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Starbucks has Raised Price of Brewed Coffee… Again

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starbucks raised coffee price again -- Starbucks Brewed Coffee

Déjà brew? ☕

Here we go again! Starbucks has once again raised the price of its brewed coffee by 10¢ to 20¢ at most of its company-owned stores in the U.S., with the last price hike being back in July 2016. Although prices will vary by location, the average price for a 12oz drink is now around $1.95 to $2.15.

The good news is that most of Starbuck’s specialty beverages, like lattes, mochas, tea lattes, iced coffee, Frappuccinos, iced tea, cold brews and Nitros, remain unchanged at nearly all locations.

If you’re a regular Starbucks brewed coffee drinker, will this price hike change your coffee routine – OR will you continue to order your usual?

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Comments 82

  1. Dave

    Boycott Starbucks and go to Dunkin’ Donuts. Better coffee anyway.

    • Rebecca


    • Dunk!

      Yes, after the last Starburnt rewards program change, Dunkin for me!

    • Sisi

      I actually really dislike Dunkin’ Donuts coffee.

    • Mary

      Agree but have to say that I am not a McDonalds fan at all (for the the most part) but the coffee there and a scrambled egg biscuit is delish!

  2. Lilmama1299

    I’ll still go. I’m not too worried about .10-.20. I don’t always order reg coffee anyway

    • riss

      Same here. Regular coffee, I brew at home. I go to Starbucks for my iced caramel macchiato fix 🙂

  3. Adam

    Learn to hate coffee, I’m surprised more don’t. Your wallet will love you.

    • Erin

      I’m not sure the coffee is why people go! I ordered a specialty drink and the barista asked if I wanted coffee in it. I said I thought it came with coffee. She said it does but she always asks because a lot of people don’t want it. I guess they’re paying for syrup, milk, and whipped cream. That explains all the kids walking around with calorie bombs!

    • amy111

      I would hate people with no coffee 😂, but would never to pay Starbucks prices.

    • 50ShadesofLipstick

      Shhhh…let people enjoy things.

      • MamaT

        Shhhhhhh………..ditto! If ya drink coffee, chugs to you! Do your thing!

        • 50ShadesofLipstick


  4. California Girl

    I haven’t been in Starbucks in over 4 years…Still waiting for them to get some organic options. 🙂

  5. Tassie

    I guess it’s better than smoking cigarettes! lol

  6. SaraJ

    I will still go to Starbucks.

    They treat their employees very well and I don’t mind paying a bit more.

    • k8

      I work at Starbucks and I couldn’t agree more!!😊😊😊😊😊

      • me

        at my target its the opposite, the people working over there its the worst people.. trash, they are not friendly at all. they bark at you when you order and almost threw out your coffee when giving it to you uuggg ugly worst than Walmart service. and they look like they are not happy people working over there I hate them bad service, I wish a had a number to call on them

        • Stace

          A friend of mine is a manger at Starbucks. He told us the ones inside target and grocery stores are not managed by Starbucks. I don’t know if they get all the perks of working for the stand alone stores. It may explain the employees attitudes. 🤷🏻‍♀️

          • Mary

            Nothing would explain bad customer service. They are being paid for a job that they took and said they would do. If they hate it so much quit and find something else to do, or go to a real Starbucks and get a job. I wonder how they would react if they got the same kind of service. that they dish out.

        • AZ

          That’s not a Starbucks issue though…that’s a bad customer service issue. You can complain to the manager if it’s really that bad.

  7. Cortney

    Cut my Gold Card up a couple of years ago! Haven’t missed their overpriced burnt coffee for a single day! If I have a craving for a sweet blended drink, McDonald’s Frappe hits the spot for only $2 – Plus way better rewards for free drinks! Discovered the Aero Press and an espresso brand, Café Bustelo, I love more than anything and brew that at home happily any day over stopping at Starbucks.

    • runnergirl838

      Agree on McDonalds coffee! They’re definitely eating into the coffee market and rightfully so! Good alternative

    • Kay Smith

      Yes, been drink Cafe Bustelo for years now

  8. Laura

    I like McDonalds coffee – any size $1 – plus after 5 purchases – the next one is free.

  9. LC

    Ever since I got my Keurig, I prefer to
    Make my coffee at home. Less than .29 and it’s exactly how I like it. Starbucks only for special occasions or if there’s a good deal

    • Miriam

      Totally agree! I’m not hating on Starbucks, but aside from an occasional treat, it’s just not worth it in my opinion. Lots of other ways to enjoy great coffee!

      • Sue

        I agree Starbucks is not worth it.

    • Pamela Morris

      I agree. I purchased a Keurig 8 year’s ago and haven’t spent a dime in Starbucks since. I can make any drink at home that they serve for pennies on the dollar.

  10. Pumpkin1

    I use to only be a Starbucks fanatic, but Mc Donald’s has really stepped up their Mc Café game. I love their coffee and their Turtle Macchiatos are so decadent and I never fear the price like I do at Starbucks. They also have a ton of coupons on their App for drinks.

  11. Joan

    Gave up Starbucks a couple years ago. Their high priced coffee is the reason I no longer order a cup of coffee when we eat out. I refuse to pay $2.50 to $3.00 for 5-6 ozs of coffee. Starbucks drove up the prices.

  12. Lindsey

    I have been a Gold card member since 2008 and I feel like they just continue to go downhill. Gold card benefits aren’t nearly what they used to be. I ordered a drink the other day via mobile order an added a shot of espresso. It used to cost $.50, but now it went up to $.80. So beware if you like to add shots to your drink, those have gone up too! 🙁

  13. Cara

    I enjoy Starbucks because they’re usually the only place open when I leave for work in my city but when I have options such as local coffee shops, I like to give them a shot. I’ve found so many cute shops that sell homemade goods when I’m traveling. I’ll still frequent Starbucks when I need a caffeine fix but don’t forget your local mom and pop coffee shops

    • Wren

      Where I live, there are 5 Starbucks within a few miles, and we just found out a mom and pop is opening up so we are excited to try it.

    • LC

      Great advice!

  14. Laurimar

    Someone has to pay for the sensitivity training. THE CUSTOMER!!!

    • Kingc


    • runnergirl838

      That was first thought!! Perhaps they should also be sensitive to the constant hike in prices!

    • Marti

      Was just coming in here to say that someone has to pay for all the people that can now hang out there without purchasing anything!

      • Angela

        People have been hanging out there for years (conversing with friends, studying, etc…) without purchasing anything.

        • Pamela Morris

          Absolutely untrue. My DnL managed a Starbucks for 9 year’s til recent & if you don’t pay, you can’t stay. You are considered loitering oror trespassing if trespassing you’re not a paying customer. If you come in & order a drink or pastry than you can hang out for hour’s, otherwise you can’t stay.

          • Subby

            Obviously this isn’t true at all locations and depends entirely on the staff at any given Starbucks. People hang out at Starbucks all the time without buying anything, not sure why you don’t believe that to be the case lol. It’s nothing new either. :shrug:

            • Laura

              True. We used to hang out there doing homework in college and occasionally I meet clients at a Starbucks. Not always would we order anything. Actually I can’t ever remember ordering anything. I hate coffee. Anyhow, we never got kicked out.

  15. Koffee

    Everything is expensive nowadays. I go SB only once a month or so. It is a nice treat for me. If the service is going down I probably stop going.

  16. Stacy

    I made a promise to myself 4 years ago that if I couldn’t get Starbucks drinks/food for free (i.e. by coupons, free gift cards, promotions, etc.), then I wouldn’t go. That said, I have come across free gift cards from completing surveys, Savingstar gift cards, and people giving me their Star points from their coffee bags bought at the store. So I will still go as long as I can continue getting my drinks/snacks there for free. 🙂

    • Mary

      Same here. I haven’t “bought” a Starbucks in years ( about 7)… I asked for Starbucks cards when I “pet” sat, I get “rewards” for doing survey’s, etc… I don’t go that often, but when I do… it is ooooo – ooooo GOOD.. Just standing in the shop is enough for me and inhaling the aroma,, <3

  17. Keesh

    Try coffee bean .

  18. mikeB

    I can make the most gourmet coffee for 10% of what it takes to go to starbucks. Quicker and better too…

  19. mommiemy3

    I am very happy with my Keurig. With so many different kcups to choose from I don’t feel like I’m missing out on Starbucks. I still go once in a while.

  20. Eunice

    I experience palpitations everytime I drink coffee so this is not a problem to me LOL. But if I have to buy coffee when I’m out, I just buy from Dunkin’ Donuts instead because I think their coffee taste better than that of Starbucks.

  21. Kingc

    Loving McDonalds new coffee! I love Starbucks, but really haven’t been much since McDonald’s steppes up their game. I have a gift card and still find myself at McDonald’s.

  22. Tawana

    I had a free reward so I use it to get a coffee Frappuccino. It use to be $5.25 and now I saw it at $5.80. The increase in Chicagoland area is more than 10 or 20 cents.

  23. sarah

    I actually prefer Wawa. it’s probably still more expensive than McDonald’s but still cheaper than Starbucks. and it tastes better

    • Vic

      Wawa has the best coffee! Hands down!

  24. Aputnam

    It doesn’t bother me.
    Do you realize that most of the food items got price rise recently and it is nothing new.

  25. shammerle

    I’m a huge Starbucks fan. I actually love their regular brewed coffees, and the ambience of their cafes. BUt I do already grimace at the current prices of their coffees. Sorry, but I just don’t like Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. Or Wawa coffee. But I’ve come to admire McDonald’s coffee, somewhat. The independent coffee shops are great but their prices are higher than Starbucks because they don’t enjoy Starbucks’ economies of scale.

  26. Mrs.W

    Glad their frappe prices haven’t gone up! Thats al I get at Starbucks!😁 Yum!!!

  27. Marylynn

    Couldn’t care less. Never go in those stores. I don’t appreciate political agendas shoved down my throat along with my coffee. Hit Dunkin‘ Donuts or Wawa if you’re in the east. Much better coffee than Starbucks’ cheap burnt beans.

    • Jasmine

      you are so right! I went to Starbucks yesterday and the barista handed me my coffee and said “here you go” and I was all “stop shoving your political agendas down my throat!”

      • AZ

        Yet she cared enough to comment LOL

  28. Mschwark

    I’m disappointed that this is even a conversation. Yes prices of products MUST increase as does the rising cost of commodities, gas for deliveries, insurance and benefits for their team, wages, electricity, workman’s comp insurance, theft and rent. While I may be over reacting, I feel it must be said that unless you have first hand knowledge of a company’s business plan, then they should not be shamed for a modest increase in prices when they have to remain profitable in an ever increasing costly business

    • Rockstar

      Yeah, you’re overreacting. I’m as capitalist/free market as they come, but everywhere else offers a simple cup of drip coffee for far less. It’s not “shaming” to point out the obvious.

  29. Katielynn

    It’s called Gutemalian Volcanoes, fields are being compromised. Do you research

  30. Pumpkin1


  31. Amanda M.

    Bring your own travel mug and save the .10 for doing that. plus save our environment 🙂

  32. Veronica

    Just like Disneyland, Starbucks has priced me out. It was nice knowing you.

  33. Scherrie

    I noticed an increase in a lot of stand alone locations & some baristas try to charge you when you ask for flavored drinks (i.e. caramel)
    This week I noticed McDonalds has new frozen cold brew coffee & cold brew fraps so that’s a cheaper option. Dunkin Donuts has a new set of coupons for iced & hot drinks therefore we have other options to buy cheaper beverages. 🤑

  34. kat

    Refills .50 so that makes it worth it if you hang around long enough.

  35. Wendi

    Tim Hortons is the BEST!!!! And if that is not available visit your local hometown coffee …. shop local 😊

  36. Keith L.

    It was hard to avoid going to that SB today and yesterday and tomorrow i should be over it, because for a couple years straight at least, i was going in for the very cup of (tall-small) coffee for 1.95. Sorry but this Goldcarder is o-u-t-t-y. I’m not going back and have a Mr. Coffee style-maker at home that I’m going to get a little creative with better brand of coffee from supermarket and plop in the wares in the morning and then save the 2.10 a pop. Used up the rewards and zero’d down balance, which, didn’t take long being that I’d up the card $5 at a time but noticed since June 1st i was frequenting that a little more so and then found out last week about the increase. Sour!

  37. irene

    Brew your own at home — the freshest and most delicious! I guess paying customers need to foot the bill now that anyone can hang out at SB and not buy anything.

    • AZ

      People have always been allowed to hang out at Starbucks and not buy anything…but you already knew that.

    • Jenn

      I’m with you Irene. When the homeless and the heroin addicts start setting up shop in SB bathrooms brought to you by Howard (I live in an ivory tower) Shultz’ social justice policies, paying customers will be silently walking. The raise in prices is Howie’s hedge on that bet. AZ is trolling any and all comments that are making this reasonable assumption and I’m going to push back on this. AZ is a spiteful ***** But you already knew that 😊

      • Subby

        Try pushing back your attitude and doing some research before acting like the comment police next time. AZ was pointing out a simple fact- Starbucks’ policy has never required people to pay for something before being allowed to sit inside the store or to use the bathroom. Other people have the right to comment on things and to sit inside stores, whether you like it or not. So your “reasonable assumption” is an imaginary grievance b/c the policy is not new. Too bad they didn’t consult you before they decided how to run their business, but you need to get over it and take your rage at the needy and less fortunate elsewhere.

  38. Gwen


  39. Angie

    I stopped going because I like brewed decaf, but it’s such a hassle to keep asking for a pour over. Also, I prefer organic coffee, so now I buy organic beans to grind at home, organic creamer, takeout cups and make it at home. Bliss!

  40. Alissa

    Someone had to pay for harassment training and guess what? It’s the patrons!

  41. jessica

    Wow raising prices for their TG Lee GMO milk that’s not even special and Monsanto coffee beans. I just go there to use their bathroom. Suckers

  42. Sarah

    I recently read an article on CNN News that Dunkin is starting to make all of their locations nicer and more high-end, along with better food options, to compete directly with Starbucks. The CEO in the interview implied that their prices “may have to increase.”

  43. Mona

    I buy a senior coffee at McDonalds and it is less than seventy cents. Their ice cold caramel frappes, although a tad sweet, are a great buy at $2.00 for a small. In my opinion much better than anything cold they dish up at Starbucks. Sometimes you can get a free one with a $1.00 purchase (Small cheeseburger) with the Macapp.

  44. Laura

    So I know to each their own, but I cannot understand why anyone would pay such high prices for a drink they could easily make at home every morning. My coworker, after shots and whatnot spends $8 a day, every single day at Starbucks. Like invest in a keurig and try a different type of k cup every single day! It would save u a ton of money! I’m not judging just trying to figure out how the math makes sense to some people.

  45. Rockstar


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