ToysRUs Needs A Bailout! Are You Willing To Donate?

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If you haven’t heard, ToysRUs and BabiesRUs retail stores will be closing their doors for good. BUT… there IS a way for ToysRUs lovers to band together and save ToysRUs (maybe)!

Do you love ToysRUs so much that you are willing to donate your own money to the cause?  A go-fund-me page has been set up and you can donate to the #SaveToysRUs GoFundMe campaign and help them out.

That’s right!

You can empty your piggy banks to help ToysRUs get out of debt! They need a mere $1 billion by Memorial Day, May 28, 2018!

This campaign received an initial donation of $200 million from Isaac Larian (the CEO of MGA Entertainment) and affiliated investors. So now they just need another $800 million by May 28th! 😱

This is not a donation to a charitable cause!

Should you wish to contribute, this is not a donation to a charitable cause, so there is no tax deduction available. This is a donation to a potential commercial venture and the funds raised would be added to other capital being gathered by the potential purchasers of some or all of Toys“R”Us.

If your donation is not used to achieve the purchase of ToysRUs in some form, it will be returned to you.


What’s in it for you? Obviously the glory, but you may also be eligible for Contributor Rewards:

  • $5-$49 pledge: #SaveToysRUs bumper sticker
  • $50-$99 pledge: #SaveToysRUs bumper sticker AND #SaveToysRUs Special Edition Num Noms
  • $100-$499 pledge: #SaveToysRUs bumper sticker, pin, AND #SaveToysRUs Special Edition L.O.L. Surprise!
  • $500-$999 pledge: #SaveToysRUs bumper sticker, pin, magnet, AND customized #SaveToysRUs Special Edition Little Tikes Cozy Coupe
  • $1,000-$4,999 pledge: #SaveToysRUs bumper sticker, pin, magnet, “I’ll ALWAYS be a Toys“R”Us Kid” t-shirt AND Little Tikes Build-a-House
  • $5,000-$9,999 pledge: #SaveToysRUs bumper sticker, pin, magnet, “I’ll ALWAYS be a Toys“R”Us Kid” t-shirt, AND Little Tikes Super Slam ‘n Dunk
  • $10,000-$24,999 pledge: #SaveToysRUs bumper sticker, pin, magnet, “I’ll ALWAYS be a Toys“R”Us Kid” t-shirt, invite to a local Toys“R”Us reopening block party AND a Little Tikes backyard makeover
  • + More!

(Thanks, Ashley!)

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Comments 127

  1. YesIAmRunningToDonate


    • Jonjee

      Really?!?!? Their prices were the worst!! Why would U bail them out… Puh-lease!

  2. Lorayne

    Even if enough money was raised to bail them out, they are failing because there is no longer a place for them in our free market.. Sadly, they are failing for a reason. The way consumers shop has changed.

    • agh925

      Tell that to the LEGOs stores.

    • txbulldog

      Totally agree with you Lorayne. If they don’t change (adapt) their business model, how is raising $1 billion dollars (maybe they should check with Austin Powers) going to help them in the long run? No way. This is not a go fund me kind of deal.

  3. LChapman

    That is crazy for many reasons! No way!!

  4. Aixa8589

    As an organization that held prices as high as they did … no thanks. Online and Instore I was told starting March 22nd liquidation would start at 30% went in today to the same store I was at a few days ago (dedham mass)and told by staff that liquidation started today and EVERYTHING was still full price. I think a scam is going on

    • Hollie

      The media hyped up the sale toys r us did not. They have to get it approved by the courts and it didn’t go through to start the sale today which isn’t a scam…

  5. Shannon

    Heck no! The store in my town is in a bad area, dirty with empty shelves and high prices. Amazon, Walmart or target over TrU any day!!

    • Me2

      We must live in the same area because that sounds exactly like our store too. I’ve only shopped there 2-3 times and I’m not sorry.

  6. Shan

    LOL! Yeah right! Lol

  7. Rochelle

    Brace yourselves, the comments are going to get ugly 😂

    • Cara

      LMAO!!! We need a deal on popcorn STAT!

    • luna


    • Kyliejay!


    • leah

      I was thinking the same thing. I actually think it’s so sad.

  8. Donna


  9. luna

    Ofcourse not!

  10. Becky M

    It would be a Christmas miracle!

  11. Francisco

    This is the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard. They are over 5BUSD in the hole. This won’t solve anything. If somene needs help are those +30k employees that will be out of work in a few days.. who’s helping them?? For sure not the C Levels that kept cashing their fat checks while the company was on a dive and did NOTHING to change their business model.

    • Dorothy


    • Kate

      Isaac Larson is trying to help those employees. That is one of the big reasons they are doing this, they could save a lot of jobs. If this campaign is successful it doesn’t mean business as usual. It means Isaac Larian will buy some of the tru assets during the bankruptcy proceedings. It would be new management, new business plans, and none of the old debt.

      I have no desire to help fund it, especially without receiving stock or some other interest, but I think it could be a good thing if done right. I doubt it will reach the funding goal, but I think, if done right, there is a way to run a succesful brick and mortar toy store. It is a hard market to be in, but not impossible.

  12. Cara

    I would donate but I doubt they’re going to change their business model. Their website wasn’t great and the prices in store were far too high to be competitive. I do hate to see them go but I think they hung around longer than most expected anyway.

  13. Ruthie

    This has got to be a joke

  14. Laura

    Good grief – they already have over 2 million in pledges. I say no, too. Toys R Us used to be such a nice store and for the last SEVERAL years they have been dirty, ill stocked and a dismal shopping experience. Management dropped the ball and allowed the stores to sink into their current state. Sorry TRU. Turn out the lights, the party’s over.

  15. Kimberly

    Had to check the date to make sure it isn’t April Fools Day already. Toysrus had their chance and knew WAY before today that there was a problem. They’ve had years to fix this problem and throwing money at them now is like brushing your teeth while eating oreos. Totally pointless.

  16. Joanna

    LOL this is hilarious who are they kidding! I wouldn’t give them a dime they had the worst customer service ever and they took advantage of us parents. The prices were sky high and if you had a coupon it excluded everything lol it was a joke and that’s why they are in this position.

  17. Boisegal

    Lol, unreal. This country is hysterical. TRU put themselves outta business with high prices, terrible service, dirty stores. The executives received $9 million in bonuses 5 days before they filed for bankruptcy?! And if you look on the Go Fund Me page, all these average Joes are chiming in $5 at a time to bail the company out. How about letting capitalism work its course. This is a FOR-PROFIT company. So many more meaningful causes to donate to.

  18. Brie


    • George

      Hmmm. Did anyone setup a gofundme account for the employees that showed up to work and Sams unexpectedly closed without a notice?

  19. Susan h

    Sure I will jump right on that! When did Toys R Us ever bail us out? Sadly businesses fail every day. Anyone remember Ames, Hills, Woolworth, Newberry, P&C, Gander Mountain, DEB, Fashion Bug, Circuit City, Radio Shack, Super Duper, Grand Union, Block Busters, Borders Books, Media Play, KB Toys. List is endless, it happens as things evolve and the more online shopping becomes a thing the more we will probably see this.

    • tiffanyrhianon


    • Condy

      That’s what I was thinking. Would they contribute to me? The whole idea of why customers would want to help a company for bumper sticker is bazaar. !

    • Chris

      I heard on the news that KB Toys may reopen if TRU goes out of business.

  20. Dee

    I feel like this is an early April Fool’s joke because it’s a joke that I would help out a company that’s going under due to their lack of efficient business models and practices. They got enough money from me and my parents before I was a parent. 😆

  21. Sarah


    Oh, wait. You’re being serious!?


  22. apwade21

    Ha ha ha…. no way!

  23. tiffanyrhianon

    This is hilarious! I had to read it a few time because I thought it was a joke! Their prices are high and the stores I’ve been into are dirty and messy. I would much rather support local independent toy stores when I’m able, and if I need a bargain I will shop on amazon.

  24. Julianne

    Donate? That’s crazy. They ran their company into the ground by carrying excessive debt and not reinvesting or innovating. Who do they think they are? General Motors? Lol

  25. Chris

    This is insane!

  26. Jenny

    This is wrong on so many levels! A corporation not being able to sustain their financial performance therefore going for bankruptcy is never ever a reason for donation. I feel violated just by reading the campaign. I do feel very bad for the employees who will be losing their jobs though.

  27. Kimmy

    I heard that the toy companies would not cut them a deal with pricing which is why they had average prices. Amazon got the deals not toys r us.

    • Sarah

      ‘t understand. Exactly! This is what people don’t understand. Amazon is great now, but their prices will rise as they become a monopoly.

      • Nan

        Actually I’ve found that if you comparison shop Amazon doesn’t always have the lowest price.

        • Sarah

          You are absolutely right on that!

    • Rochelle

      Why does everyone fret about Amazon? They are like 6th or 7th in retail, Target is right behind them, and Walmart is first. They have a ways to go to become top dog. I’m a huge Amazon shopper, but I buy most of my toys at Target actually because they almost always match Amazon and I get 5% back. That’s competition. Not to mention the law of supply and demand keeps things in check – toys are not a precious commodity that people need (although you wouldn’t know it from these comments 😂)

      • Tiffany

        Actually the news reported last night Amazon is the #2 company in the world, only surpassed by apple. But they said the rate Amazon is making money, it could quickly be surpassing apple.

  28. Ady

    Hells yeah, Sign me up for the $25k donation!

  29. bbc

    Ha ha ha ha….no. This is almost laughable!

  30. dc

    Too bad they only allow a $50,000 donation online. Was going to match the initial donation.

  31. Sarah

    Oh my! 😂

  32. Angela V.

    I will not be donating but I’ve gotta give the CEO of Bratz and Little Tykes props, as he kicked in $200M of his own money. But if he can ralley others to kick in the remaining $800M through a go fund me account, he just helped preserve the bottom line of his other two companies. He has a lot to lose if Toys R Us closes it’s doors.

    • Helen in Meridian

      I have hated the whole BRATZ doll thing. Girls need clean cut nice dolls not that crap. I remember a wonderful toy store in Boise when I was a girl. We got to visit there after coming over to the dentist. They carried trains, wonderful quality dolls, and toys. Children didn’t get a toy because it was Tuesday in those days. You only got a toy, and a quality toy on your birthday or Christmas. You got to long for a toy, not instant gratification because you whined, like today.

    • lucy

      People that donate don’t even get stock options or any benefit other than the free crap for the donation. And he walks away with toys r us for 200 million. He is definitely not doing this because he actually cares about people. This is purely a money making venture and he asking the public to give it to him.

    • Heather

      Toys ‘R Us was THE toy store in the 80’s–the place where you could get toys that you couldn’t get anywhere else, even the ever-precious Cabbage Patch Kids! Sadly, the stores haven’t been anything like they used to be for a long, long time. It’s been years of disorganization, empty shelves, sad selection, and high prices. Pile their terrible business decisions on top of that, and there’s no way they are making a comeback.

      • Angela V.

        I totally forgot about going there to get my Cabbage Patch doll! Money was tight in my family so I rarely got to go to Toys R Us, but the few memories I do have of going there when I was little are good. 🙂

      • VB Vee

        Yep….they were high compared to other stores in the 80’s.
        But it was the place to go to get that highly sought after toy that was
        on kids list. My boys got quite a few things put under the tree from them back in the day.
        Even when my oldest was in high school (late 90’s), Toys R Us was the place to get the elusive Furby…..he didn’t want to settle for an apple for a favorite teacher’s gift, lol. That was a long wait that day….but I was first in line when they got em in stock and a happy camper when I got a couple. I can still picture the smile on his face when I handed him one when he got home from school that day. I have quite a collection of them taking up residence in our dining room hutch…..regular ones to Xmas theme ones to miniature size ones.

  33. Olga

    Is this a joke??? People are nuts!!!

  34. Kat

    This does seem kind of crazy, but I think a lot of people are misunderstanding (or possibly I am, who knows 🤷‍♀️). TRU is not asking to be bailed out. They are finished and they have no way out except bankruptcy. This campaign is a 3rd party who loves TRU and wants to save jobs so they are trying to buy some of the assets that will be sold in the bankruptcy proceedings. It would be entirely new management and I assume they would restructure things before reopening some locations. Supporting this GoFundMe isn’t supporting the executives that ran this company to bankruptcy while taking huge bonuses, this is helping an outside buyer that is choosing an unusual funding strategy to buy a company. I don’t plan on donating and I think this an unreasonble goal, but crazier things have happened. GoFundMe has a lot less strings than a loan, or a VC firm.

  35. Megan

    I heard it was a boycott due to them donating to PP.

  36. Amanda

    I love shopping on Amazon but I do shop at TRU as well. I think people are missing part of the point. The people who ran TRU into the ground won’t be running it anymore. The new owner won’t be responsible for the $5 billion in debt. Some of TRUs 30K employees might actually get to keep their jobs, the plants that make & sell toys to TRU might get to keep their jobs as well. Its estimated 130K jobs could be lost by TRU closing. I don’t really care to see any more vacant buildings around here. If someone wants to try and save it I don’t think we should knock them down for trying. If you are not interest just don’t donate.

  37. AGR

    I work for a publicly-traded company and I was here before, during, and after a Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Legalities aside, one thing was clear-the creditors do not want a liquidation because they would get a lot less $$ than if the company stays in business. If Toys R Us couldn’t come to an agreement with its creditors it’s because the creditors HAVE NO FAITH THAT THE COMPANY CAN RECOVER AND SUCCEED. Its creditors are not common folk, they are companies in the business of lending money. They are risk takers. If they’re walking away, I cannot comprehend why people without any background are throwing their money into a black hole 🤦‍♀️

  38. jos

    Ha ha ha ha ha! Seriously!?! This is a huge corporation that wasn’t run well enough to stay afloat!

  39. DAN

    If I was Buffett or Zuckerberg, I’d throw in $800 Mil — what is that 1% of their net worth?

    • AGR

      It’s not about being able to afford it, it’s about the fact that it’s not a smart investment. Seriously it’s like Buffet lighting cash on fire when he could take the $800mil and make $8 billion.

  40. momo

    For a donation… they should offer a % off coupon! I would bite 😉 TRU does carry some exclusive hard to find toys, I made a few purchases online this xmas. “I don’t wanna grow up, I’m a toys r us kid, there’s a million toys in toys r us that I can play with! New bikes, new toys, new video games, the biggest toy store there is! I don’t wanna grow up- I just wanna be a toys r us kid!”

  41. Maya

    Uh oh Hip2Save, It’s not April Fools yet…

    • Erin

      So much yes. I tried to point this out to a few people, but people only want to hear what they want to hear.

    • Heather

      YESSSSSSSSSS!!!! People don’t get it.

  42. TS

    Yeah sure all of us Hip2savers who are on here looking to save 50 cents on toothpaste will get right on that 🤔

    • Care


  43. Whitney

    The founder died today at 94.

  44. Kate

    Are you kidding? Is this a joke?? Absolutely not!

  45. moria

    Wow! This is pretty ridiculous!

  46. LoveH2S

    No! If you read what happened, the business was actually viable, but the investors saddled it with unnecessary debt. It was bad leadership. These investors are the ones pushing for the liquidation. Do not give them more $! They are the reason this is happening.

  47. Cari

    The original founder of tRu passed away today. I wonder what he thought about all of this. So sad. They had high prices and yes while it was a huge store and we all loved it people will always buy somewhere else to get a better deal.

  48. MrsG

    How about donating money to feed or cloth children in our country? Or supporting education?

    • Heather

      Now that would be money much better spent! It boggles my mind that people would donate to something like this rather than actually helping people in need.

    • Kyliejay!


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