TWO Dozen ProFlowers Roses AND Vase As Low As $15.97 Delivered

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Through May 8th, hop on over to Groupon where they are offering up a voucher valid for $40 worth of ProFlowers for ONLY $15 and a voucher valid for $30 worth of ProFlowers for just $15 – no promo code needed!

Please note – the $40 voucher for $15 keeps going in and out of stock. So if you are not currently seeing it available to purchase, be sure to come back and try again!

There is a limit of 2 per person and you may buy 2 additional vouchers as gifts. The promotional value  will expire on July 1st, but the actual paid value of $15 will never expire.

Combine the Groupon voucher with current offers at ProFlowers to save BIG! In fact, my sidekick, Jennifer just scored two dozen roses and a vase for as low as $15.97 delivered out of pocket!

Just follow these steps to score a great deal on flowers…
  • Head here and buy the Groupon $40 ProFlowers Voucher for $15 or the  Groupon $30 ProFlowers Voucher for $15
  • Pay $15
  • Then head to, enter 30258667 in search box and add this Two Dozen Colorful Roses with FREE Red Ombre Vase to your cart for $24.99 (regularly $44.98)
  • Pick a delivery date – standard delivery starts at $12.99 but may increase depending on the date you select
  • Pay a care & handling fee of $2.99
  • Total = $40.97
  • Enter the Groupon Voucher Code in your cart under Special Codes (= $30 or $40 Value) Note that the Groupon code needs to be entered without any dashes. Make sure you view the voucher in Groupon to get the correct numbers.
  • Pay as low as $0.97 delivered!
Final cost $15 for Groupon voucher + $0.97 = as low as $15.97 for all!

(Thanks, Dee!)

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Comments 397

  1. jessica

    * so it wouldnt let me purchase through went through a separate page and order went through!

    • Brit

      Yeah, apparently Ebates didn’t appreciate the cashback on this deal. They have now been giving me hassles about it and wanting further verification. I’d recommend anyone using ebates to screenshot the page with the shopping trip #, before it takes you to the actual store website. Otherwise, ebates will claim the purchase didn’t happen!

  2. Michelle

    I just tried to order and it says the earliest delivery date is Tuesday, May 15th 🙁

    • Heather

      See my comment below.

  3. Janelle

    Just did this for my mom. It also gave me the earliest date of May 15. I will just call and say happy mother’s day, expect a delivery on Tuesday. She won’t mind a bit. Thanks!

  4. Lisa S

    I’m having trouble finding that bouquet. Is it possible that it sold out?

    • Lisa S

      Nevermind! I found it!

  5. SuperDawn

    What a great deal! I choose a little more expensive flowers – 100 Blooms of Peruvian Lilies with Lavender Scallops Vase and Chocolates for $29.99 and am having it delivered this Thursday! I’ll try to have my dad intercept the package so he can hide until Sunday! LOL I also had a bit trouble entering the code – wouldn’t accept at the last page – but like others mentioned I entered it at the first page where it went through fine. Ebates for the win! 🙂

  6. Tami Adams

    I just ordered and my delivery will be on Thursday or Friday. All you have to do is pick the delivery date then choose, date not chosen and it will let you pick your date. Yes, the fee may be a little higher but you could get it delivered to you and then hand deliver yourself.

  7. Sara

    If you haven’t joined ebates now is the time so you can get 30% back from your proflowers purchase! Also if you join using my referral link, you get $10 back on your first purchase! Here it is!

  8. Heather

    Also, If you want to save another 20%, leave the item unordered in your shopping cart. You have to have entered your email address at some point , so you would start the process of ordering but not complete it, or if you have an account and you’re logged in it should work the same. Wait a while, and you will possibly get an email from ProFlowers offering you 20% off to complete your order. I just did.

  9. Michele

    I got this voucher and I am sorry I did. It took 2 hrs for the voucher to work. I did not get anything extra and it ended up being 86.00 – the 40.00 voucher 46.00. Don’t try calling customer service it is only leave message which I did. I like Groupon and have gotten great offers not this one.

  10. Stephanie

    Thanks! I used this and spent an additional $2.53 towards the shipping. Went through ebates for both Groupon and Proflowers (where you earn 30% back!) so saved an additional $9 total! Feel free to use my referral:

  11. Belle

    Saw that folks were able to apply Groupon’s Student Discount– I signed up; however the discount didn’t come off at checkout 🙁 Anyone know what went wrong?

  12. KollywoodKutie

    I went through TopCashBack to get $5 cashback on ProFlowers because I didn’t know about shopathomes’ $18 cashback but TopCashBack was awesome (as usual) and matched the $18 cashback for me!! :DKu

    • Belle

      wow! That’s so cool of them!

    • Heather

      That’s awesome! I signed up for shop at home based on the comment I saw here, and I saw that there is a $10 sign up bonus. The $10 is not showing up in my account, but the $18 from ProFlowers is. Does anyone know how long it takes to receive that bonus?

  13. Amber DiMaria

    Never again, this took me for $57 🤬

  14. Megan

    wish I hadn’t bought this voucher, by the time my code worked the product was taken down and replaced with a higher price, not to mention it double charges for delivery! It was $80 for one dozen by mothers day

    • Holly

      Have you used the voucher yet? If not,

      Heather commented above about item: 30258674. Almost identical, same price and available for delivery as early as Thursday for standard shipping. I just purchased it and it worked. I had already purchased the posted bouquet for next Tues delivery before I saw her comment. So different items have different delivery dates – I’m sure based upon demand.

      Also search Mother’s Day and sort by price. There are a number of items $29 and less.

  15. Andrea

    I was quite irritated to see that the $40 option may be available again after I already settled for the $30 one. I had no idea this was even possible, but there’s an option on Groupon to trade in your purchase for another one. I was able to swap the $30 for the $40 deal with just a few clicks! Groupon rocks!

  16. Meghan Bykowski

    WooHoo!!! Thanks for the tip. II just purchased the $40.00 Groupon and bought the Two Dozen Colorful Roses with FREE Glass Vase. I had to have them delivered early on 5/10, but that was no big deal. Checkout total was $3.43!!! ($15.00 Groupon + $3.43 at checkout = $18.43 for 2 dozen roses delivered!!)
    Great tip to enter the Groupon code on page 1 and NOT AT CHECKOUT!!!! Thanks Again!!!!!!!

    • Tessa780

      I bought the $15 Groupon and had to pay $14 extra at checkout? For the same 2 dozen roses. Was your shipping free?

      • Heather

        If you choose weekend delivery, or on Mother’s Day, there is an additional delivery fee. The Hip2Save post doesn’t specify a fee for a particular delivery date, it just says that delivery starts at $12.99 and may increase based on your delivery date selection.

  17. laurie Gentry

    Make sure you check with your recipient to see if you receieved the correct amount of roses, I sent my 2 dozen to myself to give for teacher appreciation and I ONLY RECEIVED ONE DOZEN!! My confirmation says 2 dozen. I called and they were going to send out another dozen but the earliest dat ewas May 15th, which by then it was too late so they are replaceing with 2 dozen long stem roses. Make sure you check to make sure you are getting the correct amount of roses!!

    • Heather

      Thanks for the heads up!

    • Jessie

      Same, 2 orders both arrived with 1 dozen….shipping 2 replacements but wont arrive till May 21st. For price I paid its ok but still not happy.

  18. GotItTogetherish

    I did this deal twice!! Thank you so much!

  19. Gail

    I bought this based on feedback. It ended up being $18.34 as you didn’t show the tax in your example. I also had to call it in and go over everything again over phone since for some reason it did’t accept my Groupon code on line, but the customer rep was able to do it on her end. It took twice as long to order, but hopefully the flowers will be worth it as the price was good.

    • Kristin

      What an amazing deal! I used Swagbucks and got $20 back for ProFlowers and $1.20 for the Groupon! The flowers will be delivered Thursday, as any other day would be an additional shipping.

      • Kristin

        Whoopsie, Gail, I didn’t mean to reply to your comment. I’m a goof!

    • Heather

      Gail, what delivery date did you select? There’s an additional $14.99 fee for weekend delivery and Mother’s Day. If you selected a date with the standard $12.99 delivery fee, your total should have come out exactly what was posted. I goofed my first order, but I did the deal a second time, and my total came out exactly as described in the Hip2Save post.

  20. jen

    Wahoo best deal! The Ebates 30% cash back makes this deal even sweeter! Join here for an additional $10 bonus with your first purchase!

  21. Rebekah

    I used shopathome with this deal and got a $18 back, so I sent my mom free flowers

    • Heather

      I goofed my first order, but placed a second order through Shop at Home and was ecstatic that it made my order not only free, but a money maker. Only $2, but still. And actually it may have made me an additional $10 because to sign up for Shop at Home, they offered a $10 bonus, though I don’t see it showing up in my account yet.

  22. Brit

    Use ebates for this purchase. Living Social was a higher cashback amount $1.80 back when I ordered, combine with ebates for proflower website, 30% cashback, yielded me nearly $9 off. I paid $15 for the voucher, $4.84 in extra costs (that includes the addition of $1.99 card) minus the cashback of $1.80, minus the cashback of $8.48 equals a grand total of: $9.56 for 2 dozen roses, the inc ombre vase and personalized greeting card.
    If anyone would like to try ebates and save money, as well as help a single parent continue to strech their paycheck…please enter email: on the ebates website. Thanks and BIG THANKS to hip2save for being such a blessing.

  23. Rae

    Has anyone received cash back from Shopathome yet?

    Has anyone tried doing a similar deal through FTD? There is a $20 $50 voucher on groupon. And then shop at home cash back. But I’m not sure what shipping is like and if voucher will apply towards shipping.

    Input would be appreciated. Thanks

    • Heather

      What is FTD? The $18 is showing up in my Shop at Home account, the only negative is that it says I can’t cash it out until July 31st. But that may vary by member. With my final total being $15 for the Groupon and $0.97 on ProFlowers after applying the Groupon voucher, I made $2 because of the Shop at Home rebate.

      • Rae

        Thank you. It finally showed up for me too!

        FTD is another flower company. (I think I spelled it right?)

        Shopathome is showing $18 cash back for FTD. Was wondering if it would make for a nice deal paired with Groupon voucher.

        • Heather

          I saw the FTD deal, and I tried to investigate whether it would be a good deal. I’ve heard from another person that FTD is a better company in their opinion, and they may be, but I couldn’t find any arrangements for cheaper than about $45. And I’m not sure how much shipping is, but it might be a good deal if you don’t mind spending a little bit of money. With the Groupon, you’d probably get about 50% off your final total. My aunt received the ProFlowers order I sent and sent me a photo. They are beautiful, and I made money on the deal, so I’m too cheap to try the FTD deal now, haha.

  24. Courtney

    how do you get free shipping? it’s still trying to charge me $12.99 for shipping + the $15 I spent on Groupon.

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Hmm, Standard shipping does start at $12.99 + a $2.99 handling fee. Have you entered your voucher code?

    • Heather

      $24.99 for the flowers
      $12.99 delivery fee
      $2.99 handling fee
      = $40.97
      Once the $40 Groupon voucher is applied, your total should be $0.97. If you see an additional delivery fee, it’s because you selected a weekend or holiday which is extra.

  25. Dd

    Received mine today, not as fresh as I thought it would be and it’s missing 2 roses. Is this what you would call you get what you paid for?

    • Holly (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Oh bummer! I’m so sorry, were you able to contact them to let them know?

      • Dd

        I emailed them with a picture of the 22 roses. They emailed me back and wants to compensate me for another flowers of my choice or full refund. I chose to have another one delivered. Bec on the refund option it only states $2.99 which is the difference I paid them minus Groupon. So I opt to have the same bouquet delivered on Friday. I hope they don’t send me $2.99 worth of flowers. Lol. We’ll see. It did say they’ll send me same item.

  26. Lily

    My Mom got her flowers today and she absolutely loves them 🙂

    • Liza (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      That’s great Lily! Thanks for sharing how much your mom loved them!

  27. Jessie

    Heads up ordered 2 of these and both only got shipped 12 roses NOT 24!!!!

  28. Lisa

    Good luck guys! Hopefully you receive two dozen! I ordered 4 of these! Only one dozen, not two dozen is received! It clearly states TWO DOZEN! It looks so sad having only one dozen in the size of vase received! You shouldn’t have to call the recipients asking to count the amount of Rose’s they got! Luckily the vase is nice!

  29. Christina

    My mom got hers today. At first glance it looked like just a dozen, until she unrolled them carefully. There were 2 dozen, just rolled really tight together. She followed the directions and cut the stems and then arranged them beautifully into the vase. She loves them and thinks I spent a fortune! They are gorgeous and I would definitely buy flowers from them again. Thank you!!

  30. Susie

    Received mine today, and for the price, I think they’re fine. I will admit, if I had paid the original full price, I would be disappointed. The roses were nice colors of red, coral, and pink, but some of the roses had brown or damaged outside petals. No problem, I just plucked off the damaged petals. Also, the vase was not the advertised red ombre style, it was a plain clear glass. Oh well, a vase is a vase I guess. These were a treat for myself, but if I had sent these as a gift, I’m concerned they would not make the best impression. Overall, I personally wouldn’t order from them at full price.

  31. Lori

    I received mine today and was not impressed. Most of the roses had browning or torn leaves and it did not look fresh. Won’t order from them again.

  32. Christy P.

    We got two Groupons and did 2 different orders for my mom and my mother-in-love. They were absolutely thrilled! They thought the flowers were beautiful. We totally made their day. Thanks for sharing this deal. You blessed at least two ladies today. And we only payed about $3 more each, after the groupon.

  33. Heather

    The flowers I ordered for my aunt arrived today, and she absolutely loves them! She sent me a photo and posted about it on Facebook, haha. I made sure to ask if she received 24 after seeing others say they only received one dozen. She did indeed receive all 24. Groupon now has an $18 for $40 deal for ProFlowers, so with the shop at home rebate, they will be totally free, so I’m going to order some for myself. Hopefully those and the ones my mother-in-law will be receiving on Mother’s Day will be just as lovely as my first order.

  34. Vijays

    Got mine less than 24 hours ago and they’re already drooping. Followed the directions. Hopefully my grandmothers’ are better.

  35. Lilianna

    I am so disappointed with the arrival of these flowers. First, only 21 arrived. Second, they are all different lengths…like half the size in some of them…which makes for a terrible presentation. I had to cut the others down and then they were so short they barely extended over the top of the vase. The leaves were all chopped up, like a bug ate them.

    I was in Wal-Mart today…they have a dozen roses for $9.99…and man they looked sooo much better. I couldn’t help but to wish I had gotten them instead.
    Very disappointed. Anyone else have issues?

    • Sarah

      We had the same thing happen to us. At first I thought we had only received a dozen, because the shorter ones are wrapped up underneath the taller ones under the plastic. When I trimmed them, I didn’t realize half of them were shorter. so when I went to put them into the vase, they were too short. Had to divide into two different size vases. They have opened up and are looking pretty nice now. Mom was happy she said she got two bouquets, but I would have liked to have one big bouquet. Don’t know why they send them different lengths like that.
      Overall, I feel like they are worth what I paid.

  36. Savvy Mom

    Has anyone not received the ebates for the full amount?? I did this deal and it shows on ebates through groupon and proflowers, but I only received the money from groupon for .90 cents.

  37. Lisa

    Did anyone else have their Ebates cash back for this Proflowers deal taken away after it was already credited? I had over $30 in cash back and now all that is showing is the 90 cents for the groupon purchase 😡 So disappointing! 🙁

  38. Sandy

    A little late review but I am so disappointed with Pro Flowers. Half of the roses were way shorter than the others. I will never purchase from them again. Complete waste of money. Even though my Mom was grateful, I was so embarrassed.

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      SO very sorry to hear about that Sandy. 🙁 Thanks so much for taking moment to let us know about your experience!

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