MoviePass is Now Limiting New Subscribers to Only FOUR Movies Per Month

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MoviePass is changing!

If you’re a movie buff who’s been waiting to sign up for MoviePass in hopes of a better deal, you may be disappointed.

Their popular “see-a-movie-every-day-of-the-year” offer has changed. Now, new MoviePass subscribers who sign up, pay $9.95/month and will be limited to four movies per month. (You also get a free 3-month iHeartRadio All-Access trial for signing up.)

MoviePass previously allowed customers to pay $9.95/month, and these subscribers could watch one standard 2D movie every calendar DAY.

Popcorn and drinks anyone? MoviePass is now limiting new subscribers to four movies per month.

What does this mean for current MoviePass members?

If you are an existing MoviePass member, don’t worry! If you signed up previously under the old terms, you ARE still allowed to use your MoviePass every day. Only new customers going forward will be limited to these new terms.

Would you still sign up for a MoviePass subscription with this change?

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  1. hluna1977

    I got email today that stated we now have submit a picture of movie ticket when we check in .

  2. Danielle

    Glad I bought this for my husband before the change. I am not a movie goer. I’d rather wait for it to come out on DVD or blu ray, but this is great for his man dates. He said it was super easy to use too! Still seems like a great deal for 4 movies a month.

  3. Victoria

    They changed the terms for existing members too and you can’t see the same movie more than once anymore

    • Heather

      When did that change? I just rewatched a movie today that I had already seen earlier this month.

    • Linda

      Ugh! My app didn’t work tonight. So I Had to pay cash for my ticket. When I got home, I had to delete and reload the app. I did a test to see if it works for an eticket for Avengers. Now it says I’ve already seen it and won’t allow me to buy again. I was hoping to use it tomorrow. You are correct. It has marked other movies that I’ve seen and will not allow me to see the movie again. This is so frustrating. I never got the email with these terms.

    • Shelly

      I am furious about this and contacted them. How can they change the rules for those of us who bought a year in advance? I think that is wrong. I have seen a couple of movies multiple times with different people, and I don’t think it is okay for them to just suddenly change policies.

      • Michelle

        These were my exact words! It’s fraud! Everyone in my family bought one before the change and AFTER purchasing we got emails saying they had changed the terms on our current membership. I said I was going to call but hadn’t got a chance. I’m curious as to what their response was Shelly?

      • Justine

        yeah, that’s bait and switch. I guess it was too good to last… I’m guessing that theater companies saw it as a threat to their profits so they put pressure on Movie Pass to set limits.

  4. BunnyNW

    I’m happy and I have commented this on a different post about moviepass before. I have been a customer since 2012 and have paid anywhere between $20 and $50 a month over the years. While I was elated at the $9.95 price point I knew it would bring out the greedy people looking to scam and get more than their fair share. So I’m happy about the limits. I’m tired of people taking advantage and using everything as an opportunity to try and get rich quick. It’s that kind of behavior that hurts us in the couponing world too. How many retailers no longer accept printed coupons because of fraud and abuse? A few rotten apples do spoil the bunch.

    • Kelly

      How can someone scam this?

      • Adam

        The way it would work, is that anything could be rang up at a given theater, up to the maximum regular 2D movie cost. So some were buying gift cards or straight concessions. I get you aren’t supposed to do that, but the theater could have easily stopped that portion of fraud, though I have to think the theater employees were the main ones doing that, as that is who told me about it. They also told me MoviePass reps came into the theater to see how people were duping the system.

        Next they will ask for a copy of your license, then a selfie of you and the movie you are seeing every time you go. Wait, that would be illegal.

      • Adam

        And you could also see a more expensive movie (3D or IMax), and the theater would run the regular movie cost through on the MoviePass, and you just pay the difference. I saw several IMAX movie for $4 upgrade. No more of that if they need a ticket pic.

    • Jodi P

      How were “greedy people” able to “scam” Movie Pass and get “more than their fair share”? If someone paid the $10, and saw one movie per day for a month, that is none of the above.

      Were people getting more than that?

      • Adam Frye

        I just read an article and the CEO states the limit of watching a movie once is to prevent people who would scalp their ticket to popular movies like Star Wars, calling it a ‘cottage industry.’

    • Michelle

      I’m really confused as to how you could think anyone was scamming. People gave their money to Moviepass under the terms stated by MOVIEPASS that you could see 1 movie everyday AND as soon as they get everyone’s money they change the terms???? That’s a scam my friend.

  5. couponer

    Their business model even allowing only 4 movies a month and assuming 50% of their base sees 2 movies a month they operate at a loss. It’s a non sustainable business model.

    • Scott

      You are correct the days are numbered without concessions from the chains with discounted prices for which they have zero incentive to offer.

    • Comment

      I’m sure there are a good amount of people who subscribe and then don’t go to the movies at all — like gym memberships.

  6. Belle

    Oh wow, when did this change happen? 😮

  7. Maria

    Movie theaters make 85% of their profits from concessions, so they’ll be losing out because the Moviepass subscribers won’t be seeing Avengers 2 zillion times!

    • Bryant

      Trust and believe that Marvel fans with Movie Pass will still be seeing that movie however many times their heart desires. I have MoviePass and saw Black Panther 6 times and fully intend to see it a 7th time in theaters. Most hardcore Marvel fans choose to see them in IMAX or 3-D anyway, which isn’t supported by MoviePass in most cases. And movie theaters should really thank MoviePass. I used to NEVER buy from concessions but now that I have already pre-paid for the year with my MoviePass, I’m not paying the high cost of each movie ticket. I’m finding myself buying more concession snacks and not feeling guilty that I spent a ton of money.

  8. Sandy

    Not cool MoviePass 🙁

  9. Amanda M.

    If I buy movie pass, can I pre-order tickets online like I do now through Fandango or can you only buy the ticket in person?

    • Christy

      There are theaters with e-ticketing but you can only buy the ticket a) same day b) as its own purchase c) as a 2 d movie.

  10. desireegattis

    I was considering buying it just recently but now, forget it! It was a great deal and now only so-so. I’ll wait and get it on redbox.

    • Sara

      So so? $10 to see 4 movies is a so so deal?

      If you see 4 movies out of your pocket, you’re paying $40+.

      • marie

        yes…I’m thinking it’s still a good deal ($10.00 for 4 movies?) if I’m understanding it right?

  11. angie

    So this is per person ,correct.. because I have 3 kiddos

    • Holly (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Yes, it is per person.

  12. moesyk4

    Their terms of use have gotten pretty sketchy…basically they can change the terms of your subscription at any timenfor any reason, including limiting the number of movies and offering you a higher price upgrade on an unlimited account if you see “too many” in a month. They also state you give them permission to charge $25 if you don’t follow the rules such as using it to upgrade to 3d or imax, using a loyalty card, or trying to see a movie more than once (which is now in their terms, no more than once per movie). I don’t see anything about scanning tickets though.

  13. Shelby

    How can they legally change the subscription service you signed up for? I purchased because I enjoy taking my Grandkids to the movies but because of schedules I often have to see movies 2 to 3 times, so this subscription was perfect it was going to save me money. I could understand if the new terms went into effect AFTER my prepaid year but to change it after 2 months, is wrong. I also got an email about uploading a photo of my ticket stub, I’m fine with that, I’m not trying to cheat the company, I only want the service I signed up for…. If you really look at it, it’s false advertising on their part, we are “allowed” to see one movie every calendar day, but actually we can’t since you are now limited to only seeing each movie once.

    • Dawn

      ^^^THIS!!! 😕😕😕😕

  14. Sara

    I’ve been a MP subscriber for 6 years and was happy paying $30 a month. It has always been that you could only see a movie once.

    I can’t believe all the complaints about an already incredible deal.

    If you’re furious, cancel and go back to paying for each movie.

  15. Maggie

    Be cautious about prepaying for their service a year at a time unless you’re willing to lose what you paid — they lost $150 million last year. That’s not sustainable. Without huge, ongoing cash infusions — or a change in revenue modeling — they’re not going to survive. They’re trying to survive by selling the data of their subscribers. They mean for YOU to be the product they sell (and the movie tickets are just the “sugar” to get you to give up your data).

  16. ColoradoMamax5

    I usually can find promo codes when there is a movie I want to see (example- $12 in Fandango cash for buying 2 Gogurts or ziploc baggies). Go to the matinee ($5) or attend on a Tuesday at AMC theaters (also $5) and I can go to the movie and bring a friend for free. i wouldn’t buy this pass as it is not a good deal, imo.

    • Maggie

      Costco stores and AAA offices both sell discounted tickets too. And the tickets never expire!

  17. Bryant

    I saw on the app the message “You already saw this movie” and thought it was just a reminder. I didn’t realize it was telling me I cannot see the film again. That sucks. But I rarely see a film more than once in theaters. The only exception was Black Panther and I saw it in IMAX and 3-D anyway, so it didn’t matter. I’m not worried about that change. But they better not mess with my subscription and reduce my screenings. I love that I have the option to see a movie a day. Glad that I am not affected by this change – for now.

  18. Moni B.

    I think MP REALLYYYY messed themselves with their greedy ambition & unsustainable business plan. I was a an early subscriber who paid $30 a month, one movie a day, with no repeats allowed and loved it! I had to suspend/cancel my account when I moved abroad for a year, and when I returned & tried reinstating my account (the expiration date on my card was still valid) I was unable to because of all the new sign-up’s who flooded MP and made it impossible for me to reach them. I would’ve gladly subscribed for $30 again! MP should’ve initially lowered the monthly fee to a more reasonable, say, $19.99 a month, one per day. Their new 4 films a month with no repeats for $9.95 a month would be ok with me (I only saw 4, sometimes 5, within a month anyway) *IF* they didn’t restrict it to one movie a week. A $9.95 a month; four 2D movies only; each film spaced a min 24 hours apart; no repeats & only purchase at theater option would be fine with me *only* if you could watch your 4 movies in as fast as 4 days in a row or within 4 weeks. I think I’ll wait for the newly merged Cineworld/Regal to maybe offer their own plan of some kind. I’d be fine with loyalty to only one theater chain.

  19. Laura

    I have to say, I don’t want to see basically ANY movies these days, they are so bad. I keep thinking about signing up for this service but deciding against it. I get 5-10 free Redbox codes each month from my Tmobile Tuesday promo and I can never find a decent movie to spend my time on. Guess it is just as well. Not sure what everyone is watching these days, because most everything in the theater is not compelling.

  20. Dee

    They need to set limits on these types of things sooner or later. There’s always someone cheating the system and ruining things for others. I’d bet numerous friends and family members were sharing a single pass. It definitely makes sense to limit watching a movie only once per pass. Once a day to 4 times a month is quite a change though.

  21. Elle

    Apparently Netflix has been “losing” money for years as well but they appear to be flourishing to me.

    The movie theaters have been increasing prices for years. I can guarantee that ticket AND concession sales have gone up since MoviePass has been in place. The competition doesn’t like this but they can’t deny the numbers.

  22. Shawn Fath

    Well I just signed up for unlimited movies so they didn’t change it yet. There is 2 plans a 3 movie plan and a u limited plan

  23. Daniel Sampson

    I saw my first movie with the MoviePass in June,2018. I’m I consider a new member or existing member?

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