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Up to 70% Off BabiesRUs/ToysRUs Liquidation Sale

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We’ve been keeping an eye on the current ToysRUs/BabiesRUs Liquidation situation and it seems as if the prices have dropped again from the initial reductions last week. Now might be a good time to head in and see what your store has to offer!

Hip Tip: Want to know if the BabiesRUs/ToysRUs Going Out Of Business Sale prices are the best deals?

While in-store, you can always open your Amazon, Walmart or Target apps and use them to scan the barcode of the items you want to check. That way, you can compare pricing to see if the BabiesRUs/ToysRUs deals are hot or not.

*Please note that pricing may vary in your area, so be sure to call if you don’t want to waste a trip!

Here’s what our Sidekick spotted at her BabiesRUs store in Asheville, NC…

Baby Formula – 50% off

Baby Bottle & Feeding Supplies – 50% off

Personal Care – 50% off

Car Seats & Infant Carriers – 30% off

Cleaning Supplies – 40% off

Strollers – 30% off

Diaper Bags – 30-50% off

High Chairs – 30% off

Games – 60% off

Crayola – 50% off

Fisher Price Little People Sets – 40% off

Disney Dolls – 60% off

Little Tikes Sets – 60% off

Cabbage Patch Kids – 60% off

Imaginarium Toys – 50% off

Apparel – 50% off

Rugs – 50% off

Shopkins – 40% off

Fur Real Toys – 60% off

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Comments 86

  1. hemaya

    Are diapers included ?

    • liz

      for the stores that are in NY, diapers, food and formula haven’t been included. They are still regular price.

  2. alissa

    Does anyone know if they still price-match during liquidation (in case I find items that are cheaper on Amazon…)

    • Me

      I would seriously doubt that they would. They aren’t taking coupons, etc. so I would think that price matching is along the same lines.

    • Jen

      The aren’t. I tried to price match the day after they said they were closing all the stores and she told me they no longer price match.

    • Deanne

      No, they will not Price Match. Also different locations have different prices, based on how far along in the liquidation process they are at.

  3. Kyliejay!

    Is this one of the originally closing stores or one of the second set?

    • Tricia5340

      I live in Asheville and yes, this is one of the ones set to close before Toys announced its full liquidation. I was told this store would be closed by the end of the month.

  4. Kraftykim7

    Wow! Mine is still at 10%!

    • Natty

      Mine too. Tbh it was not a sale!

  5. Kat

    Wow where is this Store!!! I went to a local one here in NJ and they were 5 to 10% off !!! Wow

    • Bethany

      Everything 5-10% off in WV too 🙁

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Hi Kat! This store is in Asheville, NC 🙂

      • Irene White

        The Asheville store does not have these prices. Most of the store is at 10% off, and an employee said they are planning to stay at the current discount prices for a while. There is only 1 Toys’R’Us in Asheville.

        • Angela (Super Saver Sidekick)

          Hi Irene! This is the Asheville BabiesRUs Store! We have added a note for clarification!

        • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

          Oh darn! SO very sorry for the confusion! Thanks a ton for catching that! These items were actually found at BabiesRUs. We are updating the post now!

  6. Dee

    Same question…where is this store, the ones around nashville still have baby food and diapers at original price and we were told they will not be marking those down.

    • Nathalie

      Do you know if BRUS in nolensville pk still open??

      • Jessie

        Yes it’s open til Saturday I use to work there….

        • Arlene

          Does the BRUS on Nolensville Pk, have the diapers, lotion, food and stuff like that marked down since they are closing Saturday?

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Hi Dee! These prices were found in Asheville, NC.

  7. Lesliee

    10-30% off in Sunnyvale, CA. Mostly 10%.

    • CherryBlossom

      Lesliee, thank you for sharing this info! Did you go very recently? Like today or yesterday? Just wondering if they have since bumped up the sales some more…

  8. Ann

    Went to store yesterday. Legos are 5% off, rest of the other stuff 10%.

  9. Michele

    Does anyone have any info on the stores in Michigan?

    • schneiderk

      went to the one in Okemos today. Everything is 10 percent off a couple things were 20. No good deals.

    • Jay

      Grand rapids …has only 5-20%….diapers and formulas excluded…

    • lyzz

      The Ann Arbor one was only at 20% off and they were one of the first to announce closing in January. Still excluding the diapers and formula from sales too.

    • K211

      Thanks for the question and all the answers. I am in Michigan too and seems it may be worth waiting a little longer to check out the stores.

    • Shana

      Saginaw was “Up to 30% off” two days ago with most items being only 10% off. Haven’t been back since. All of the high priced tech (xbox, Apple, etc) was already sold out.

  10. abby

    Houston Texas 20% on clothes and 10% toys

  11. alicia

    It says that location only

  12. Nate

    At 70% off TRU/BRU would then be competitive with online stores.

  13. Cobregon

    The sign is deceiving because it says 30% off and then you into the store and it says 5% – 10% off most things. Fine print says up to however much off! What a rip!

  14. Joanna

    Location at Exit 13A off the New Jersey Turnpike in Elizabeth was up to 60% on just a few toys. Clothes were 30% off. Still too “rich for my blood”, but better than most I guess.

  15. Tina

    Wasted trip. Only 10% off, max 30%. I will be calling before going from now on. Diaper, formula, detergent, Legos and it feels like half the store is excluded from discount. Even though As soon as you walk into the store it says “nothing held back”

    • Matthew GOOTS

      Problems arise trying to call because if your able to get some one to answer, then you end up with one of the few people who don’t care anyway and they are rude and hang up, now why are they closing again? Lol

  16. sabrymarie

    where is this at because ours excludes formula & diapers. and everything is
    only 10%🙄

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Hi there! This store is located in Asheville, NC.

  17. Yasmin

    The whole thing is s sham. They jack up the prices and then write 5%, 10% or 20% off. The only thing 30% off are the gift packing and it is once again prices raised. It is clear that Toy r us are doing a misleading and misrepresenting marketing campaign. They should be sued.
    If you don’t want to sell at a reduced price, then don’t mislead the customer. It is a waste of time going to Toys r us, especially the Lewsville one

    • shell

      I think this advertisment is a scam. no stores are 70 or even 40% off

      • katrina

        actually some are. just depends on where you love. my babies r us is at 70% off, but it was one of the ones to close for the first set. my toysrus is up to 30%.. also if you read the sign it clearly says “up to” before the %. which has always meant not everything.

    • Jervine87

      Really? Sued?

    • Crystal

      I’m laughing because you aren’t going to get much from suing a bankrupt company. 😂

    • jennine

      If you mean liquidation company are crazy then, yes. But like loans sometimes they are needed. They do the increase and are in charge of discounts at this point. This is normal for any liquidation.

    • Rochelle

      Right, Crystal? 😂 I think the indignation and entitlement in these comments are hysterical.

    • Anoverio

      At some point when there is no brick and mortar stores to go to then what will happen is online will monopolize price and there then won’t be any competition. Target and Walmart can’t carry all that the toy category has to offer. Also going back to regular price then starting the discount is 90% of the time what the banks tell them they must do during liquidation. There are rules and regulations the loan company gives them.

    • Starla r

      No prices have been changed at all… they are the same as they were before thus all started.

  18. Luna

    Our store in SoCal is also still at 10% with formula and foods excluded. Even at 10%, there were so many people in our store with their carts full of things. There was a lady in front of me that purchased $1800 worth of stuff that day! ….there are definitely better deals elsewhere!

  19. Kay

    Same. Just got back from a store that had signs up to 30% but everything was only 10% off retail! And no food. Well have to check back much later..

  20. Ashley

    Anyone know how much baby alives are now

    • Bee0619

      My store has them 40% off 49.99

  21. Bee0619

    They have a guy outside our store with a sign that says up to 60% off.. yeah nothing in there was 60% off except Christmas items lol prices are still way to high for me.

  22. Carolyn

    This is one of the original store closing stores. I have one of each near me. Actually the store that is closing in five days has signs posted for up to 80% off but I didn’t see anything for that much.

  23. Tara Broadway

    Ive heard that some stores are jacking up the prices then reducing them. And what price is on the label rings up $2 more at the registar and they say their registers are making the mistake. REALLY. I’ll wait till its really 50-70% off

    • Matt

      Every liquidation is like that Kmart just did it the same way they out prices where the market calls for, then reduces from there. Like if mattel says a hot wheels should be 1.29 and Wal mart blows them out for. 89 or. 99 anticipation of selling a bunch, well then toys r us won’t compete with that. They reduce from the suggested retail price. And note that they owe the large companies like hasbro and mattel big money, so those toys are probably some of the last to be reduced.

  24. aviva ostreicher

    Anyone know if toys r us in nanuet ny what the sale percentage is up to?

  25. Susan Avila


    • Amanda

      By chance have you checked the west side one? They were scheduled to close in April. Went to the one off gateway today and nothing.

  26. Tiara Draisey

    I wonder if AG will be on sale.

    • Alli

      My store had American girl 10% the first day, haven’t been back since.

  27. Shoppingfan

    It’s not like TRU can set the prices. Once they hire a liquidation co, the prices are set by them based on the amt of debt TRU is trying to clear out. Anytime a company hires these ppl, everything is up to them… dates the sale changes, discount amts, etc. it’s really sad but it’s the way they get their cut too!

  28. Rita

    North Miami Beach 10 to 30 percent on SOME items, for last two weeks.

  29. Rita

    North Miami Beach 10 to 30 percent on SOME items, for last two weeks.

  30. Gunbunny135

    Mobile, AL mostly just 5-10% off.

  31. J

    My store in OR is advertised as up to 30% off, but most items are 10%, and quite a lot of items are excluded from the sale. They are not accepting any coupons. I spent $12 on 2 smaller inexpensive items that had a unique style that I couldn’t find elsewhere. Everything else I can find at Amazon, Target, or Walmart for better prices, but it was worth a look.

    • Ana

      Which one in OR?


    All stores are difrrent prices bc one bye me is 10 to 15 off

  33. barbara

    Florida Brandon area…5% legos off almost all other items 10% off board games 20% off and 30% off party supplies

  34. Juma

    I just decided to google liquidation process wow very interesting reading. Some things I read about I had already suspected but some stuff I wasn’t aware of. If anyone is interested in getting a little more insight on the TRU deals I would research a little bit on liquidation’s and what red flags to look for. Just google How does store liquidation’s work. Happy shopping and good luck on finding some good deals.

    • Jodi ann

      Hah, i just did that after reading your comment.. You are right very interesting read!!!

  35. mommyx4

    We went to ours and it was 10% they should just say the wont charge taxes but prices are al marked

  36. Bryant

    Most of the stores are only at 10% off right now. Word is that the prices won’t hit 70%+ off at most locations until the end of June/July. I’ll wait until then.

  37. Sharon

    At nearly every store that goes into liquidation the prices are raised before the so-called closing sales start. Worse one I ever saw was around 25 years ago at a store when they had the nerve to mark a single tube of Crest toothpaste up to $7.xx and then offered 10% off! No thanks! Even the recent Kmart closings had everyone in the store commenting on the higher prices that had been jacked up from their original high prices. Why don’t the stores just conduct their own closing sales and keep these middle men out of it?

  38. Samanmali Navaratnarajah

    Rochester MN toys r us only had upto 20% off for most things.. Little people, furreal friends were only 10% off..

  39. Whit

    The stores that have greater percentages off are locations that were closing BEFORE the company announced that all TRU and BRU locations would be closing. This is why they are further with percentage. Another shoppers note: The locations DO NOT ACCEPT any coupons including manufactures, or any active TRU/BRU coupons. They will however accept any previously earned rewards dollars. However, the locations that are further along in the process (up to 60 percent and higher) do not accept rewards dollars. Also all sales are final no returns or exchanges so buyer beware. There are NO price matches, or price adjustments. In the beginning stages of the liquidation process (before up to 40 percent signage) game consoles and diapers were excluded. Furthermore, each store is different with percentages it is based on product availability, and liquidator of that locations discretion. My location in NJ our liquidator usually increased percentage off every week by 10 percent until sales spiked and we stayed at that percent for an additional week. Also the sign states UP TO NOT EVERYTHING IS THAT PERCENT. For example, if it states up to 40 percent the items in the store will be between 10 and 40 percent off shelf price. NOT ALL 40! And final note, we will accept gift cards until the very last day, there is no deadlines. I tried to address all questions I receive DAILY as I am a head cashier at my store. People have been so rude since liquidation I just want to remind people that we are ALL losing our jobs it would help if people were a tad more compassionate or understanding.
    (fixtures will be available for purchase as well and can not be taken until store closes)
    I hope this helped.

    • Whit

      Also majority of Legos were excluded. Finally, management DOES NOT set any pricing at all. The liquidator set to that location is the one who handles this. We do not control any mark ups, or percentages.

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Oh wow! Thanks a bunch for all of the helpful feedback! Sure is good to know how this sale may work in each store.

    • Sarah

      Thank you for sharing! I had a question about the stores that were announced on the first list of closing stores and you answered it!

    • Irene

      Thank you for taking the time to explain all this.

    • Kari

      The Toys R Us by me had the gaming consoles 5% off. Also, they’ve ended their rewards program and aren’t taking reward coupons, according to their website.

  40. CherryBlossom

    Our store had 5-10% discounts. The store was deserted. I called before going there and no one even bothers picking up. Basically, no one cares anymore, though I can’t blame the employees given the situation. What I wonder about is what will happen to all the unsold stuff? Clearly, no one is in a rush to buy the overpriced items at 5-10% discounts, which still makes them more expensive than the same items in other stores.

  41. Tammy

    I live in Ohio & our store is only 10% off. I was very disappointed

  42. Crystal

    I was able to find some good deals but you really have to look through stuff and then you have to check against walmart or target and amazon prices to see if you are really getting a good deal. I had to put half of the stuff in my cart back after price checking. If the price was only a few dollars cheaper then walmart I also put it back. I got disney Cars car with remote control and track “toys r us brand” for $7.00. I also got Zhu Zhu Pets – Hamster House Play Set with Slide and Tunnel for $8.00 with slide and tunnel and its normally $19.88 at walmart. I got the Bell Sports Mini Shell Front Child Carrier for $35 (normally $60 at target), Real Cooking Princess Cakes Deluxe Baking Set for $12.00 ($22 at target). I also got a few more things but don’t have my receipt with me.

  43. M

    Davenport, IA is mostly 5%-10% off. Some 20%-30%. People buying tons of stuff, but prices are still higher than Walmart, etc.

  44. Maddie sullivan

    Does anyone in AZ know if diapers are included?

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