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Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover ONLY $10 (Regularly $25) & More

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For a limited time, hop on over to where you can score select Dave Ramsey books for just $10 (regularly $24.99).

Here are a few deals to score…

Smart Money Smart Kids – Raising the Next Generation to Win with Money
Only $10 (regularly $24.99)
*Hardcover also available on Amazon for $12.86 or Kindle version for $9.99.

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Comments 51

  1. J

    I cannot say enough good things about this book. We are on baby step number three and it has been a true blessing to our family 💜

  2. Mouy

    Anyone know anything about the other books?

    • Alison

      I have Business Boutique. I haven’t read all of it, but the parts I did read were ok but not life changing. Not a bad book by any means but not amazing in my opinion.

    • Julia

      Highly recommend smart money smart kids. It really helped us shape how we are working with our kids and learning about money

  3. teamdrake2009

    Does anyone know how this compares to Financial Peace University?

    • Hillary

      This one is way better…

    • Christine

      Some years back my Credit union offered this course and I found it to be very useful, I’m not debt free (because that is by choice) but the course taught me alot, I started paying things off and making sure they were paid on time (unlike when I was younger). I know he teaches you about not using credit cards but in this day and time you can’t get anything without having credit, I have prided myself in getting my credit score up and now there is nothing I CAN’T get where as before I would be denied. I pay my cards off every month unless there is a promotional period and I make sure they are paid off by the time it ends so no interest is accrued. So all I can say is that he taught me things and I still use that knowledge today

  4. SJ

    Cannot STAND this quack.

    • C

      You are DEFINITELY in the minority.

    • Allie

      He has really changed our family’s lives in such a positive way! We have followed his plan and are so close to being debt free with money set aside for retirement and college.

    • Shelby

      Why do you say he’s a “quack”? I ask because I genuinely want to know, not because I want to start a disagreement 🙂

      • SJ

        Because if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck…it’s a duck. His garbage isn’t REMOTELY viable for people living paycheck to paycheck…my family has cut back & cut back & cut back & cut back…we don’t have Netflix, Hulu, or cable…we don’t even have our own internet. I’m *LUCKY* my neighbor is an idiot with an unlocked Wi-Fi. We’re down to one 19 year old car, liability only insurance with a high deductible…i go so far as to unplug the oven when it’s not in use and unplug the refrigerator every 8 hours for at least 6 hours and then plug it back in to get cold again. I’ve been able to get our electric bill down to $60 a month that way. We only shop at aldi, I bake all my own bread, and sweets, my outdoor patio is filled with pots and troughs filled with vegetable & fruit plants…lettuce, tomatoes, green beans, zucchini, peppers, cucumbers, brussel sprouts, strawberries, raspberries…cilantro, dill, rosemary, mint, chives… i can up the few things we don’t eat right away. I dry my own herbs. We have a timer for the shower and have a strict rule about letting the yellow mellow. We never run our AC and only run our heat in the winter when absolutely necessary. Luckily we live on the top floor so we get a lot of heat from the apartments below us, but we’re still always in sweats in the winter. We usually sleep together to stay warm, my family of 4. I’ve been trying to save up for 2 years to afford a sewing machine to mend our clothes more easily, but something always happens…kids get sick, tire goes flat, husband needs a tooth pulled because we can’t afford a crown! For our anniversary, my husband and I went to steak n shake and split a $4 meal and our kids got to eat free since it was the weekend, thank God…we take advantage of the library for movies & tv shows, we go to our apartment pool & have picnics in the park. We only go to our local children’s museum on free days. Our library offers reading times & a craft & snack time. We usually walk to the school for their free lunch program during the summer months. I’ll volunteer in the kitchen so I don’t feel like I’m a total freeloader. A local movie theater does $1 movies often but I always sneak in our own snacks. I feel like we still have a rich and full life…but if my husband or I get injured & are out of work for even a week, we’d be homeless in a hurry. But of course, we make “too much” for most social services…go figure.

        • Mika

          Hi SJ, I’ve been listening to Dave for a few years now and I also read Total Money Makeover and EntreLeadership and thanks to his advice, I’m two payments away from paying off my student loan. It looks like you’re doing everything you can you minimize your expenses but when this does not work, he usually recommends looking into ways to get more income. Since I started paying off my debt, I’ve also steadily increased my income and that included changing jobs. His program is challenging but completely doable, even for those who start out living paycheck to paycheck, and I know because that’s the position I was in when I started. I really hope that you give this a chance.

    • Jen L

      I definitely think the method of paying off one debt, using that to pay off another, then so forth is a great way to do it. It was actually studied as the best way to get out of debt. However, I don’t agree with everything he says since everyone’s situation is different, but the basics yes. I think one of the problems is that credit scores are just so ingrained in our world now a days. It’s used for jobs, insurance, renting, etc. I recently know of someone who was turned down for multiple jobs because of their score (and good jobs aren’t always easy to come by). Yes, there are ways to work around these, but it’s definitely not easy or for everyone. I’m a big advocate for women, especially stay at home moms, to have at least a decent score & a few bills in their name. Not to get all dark, but I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard women getting screwed when they’ve been unexpectedly hit with divorce. They then have to get a job, sometimes a new place to live, bills in their name, etc. Child support doesn’t always kick in right away, and I’ve known it to be a very long process for some.

      • Jen L

        But I wouldn’t call him a quack. Just some things I personally don’t agree with 100%. But I am curious as to why you say he is one as well. Also, not starting an argument. I just like to see different views.

  5. ResseCup

    Just went to the Business Boutique and volunteered at the Live Event and both were AWESOME. I’m on step one, replenishing and hope to have it completed by end of June and just on step two with two bills paid off. Fingers crossed I’m outta debt by 2025.

  6. Foggogs

    Love Dave! We became debt free, saved for kids college and are working on paying off our mortgage because of this book. Life changing.

  7. Gigi

    I love his methods too, mostly. I just borrowed it from the library. Good info.
    $10 is a good price.

  8. Nancy H

    Didnt know I loved Dave Ramsey until i started reading his books. Solid advice, makes sense, and it applies to regular ‘ol middle class families. Definitely made a difference for us – proud to say we’ve been working thru the baby steps with success!

  9. Denise

    These steps work!!! Been working at this for several years and mortgage will be paid off in two months with no car debt. If we can do it anyone can. The first year was the hardest but got easier as time went on. Hardest part was getting my husband on board. Today he says he would do it again in a heartbeat.

    • teamdrake2009

      This will be my struggle.

      • Denise

        Im hoping you can get your husband on board with you! For me i had him read the book than i was persistent. I think he finally gave up because he knew how important this was to me and for our family. It wasn’t easy but entirely worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. rockyroad

    I know a couple who paid off $36,000 in debt in a year by following one these books. Every year they paid a significant amount of debt and now they just recently bought their first home 🏠

    • SJ

      Ludicrous. I don’t even make that much in a year…

      • amy

        SJ you need to find other ways to make income to help you.

  11. MrsFelix1004

    Also look into Credit Secrets by Scott and Allison Hilton that is featured on a Larry King infomercial. It is an amazing program that honestly works!

    • Holly (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Love your story, Cortney! Thank you for sharing it with us!

      • Cortney

        Grateful doesn’t even describe it! You all at Hip2Save made Debt Free on one income possible!!

        • HBee

          Great story! God Bless you and your family!

  12. Christina

    We’ve been debt-free since 2014, thanks to Dave Ramsey and Collin Morgan! 😊 Even our mortgage is paid off!

    • Cassandra T White


    • Holly (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Yippee!! So awesome!

  13. Heather

    My husband and I have been following these steps for almost sixteen years. It has allowed us to aggressively pay off student loans, save for a down payment on a house, have a short term morgage. And just live financially sound lives. Utilizing his budget has kept us both on track and money has never been an argument in our marriage. We are continually being asked how we are able to handle money well. We have helped many friends and family members by referring them to Dave. So many lives have changed for the better even if we all have different takes on his principles.

  14. *Angela-Miles*

    I have nothing but good things to say about him! I do have one of his books and have read it. Great plan of steps. Although I don’t have any huge debt (only a small car loan) , I know that his advice and tips will be in the back of my head when I need it.
    He actually helped one of my best friends pay off almost half of her debt in a year and a half. She had quite a bit of loans and was very stressed about her money situation. She went to a seminar and has really changed her money habits and paying off her debt. 🙂 🙂

  15. Robrien

    We had been following him for several years, probably 10-15 yrs. We’ve gone through all the steps. Have paid off the mortgage. Pay cash for all 3 of our vehicles(2004,07 &,14). Have given away 2 cars. Son(22 yo) is applying the budget set up to his life. We are in our 40s and traveling all over. Living like we never thought we would. Freedom is fun.

  16. Laurie m Villotta

    I took his course at our church about 8 years ago. It changed my life. I am a single mom by choice to 2 amazing girls. I adopted them in 2004 and then again went back in 2008 for my 2nd. I am a nurse so do not make a lot, but before bringing my girls home I was working 60hrs a week. In a 5 year period of time I bought my first and forever home and redid the entire house. Think all trim, woodwork, doors, floors, siding, windows and a new roof. I also saved over $30,000 for each adoption in that time. I tell my story b/c anything is possible no matter what you make. I am frugal b/c I have to be so there have been some tight times financially, but always being debt free from the get go has been my #1 priority. After 24yrs of being a nurse I have doubled my salary into the 6 figures. I am now making more than I ever have, but I count every penny I spend. My gaol is to help my girls through college with little to no debt and pay my house off in the next 6 years around the age of 50. The thing about our life is that we are not materalistic at all. I am not looking for a bigger and better home, we have a car that is paid off and will drive it into the ground. We are content with what God has provided. We do not buy more than what we need and above all we love just being home with the 3 of us. We also have been able to travel a lot so we are making memories to last a lifetime. Being debt free has enabled us to give to others, travel and make memories. If I can do this anyone can.

    • *Angela-Miles*

      Similar thoughts, I’ve always had the mind set of being debt free from the get go as a top priority also. We are not materialistic either.! Some of my extended family is tho. I agree with you on the traveling and memories part also, spending time together is key. I specifically am so easy to please, doesn’t take tons of spending Lol.
      Luckily I was blessed by graduating college with no student loan debt. It definitely sets you out on a positive clean slate to start your life! Good luck to you and your daughter’s on your journey 🙂

  17. riss

    It’s so hard if your husband is not on board. I did the FPU years ago and I cant really get a traction, not if he’s not following the steps 🙁

    • dropofrain

      I so can relate. Same here: we took this course at our church but it was a headache to try to balance everything because my husband would “forget” to give me his receipts or tell me about his purchases. I eventually gave up because it was never ending battle 🙁

      • *Angela-Miles*

        My friend had the same problem with her husband. He was all over the place lol!! So she put down the hammer on him and started giving him an allowance. Sounds crazy but after an extended period of time he actually changed his money habits. She took the couple of cards they had together and kept his for 3 months. Gave him cash only and a list on what he needed/suggestions on what he could spend it on that week. Might have not been happy about it, but he survived 😉 . He then realized what he was spending lots of money on. They are past those problems now and she no longer has to monitor his every little spending because he makes better decisions.

  18. Melissa

    This is like the avengers movie, seeing all your superheroes together. Hip2save and Dave Ramsey are our daily bread. Thank you very much 🤗

    • Christina

      I love this! You are so right 😃

  19. couponer

    Mr. Ramsey definitely has some fantatic ideas, but no they are not 100% achievable for everyone. You take the concepts and apply them. to your life and your situation as best you can. My boss is a huge advocate of this program. The irony is he’s a cardiologist that owns his practice with 16 staff and came from a family with money. He had a jump start on financial peace. But some level of financial peace is achievable for everyone over time. Yes it’s going to be much harder for a family making less than $30k versus a family making over $100k but the concepts still work.

  20. Octavia

    Good morning everybody. 10 years ago this book changed my life forever! I am a signal mother and had struggled to pay bills and was going though bankruptcy. I have always been frugal, I coupon, look for the best deals, only buy whats on sale or clearance, go to yard sales every Saturday, I sell on eBay the things I find, I don’t run the ac or heat, no cable, I YouTube everything and do it myself. After reading Dave’s book I started making even bigger changes in my life to become debt free. I wanted freedom for myself and my daughter. Today I’ve paid off all of my debt bought a house which will be paid off in less than 10 years and have a little savings. My daughter will start collage early this year while also completing high school and I plan to make sure she has no to little debt to pay back by utilizing what Dave has taught me over the years. It wasn’t easy, u have to stick with it or it won’t work. If some of what he is saying doesn’t work for you then use what does. U won’t be sorry. I have read it several times. If u cant afford the book ur local library has the book and audio books. Whenever Collin tells u about the free trial for Audiable use it and u can listen to all Dave’s books but this is definitely the #1 book. I am a correctional officer and I have even recommend this book to the inmates. Can’t say it’s changed all of their lives but I’m sure it’s changed some. If u want financial freedom you want Dave Ramsey in your life! Good luck everyone!

  21. am

    We have paid off over 15k in debt since Jan on 1 income and raising 5 kids (3 are my sisters and no help) Our 2nd house will be paid off by the end of the year.

  22. Ann A.

    His Total Money Makeover book is life changing. We also took FPU class with our local church. We don’t actually follow all his teachings
    (we still have not closed our credit cards and still have savings left over instead of just $1,000 – waiting for fence to be fixed, and we are house poor technically according to him, life insurance is lower than recommended)
    but we follow most of his teachings and we are currently on baby step number two. It’s hard in this stage where we are constantly finding ways to make more money
    selling things, spending less, second job, etc. and it help us make a plan – we are scheduled to be debt free this October. I think it will be smooth sailing after. I normally listen to his Dave Ramsey app podcast daily to keep me motivated and to keep track.
    I suggest follow what works and comfortable with you and you will succeed with financial peace with a clear path.

  23. Sarah

    For those of you struggling with debt, student debt or mortgage debt, there is an app called Givling which is a “Force For Good” crowdfunding/trivia game that is changing lives! It costs nothing and you could win cash weekly (with a lifetime limit of $100,000) or eventually get your student loan or mortgage paid off up to $50,000. And it’s completely FREE!

    Sign up with my Invite Code: SG238814 #givlingcode #GivlingCode

    Simply download the app and start playing! You get two FREE PLAYS per day. (In most states you can also buy coins to play further games, but it’s not required.) The trivia game randomly teams you with 3 other players to combine scores and the highest score team at the end of the weekly period wins the pot and splits it 3 ways. This week the pot is $28,916.00!!
    Watch 3 ads per hour to raise money for the queue and to gain “queue points” which eventually can put you in the running for a $50,000 student loan/mortgage payoff.

    The people who run this app are great people from my home state who truly want to change lives for the better. The community that has built up over the last 3 years is a wonderful group of people. Join in the Force for Good!!

    #GivlingCode SG238814

  24. Joy

    We are debt-free house and everything (Baby Step 7) due to his program. Cannot recommend him enough. Check out his YouTube channel, podcast, & EveryDollar app.

    • simplywendi

      wow! congratulations Joy! so, so happy for you…………that is our goal…………maybe someday!

  25. Bunny

    Why is he not on tv anymore ??

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