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Why You Should Sign Up For TSA Pre✓ Right Now

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tsa pre-check

Hey! It’s Emily – one of the Hip2Save sidekicks! Today I’m sharing with you a frugal tip I recently discovered…

My boyfriend travels a bit for work, and I love the opportunity to go when I can. When I used to travel more in my college days, I remember paying extra to have priority access to security checks through JetBlue, because it was worth it to me to pay for less of a headache.

Fast forward to now  – Here’s where TSA Pre✓ comes in.

I heard about this program a couple of years back but thought nothing of it (mainly because I didn’t think I’d use it enough to justify the $85 charge). That said, about 2 weeks before a recent trip I remembered this program and thought, “Shoot, maybe I should have signed up for that pre-check thing…”

I know I’d be cutting it close since the timeline was so short, but I decided to go for it anyway.

Here’s what I did and why I’m recommending it…

Step 1: Apply online.

Sign up for the TSA PreCheck with an easy online application.

It’s really as simple as it sounds. The online application took me a total of about 3 minutes. I was a little concerned because I figured I had missed something — it was just a little too easy. The payment wasn’t even required upfront!

They did note on the application that individuals with a history of crime and/or felony should reconsider applying, given the limited chance of being approved for the program. The $85 charge is non-refundable, even if you don’t get in.

With my clean record outside of a couple of speeding tickets (they’re from my college days… I was young and free!) I proceeded on with the application process.

Step 2: Schedule an in-person appointment.

tsa pre-check — schedule in person interview

This step will automatically generate after you submit your online application. The location options will vary based on where you live. I thought I would have to go to the airport to do this and deal with the traffic and parking fees, but nope! The location it populated for me was a small identity services office in a nearby suburb.

Since I submitted my application on a Friday, the earliest appointment slot was for the following Monday. I had 13 days until my flight, so I was hoping time would be on my side.

Step 3: Show up for your “interview”.

tsa pre-check — finger scan at interview

Don’t worry, this is NOTHING like a job interview and more of just a confirmation that you’re a real person. In my interview, which took a whopping 2 minutes as opposed to advertised 10, they pretty much confirmed the info I put in on my application and scanned my fingerprints.

They did also ask for my social security number — though it is OPTIONAL. I was told this helps expedite the process. So yeah, I gave it to them, with the assurance that only the FBI has access to that info.

This is also when I actually paid the application fee. It set me back $85, but it’s valid for 5 years. The way I look at it, even if I travel once per year and go through security twice (on the way there and the way home) that’s only $8.50 to jump to the front of the security line each time — that’s less than I was paying to jump the line with JetBlue. Totally worth it.

Step 4: Play the waiting game.

tsa pre-check — waiting for acceptance into program

The man who conducted my “interview” was super helpful and told me that it generally takes about a week from the completion of the whole process to receive my KTN (Known Traveler Number) if I’m accepted. Cool, I’ll have my number in time for the trip!

I was surprised and thrilled when I got my KTN only 3 days after that interview via email — half the time they said! Two days after that, I got my KTN in the mail as well. I’m really into the TSA’s policy of saying things will take way longer than they actually do!

Step 5: Update existing boarding passes and save the number for future trips.

tsa pre-check tip — airplane landing

I already had my flights booked, so I logged into my Delta account to update my boarding pass with my KTN (I feel really cool saying I have a KTN). I also saved a picture of the number on my phone in case I needed to show it again at security.

Hip Tip: Check out these clever 5 ways to save BIG on your next vacation!

Now, here’s a fun surprise…

tsa pre-check tip — waiting at security

When I got to the airport with my boyfriend, I was grinning because I knew I could breeze through security and leave him in the dust (we’re competitive like that). I made my way toward the TSA Pre✓ line. However, my snarkiness backfired when he told me he also had a TSA Pre✓ number on his boarding pass — it was mine!

I was a bit confused by this, but after talking to TSA customer service after the trip to see if my KTN would cover both of us next time we travel, the agent told me that prior to our trip, TSA was able to review my boyfriend’s flight history (since he had his Delta frequent traveler number on his ticket) and deemed him as a low-risk companion, thus letting him use the line with me as a preview to the program. So it was more like a free trial with the hopes that he may sign up himself. Unfortunately, this won’t happen on every trip so I may have to convince him to get his own KTN.

Here’s how this could benefit you!

tsa pre-check tip —passengers on plane

Whenever I have booked trips under my name, my TSA Pre✓ Benefits have been transferred to my boyfriend, though I’ve been told by a TSA representative that the shared benefits are meant as a sneak peek and this little “hack” won’t always work. However, it is guaranteed that children under 12 years old are able to accompany their parents in the TSA Pre✓ line as long as the parent has a valid KTN indicated on their boarding pass.

Whether you travel with or without kids, it’s a great benefit to not have to stress about being at the airport hours before takeoff. Does anyone else’s dad still insist to arrive at the airport 2 hours before seating begins, or is that just mine? 🤔

Another feature of the program? Set it and forget it. What that means is instead of having to pull out your bag of liquids and laptop from your carry on, you simply place your bag on the conveyor and walk through — WITH YOUR SHOES ON! Seriously, easy peasy!

Why your family needs to sign up for TSA Pre✓:

tsa pre-check tip — airplane landing

Don’t be like the McAllisters from Home Alone! Combine the skip-the-line and easy walkthrough aspect of security, and you’ve got the makings of one headache-free airport experience – especially when traveling with little ones!

All in all, I’m SO happy I applied for TSA Pre✓. My airport experience couldn’t be easier!

Even better, check out these credit cards and rewards programs that reimburse your TSA Pre✓ application fees!

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Comments 96

  1. HBee

    Thanks for the info. That Modobag would be trouble with me driving!!

  2. hdarling

    A Delta worker turned me to mobile passport and I used it as does my husband ( whom travels all the time) said it was faster then the pre check

  3. Dkp91576

    Even though you don’t take your liquids out of your bag do you still have to follow the 3 oz rule? Or were you able to pass a 5 oz through?

    • Emily (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      The 3oz rule still applies but it definitely saves some hassle not having to remove liquids from you carry-on in security!

  4. Judy Trac

    I actually spend time reading all that

  5. sherrie

    It’s great to have and my cost was reimbursed by my credit card. 🙂

    • Nora

      How? Do tell please?

    • Junbug


    • Karen

      Which credit card?

      • casey

        chase sapphire reserve does the reimbursement, I know that.

    • Emily (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      That’s awesome, Sherrie! What a great credit card perk 😀

  6. Belle

    Great information. Would the KTN also be helpful for international travel?

    • Tammy

      I’m wondering the same thing. We’re going to England in June.

      • Patricia

        Get mobile passport. It’s FREE online and will get you through passport s Curitiba way faster than folks who don’t have it. TSA prevheck doesn’t work on recently to the US, only mobile passport and Global Entry, which costs $100 and requires an interview that takes a LOT more time to get than the TSA bterview.

    • Sisi

      As I mentioned in few post you need Global Entry. It’s only $15 more expensive. You can google it for more imfo.

      • Helen

        Yes, do Global Entry for a it more and get Precheck AND intl skip to the front (US point of reentry/Customs). Worth it.

        • Sue

          If I get Global Entry does that work for domestic also or international only? Don’t want to have to get both unnecessarily. THanks.

  7. Leave

    We somehow got pre-check last time with flew and it probably took us longer than if we just went through regular security. We had 2 kids with us so we had snacks and baby wipes for them and was told to leave everything in the backpack and not take off shoes. I ended up having to take it out anyways and have it swabbed. I also ended up having to take off my shoes. No saved time for us. They were a little friendlier than regular TSA though.

    • Emily (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      I’m sorry to hear about your experience! I’m still new to the program and have only used it twice though I’ve been lucky everything went smoothly both times.

    • Sarah-Rene

      Yup, my husband said the same thing. I think most people has TSA now.

    • tinawall

      Similar thing happened to two of my coworkers when we were traveling for business last month. They somehow “randomly” got pre-check and so they went to that area while I went to the regular line since I didn’t randomly get chosen for pre-check. They didn’t have to take anything out of their carry on bags but they only got through at about the same time I did in the regular line. They said the pre-check line was as long as the regular one that I was in. They were not impressed!

  8. Robin

    Is it wrong that I was hoping for a huge discount code in this post? lol I thought about getting one of these when they first started but didn’t feel like forking out the high cost just to not wait in a line. I’m glad I didn’t because after moving, the local airport that I use all the time for work NEVER has a line at security. I mean 5 people in front of me is a busy time for them. It’s wonderful. On my return trips, I get to the airport really early so I can hit the bar, so rushing to the airport on the return trip isn’t much of an issue either. I travel about once a month for work and I would consider it if they drastically dropped the price.

    • Sisi

      There has never been a discount on this one but many travel credit cards cover the cost. It’s technically Global Entey but that includes TSA Pre-Check.

  9. todd

    My wife, 9 year old and I are flying this summer….so we’d have to pay $85 x 3??

    • Jean Duecker

      Your 9 year old can travel with you. Does not need KTN

  10. Wehaf

    If you live outside a major metropolitan area you may have to drive a pretty good distance for your interview; we have an airport 20 minutes away, but they only do interviews a few times a year. We had to drive to a security center over an hour away. But it was absolutely worth it to me, because Pre-Check travelers don’t have to go through the body scanners. According to this article from Scientific American, those scanners have not been shown to be safe, and many doctors have concerns about the possibility that the high-frequency waves they use may contribute to skin cancer in people prone to it.

    • Kate

      I don’t think this is true everywhere. The last airport I went to the pre-check line still went through the scanners, so I wouldn’t count on this. However, the scanners are always optional to everyone if you are willing to go through the oat down instead.

      For me pre-check hasn’t been worth buying becuase 80% of the time I fly out of really small airports that don’t have the option for pre-check or airports that have short security lines and I would only save 5 minutes with pre-check. I am tempted though the few times I’ve been at Chicago OHare.

  11. Sisi

    If you travel abroad I would suggest you get Global Entry. you pay $100 but you get TSA Pre-Check as well.
    Many travel credit cards actually cover the cost of it. It’s good for 4 years.
    Also as mentioned above if you travel in a group the chances are the rest would get the TSA pre-Check.

    Many travel credit

    • Amanda

      NEXUS is the cheapest, only $50 and includes both TSA Precheck and Global Entry and kids are free.

      • LS

        Hi Amanda – According to the Department of Homeland’s website, NEXUS does include TSA precheck … but doesn’t include Global Entry. 🙁

        • Amanda

          I use it for Global Entry all the time. Its says so right on the homeland security website: under NEXUS Program Experience “Expedited processing at airports and land borders when entering the U.S. and Canada.
          Includes Global Entry benefits.”
          It include both TSA AND Global Entry

      • Deb

        My son and DIL just did the Nexus applications. They travel to Canada frequently for family and it really expedites the border crossing. It IS good for Global Entry and TSA. All for $50. Young kids are included under parents. They said the procedure was fairly quick but it helped that they are close to an interview place. Based on their experience that’s the one I will choose.

  12. Irene

    Frequent Flyer tip: For only $15 more at $100 you can get Global entry which INCLUDES TSA precheck and makes traveling in and out of the country a breeze by skipping the long custom lines!

    • Emily (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Great to know, thanks Irene!

  13. Belle

    Great! Tho at my airport, they sometimes just crowd ppl from the Pre-Check line back into the front (ish) of the regular line. So those folks still had a bit of a wait vs actually getting to the very very front of the line 🙁 Guess this might vary per airport tho!

  14. Terry

    There are actually 3 programs that seek to make getting through airport lines more expeditiously. TSA Pre Check ($85 for 5 years) will expedite your getting through security lines at your departure airport, but it’s of no help when getting back into the US from an international flight, nor does it expedite going through customs. Mobile Passport (free) will expedite your getting through immigration when returning from an international flight. However, Mobile Passport is of no help getting through security lines at your departing airport or in getting through US customs upon your return from an international flight. Global Entry ($100 for 5 years) provides expedited passage through security lines at your departure airport ( like TSA Pre Check); expedites your getting through immigration when returning from an international flight (like Mobile Passport but different lines) and expedites your getting through US customers screening when returning from an international flight.

    • Emily (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Thank you SO much for detailing all of this Terry! I’m going to pass this info on to a friend who will be traveling out of the country soon — much appreciated!

    • Cassandra T White

      Thank you!!!

  15. Danielle

    My teenage son and I recently did this, and just used it on a trip this past week. It was so nice. My son and I don’t pack light, and it was so nice not to have to remove tablets and the fluids. My son and I are starting to fly more and more so this is totally worth it.

  16. Amanda

    Emily lives in Buffalo, she should of gotten NEXUS!! Nexus is only $50 for 5 years and includes TSA Precheck AND Global Entry. PLUS, kids are free! So my husband, myself and my 7 year old all got NEXUS for $100 total for 5 years. GLobal Entry would have cost us $300 or TSA, $170 for the 3 of us. If you live by a land border, NEXUS is the only way to go!

  17. Lue

    As a very frequent traveler, I can tell you that TSA pre-check saves me a ton of time in MOST airports. I have the GOES (Global Online Entry System) card and it does cost a bit more, but does include TSA precheck. When coming back into the country, you use kiosks instead of standing in the eternally long line. The kiosk asks you a few questions, scans your fingerprints, takes your photo and you are finished.

    Another benefit of TSA precheck is NOT unloading your backpack. TSA has a new rule that in the regular security lines, you have to take out anything larger than your cell phone; that includes your kindle, tablet or ipad, laptop etc. With TSA precheck, everything in your back pack stays in your back pack. No unpacking your small liquids. No removing your shoes (unless they alarm). You may not find it beneficial if you only travel once or twice a year, but if you travel more often, it really saves time and hassle.

  18. melanie

    so- one person signs up, gets screened, pays and then they add the other just because lol what a joke

    • Jaime

      My husband has it and I don’t. The majority of the time, I don’t receive the benefit and we have to wait in separate lines 🙁 occasionally I get added too. We travel 1-2 times per year.

  19. Mel

    We have been preapproved for awhile now… but thinking the prescribed lines may soon be just as long….

    • Mel

      …pre-approved lines. Ugh. I should have read it before posting!

  20. Aj2

    I just wanted to add that there are times the
    pre-✔️ lanes are closed, this has happened to me multiple times during busy holiday flights, but I was told I could show my boarding pass with my KTN to an agent at the regular security checkpoint for the expedited screening. Also add another person commented there were times the pre-✔️ check line was longer than the regular Security line however I still chose the
    pre-✔️line as it moves more quickly since you don’t have to remove your shoes, jackets, belts, laptops or bags with travel toiletries. So it may look longer but you’ll still get through faster in 9 out of 10 cases. I’ve had it for roughly 4 years, definitely feel it’s worth it. 🙂

    • Emily (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Thank you for sharing your experience! I’ve only used it twice and feel like it was worth it so I’m looking forward to making the most of the program for years to come!

  21. Foggogs

    If you plan on doing any international travel, Global Entry is $100 and includes Tsailing precheck for domestic flights too.

  22. Rob

    Worth it not to get my crotched grabbed! My last flight, got pulled aside to go thru the full body scanner. I forgot to take money out of my front pant pocket (no clip, just bills), but then got patted down with the old crotch grab. I wasn’t allowed to go back thru the line instead because my carry-on had already been scanned. Homeland security was recently able to get 67 out of 70 banned items thru TSA security on a undercover test. They failed to detect explosives and weapons in nearly every test conducted at dozens of airports across the US.

    • momo

      My 60yo mother got pulled aside groped her and check every closed seam on her clothing! What a nightmare -_-… my brother got pulled aside after they told him the baby powder formula he was carry had a suspicious substance (but didn’t tell him exactly what it was). He had 3 kids with him, 5,3,1yo. They asked him if he wanted to be patted there or a private room, with his kids present he elected public patt, they patted him, he was let go, and formula was ok to board. He said they almost missed their flight! So dumb-_-

  23. Drea

    Just a heads up if you are a federal employee or active duty military you do not have to go through this process. You just opt in and within 24 hours you are clear. Plus it is free!

    • Emily (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Good to know, thank you for sharing that info, Drea!

    • Lusa

      Drea, could you elaborate, please? Opt in where if a DoD employee?

      • ecroston

        Lusa, I commented with the website for DoD Federal Civilian Employees below!

        • Lusa

          Got it, and thank you very much. I just did it. Thank you for providing that information. We’ll see if it works next month!

  24. Roeseeohh

    If you’re active military you can put your DOD # from your CAC as the KTN & get free pre check. I did it a few times & once I forgot to & when I checked in with my military ID they gave me pre check at the baggage counter. I’m not sure if dependents (spouse) will get it too, but you can try. This was about 2 years ago. I got out & because my husband is still in, they gave me a dependent card & the check in ladies were the rudest I’ve encountered ever.

    • Emily (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Sorry to hear about the recent rude check in experience! That’s very interesting about active military simply using their DOD# as a KTN — how easy!

    • ecroston

      Civilian contractors with a CAC card (and/or security clearance) do NOT get free pre-check, unfortunately. However, If you are an Eligible DoD federal civilian employee, you can opt-in via using your CAC card number and get pre-check for free.

      I just got my pre-check, two weeks ago. Even with a CAC card and a security clearance, I still had to do the whole process. I signed up online on a Monday and had an interview Thursday morning in a city 30 minutes away. The interview took all of 7 minutes and the woman told me if everything went fine, I’d get my number in 3 days. Exactly 3 days later, I got an email with the KTN # and was able to enter it into my corporate travel agency. Super easy! Wish I hadn’t waited so long to do it.

  25. Brittany Roberts

    You can TSA pre check free with Chase Sapphire Reserve card. Not to mention a $300 yearly travel reimbursement, free airport Lounge access, and TONS of bonus points for singing up for the card:

  26. Danielle

    I have it and it is glorious. I travel extensively, three to five times a month, for work and it is a heck of a power move to just stroll up like a boss to the front of the line. Also, my airport is very small so the line is always absurd and it really cuts down on the waiting dramatically. I also travel abroad several times a year and it’s only like fifteen bucks more for the global entry.

    • ecroston

      Ha – I think we are spirit animals! I just got pre-check, mainly for work, because I travel 1-2x/month and I’m totally looking forward to the “like a boss” part! Just need to rack up some more miles so I can upgrade myself to first class =)

  27. Toni Potts

    I have global and pre checked. I fly 8-10 times a year. Lately it seems like pre Check is as long if not longer than normal tsa lines. It’s nice to keep the shoes on and liquids in your bag.
    My kids 14 and 16 fly with my number.

  28. Jenna

    My husband doesn’t have TSA pre but I do. If he is on the same reservation number as me, he gets it too – every time. Same has happened for my sister (who has TSA pre) with a friend who does not.

    • Jaime

      Unfortunately that’s not our experience. I’ve only gotten it a few times. The other times I had to go in the regular line

  29. NN

    This is very interesting info, especially as I might attempt traveling solo with two toddlers internationally in the near future. I’m trying to make sense of this, please chime in if you have the info. So Global Entry is $100 and includes TSA precheck, while TSA precheck by itself is $85. TSA precheck allows kids under the age of 12 to accompany you. Does Global Entry allow the same? Also I live in Boston, would I be eligible for Nexus, what is Nexus and does it include all the benefits of Global Entry including accompanying kids? Thanks!

    • Lue

      I got the GOES card (global entry) for both of my kids when they were minors (I think my son was around 11 or 12 at the time). Each GOES card is attached to the applicant’s passport in their data base. You don’t have to bring your GOES card with you when you travel, just bring your passport (which you would be doing when you travel outside the country anyway). It was very handy when we traveled to Mexico and the Caribbean and didn’t have to stand in long lines coming back into the USA.

      I used to live in Washington state and NEXUS is fabulous for driving in and out of Canada quickly in designated lanes, but I never used it for flying, so can’t help you there.

      • NN

        Thank you for your input, Lue!

  30. Sara

    We have TSA pre check for almost two years. It has been working great for us. We paid the price of two for four people ( husband + me + 2 kids). Getting through security check point Usually takes less than 15 minutes. One time I was able to get to the departure gate from airport parking lot in about 10 mins, including the shuttle ride. American Express Platinum, Chase Sapphire Reserve, and now United frequent mileage credit offer reimbursement for the fee.

    • Emily (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      That’s great, Sara! I’m so glad it’s been working out well for you and your family!

  31. Kellis

    Those who use nexus- how long did it take to complete the application process start to finish? I’d like to apply but closer to my flight so I can maximize my 5 years. I’ll also be doing this for my family.

  32. Evelyn

    American Express Platinum will reimburse you for the Global Entry fee of $100. I signed up and after the initial online application was approved, I went to an interview at the airport (but I believe there are other locations) and had my fingerprints scanned. I received my card in the mail and it’s good for 5 years. All in all, it took about 3 months from beginning to end. Even though I don’t travel too frequently, I appreciate having it and heck, it was paid for by my CC. 😀

    • TraceyR

      Thanks for the info about how long Global Entry takes; I have an overseas trip planned for later this month, so guess I’ll wait to apply if it takes 3 months.

  33. Penny

    Thanks for all the information, definitely something to think about. It seems great if you get it reimbursed

  34. Penny

    We tested this tsa pre check once. My son and I had free pre-check, my husband didn’t. We all got through security at the same time.

  35. Heather

    The last couple of times we flew, the lines for TSA precheck were just as long as other lines, and once even actually took us longer as we watched someone behind us decide to go for the regular line and they got through before us! Maybe depends on the airport or the time of the year (Christmas break).

  36. Deb

    lol… my father-in-law drags my poor mother-in-law to the airport close to THREE HOURS early so they can get checked in!!! We just shake our heads…it’s pointless to argue 😂 As for the pre-check option… for our family of four, with kids ages 12 and 14, we’d pay $85 per person? And then we’re all good for 5 years? That’s totally worth it!! (And hey, maybe if my in-laws sign up they’d only go 2 hours early instead of 3!)

  37. patti hall

    We attended TigerFest in Detroit at Comerica Park in January 2018. We enrolled with Clear for their free trial, apparently, that signed us up for TSA pre check. We recently traveled to AZ last week and both of us breezed thru TSA pre check screening with no waits. There is a CLEAR line at some airports that you can upgrade to and just use your fingerprint to get thru security. This will supposedly work at getting you into ballparks and arenas around the country too.

    • Dkp91576

      As per the lady at my ball game sign up, which by the way is amazing for bobble head giveaway days when there are long lines, Clear gives you 3 free months at the airport but after that it is $179 annually.

  38. Cassandra T White

    This is all useful information. Thank you!!!!

    • Liza (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      You’re so welcome Cassandra!

  39. acgold

    I am a very frequent traveler, both domestic and internationally. I signed up for Global Entry years ago when it first started. It works great- if you don’t have luggage! LOL! You get through immigration in a few seconds, but you still have to wait for your luggage to come through. To renew, you just have to do it online and it takes about a week to confirm. At LGA in NY, they often send “regular” flyers through the TSA Pre line. You might as well be on the regular line. You do still have to go through the scanner.

  40. Holli

    I love my tsa number. I have a 2 year old and love to go back home to visits family and I’m able to get through the line so much faster. Before I would have to undress my child now if he has a sweat shirt or jacket on he just walks through. Plus I pack a the right size luggage so I don’t have to pay for luggage at all and I just pull one behind me when pushing his stroller and his I put underneath his stroller and off we go. I’ve had it for about 1 1/2 years now and even if it was 150.00 I would have gotten it. You really don’t know how good it is until you have tried it. I have had to open my bottle and have them checked and some other small things but come on. We all want to be safe on an airplane. And I know ever airport has there own rules it seems to be a lot because tsa checks are all different. I will always keep mine.

  41. Kelly K.

    Just a tip….I had to go 3 times as they kept asking me for more items. Make sure you bring EVERYTHING you can think of. Birth certif, marriage liscence, liscense, social security card, passport, etc…

  42. Betty T

    I’ve got TSA Pre Checked sometimes when I fly, but never signed up or paid any money for that.

  43. Pat

    Word of warning. The name on your birth certificate must match your drivers license. If you are married and changed your name then you need to take your marriage license too. I forgot mine and had to make 2 trips to the TSA office. Double check all of the paperwork required. The TSA International pass is $100 for 5 years, you need a valid passport, it includes domestic travel. You can not upgrade from the $85 one to the $100 one,

  44. Crystal

    TSA PRE CHECK is aamazing!!! Just to add some airports have pre ✔ lines periodically closed during non busy hours such as international terminal concourse F at ATL Hartsfield international Airport their hours are 6:30-9:30 am and 12:30 to 5:30 pm ( only concourse F)

  45. LInda

    We used my TSA Precheck last week in Austin, TX and also in Salt Lake City, UT. My teenager automatically got TSA Precheck because I booked his flight with mine (he didn’t sign up for TSA Precheck). The Austin airport didn’t have TSA Precheck, so they did make me take out my liquids, and they did swab all of my snacks. Stupid, I know. But I did get bumped up to the front of the scanner line, which saved a few minutes. At Salt Lake City airport, it was awesome! Went through TSA Precheck sooooo quickly! Amazing!!!!! Totally worth it!!!!

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