myself using this much.

  7. Lindsey

    Well target is my happy place and my go to store to get away from motherhood for a bit lol good idea but I still stick to walking around drinking my Starbucks while I fill my cart of useless items. 😆

  8. Nicole

    But will they bring me my popcorn?

  9. apwade21

    Great idea! I probably won’t use it much. I love the carthwheel app and walking around the store looking for clearance deals 🙂

  10. pure.Cheri

    I like browsing the store BUT with three kids under 6, this would be really convenient for shopping and not having to get all the kids out of the SUV or taking public transportation (Chicago). Looking forward to this! 👌🏻👌🏻😁

  11. mel

    I prefer to wander around, ck to see what’s new and hit all the clearance spots! Never know what goodies you’ll find hidden! I guess this would be good if you need a few things and don’t feel like browsing. If they could incorporate CW into online ordering that would be a BIG plus! (like Wags & Rite Aid you’re able to use digital coupons you have loaded to your card for online purchases!)

  12. Amy

    I agree with the comments, the fun of a Target run is wandering around the store! Would have been great when my kids were little, because there was nothing fun about Target runs with all of them!

  13. jan

    Gotta keep up with Wally World…

  14. Mommyof71987

    I would love this but I doubt it will ever come to my small town. lol

    • Kelly M

      You’d be surprised. I live in a small town and went to target today. They already have the lines painted in the parking lot and everything for this service to start

      • Ashley

        My store in my small town also already has the spots ready.

  15. Scarlet B

    Fifty locations in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, but which 50 locations?! I’m an Android girl, but this would be super helpful if I want Hubby (who has an iPhone) to pick something up for me on his way home.

    • Mel

      Just look for the parking spots, they are huge and well marked. I know for sure this service is in Eden Prairie & Shakopee. I’ve seen the parking spaces. Good luck!

    • kristen

      Its at the Ridgedale Target that I work at. 🙂

  16. lopkiu

    This bring me back to the other post from before do/should we tip for this service? and how much

    • Kristen

      we can’t take tips. And we staff a person just for this job.

  17. Debbie in PA

    No, I wouldn’t. I like shopping (as opposed to buying!). I think this would be a good service for a person who has difficulty walking, for instance, but not for me. I wonder how Walmart is doing with a similar service? I never see any cars in the designated pickup area. Of course, I am not at Walmart 24/7 so my observations are not too scientific! LOL!

  18. Jessica

    I’m surprised they are just now doing this. I saw the parking spots being painted at my Target in Amarillo TX. Even our small, local grocery stores have offered this service for over a year now, delivery also. It feels like Target is always a step or two behind.

  19. 50ShadesofLipstick

    Not everything is for everyone and that’s okay. This is great for parents of small children though- I use the drive-thru for everything lately b/c 2 hyper little boys do not make for a fun Target run.

    Also, my one horse town (a suburb of Dallas) just got Target Drive Up, so it’s definitely in a lot more areas than you’d think!

    • Kelly M

      Lol I think we live in the same one horse town.

  20. Jb

    I have a 4 month old, and this ROCKS! I’ve used t a bunch when I don’t want to or don’t have time to run into target…or if I’m getting something (like a metric ton of Pepsi and can’t schlep it with a baby in tow!) Target nailed this. And I still browse the store when I can, but this enables me to use target versus amazon when I can’t get out with the baby to power shop!

  21. Sadie

    I see this as a lost for Target. Target is one of those stores that tells you what you “need”…as in you go to Target with a set list and leave with a bunch of stuff you “needed” but not on that set list. 😉 Yet will be awesome for those wanting / needing to stick to their list or with little ones.

  22. moria

    Is this service free or do they charge a fee?

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Hi Moria! I just double checked with customer service and they informed me that this service is Free 🙂

  23. Emily

    Haha I was going to say oh this is dangerous if I can just order target and never even have to go in but then I remembered how many times I walk out with WAY more than I planned on getting so yeah, maybe going in the store is the dangerous part…

  24. KED

    I like walking the aisles too!

  25. todd

    Wheres the fun in that??

  26. dana

    By the way, I just got my $5 gc from the coke promo!

  27. Sue

    I look forward to shopping at Target once a week, browsing for clearance, checking out the dollar spot. & I use coupons & Cartwheel on a weekly basis, so this wouldn’t be for me. Considering the 2 times I went for in-store pick up I waited a 1/2 hour, I’m not sure how timely they would be at this.

  28. SARAh

    I don’t know how I feel bout all this mobile order pick up stuff. Service at the store has gone downhill and now workers have yet another task to do for no extra pay

  29. E

    I like walking the aisles when I’m alone and finding clearance deals and I love Cartwheel. However I see the appeal and convenience and I’m sure they are competing with Walmart. The reason I see the convenience is cause I recently just healed a fractured foot and man that was rough and Walmart pickup made life easier with a husband that works out of town and two small children.

  30. Tag

    I’m in MN & use the Target drive up service almost every week. It’s way better than the Target in store order pick up service because you don’t have to wait in the CS line to get your stuff. They’ll bring it to your car in less than 5 minutes. I agree it’s a bummer that I can’t use my cartwheels but have found that I am actually saving $ by going this route as I’m not in the store impulse buying 🙂

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