ToysRUs Needs A Bailout! Are You Willing To Donate?

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If you haven’t heard, ToysRUs and BabiesRUs retail stores will be closing their doors for good. BUT… there IS a way for ToysRUs lovers to band together and save ToysRUs (maybe)!

Do you love ToysRUs so much that you are willing to donate your own money to the cause?  A go-fund-me page has been set up and you can donate to the #SaveToysRUs GoFundMe campaign and help them out.

That’s right!

You can empty your piggy banks to help ToysRUs get out of debt! They need a mere $1 billion by Memorial Day, May 28, 2018!

This campaign received an initial donation of $200 million from Isaac Larian (the CEO of MGA Entertainment) and affiliated investors. So now they just need another $800 million by May 28th! 😱

This is not a donation to a charitable cause!

Should you wish to contribute, this is not a donation to a charitable cause, so there is no tax deduction available. This is a donation to a potential commercial venture and the funds raised would be added to other capital being gathered by the potential purchasers of some or all of Toys“R”Us.

If your donation is not used to achieve the purchase of ToysRUs in some form, it will be returned to you.


What’s in it for you? Obviously the glory, but you may also be eligible for Contributor Rewards:

  • $5-$49 pledge: #SaveToysRUs bumper sticker
  • $50-$99 pledge: #SaveToysRUs bumper sticker AND #SaveToysRUs Special Edition Num Noms
  • $100-$499 pledge: #SaveToysRUs bumper sticker, pin, AND #SaveToysRUs Special Edition L.O.L. Surprise!
  • $500-$999 pledge: #SaveToysRUs bumper sticker, pin, magnet, AND customized #SaveToysRUs Special Edition Little Tikes Cozy Coupe
  • $1,000-$4,999 pledge: #SaveToysRUs bumper sticker, pin, magnet, “I’ll ALWAYS be a Toys“R”Us Kid” t-shirt AND Little Tikes Build-a-House
  • $5,000-$9,999 pledge: #SaveToysRUs bumper sticker, pin, magnet, “I’ll ALWAYS be a Toys“R”Us Kid” t-shirt, AND Little Tikes Super Slam ‘n Dunk
  • $10,000-$24,999 pledge: #SaveToysRUs bumper sticker, pin, magnet, “I’ll ALWAYS be a Toys“R”Us Kid” t-shirt, invite to a local Toys“R”Us reopening block party AND a Little Tikes backyard makeover
  • + More!

(Thanks, Ashley!)

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Comments 127

  1. coulter

    Im beginning to think im the only one who DOESNT have a go fund me page !!

    • ana

      Right? It seems like it gets taken advantage of. It’s sad because I’m sure some legitimate causes are overlooked because if situations like this.

  2. Erin

    My Toys R Us/Babies R Us was actually just built about seven years ago and has always been kept very nice and had really great customer service. When I brought back a pool that sprung a leak the first time I filled it up, they gave me back more than what I paid saying that it was part of their quality guarantee. And they always matched prices with a smile. I really liked my store. 🙁

  3. Tiffany

    I think it’s interesting the comments on this website alone about toys r us prices being high. Yes their base prices where higher, but their sales were absolutely the best. Plus you can combine 10% off every Thursday, plus they use competitor coupons, and plus I could earn rewards AKA cash back on my purchases. I can’t tell you how many times I’d spend $7 for over $100 worth of toys. Babies r us is the same way. I don’t think I’ve ever left those stores without getting at least 60%off. Yes, it was dirty, but who cares when your getting all that for $7? Their black Friday door Buster’s were always the best deals and I could get them a week early with free shipping because I had their credit card so I never had to worry about them running out and they were shipped to my home so no black Friday craziness. Anyway, I’m sad because for the toys I buy, the absolute best deals were at toys r us and babies r us.

    • danyal

      I totally agree with you . I have always found great deals at ours almost without any effort at all. Im sad that Ill be forced to shop only at target and walmart for my kids gifts.

    • Peanut757

      AMAZON! Quality toys, deal of the day…Hip2Save has directed me to numerous $5 finds, not to mention…Walmart/site to store….let’s not forget the wait for it goodies, Wish app…Also, Kohl’s Cash deserves a mention here. Even stores like TJ Maxx and Marshalls will have discount good toys. Ebates for everything online. Sidenote, if anyone is considering Ebates please, please let me know.
      Speaking from personal experience with our Toys R US; always had to get a manager to verify coupon deals, and the manager didn’t know what to do, never had what they said was in stock, prices were consistently higher than numerous other stores. Toys R Us kids should now be functioning Amazon adults 🙂

  4. Hope

    Ha! Heck No! I can think of a lot better causes to donate money to.

  5. stevienjoanna

    Has anyone looked at the Go Fund Me page…I just looked and so many people have donated! 🤦🏼‍♀️

  6. nunnie

    This is CRAZY!

  7. Gigi

    Seriously? This is insane.

  8. Cathy


  9. Mirela

    Sure! Where do I sign up to give $800M? Oh and do I get more than one bumper sticker? Cause that would be cool.

  10. Kelly

    Nope… sorry

  11. Shelly

    someone is saving them!!!

  12. Chrissy

    Ugh, I really hope this is not real. That kind of money can do so much good for so many unfortunate suffering – these companies and executives only care about money and now they expect us to bail them out. Sickening.

    • Lisa

      You do realize that thousands of jobs would be saved if this company could survive.

      • ana

        Maybe for a short time, but not in the long term.
        Why waste money when they aren’t going to last long even with a bailout?

  13. Jessica

    So let’s say they get “saved”. They cancel the store closures….YAY! But what happens a year or two down the road when they are in the exact same predicament as they are right now? Giving them money isn’t going to solve the core issue. Online sales are pummeling brick and mortars. If they get bailed out today, they’re going to go under again tomorrow. As long as there is Amazon this will keep happening.

    • Peanut757

      Facts. Things are changing. It’s that simple. For all who have the money for Toys R Us bailout…I urge you to look into worthwhile charitable causes, such as St. Judes Research hospital for kids battling cancer, Ronald McDonald house chairties, so families can be near each other during hospital stays, Dave Thomas foundation for adoption to help the kids needing a loving home, Disabled Veteran’s, Salvation Army, Joy Funds…numerous colleges need funding money for innovative research, like focused ultrasound therapy and proton therapy for cancer…Animal shelters, probably some local in your community could use help….so, so many ways to spend your money rather than bailing out a commercialized toy store.

      • Dana

        ❤️ this. As sad as I am about toys r us, and thinking about my childhood memories of going there, you’re right peanut.

  14. Sam I Am

    We have countless children (And adults) that go hungry every day… yet Toys R Us needs 1 billion dollars? This is a whole new level of crazy.

    • Melissa

      You are so right.

  15. Dixie

    From what I understand they are 20 BILLION DOLLARS in debt. Billion with a B. Sorry. Not gonna be saved.

  16. Cheryl

    Cut the CEO salary that would be a start!!! Combine the two store BABIES R Us and Toys R US to just one store…We don’t need both if you are going bankrupt! Simple math!

    • Peanut757

      Yes…and many other ways to cut costs. Do a Lidl grocery store makeover for toys stores lol.

    • Duduwa

      I totally agree!! The CEO was making millions every year and they still want to rob money from us?

  17. rpearson

    I’ve always wanted to throw $9,999 at a failing company to get a bumper sticker, pin, magnet, T-shirt, and a toy I don’t need. I love TRU. It’s my childhood but throwing money at it isn’t going to solve a long term problem.

  18. PiratePrincessMommy

    This is a Joke right? Good thing you didn’t post this on April 1st, HIP2SAVE… lol

    • V


  19. Justine

    This is fascinating. Who would have thought that Toys R Us would have a go fund me page.

  20. Bryant

    Bye, bye Toys R Us!

  21. Josie

    I love our ToysRUs store here in town. I have a friend that works there and she’s been there 12 years. This job is important to her and to our community. About 50 people will be losing their jobs just at this one location. I realize some of you could care less about these people, but I’m thankful for those that are donating to this. I’m donating because I believe in fighting for people’s jobs and not letting the monopolies win.

    • ana

      Haha, make sure you get a photo of yourself donating and post it on Facebook! And wear your T-shirt everyday so everyone knows you donated 😜

  22. Maria

    My kids were just asking about it yesterday, they were sad that after they close there is no other toy store to visit. Their prices were not great but I can honestly say I got very good deals over the years. My know did would get so excited to get a gift card from toys rus. I will contribute to the bail out not only I fell sorry for all the employees but I really believe in still going to a store to shop.

  23. Elenor

    I’m only wondering where some of you folk’s compassion is. So many people are losing their jobs, their health insurance, and lots of you are only worried about sales and joking around! What a shame. #WhoRaisedYou

    • Peanut757

      There is a lot of notice here. Plenty of people get laid off with no notice, mostly near Christmas! This is a MONEY SAVING SITE…what did you think we’d talk about?

      • Elenor

        There are people going into the stores nagging the already stressed out employees, getting belligerent demanding outrageous discounts. The employees are human too, this is not their fault. Let’s try to remember that. #compassion

  24. Amy M. W.

    No way in hell! This is crazy. Are people really donating to this??

  25. VB Vee

    The news announced the passing of the original founder of Toys R Us. If only he could have hung on a little longer to see how this campaign turns out. RIP Charles Lazarus.

  26. Stephanie Link

    Toys R US got themselves into this themselves. I don’t feel bad donating. They padded the CEO wallets and big wigs. The real working class got pennies. My prayers are for them.

  27. Sunflower

    I would not donate to them especially when the people at the top will receive a nice severance package. Who will really benefit from the donation? TRU and BRU dug their own hole. Their prices were astronomical. Some of the store employees took discounts a tad bit personal as though their discount policy was coming out of their pockets. In addition, their toll free customer service is awful. The only reason why I recently shopped at TRU/BRU was because of Rite Aid’s TRU promotion with the gift cards back in November and friends and coworkers giving me gift cards as baby shower gifts.

  28. Reese

    I recently read there is a million dollar loan that is unaccounted for or missing in the UK. It was transferred to the Virgin Islands or something. I would not donate. Looks like the leadership is involved in something suspicious. Google the story before you decide to donate your money.

  29. tobey

    Price match promise?! The TRU by me only matched their own website price. Their high prices is why I didn’t shop there. I took my son there for the experience only. Poor Management and staff didn’t help my store, it was always empty. I am sad to see TRU go but I didn’t shop there due to price.

  30. Julie

    I have three $5 Toys R Us gift cars that I am unable to use since I don’t have one near and they are no longer selling online. I’d be happy for someone to be able to use them.

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