ToysRUs & BabiesRUs Liquidation Sales Postponed

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Planning to hit the ToysRUs and BabiesRUs Liquidation Sales? 🛑

As many of you know, the ToysRUs liquidation sales were scheduled to start today, March 22nd.

In anticipation of this event, we sent several team members out to their local ToysRUs stores first thing this morning to scope out all the HOT deals! Instead, we found posted signs indicating that the Liquidation Sales have been postponed until further notice. Some stores have stated the sales may go live tomorrow, March 23rd, but there is no guarantee. 🙁

So hurry up and wait!
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  1. Heidi

    My baby’s r us in slc was already down to almost nothing yesterday.

    • Denise G.

      Heidi perhaps that was one that was already slated to close earlier before the company-wide shutdown was announced recently.

      • Krysta

        It was. The Salt Lake and Riverdale Babies R Us Stores are supposed to close by the end of the month. These closures we’re announced (I think) in January.

  2. Michelle W

    Could it be because one of the executives is trying to keep the business going?

    • Joju98

      I hope that’s what it is. Somebody save em!!!

    • Aleshia Jones

      I saw an article that the founder and creator of Brats and LOL dolls started a go fund me to save the company. He pledged 200 million alone.

  3. HipMomof3

    So glad I had not rushed out yet today to find this myself. Maybe I’ll check tomorrow. Thanks.

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      I know! I hate making a wasted trip! You’re welcome!

  4. Carrie

    Any wonder why Toys-R-Us is going out of business? They can’t even execute their final liquidation correctly. *SIGH*

    • Tiff

      Once a store chooses a liquidation company they wash their hands of any part in scheduling. I am thinking this isn’t so much Toys R Us but the company that is finalizing their closure. That explains why so many employees have no clue what is happening and what the schedule will be. Though I am very sad to see the store close I truly believe this is just the start. MANY stores that offer specific retail items are going to be closing. 🙁

    • mel

      Nothing to do specifically w/TRU, but there’s some rumblings about Amazon and/or the owner of Bratz to keep TRU open. Liquidation was halted until that gets settled.

    • Jodi ann

      Man, I agree with you. Even if it isn’t their fault of the change in liquidation date, I would hardly think that a posted piece of paper on outside of your massive, nationwide store is a great way to communicate information to your valued customers. Just irks me…

  5. Chris

    Thank you for keeping us up to date! Saved me a trip

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      You’re SO welcome Chris! Glad to help!

  6. Elisabeef

    I heard my local store’s last day is Mother’s Day. Cause that’s where Mother’s everywhere want tp spend their special day!

    • Julie

      A cashier said our TRU would be open through June, so 90 days, and maybe through July if there’s still inventory that still needs to be sold.
      I remember a different store (craft store) that closed a lot earlier than what was initially planned, despite inventory.

    • Lisa S

      😂😂😂 Nice one Elizabeef!

  7. Sue

    Our local newspaper is reporting that the sale is “likely” to start tomorrow, Friday 3/23/18.

  8. jpwilkinson

    anyone have experience with previous liquidations…will it be worth going tomorrow? im debating…

    • rebecca

      it it’s anything like Kmart or Gymboree ones, then at first everything gets put back to full, regular prices and the first couple weeks it’s 10-20% off those high prices. things will be more expensive than sale prices until the sale really gets going. for Gymboree, you really had to wait it out until the end, then get some GREAT deals.
      with Kmart, i thought their liquidation prices never got to a good deal for things like toilet paper and cereal, etc. it would get down to 50% off, but it was off of inflated regular prices. could do better with a coupon elsewhere.

      • Dani

        I agree Rebecca, I have had the same experience!!

      • Peanut757

        Agreeing with Rebecca on the inflated prices at Kmart’s liquidation sale. Many store closings are getting worse doing this!

  9. Sophia

    I actually just came from Babies R Us in New Jersey, there was close to nothing left. I did catch a Chicco Polly high Chair for $109.00 though.

  10. Jessica

    I think Amazon is trying to buy them. Just a hunch cause the nabbed whole foods and setup lockers why wouldn’t they get in the toy biz and keep just major populated areas.

    • Laura

      From what I understand, KB Toys wants to come back. The talks are sounding like a company wants to buy the canadian stores and possibly 200 American stores. KB might buy the other 200 stores in America. That’s why the liquidation might be stalled.

    • Nicole

      I remember when TRU first got into selling online, they sold through Amazon. I got some great deals as they decided to split off and do their online sales themselves around 2005ish.

    • Jen

      TRU originally outsourced their online to Amazon, instead of figuring it out themselves, so Amazon already has an idea of how to deal in toys.

  11. Jenn

    We went to ours today and just about everything was 40-60% off and moderately picked over. Check your local store to see which camp they are in!

  12. Nicole

    From what I’ve read online, like most liquidation sales they’ll jack up the prices first, then tell you things are 50% off and many people found that the liquidation sale prices were still higher than Amazon.

    • Amy M. W.

      Exactly this. I have a friend who is very good friends with someone in their marketing also confirm this is how it goes!

  13. Sara

    I’ve heard that the Bratz doll people are trying to save ToysRUs, they’ve raised like $2 or $200 million or something from other toy people and trying to raise more to save ToysRUs. They said if ToysRUs goes out then it’s over for all toy companies. I’m praying they get saved I loved ToysRUs!!

  14. Laura

    I called My local Toys “R” Us yesterday at 9:25 PM right before closing to confirm the liquidation sale was going to happen and was told that management received notice late that the liquidation sale was not approved in the court hearing… some legal jargon that prevented them to begin the liquidation sale.

  15. Ming

    Hopefully someone really save TRU. I hate knowing that my kids will never know about Borders n now TRU.. sad!

  16. GG

    Are they still taking their gift cards?

    • Jean

      There was a post on here about it.. try and use the cards you have ASAP.. the last date they accept them, might be April 14th.

    • Ph

      Gift cards expire on April 14th posted in the store in Norwalk Ct

  17. momo

    Recent news that they might have a buyer for some of the stores.

  18. Dee

    I went with my daughter on Tuesday to spend the gift cards she had left and it was PACKED! No clearances, nor signs of clising and items still over priced. I felt kind of scammed into spending all our gift cards. The cashier warned us there was less than 20 days left to use them. I loved TRU as a kid, but no wonder they’re “going out of business”.

  19. amy111

    Why are they messing with my emotions lol?. Is anyone else having flashbacks as a kid, and then the super saver mom wanting to rush out and see what’s there? So conflicted here…

    • momo

      I’m going to pass on any liquidation sales (if they have one here). The ppl who shop there are NOT very likeable, aisles tiny & place is overly crowded. Can’t stand it & not worth it.

  20. Liz

    While waiting for an appointment this morning, I saw something on the news about trying to save Toys R Us, and there’s a GoFundMe type of page to raise funds?

  21. Gretch

    They started a Gofund me online to save toysrus, which is awesome because there is hope!

  22. Laura

    I really hope they save Toys R Us!! 🤞🤞

    • Kitkat

      Why?! Just curious, not trying to be mean. Is it just an emotional thing or you really get great deals there? Everything I look at there either Amazon or Walmart or Target had it for as much or lower priced, including if used along with coupons.

      • Amy

        Yes!!! ^^^^ Exactly my thoughts. But these people won’t explain why.

        • Amy M. W.

          It has to be emotional. Toys r us is a thing of the past. Their customer service sucks. They lie about their “deals” (most of them being sold out well in advance just to get you in the door to shop) and their prices are so high you’d be insane to shop there!

      • Tiffany

        Toys r us price matches!!!! I love tru, they have really awesome sales a lot of times like Bogo sales on legos etc, they price match, and they always have the toy in stock and several variations of it. A hard to find toy is almost always there for us. Also there is something magical about going into a toy store- not an all stop shop or browsing online. They also have some pretty awesome events that my kids have LOVED.

  23. Amy

    Oh, come on. TRU and BRU are done, no matter what happens. Most people didn’t care about them enough to shop there until they were suddenly in trouble and closing. Media has hyped it up to be sad for nostalgia reasons and job losses but does anyone really care other than that? I didn’t think so.

    • Aleshia Jones

      I do. It is one of my favorite places to shop. Sure they are expensive, but you could catch some amazing clearance deals throughout the year. A few years ago I got 700$ worth of toys for 100$. This year I scored a lot of great clearance including .50 skylanders worth 24$. Other times I just loved taking my kids in the store to browse around. Not to mention the many many items they sale that no one else does. It is hard to trust Amazon anymore. They have so many fakes coming out of Hong Kong you never know if you are getting something authentic even when it is sold by Amazon. That will be Amazon’s down fall. They are so large that these knock offs are taking over and Amazon can’t keep up. Plus, a good point that many toy retailers are bringing up is that once toys r us officially dies many other toy companies will follow. Amazon has monopolized many industries. I do love Amazon for many things, but when Amazon is the only thing left standing….They can charge whatever they want. They no longer have competition.

      • Maggie

        Toys R Us is one of your favorite places to shop? You’re an adult, I’m assuming, so you can’t be serious.

        • Aleshia Jones

          Yes I am an dult, yes it is one of my favorite places to shop. I mainly shop for my children. Yes there are such things as people known as mom’s and dad’s who shop and enjoy shopping for those little things called babies and children. I have 4 kids and 24 nieces and nephews, so yes one of my favorite places to shop is toys r us because I know how to look and find great deals throughout the year. You would know that if you read the full comment and not the first sentence and then try to be smart. See what assumption does to a person….

          • DOLLBABY'S MOM

            No need to explain yourself. Some people knew exactly what you meant. People these days are terrible.

            • Aleshia Jones

              It is ignorance at its finest. She took the first sentence and ran with it, but ended up looking like a complete fool. No where did I saw I love buying myself toys, this is my favorite store to shop for MYSELF. 🤦‍♀️

        • coulter

          What a bone headed idiotic comment. Maybe she has kids and loves to shop there. Maybe she has friends who have kids and loves to shop there. Maybe (as one of millions of adults) she likes video games. I mean the list is endless. How do u read such silly fluff between the lines in that comment !! Its ok that u just wanted to leave any comment so thats the best u could do….sigh

          • Aleshia Jones

            One of my main reasons for shopping toys r us this year was due to price matching, layaway, and customer service. I save tons of money there and I love it!

            • coulter

              You go girl !! Im all about a sale and a price match and a Bogo and a freebie…etc….lol

        • Elenor

          Wow, Maggie- she owned you. You walked right into that one…

      • Sara

        Aleshia- you said exactly how I feel! Toys R Us is a fun place to shop and sometimes it’s easier seeing stuff in person rather than on a computer screen! My local TRU was one of the few doing well so I hope it stays a toy store! I took my kids there last weekend to spend gift cards. My favorite section is the stuffed animals because no other store has such a good selection!

      • Peanut757

        Wow, some people have great memories of toys r us! I personally never came across the reason to make the trip there. The kids do like walking around, looking at the toys…but they do it in Walmart & Target, Kohls, Ross, TJ Maxx and some local giftshops, too. I can see your point of view, if your Toys R Us was run well and like you said, good sales.

    • Laura

      I care. 🙋🏻

  24. Michelle

    My babies r us in California was up to 90% they hardly had anything left except for baby clothes. Got 16 pack of cloth diapers for a penny!

  25. Katie

    I went to my Jacksonville, Fl store today and the sales had not started yet, but it was crazy packed and people were just grabbing things off the shelves! The baby stuff was going fast. I was hoping to get a new stroller on sale, but I am not sure anything will be left by liquidation time!

  26. Carrie

    I was just reading that the Toys R Us founder died today at the age of 94.

    • v

      I was just coming to say that I read that too. So sad.

  27. Melanie

    I went to Erie, PA on Saturday everything in babies RUs was 30% a few things very few were 50% off. The store was hauled away mostly. The shopping carts and shelving all had orange stickers on them that said sold. No deals there.

  28. Megan T.

    I called mine this morning and they were so rude about it I wanted to say no wonder you are closing. I understand they are upset about losing their jobs but there’s no reason to be rude

    • Rochelle

      To be fair, you might have been the 100th person to call and ask, so don’t take it personally 😊

  29. Jrerin

    I didn’t see this post and stopped at our BRU this morning. No liquidation yet, but I browsed through the clearance. Even those items were a ridiculously high price. Sad, but I’m not surprised they’re closing.

    • nkis

      Couldn’t agree more

    • Laura

      Price match. I do it every. Single. Time I shop there. Wouldn’t pay their high prices. It amazes me a lot of ppl don’t take the time to price match.

      • No price matching for me at TrU or BRU

        Hi Laura, i do not think that people don’t want to price match, I think it’s the process that customers go through. 😁 A typical experience for myself trying to do anything at toys r us… including price match, would go something like this: no body knows what they are doing. Then another associate will come to help and equally not know what is going on. Then if i have the patience and am still willing to wait, the mgr comes over and acts like I am a criminal and trying to rob toys r us. This is the same situation if something rings up wrong. Heck even when I had tried to order online and do store pick up. This is the same situation at the three closest toys r us and babies r us. I have neither the time or patience to put into these situations, nor desire to be treated like a nuisance. Their phone line ordering is not any better. So yeah, for me, skipping the pot hole ridden parking lots and the lack of customer service makes price matching at this particular business not an option. But I am sure some people have better stores in their area, as you must 😉

        • Kitkat

          Amen!! I cringe at the thought of price matching, at TRU or anywhere! Not worth my time, my mental health 🙂 and the final outcome!

        • Jodi ann

          Haha so true! And don’t forget your three crying kids running around at check out , throwing more stuff in the cart and the glaring ladies behind you in line. Just not worth it!!!

      • Sarah

        Price match has always been super easy for me at Toys R Us! Half the time you have to price match at Target to get their online prices, too. I love Toys R Us.

    • Rochelle

      I guess it’s all about the way you shop, but I don’t see the point in price matching TRU if I can just buy the item somewhere else for cheaper without the hassle. I think price matching is generally about convenience for most people. It’s one thing to price match at a store you shop at all the time (say Target or Walmart), but TRU generally isn’t a place people find themselves at weekly.

      • Amy

        Yes. ^^ I agree with this. I have no issues whatsoever when price matching at Target (to a price or Amazon price) but when trying it one time at BRU, it turned into a ten minute process, as I had to show them, then they had to write it down in some notebook and then, get another employee’s price override authority. Umm, yeah. So I never tried it again. No thanks.

    • Mishelle

      The carter clothes were 60% off but still higher then a sale at the carters store or Marshall’s and Tjmaxx regular price!

      • ana

        Also, check out Carter’s at Sears online, they are very cheap and had the same exact clothes/styles that Macy’s had.

      • Amy M. W.

        This is because before they put the item “on sale” they jack up the “original price” to make you feel like you are getting a deal. Marketing schemes, they are all about them.

        • Amy

          Off topic but….this ^ makes me think of Kohl’s. This is exactly the scam they do with their “sales” and yet, people still love to shop there :/

          • Jenn

            Amy – you’re right about Kohl’s, but when you can stack all their codes you can get some unbeatable deals. I can’t tell you how much stuff I’ve gotten for free with Kohl’s Cash, and that’s after buying ridiculously cheap items to earn it (I’ve found baby pants at 71 cents, and toddler shorts for just a couple bucks). But unless there’s 30% off and free shipping I stay away lol!

  30. nkis

    San Antonio isn’t ready yet

  31. mama1020

    The founder, Charles Lazarus, died today. May he rest in peace!

  32. sfc_abby

    I tried calling the TRU I do my black Friday shopping and no one answers the phone. It’s sad, I will give it a try tomorrow. My goal is bookbags, lunch bags and items for school. Wipes if possible….happy shopping to all! I am located in Chicago but shop in Highland Park, IL .

    • Mishelle

      My target had a bunch of lunch bags on clearance super cheap

  33. Kristin

    When my toys r us went out of business everything was 75% off and the store closed in 3 days

    • Mishelle

      Years ago our toys r us in California went out and it went 90% and closed in 4 days. Bought so much good stuff for soooo cheap….I needed my husband’s truck to haul it straight to the elementary school for their monthly assembly drawings.

  34. Kay

    I was planning to call our local store but keep forgetting. Thanks for this post.

    I hope it won’t b like Kmart. As mentioned in other comments, some stores, like kmart in greensboro nc in 2014/2015, the prices get inflated. It was 40% off storewide, but even with that, prices were terrible. Better off at Walmart or target or Amazon. I wasn’t such a smart shopper then n bought a bunch of things.

  35. Sarah

    Thanks for the update!

  36. Becky Jones

    We were at the one in Norman OK today and they had the sale going on. Most things were 40% off. Very little stock left. They also had the fixtures marked to sell but very high prices on them.

  37. Andrew

    It’s all politics. The reason why TRU is “failing” is due to 2 equity firms buying the business and leveraging it by putting it in big debt. Has nothing to do with “Competition”.

    The 2 equity firms that bought TRU are the same companies that bankrupted KB Toys.

    They loaded Toys R Us with debt to take it private. TRU unfortunately never recovered.

    Funny how the media isn’t naming Bain Capital loading TRU with billions in debt which lead to TRU downfall.

    Toys R Us had a debt of 1.6B. After Bain Capital took it private using borrowed money, TRU debt quadrupled to 5 billion. How can any company recover from that?

  38. Amy

    Toys R Us is famous for this crap! This is why I cannot STAND them. They make up fake sales to get people in the door in hopes that people will come in and still shop because they are still there. They also make up fake sales or specials and say if you buy this item and that item they’ll include a free item that they haven’t had in stock for months (by their employees own admission). It is insanity the way they do business. Frankly, I’m not sorry to see them go!

    • Mishelle

      Reading your comment reminded me a few years ago when I dragged my sister there for a Black Friday deal limited edition item and they had stacks and stacks of them and still had them left in February haha

  39. theresia

    founder of Toys R Us Charles Lazarus died.. age 94.

  40. LindsayH28

    We have a Toys R Us/Babies R Us hybrid store here and I went today to check out the liquidation and found that more Babies R Us things were marked down considerably than the Toys R Us side.

  41. Mia

    The one in corona, California had really great deals. They marked them down even more today. We got there right when they opened and there was a good line. Got a LEGO set for my son originally $80 for $16. Last week when I visited, they said the LEGO sets weren’t going to go on sale, but they were today!!

  42. flyingfree

    Yep went in today expecting to find great deals but only a few normal “sales” to use the kids bday $3 coupon on

  43. Kyliejay!

    Our stores are terrible. Too bad they are going out of business though


    What will happen to my Baby R US gift cards?

    • Amanda

      I think you only had 30 days to use your gift cards or you lose it.

    • Laura

      You have til April 14 to use

  45. Elenor

    I have always done well at BRU/TRU. Price match, coupons, rewards and so on, I always ended up getting amazing deals on things. The staff at our local store is always very helpful, and I saw customer’s treating them terribly yesterday. They were nagging them about sales and insisting that they get outrageous discounts NOW. Horrible.
    So now as I read through the comments, I’m only wondering where some of you folk’s compassion is. So many people are losing their jobs, their health insurance, and lots of you are only worried about sales and joking around! What a shame. #WhoRaisedYou

    • Laura

      Nailed it.

    • Kim B

      Thank you for saying this

  46. Jenn

    I’m sad to see TRU (potentially) close. I shop around but can find some deals there and many things not available elsewhere. Their rewards program was great (not sure if you can still cash out and use rewards, but check ASAP – I cashed out and used $20 worth as soon as rumors started that all stores were closing). Love that they do the trade-in events (Target fortunately has one now, but for years TRU was the only option), although this month I got a replacement cheaper on their site than in-store w/ the coupon lol (price-matched). I HATE their website – often slow, can’t filter out of stock items, etc – that may have contributed to their demise too. Having high regular prices hurt too – the majority of customers have smart phones and can compare before buying. They’ve remodeled many stores, adding inter-active displays, so it really is a shame kids will miss out on the experience. Can’t get that at Amazon lol!

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