Bye, Walmart Wednesday – It Was Fun, But We’re Ready For a New Challenge…

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All good things must come to an end, and so we’re saying goodbye to Walmart Wednesday (at least for now). We’ve had lots of engagement while doing this series (positive and negative), and it has been a blast sharing our favorite finds with you each week.

Before sharing our final looks, we MUST share the oh so adorable shoes we spotted for UNDER $5! 😍You seriously may want to make a beeline for the shoe department next time you’re at Walmart. They have so many new summer styles and the prices ROCK!

This week I didn’t spot very many new Women’s styles, but you guys – the kids shoes were oh so adorable this week. I mean, unicorn shoes! Could these be any cuter?

I also spotted kitty shoes with tiny fluffy tails on the back!

And foxes, sharks, dinos … oh my! These are all just $4.98. So fun!

Also, they’ve got adorable new styles of jelly shoes for girls in lots of fun colors!  I even spotted Disney Crocs knock-offs for just $4.98 (in-store only).

OK, now for our final Walmart Wednesday…

Collin’s Look..


Faded Glory Hoodie Duster 
Just $9 on clearance in-store
Or $8 online (regularly $16.94) – out of stock

Time and Tru Women’s Everyday Woven Tank
Just $6.44

Faded Glory Jegging
Just $5 on clearance in-store
Or $8 online
* I LOVE these… they are so comfy!

Faded Glory Memory Foam Elastic Scrunch Shoes
Just $9.97
These remind me of the super expensive Tieks!

Time and Tru Earrings
Just $4
*In-store only

Time and Tru Bracelet
Just $5
*In-Store only

Stacy’s Look…

Terra & Sky Women’s Plus Peplum Peasant Top
Just $14.97

Terra & Sky Women’s Plus Swing Tank
Just $7.97

Terra & Sky Women’s Plus Roll Cuff Capri Jegging
Just $14.97

Faded Glory Cork Slide
Just $14.88
*Out of stock online

Michelle’s Look…

ZANZEA Womens Cardigans Striped Thin Patchwork
Just $15.98

Time and Tru Women’s Short Sleeve Burnout T-Shirt
Only $8.88

Time & Tru Super Skinny Ankle Jeans
Only $16.94
-These are super soft and stretchy. Already in love with them!

Time and Tru Women’s Surf Moccasin Sneaker
Just $9.94

Long Bead Tassell Necklace
Just $4.88
*In-store only

Georgia’s Look…

Garanimals Raglan Tie Front Tee
Just $4.88

Athetic Works French Terry Shorts
Just $6.74

Wonder Nation Toddler Girls’ Jelly Basket Sandal
Just $4.98
*Purple only online, other colors in-store

Georgia’s Second Look…

Garanimals Flutter Tee
Just $4.88

Athetic Works French Terry Shorts
Just $6.74

Wonder Nation Toddler Girls’ Jelly Basket Sandal
Just $4.98
*Purple only online, other colors in-store

Here’s a look back at ALL the Walmart Wednesday styles! We’ve had a blast sharing these with you…

We need your help!

We’re looking for a new challenge to replace our Walmart Wednesday series. What would you like to see us share? Looking for a knock-off of an expensive item, or have a store that you avoid – let us know! But remember, we’re looking for a something that makes us work hard to impress you! 😎

Thanks for joining us each week for Walmart Wednesday! We sure appreciate all the comments and feedback.

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Comments 165

  1. Melissa

    An idea I want to suggest: a more minimalist approach. Are you aware of the 10 item wardrobe? Essentially everything you have mixes and matches.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      I really, really like this idea. And to be super honest, it would be a challenge for me as when it comes to my wardrobe, well…. I so don’t have a minimalist approach. 😳 However, it would be awesome and keep things so simple to be able to have 10 pieces that I can mix and match. I am so up for this challenge, so stay tuned…

  2. Melissa J

    I vote for Target Tuesdays (or Thursdays!). That’s definitely my top choice.
    Also love so many other great ideas others listed! I second the vote for date nights on a budget, but would really even more adore girls night on a budget ideas. Love the idea of unique volunteering suggestions and opportunities. Especially ones kids could participate in.
    How about a theme of things to do at home, like boredom busters??! Especially with summer coming up! I’d love that one and I bet a lot of others would too..

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      I love all these ideas!! Thank you! 🙌

  3. Christina

    If you want to do something community oriented, you could always volunteer at a food pantry. See the types of food they get and the challenge would be coming up with recipes using the food available. It’d be a win-win. Food pantry would be grateful for the help and readers would benefit with frugal recipes and the knowledge that others aren’t as fortunate. plus the pantry could offer your recipes to their clients.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Such a wonderful suggestion. Thank you! ❤️

  4. Meeshell2105

    Target Tuesday!

  5. April

    I vote for Target Tuesdays. Like to see a Spring look book. Or work attire.

  6. Alese

    Aw darn! I’ve looked forward to Wednesday’s just for these posts. I live in a smallish town where we don’t have many choices to go to visit for clothes. Our Kmart just closed so literally the only place left within 45min is Walmart. Thank you for taking the time to prepare these posts each week and showing us cute clothes we can get literally anywhere in the US. <3

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re welcome!! And thanks for the feedback. I don’t think Walmart Wednesday is gone for good, we may start the series up again in the next few months! 👍

  7. agh925

    Thank you! I loved this series! Can’t believe it was 12 weeks. That went fast! Maybe shopping for home goods or renovating a room with decor would be cool?!

    • Maria

      Yes, I think this is a great idea. I loved seeing the way Collin decorated her house on a budget.

  8. steph

    What about outfit of the day finds at stores like Ross, TJMaxx, Gabes…I find designer clothes there for great prices!

  9. CJ

    I will miss the Walmart Wednesdays! I loved them. I find Walmart easier and cheaper to shop at than Target and they clothes choices are improving so you can find cute outfits and you gals put together prove that!

  10. Jean

    I like the idea of finding less expensive dupes or versions of popular more expensive items be it makeup, clothes, handbags, grocery items, etc. Also, since it’s almost summer it would be nice to get ideas for affordable vacations or mini vacations, road trips and such.

  11. Q

    I loved this would be sad to see to it go.

  12. angeld001

    I vote for Kohls for the next challenge.

    • Samantha Register

      I second that!! I love Kohl’s,!

  13. Jodi

    What about JC Penny ? They have amazing deals when you use the $10/$10 coupons and even their $10/$25 coupons.

    • fran

      Yeah I love jcpenney and they have some great deals with sales and coupons

  14. S

    Your house always looks amazing. How about home decor!

  15. Lachelle

    I vote for either date nights or fun family teen things to do during the summer (without spending money).

  16. Kristen

    Target Tuesdays !

  17. shellytay

    I would love for you to feature Target. They have so many new lines of clothing. You could even get Mr. Hip2save involved and do some men’s looks, or your boys for boy’s wear. They have so many cute things for men and women!

  18. MAITE740

    I would love to see Forever 21 Wednesday! They have a lot of cute clothes and their clearance is great.

  19. Kristen

    Dinner Days ! Every memeber of the Hip2Save team makes the same dinner using the same recipe and ingredients. Then posts pics and their “tips” and how their families liked it. Nothing better than new tried & true recipes

    • Kristen

      Meal Mondays

    • Holly (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Ooh that sounds really fun!

  20. Colorado Amy

    I don’t understand the negative comments about Wal-Mart Wednesdays that I’ve seen the past 12 weeks. I think there have been more positive comments than negative, but if a H2S follower doesn’t like Wal-Mart or isn’t interested in the deals, they don’t need to read the posts or watch the FB live videos. I don’t shop at Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS, Macy’s, JCPennys, Aldi, Kmart, Dollar General, Big Lots and other stores that they post deals for, so I just don’t open those posts. I like that H2S posts deals for so many places to appeal to a wide range of people.

  21. Amanda

    I think a $25 outfit challenge would be fun. Could be from a variety of stores as long as the items fit the target price.

    • CJ

      LOVE this idea, Amanda!

  22. Coffeedrinker

    Maybe a post where we could share referral codes for Ibotta or other receipt scanning etc apps.

  23. Juju

    Home decor challenge- maybe once a month? or quarterly? I remember a great show on HGTV a while back, where they’d take a picture of a room (living room, kitchen, bedroom) from a magazine article, which means all the decor items in the picture are very expensive. Like the carpets are expensive, lamps and sofas very high end.) And, then you can do your own “Redecorating Dupe on a much lower budget” – so you recreate the same room as in the magazine photo, but on a serious budget! And you guys could post the links to the decor items from Target or Pier 1 or Kohls, and readers can order the furniture and decor items there. This was also the idea behind the show “The High Low Project.”

  24. Erin

    We just got a puppy, so I would love Waggin’ Tails Wednesday so I know where to find all the best pet food and accessories deals. Thanks!

  25. kidsia

    Oh no! Didn’t you just started this? Or did i discover it late? Even if it was easy for me finding things at store, at least i had an idea about nice pieces they may be around! I will miss it!!!

  26. Donna Ingalls

    My suggestions are :
    Putting an entire outfit together for $50?
    “Make-it Monday’s” -items from crafts stores like AC Moore’s or Michael’s

  27. Lily

    I’m happy with ALL your topics !
    Thank you for all u do!!!

  28. Kelly


  29. Debbie

    Dollar Tree dinners, everything purchased at Dollar Tree. (with recipes)

  30. london1020

    I vote for JCPenny for sure. I am always getting a 10 off of 25 coupon or a 10 off of 10. They have great deals and I would love to see what outfits you could put together with a coupon. For example, you use the 10 off of 25 and your entire outfit should reach just over the 25 dollar mark. After coupon a whole new look for about 15 dollars! That sounds like a challenge! (Maybe not including shoes) That might be just a bit crazy.

  31. Tanya

    I suggest Goodwill Wednesday. You can show how to thrift an outfit. Will we be able to find the exact same thing? No. However, you could show your followers how to piece together a decent outfit for next to nothing.

  32. kharpel

    How about affordable plus size finds? I am forever struggling to find cute plus size clothing that doesn’t break the bank.

  33. Jill

    I would like to see your team do something that would help to “broaden someone’s horizon” so to speak . Like a great book recommendation ,ways to volunteer, organization, cleaning tips, or how to have a positive response to something negative. You guys always seem so upbeat and kind and that’s the kind of stuff that really matters!

  34. Maleeta

    Thank you for all you do ladies, love this site for the great deals and reads alike. Looking forward to Wal-Mart Weds when it’s turn is up again. Keep up the excellent work!

    I personally would love to see some more “do good” posts. Such as a *giving back to your community with coupon deals. Or maybe a *low cost, or no expense involved way to help others in need in the community. Bonus if kids can be involved in some way too.

  35. Angie Hughes

    My vote would be for the top weekly meat bargains. It is so wonderful to discover a way to save on groceries. It is one item that is not a option. Saving $$ there, leaves extra money for mommy splurges…😉😉

  36. Corina

    I enjoyed WalMart Wednesdays & looked forward to them. It was a way I could actually go out and buy whatever articles of clothing you highlighted. And discovered their new brand and cute shoes. Target would be a good one as well. Not every town has one of those. (Hello, my town).

  37. Dawn

    I would love to see a room makeover from a store like Big Lots or Home Goods…including furniture. Everyone wants a nice cozy home, but need to save money….curtains, bedding, china, rugs, furniture etc….on the cheap would be great! Thanks for all you do and I really enjoyed the Walmart series!

  38. Becky

    Hi, I don’t comment often, but wanted to make sure to. I absolutely hate clothes shopping and have no fashion sense, and as a result will wear the same clothes for years until they literally wear out. I happened to see these posts not long after you started them. It was so helpful for me to see some examples of outfits that are a bit more “current” than I wear and at such great prices. I would never have ever tried on a pair of skinny jeans on my own, but after seeing the outfits and reading comments, I suddenly realized everyone was wearing them (that is how oblivious I am) and I figured I might as well try on a pair. I ended up getting a pair of jeans, a couple new t-shirts, a cardigan, and some shoes – I think nearly all of which you featured at some point. I’m sorry to see the series go, but I understand that doing this every week would be hard to come up with original outfits. I do hope it returns occasionally (maybe for a week or two each season?) Thank you!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Thanks for taking a moment to leave such sweet feedback Becky! I sure appreciate it! Super glad these posts have helped inspire you to grab some cute outfits on the cheap! You are SO welcome! 😉

  39. Wendy Agostini

    I just discovered this blog a month ago and wish you would continue to do this for Wal-Mart finds! None of the stores near me got in those jelly basket sandals this spring and online only had purple so I am so bummed out! 😢

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