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Oh No! Zaycon Fresh Has Suspended Business Operations as of June 25th

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zaycon fresh suspended business operations - Zaycon fresh truck

Say it ain’t so! 😩

The bulk meat retailer Zaycon Fresh abruptly announced they suspended business operations with a landing page on their website that reads, “It is with deep regret that we inform you that as of June 25th, we are suspending business operations. Zaycon Fresh has put forth monumental efforts to endure recent challenges but conditions are such that this suspension is necessary. Updates will be forthcoming as we are able to provide them. Thank You.”

zaycon fresh suspended business operations - Zaycon fresh landing page announcement

We are just as devastated by this news as you are! 😣 The Hip2Save teams LOVES Zaycon Fresh and many of us have gotten amazing deals on bulk orders of meat through them within the past few years. It’s one of our favorite ways to save when it comes to purchasing meat!

The details surrounding their sudden closing are still very unknown (their only acknowledgment has been on their website) though it’s likely due to their rapid growth and inability to keep up with orders that they had to close their doors. It’s also important to note that they’re calling this a “suspension”, meaning there’s a possibility that business operations will return at some point.

The company has deleted their Facebook page where they had been fielding tons of questions.

zaycon fresh suspended business operations — zaycon fresh beef

Have a pending order with Zaycon Fresh?

Most customers have reported that they received notifications about order pickup cancellations, though if you have yet to see one and have a pending order, you’ll want to email their customer service ( for further clarification. You’ll also want to file a dispute as soon as possible with your bank, credit card company, or Paypal to ensure you don’t pay for a product you don’t receive.

We’ll post updates as we learn more and encourage any readers to leave any information they’ve received from contacting the company in the comments for others.

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Comments 165

  1. Mendy B

    Such a sad and frustrating situation. I hope everyone can get their money back. I disputed 3 so far and possibly 4( suppose to pick up chicken thur and will see what happens). I see some places got delivered…even today. I did read somewhere about a person asking to their Zaycon driver and this was said “Our driver says they fired everyone yesterday and told them they could deliver,take it to a food pantry, or whatever” This is the 3rd time i read this from different drivers 🙁 Bless these amazing drivers who are still filling the orders. We have been customers for 6 years and it seems once they went and changed to the frozen 1lb ground beef, it went down hill. Now i see why. Trying to explain to the bank why they pushed all my bacon/wings orders back for months is fun. But fingers crossed will see some of the money back.

    • Katie

      I had $600 in outstanding orders and my bank is honoring it and giving me a refund. I would tell your bank to give you a refund or find a different bank. You should be FDIC protected. I have orders from 4/15-6/8 that I placed.
      Shame on Zaycon for doing this to everyone.

      • Kelly

        Just want to point out something really quickly about FDIC insurance so there aren’t any misunderstandings. FDIC covers deposit accounts against bank failure, like if the bank went bankrupt or closed its doors. This type of insurance does not cover fraudulent transactions.
        For any kind of fraudulent transactions (not getting what you payed for would fall under this) all banks will have different rules and policies and may have a time limit stipulating how long you have from the purchase date to report the fraudulent transaction. The best course of action is to contact your bank and *be polite*. Most bank employees will be happy to help you if they can and some will go out of their way if you don’t bite their heads off and start demanding and threatening right off the bat.

      • smokeyg

        1 out of 4 so far came back to me. The other 3 currently are being investigated . I am with Wells Fargo and they do not want to loose anymore customers lol. I was out $ 280. Chicken money came back…now its dealing with bacon/wings money that product kept get pushed back 2x. Thankfully by now pretty much every bank and credit card has heard this so should be easier to get money back.

    • GLR

      I had a bad feeling about Zaycon after my order for Babyback ribs were pushed to an August delivery. I quickly requested a refund after seeing others having their orders pushed back and alerted family members to get their money back also because I saw this company headed into bankruptcy quickly. Well less than a month later this happens. I’m so glad we requested refunds that were deposited in our accounts within 72 hours. I pray there’s a resolution for everyone but it was clear that they were heading to destruction!

  2. yount_sm

    Discover. And they were in April and may

  3. yount_sm

    Discover. And in April and may

  4. TN

    I ordered back in Feb and March and the orders kept getting pushed back. When I filed a dispute with my bank, they said that because it’s over 60 days ago, they can’t dispute it. Anybody else experience this? Over $200 gone 🙁

    • Katie

      That is BS. You should be FDIC protected. I would tell them to honor refunding you or find another bank. This is going to be a national problem, so they should honor it.

      • kevashell

        good point Katie:)

        • Jason

          This IS NOT a good point from Katie. FDIC has nothing to do with bank charges. Come on you have internet GOOGLE IT and educate yourself!

      • Teresa

        FDIC doesn’t cover this. FDIC insurance protects your deposits if the bank closes due to failure.

    • kevashell

      Two of my orders I need to dispute were through my bank. My card is backed by VISA(meaning it says visa in the corner) I spoke with my branch manager and she told me yes it is out of date but she told me to file a dispute anyways. She took care of the whole thing for me. She said they will likely give a provisional credit and give zaycon 60 days to respond. She said the more people to file the dispute the better. My dispute has been filed already. Maybe consider calling the bank manager or another bigger bank connected with yours..???

    • Mary T Swartz

      Yes I have lost 4 orders all starting in Feb kept changing pickup date. This crazy

    • Beth Dillon

      I just called Chase bank and spoke with a senior supervisor who told me I am not allowed & am unable to file a dispute claim until after my product was set to be delivered. I told him that I have a text message and email stating that they will not be delivering my product but he insisted that I have to wait until September 28th to file a claim because my product will be due on Sept 27th. Well that puts me well past my 60 or 90 days because I placed the order on May 25th. So it looks like I am screwed out of my money also. So angry right now.

      • Anita

        Call back and speak with someone else or go into your local branch. You’ll get different interpretations of the rules from different people, unfortunately. I bank at Chase as well and had to call a few times before they filed and I got my money back. It’s frustrating and time consuming, but worth it if you need that money back.

      • Daphne

        I called Chase yesterday to dispute my $218 charge from Jan. 7th for cod that was cancelled for 7/11. I wasn’t the first person who had contacted them. They will credit my account within 7 days. I’m glad I’m not kidding my money. I’m bummed that I won’t get the cod… it was delicious!

        • Daphne

          *losing money not “kidding”. Didn’t catch the autocorrect.

    • Kim

      I experienced the same thing today with my Credit Union.

    • Pamela

      Unfortunately I bank with Ascend Federal Credit Union. They won’t do ANYTHING to help me since my order was placed in February and it’s outside of their “60-day” window. I’m not out a lot, $44.33, but I’m not really a fan of giving money away.
      I’ve email the bank corporate office to see if there’s anything they will do to help. Fingers crossed!

  5. Rishy

    Ask for a supervisor! Is this a big chain bank?

  6. Tonya

    I placed an order on June 11 and then another order on June 21. I even spoke with them on the phone on the 21st because I was asking about the special which they said was for the fall. I called my CC and they have filed a dispute and said I will hear something from them within 15 days. I am thankful I have my receipt and hopeful I will get my money back since it was only 14 days before they closed. I am really bummed because I really like the bacon and do not know of any bacon that has that same taste. I have used them for years for chicken, bacon and beef with no problems. If anyone ever hears of another company that you can receive meat directly like this, please post.

  7. n

    I am in NJ. my driver sent me a text at NOON saying even tho zaycon made a decision, he was still delivering. when i got there he said “” he was only with them 3 months, and got NO notice until last night. he is delivering u ntil july 5th. he ALSO said most of the WEST COAST DRIVERS have decided to just take and donate the meat, and not deliver. but most of the east coast is sticking in there. thanks goodness my guy had a conscience…. he seems exhausted as well…. i never got any notice from zaycon, so i would suggest if you never got told from them, wait to see if you get a text from your driver- it is kinda up to each one now it seems… i am out over 600.00 for the july and aug deliverys, cant dispute debit over 60 days per TD BANK – WHICH TOTALLY SUKCS- but at least i got bacon and chops for my boys. I THINK THE OWNERS AND THEIR WIVES NEED TO GO TO JAIL FOR STEALING, THEFT, LYING, CORRUPTION, WHAT EVER THEY KNEW THEY WERE IN SERIOIUS LEGAL TROUBLE AND STILL KEPT SELLING …. THATS STEALING. this has been going on for many yrs…

    • Jenn

      Did not get my Utah delivery today, ha!

    • Kim

      For those drivers that are still delivering, please make sure you tip well since they are now volunteering.

    • LatteMama

      Really, n? Their wives should also go to prison? What if they weren’t involved in any way? I’m not involved at all in my husband’s work life, and many, many other spouses are not, as well.

      • Susan

        LatteMama – If the wives were part of the company, and signed paperwork agreeing to be a part of the company (its fairly extensive paperwork – not just a single page) then they too can be liable for any mistakes /lies/misrepresentations. I understand you may not be involved in your husbands work life, but I assume you didn’t sign a huge stack of papers to be an officer/director/member of his company either. That’s the difference. This is all about $$. They want to be sure that assets and cash are not transferred into the spouses name to avoid being part of the settlement.

  8. Dawn Puhalsky

    I called Citi Cards about our orders, some as far back as Feb. They took care of all of them and said they would dispute them for us. Please try to call you CC companies, and explain the situation. We got back about $370.

  9. boymom*4

    Thank you so much for posting this. I placed an order June 5th and received no indication that this was happening. Calling my bank now… thanks again!

  10. ekanne

    I hope they refund customers their money since they are “suspending” their business not closing it. If they don’t do that I’m not sure how they could ever come back from that.

    • ilm

      They are Closed. There is a 50 page Affidavit file against Every Body in the company. Husbands and Wives were running the company together. You can find it in the Legal records for the State of Washington. I read all 50 pages. VERY INTERRESTING. Do not try contacting Zaycon, They closed their web site.

    • apwebb6

      I also use USAA and the man I spoke with said that I was the second person that day that had called about charges to Zaycon. He said it would be no problem but my order only went through in May. I feel so bad for those whose orders were further back. I also feel bad because I was telling my friends how great this was.

  11. Sheri

    I was able to pick up my order today at it’s scheduled delivery time/location in Montana. Got a text from driver today saying he was at location a half hour early. Got my chicken without an issue.

  12. Jen

    Super bummed. I have two pending orders. I emailed Zaycon (not getting my hopes up there) for a refund, and just called Chase to dispute the charges. Because the delivery dates were in the future, it sounds like there’s nothing they’re willing to do until those dates have passed 🙁 they are also sending me some sort of claim form in the mail to complete. What a pain.

    • kevashell

      I have chase and one of the 5 orders I placed was with them. They helped me right over the phone and filed the dispute for me on the spot. They didn’t even mention the fact that 60 days had passed. They said they were giving me a provisional credit and going to attempt to contact them. Zaycon has 2 billing cycles to reply and respond to the allegations. If they don’t, the credit stays. If they do, they will contact me with what their response is and where to go from here. Maybe you could consider calling back and getting a different agent.

      • Shelley

        I also had the same good experience with Chase.

    • Candace

      On my Discover I couldn’t dispute online because it was a date in the future, so I opened a chat. I already have the credit. I only had to upload a screenshot of the Zaycon website. Maybe try calling, emailing or chatting? It’s worth a shot for sure.

  13. Erik Tweedy

    Local driver here in Spokane says they filed for Chapter 11 bancruptcy.

    • Jj

      Not true

  14. Heidi

    Thank you for informing us. I’m hoping that I can get my money back if they’re not going to continue to deliver paid and pending deliveries. My chicken isn’t due to be delivered until the end of September, so I’m going to assume that I won’t see it at all. Fortunately I only ordered a little over 30 days ago so I’m hoping that I can dispute the charge and get my money back. I kind of want to wait a few days or a week to see what Zaycon has to say in terms of explanation or what their plan of action is, but if they don’t say anything by then then I’m not going to wait around. I’m so sorry for those who can’t dispute because of CC deadlines, but I suspect this will lead to a lawsuit if Zaycon doesn’t refund people willingly and hopefully those people will receive their money back later on, as inconvenient as that is. Just glad I didn’t order anything other than chicken now, though I was tempted to get some more steaks and bacon. We’ve been really pleased with their product so this is super disappointing. 🙁 I’m disappointed that they felt they could do this without any kind of warning or even mass email notice. I had no idea until a friend shared this website article on Facebook, which is NOT how I’d like to hear about it. So many people will have to learn the harder way when their order never shows up or the like.

  15. Erika Bench

    I called my bank and because I ordered in MARCH (for an order that has been pushed back several times and is now supposed to be picked up in JULY) and paid with a debit card, I can’t dispute the charges. I, too, am out about $150.00 and have no recourse available unless Zaycon issues refunds… I hope they do the right thing by customers like me.

    • Chris

      Erika I haven’t read all of this but did see it on another site. This might help you where your bank is concerned.

      I got this from the VISA chargeback site: (see below)
      I am going to call my bank with this information, since it says 120 days from receipt of merchandise or 120 days from being told you are not getting the merchandise.
      VCR Dispute Reason Code 13.1 Time Limit Modifiers
      This formerly belonged to Reason Code 30
      Chargeback time limits associated with VCR 13.1 can change if the merchandise or services were expected to be provided after the transaction processing date. But an issuer’s time limit to chargeback cannot exceed 540 calendar days from the transaction processing date. A resolution will be available within 31 days. But you can expect a chargeback to occur within these two time limits:
      120 calendar days from the last date the cardholder expected to receive merchandise or services.
      120 calendar days from the date the cardholder was told that the merchandise or services won’t be provided.

      If you used a debit card that has the Visa emblem on it then I do believe this would apply to you.

    • Jessica

      After reading this it sounds like the company has been mismanaged for a long time and was started by people it should not have been started by; I hope I’m not out $160 for my two orders.

  16. Morna

    I was supposed to pick up my first order this month, I ordered several months ago. They changed the pick up date to later and later so I cancelled it. It is sad because it seemed like a good deal, especially sharing the cost between friends/family.

  17. smiesfamily

    Here’s my huge issue and why even if they go back into business we will never buy again from them:
    They let bloggers know first about suspensions instead of directly contacting customers as they were offering coupon discounts Sunday and people were ordering get and then they shut down operations Monday. That’s just total cruddy customer service and dishonest business tactics if they had ordering open over weekend yet 🙁 they had to
    Be aware of things sooner.

    • Amber Patterson

      “They let bloggers know first about suspensions instead of directly contacting customers”

      That is false. As a blogger, like Collin and her team, I can assure this is not the case. We have not been notified in any manner that is different from what you have been notified as a customer. And, even if they did notify bloggers first, what’s the problem with that? We are the ones who share the deals and information with our readers and were working with Zaycon to bring you those same deals as soon as they were available.

      • Joanna Dobbe

        As a customer that paid for my order (which then pays for your blog to stay open) I should receive the notification that my order is cancelled at the same time if not before you as a blogger. How beyond rude.

      • Joanna

        Also, all these blogs posted on June 26th. I didn’t get a text or email until June 27th. Can’t say it’s false when I have proof it’s not and I have read others were told by email/text on the 27th.

  18. Sara

    I never considered ordering from them because of them hiding the delivery location. You had to create an account to get more than the zip code. I won’t give away my info just to get something they should have already given. Some zip codes in my city have both good and bad parts. A few streets over can make all the difference.

  19. shan

    Me and my best friend are s.o.l. on our orders. She went to pick up bacon today and no driver, no truck. Im out on chicken for july 17th pick up. And bestie is out again for september chicken pick up. They should rot in jail for what they have done to our families that are just trying to provide good meals. Makes me so sick!!! I hate it for everyone us trying to stretch dollars and eat decent.

  20. MamaDavis

    Thank you Candance for this information. I am going to try this. I am out $450.

  21. Stephanie

    I have been through this before w/ an online school and it is all about HOW you tell your bank/credit card company. The thing to emphasize is not when the order was placed, but that this company has defaulted on an order that is due now (tell them the date of delivery). The 60 days or whatever hasn’t expired until after the date they were supposed to deliver.

  22. Aerie

    I had an order scheduled for pickup today and went just in case the driver still showed and he did! Was very thankful to get my chicken, but was appalled at what I saw. People in line ahead of me were yelling at the driver! One lady even got out of her car and was shaking her finger right in his face. I’m sure people were angry about their future orders being cancelled and wanted answers. Please, please if you do happen to have a driver show up with your order, treat him the way you would want to be treated or how you would want your own sweet husband treated at his job. It’s not the driver’s fault. They are out a lot more money than we are. They probably won’t even get paid or get any kind of severance pay. God bless the ones who are finishing out their deliveries. Let’s all be kinder to them than we need to be.

    • Em

      I’m glad you got your order, and well-said about treating the driver with respect.

  23. J. Sweet

    I had placed 3 orders for chicken for September…My bank was able to get back ALL of my money. thankful…will pray the same for the rest of y’all…

  24. Jenn

    I showed up for our delivery this morning just to be sure- and nope, no one showed up :(. No notice of cancellation.

  25. Mo

    Bingo, people need to stop referencing the FDIC – this is not even close to an issue that the FDIC would be involved with.

    • Susie

      Exactly! The FDIC has absolutely nothing to do with this. Can you imagine if the FDIC got involved in every dispute between a retailer and customer? No way! The FDIC is only protection against BANK failure, not individual retailers.

  26. Heather

    I just got a text notification saying that my delivery for October 5 has been cancelled!

  27. Mrs Y

    Thought i would update anyone who still has prepaid orders with Zaycon Fresh who live in the Midwest. – some good news/some bad. Today I picked up an order of cod and pork chops from the Zaycon truck St Louis, MO. Zaycon Fresh still have deliveries they will fulfill in Missouri and Illinois. I am still out of luck for 2 other prepaid orders due October – but the delivery guy from zaycon Fresh said he would seek help from the bank used to pay for orders as “this whole situation is a big mess:” Feeling more fortunate than others who are out several hundred dollars for unfulfilled orders.

    • Shelly

      I sent my son today to pick up our bacon order in hopes the truck would be there. Five minutes before the event I got a text that they were there early, and then I got 4 texts saying it was cancelled. I am thankful because he was there and we got our order. I am also in the St Louis area. I’m out two chicken orders – one that has been postponed twice now and will contact my credit card for those, but at least we got one of our three outstanding orders.
      If anyone has an order due this week, if it were me I would show up just in case. Hoping others get their orders that have already been put on the road.

  28. Linda Moody

    I actually called Zaycon on June 25th at 2:21 p.m. EST and complained about the constant pickup date changes I have been getting for my order and my husbands order we placed in FEB. 80 lbs. of chicken total that was suppose to be delivered in June had a date change twice. The new pickup date is July 11th. I called to make sure there would be no more date changes or I would have to cancel both orders and the lady I spoke gave no indication that the company was closing. She assured me that the food would not have a date change and she promised that it would be available on the 11th. If they closed (from what I’m reading in comments) on June 25th then she LIED to me…told me what I wanted to hear just to get me off the phone without any hassles. I’m mad that I may be out money for 80 lbs. of chicken but I’m also mad that I got LIED to on the very day they closed. I had no idea until I got a text message on my phone an hour ago stating that my pickup day has been cancelled. I tried to call both numbers I have for Zaycon and both are no longer in service. I can’t even contact my bank since both orders were placed in FEB. This BITES!

  29. Kim

    I’ve never ordered from Zaycon but after reading some of these comments, I’m wondering if anyone has contacted their local news station. I know my local station does investigations into stories like this.

    • jhaney1

      I’d go bigger and contact Good Morning America and have them take this on for us! I contacted my Capital One credit card agency and they took down info. regarding my two orders along with order numbers and email dates listing cancellations after cancellations, etc. I’m getting reimbursed for both orders, but I have to continually be on the look out for any contact from my credit card company or Zaycon or they could close my account. What a mess!!!!!!!!!!😡

  30. shan

    Linda Moody, my order was placed on 2/25/18 for the chicken and they deducted it the next day. I just got of the phone with the bank and they processed my dispute claim and are looking into. You should still try and dispute it. Best of luck to you!

  31. Chris

    I haven’t read through all of this but thought I’d post it here for any one dealing with a Visa Credit Card or Visa Debit Card that fear the date has pasted where they can do a chargeback. I think what some people are running in to are bank employees that don’t know what is correct.

    I got this from the VISA chargeback site: (see below)
    I am going to call my bank with this information, since it says 120 days from receipt of merchandise or 120 days from being told you are not getting the merchandise.
    VCR Dispute Reason Code 13.1 Time Limit Modifiers
    This formerly belonged to Reason Code 30
    Chargeback time limits associated with VCR 13.1 can change if the merchandise or services were expected to be provided after the transaction processing date. But an issuer’s time limit to chargeback cannot exceed 540 calendar days from the transaction processing date. A resolution will be available within 31 days. But you can expect a chargeback to occur within these two time limits:
    120 calendar days from the last date the cardholder expected to receive merchandise or services.
    120 calendar days from the date the cardholder was told that the merchandise or services won’t be provided.

    Hope this helps those of you concerned with the time frames there banks are telling them.

  32. Mae

    I guess this proves it’s cheaper to be vegetarian (or mostly)… I hear what some of these people are spending on meat and we don’t spend that much on groceries for six months or a year for a family of 5 and only partial/mostly vegetarian meals (everyone in excellent physical health) in in the correct bmi. Although it is actually really upsetting so many people got ripped off, it’s not right! I think it was immoral for the company to keep taking orders when they knew they where shutting down. I always tell those meat guys that solicit and drive through the hood that I am a vegetarian.

    • AZ

      How much you spend on food depends on what you buy and how many people you’re feeding obviously, but ok

  33. Joe Customer

    They did file for bankruptcy so any of you that still have orders pending you all are S.O.L. !!

  34. MLS

    Crooks. They knew they were going under and they were still taking orders up to that day. They owe me $300.

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