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Amazon Prime Yearly Membership Fee Increasing on May 11th

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Buy a membership before the price increases tomorrow!

Effective tomorrow, May 11th, the price of a new Amazon Prime Yearly Membership will increase from $99 to $119 per year – darn! 😩 This means you’ll now be paying an extra 20% per year for your Amazon Prime benefits.

If you have an existing Amazon Prime Yearly Subscription, your cost for renewing will increase to $119 starting June 16th.

On the fence about a membership with the price increase? Here’s why we love Amazon Prime:

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Comments 90

  1. Julie

    I just called Amazon to try and renew mine (mine expire end of September) and they said they cant renew it (I wanted to pay now and then my prime would go to September of 2019) they said no I cant do that I can cancel my prime and start over but then I loose all the months that I have left on this year which is 4 months- no refund available)..

    • Wonderjules

      That’s jerky. You should be able to cancel but keep the remainder of your current membership. Especially when they have you pay yearly not monthly.

      • simonsays

        Totally agree!!!

    • Wonderjules

      *jerky of amazon!

    • Tricey

      Julie perhaps you can buy a gift for prime usage later.

      • Wren

        Hmmm…So I’m wondering if I can ‘gift myself’ another year of Prime at the lower price to kick in in a few months when mine expires…

        • Deb

          You can gift it to yourself and activate at end of your membership

          • SJ

            Interesting. Is there a time limit for this “gift” membership to be activated? I might end up doing that wiggle jiggle flim flam since my prime doesn’t expire til late Oct.

        • Susan H

          Thank you for the reminder! My subscription runs out the DAY after on June 17th as I am already a prime member. When I called they would not renew it the day before to save me the $20 increase. I have spent a small fortune there, including a $1400 computer recently, you’d think they would extend that ONE day courtesy. So anyway I just bought the subscription with my amazon CC which earns back 5% and saved myself the grief and extra money.

    • Tricey

      I have done it in the past as well. I activated after I was done with the previous membership. I do this as well with Norton virus protection when I find it really cheap on amazon. I save the subscription and activate when needed as it never expires.

  2. Michelle

    If you are only using your Amazon membership for “free” shipping, you may want to start reconsidering. I was doing the math the other day. I have ordered about 15 times in the year. Only about 5 of those times was my total less than the $35 minimum that is required for free shipping WITHOUT a Prime Membership. That means, I paid $20 per order for “free shipping” Could have easily add another $20 worth of items those times to meet the $35 minimum or paid slightly more for those items elsewhere. I just feel like so many people are not really doing the math for these “deals”.

    • Rachelle

      I completely agree Michelle as it no longer seems like a value any longer. There are too many stores that offer free shipping or free same day pick up where I live so I won’t be renewing my Amazon Prime.

    • Angie

      I never thought of it that way, Michelle. I do seem to buy a lot that require $25 min to ship so I keep things in my cart to help reach that amount. It is annoying.

    • Rebecca

      I don’t only use it for the shipping, but it is the main thing I use, other than Prime Photos. However I order WAY more than 15 orders a year lol. And the vast majority are well under $25, or whatever the threshold is. So definitely worth it for me. Even if I could get everything for free pickup at a local store (I couldn’t), it’d be worth the frustration & travel time it would save me.

    • Maggie

      It’s not even really “free” shipping any more — they raised most prices to fold the cost of shipping into the item. If you regularly price compare other sites, Amazon’s items with Prime shipping are almost always several bucks higher in price — you are PAYING for the shipping that way!

      • Rebecca

        I compare every time I shop and that’s rarely the case.

        • TLatesummer


      • Jane

        No, that is not really true. It is free shipping. I price match and Amazon is constantly as low as or lower than other online and big box retailers. That is the main reason I buy so much. They also adjust the prices constantly to match other retailers. I order single items to get the digital credits, and most things I order are $10 or less, so with 80 orders in the last 6 months I’m pretty sure I am getting my money’s worth. That being said if you only order 5 times a year, you may want to cancel.

  3. Becky

    It sucks but I’ll pay it. $10 per month for shipping and I buy a lot of stuff plus do sub and save. So worth it to me.

    • AJ

      Can you not do S&S if you’re not a Prime Member? I’ve been one for so long I don’t even know anymore.

      • jen-CT

        I do s&s and I don’t have prime. Love it for pet treats, cat food, and slow cooker liners 😊

    • Staci

      I let my membership expire and I can still do subscribe and save.

    • Becky

      Good to know! I wasn’t aware you could still do it as a non-prime member!

  4. SayJay

    I love Amazon. What industry or product doesn’t go up in price occasionally? I understand they are making money, but they provide great customer service, free 2 day shipping to and from in addition to music, movies, PrimeNow, Subscribe and Save, Amazon Pantry, discounts for flowers at Whole Foods, and other things I don’t personally use. I can’t imagine not having Prime. All throughout the year I get small gifts to load the gift closet for w/ free shipping. Most recently my FAVE powder foundation was on sale on Amazon for $13 ($25 at Ulta) and with a $5 no rush credit I paid $9.xx with tax.
    Can beat it. I love me some Amazon!!!

    • Lori

      SayJay, just curious, what is your FAVE powder foundation?

      • Maggie

        Lori, check out Laura Geller’s Balance N’ Brighten baked powder foundation. Her website runs 50% off specials a few times a year, and that’s a great time to take a flyer on trying something new!

        • Jodi E.

          I like Laura Geller’s Balance N’ Brighten baked powder foundation too. I’m not a liquid foundation person. I’ll try other foundations and always go back. I try to hit the sale time or sometimes I can get the foundation in a kit on QVC.

          • Lori

            Thanks Maggie and Jodi E. I’ll definitely check it out. Liquid foundation is just too greasy feeling for me in our humid summer months…and seems to worsen my rosacea.

    • longgleggz

      I agree with SayJay!

  5. Carrie

    It sucks because membership is taxed for me. I was already paying around 119 iirc. Darn

    • Lori

      Me too!

  6. Laura

    It’s still a savings for me but I bet the free shipping threshold will go up as well. It did when it went from $79 to $99

  7. jen

    Still worth it for me, we use Amazon video and Netflix as our main TV source, we also use Amazon photos and music on top of free shipping, still worth it to us.

  8. Courtney

    Bye Amazon! I will not renew. I’ve noticed an extra shipping charge losses from offering 5.99 prime membership/mo

  9. Jess

    I changed mine to a student right before my renewal and ended up getting a free 6 months and then half off the next year … looks like I’ll be a student for as long as possible lol

    • je

      You can have student for a max of 4 years I think. There’s a limit, just not exactly sure what it is exactly, but it’s in their terms. I used to have student too until I passed the limit.

      • katiy

        My son has to send in verification that he is a student. Fyi

  10. kahila

    is the student prime going up too? if so do we know the new amount

    • JulieL

      I was wondering that, too. I have not heard anything about Student mentioned with the regular Prime increase information.

  11. je

    Yay! My membership renews on the 22nd so I get the $99 membership for another year. The increase is still worth it to me though because I do take advantage of the other things that are offered to Prime members like movies and music, but I agree that if you’re only a member to get free shipping, it’s not really worth it as there are many other retailers that provide free shipping nowadays.

    • Jenn

      I was just told that mine will not be renewing at the $99 rate. I also am due to renew on June 22. I asked about the June 16 thing and the 2 people I spoke with said no that is not the case and there is nothing they can do about it.

  12. Polly

    Does anyone know if you can get the unlimited music without a prime membership? I currently have both but wasn’t sure I could continue if I didn’t have prime .

    • Rebecca

      You’ll pay more for it without Prime.

  13. Rebecca

    I realize $119(plus tax for most of us) is not chump change….but it’s once a year, for many benefits. Most people waste a lot more than that. I could not eat out for 2 weeks & bam, have saved enough to cover Prime for a year.

  14. tina

    In the past I’ve asked amazon to give me a credit for the difference between my prime membership price from when I first started with them and the price that it is now. They have given me the credit.

  15. Susie

    Well, let’s see….Child #1 starts college in the fall so instead of renewing my Prime membership in Nov, I’ll just sign her up for the free student account. Which means the price of our Prime membership jumps to $20,000/yr. 😂

    • Lisa

      Lol Susie I’m in the same boat as you!

    • Mima

      😂Best comment ever! I have a college student too and was just thinking about that.

    • Mom411


    • Rebecca

      Love that! I have one starting in the fall also.

    • riss

      Hahahaha! We have 2 in college, the older one is graduating in 2 weeks. Only one has the student Prime, and we just all share.

  16. Shelby

    Whew, mine renews on Wednesday. Dodged that bullet for another year.

  17. amanda

    We’ll be renewing despite the increase because I easily save that $120 a year by shopping on Amazon. We save 20% on diapers/wipes alone, then our other subscribe and save items, and just those little things that we need quickly but don’t want to make the 30-60 minute drive to the nearest store to find.

  18. Helen

    I’m so confused by the comments about gifting a membership, isn’t everyone’s membership going up in June regardless of your renewal date? Even new memberships? Mine is up in December so are they just charging me the difference in June, the extra $20? Or am I paying $120 when I’ve only used 6 months of my memebership as of June? Wow I’m confused lol!

    • Danielle

      My understanding is that when it comes times to renew in December, you will then be charged the $119 for renewal at that time.

  19. Kylie

    I too am very confused.I contacted Amazon and I received no satisfactory answers.I pay the membership fee,but also have a monthly charge for amazon digital(I don’t even know what that is) as well as other strange charges.I order a few small things every month,but have never gotten 2 day shipping or credit for no rush delivery.Their customer service is the worst,they never give answers or explanations.I don’t use the movies,music or any other service.I hate that they do not provide invoices of monthly charges and what they are for while stores have no problem providing it.I never know when my order is really going to show up so someone is home ALL DAY so my theiving neighbors don’t make off with my box.Their products are way over priced and I spend 3× more money than going to the store.BTW,what is S&S?

    • emma

      Subscribe and save. You save $$ each month for reirdering items you commonly need to replenish

      • Kylie

        Oh,what a dope I am.I have subscribe and save for the few products I get a month.Thanks!

    • Rebecca

      Amazon digital is how my music unlimited is charged. Or if you buy a game, song, movie, etc

  20. emma

    I did want to point out one thing… I called their CS today to ask some questions about this. I spoke to the nicest girl and she answered everything. Please don’t take it out on the CS staff when you call to ask about this. I did at first out of frustration and felt bad at the end. I recently read that they only pay the CS staff $10/hr to start and they don’t receive a discount on their prime. A lot of them can’t even afford it themselves, just something to keep in mind. This is definitely something they can’t control but unfortunately are hearing all the complaints about it

    • Shaq attack

      Yes, as someone that works for the company, I can tell you that we pay the same amount for prime as any normal customer. I can tell you this though, my orders come sometimes before the expected ship date. I use prime music and stream movies. It’s well worth it

  21. Kylie

    Off the subject,but does anyone have any experience with Jet?

    • Hippy

      Yes, I just received my order of lodge cast iron items. Beautifully packed, arrived within 3 days, much less expensive than amazon or retail stores and I’ve been a prime customer since the beginning.

      • Kylie

        Thank you Hippy & David

    • David

      I ordered a compact (European style) washer then a dryer from them about 6 months apart. Good service and fast shipping.

  22. Frances

    AMAZON is taking over the world … just get used to it lol lol don’t fight it lol

    • Jose

      I’m gonna fight it by not shopping there much. I’ve been able to buy almost everything I need without Amazon because I support stores in my community.

      • Kate+4

        Uh oh Amazon cops r gunna hunt u dwn after that comment! LoL

      • Marie

        Me too. My local stores are disappearing.😪

  23. Lexie

    I haven’t paid for prime since November 2016. I do a lot of shopping on Amazon for my classroom and home. If a package ever takes more than the 2 day shipping, I contact CS and they usually extend my prime for an additional month.

    • Rebecca

      I thought 6 months is the max you can get extended?

      • Lexie

        I did too but checked this morning to see when my renewal will be up and it said 11-16 was the last time I was billed. Not gonna complain. I’ve also gotten a $10 credit once when I complained about slow shipping.

  24. Mari Jo Thompson

    What1found on line to help getting prime cheaper.


  25. cara

    Im not happy with the price increase but will renew. I feel we still save so much. I buy most bulk groceries on Amazon. I do S&S and use coupons with it. I am saving Costco membership (which I have cancelled) and gas.
    Would be good if Costco will give free $10-20 amazon gift card for those who will renew.. that I would kind of a win win situation.

  26. Cynthia

    I switched my account to a student account since I have an edu email address and was actually refunded the difference of my regular prime and student prime – which was about $82 for me since I just renewed in Feb. Prime student outs good for 4 years or graduation whichever comes first – I put down I expect to complete in 4 years. This will at least hold me over for that long. Note: prime student is also increasing from $49 to $59 annually but still cheaper than regular prime with the same benefits – something to think about if you have an edu email address. Also in the contract us search section I just typed “switching to student prime” for the steps and followed the steps, the refund processed automatically and all my Prime account stayed the same – just confirmed the edu email with a link sent by Amazon.

  27. Melani

    I just received an email saying that although my Prime doesn’t renew until June 27, it will still renew at $99, and will increase to $119 on June 27, 2019.

    • Suzanne

      Just this morning I got an email from Amazon saying the same thing. I won’t have to pay the higher price until mid-2019. We keep Prime at this point mainly for the Prime tv. We all have shows and movies on there that we love. It’s worth the $9.92 a month to us just for that.

    • Rebecca

      Mine renews in November & right now still says it’ll renew at $99.

      • Lexie

        Mine says this too. I didn’t get an email though.

  28. heather

    I let my membership expire a while ago and don’t even miss it.

  29. Kingc

    I received an email saying my membership wouldn’t increase until 2019

  30. Workaholic

    I won’t be getting a membership. It’s been several years since I’ve had Amazon prime. It’s nice for those low cost purchases, but I always have $25 or more in my cart for free shipping. It’s not worth it because I’m not part of the Amazon system meaning I don’t depend on their services. I pay for my music through Google, watch Netflix, crunchyroll, and buy physical books through abebooks, or audible. They also charge me to return any items, including defective ones. I have to make sure I absolutely want what I buy because if not, it’s not worth returning if I lose half or more of the return amount. Also, the shipping takes 2-3 weeks, so the 2 day delivery doesn’t apply to me, and I don’t get credits for the no rush. I like Amazon prime but I can live without it.

  31. LC

    So frustrated with this but this service has become a necessity with my family

  32. Brooke

    Before canceling your memberships because of the $20 price increase, check your emails for one with a subject of “Important change to your Prime membership.” I got mine around 11am this morning and this email went on to say that it would not charge me the higher price for renewal until 2019. Here is the paragraph in my email stating this: “The price of the annual Prime membership increased from $99 to $119 on May 11, 2018. Your renewal on July 24, 2018 will be at $99. The new price will apply to your renewals starting July 24, 2019.”

    • Angibaby77

      We got it as well but ours doesn’t renew until Oct and they will charge us the 119. Maybe it depends on when it renews

    • Winnie

      I just got the same email. Ours was going to expire in august. Was not planning to renew during the increase.

      • Winnie

        Due to

    • MimDet

      Mine said the same thing! Reading details + dates correctly helps. 🙂

  33. Belle

    That sucks, especially since Walmart etc are now offering free 2 day shipping etc anyway. Seems like increasing the price doesn’t make them stay in the game much? :/

  34. Jen

    I am only allowed to buy an Amazon gift membership at $119. Anyone know why this is when the price increase isn’t supposed to take effect until next month?

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