Penzey’s Spices Hope Box Only $7.95 Shipped ($32 Value)

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Through July 7th, hop on over to Penzey’ where you can score a Penzey’s Hope Box for FREE when you enter promo code AMERICA at checkout! Keep in mind that you will need to pay for shipping charges.

Note that you do NOT need to add this box to your cart, it will automatically be added when you enter promo code AMERICA at checkout.

Penzey’s Hope Box $31.95
Use promo code AMERICA (code will automatically add the box to your cart)
Shipping adds $7.95
Final cost $7.95 shipped!

The Penzey’s Hope Box includes a 2 oz. Mexican Vanilla Extract, 1/2 cup Penzeys Salsa & Pico, Embrace Hope pin, Kind Heart magnet and Embrace Hope card.

Shipping is $7.95 for orders under $19.94, and free on orders over $19.94.

Hip Tip: You may be able to score this box for free in stores if available near you and avoid paying for shipping. To find a store in your area head on over to their website.

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  1. cw

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Penzeys! I wish there was a store in my state…

    • Brooklin

      Hi CW, whats great about this Penzeys? i have never heard of them, but the box looks so colorful and intriguing!

      • Stefanie

        Penzey’s spices are fresh, have great flavor, and are really high quality! They also have interesting and delicious blends no one else makes!

      • Cw

        Hi! As Stefanie mentioned, the quality is sky high. For example, their cinnamon quality is so good that I don’t need to use the required recipe amount because it’s so strong. There is such a vast difference in quality that I have replaced all my store bought stuff with their brand. I have not been disappointed in anything they’ve sent and they have some cool stuff like green goddess mix, other things you can’t find anywhere else! When they have freebies, I get them to try new things.

  2. cw

    By the way its completely free at the store (no shipping charges) if you have one near you.

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Oh awesome! Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Mary A

    looks like we crashed the site

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      It is still working for me now as I click through. Maybe wait a moment and try again OR switch over to a different browser. Hoping that helps!

  4. zsteelie

    IMHO, Penzeys’ Salsa and Pico is the best – just add tomatoes for the best fresh salsa taste!

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      YUM! Thanks for the feedback!

  5. Cathy

    Is this the company who dislikes Trump? Are they the company who profits off of hating Trump so liberals will buy their product? I was just wondering because I don’t believe in divisive companies who profit.

    • Lana

      Yes. Their Facebook page is pretty eye opening. I will not give them my money along with Camping World who is just as outspoken.

      • MEB

        Thanks for letting me know about Camping World. I’ll be sure to support them now.

    • AllieCat78


    • Casey

      I came for their delicious spices and stayed for the quality AND their ethics. Huge thumbs up from me and my family!

    • Rachel

      That’s not a very kind comment, AZ

    • But Really

      No, this the company that dislikes hatred and racism…and profits off like-minded supporters that not only enjoy well-seasoned food but also enjoy treating others like human beings, regardless of their background. I’ll be sure to buy extra Penzey’s on your behalf, Cathy. 🙂

      • Suzanne

        Well worded But Really.

      • Cathy

        But Really, in my opinion being divisive is a form of hatred. They may treat “like-minded supporters” like human beings while discriminating and alienating those that don’t share their opinion. To brush everyone with the same stroke and label people racist is outrageous and dangerous. Wanting homeland security is not racist. The bottom line is I just don’t believe in fighting “alleged” hatred with hate. Enjoy your spices.

        • But Really

          It’s divisive to point out that intolerance and xenophobia are problematic? When did promoting love and acceptance become “hatred”? That’s just goofy. You feel like *you’re* being discriminated against and alienated for supporting Trump? Go talk to Muslims, Hispanic people, and LGBTQ folks for a lesson on what discrimination actually is. If you aren’t racist, then you shouldn’t feel like Penzey’s was calling you out personally for it. Homeland security is secondary to the human rights of people escaping wars and cartels that we created…what’s dangerous is to put children into camps and cages. Enjoy being on the wrong side of history.

          • Cathy

            Did you read their Facebook page? Do they realize Obama had the same immigration policy as Trump? So now you’re alluding that I am racist because we disagree. FYI, the Hispanic approval rating of Trump is up 10% in the last month and climbing and the LGBTQ is also increasing. The Muslim ban is temporary until a better screening process can be put in place.

            You do realize that Obama also had the children in camps and cages and a lot of the photos in circulation are from 2014 when Obama was president? I am simply responding to you because my original post was about being divisive.

            • But Really

              Reading comprehension is important. I didn’t call you racist, but you do support racist policies and then defend them under the guise of national security. You’re misinformed and in denial. Please try news sources other than Fox.

        • MtotheItotheB

          Cathy, you yourself may not be racist. But please don’t try to say that Trump isn’t trying to spread a racist/xenophobic message.

          • Cathy

            Please tell me how is Trump being racist or how is he spreading a xenophobic message? It is not racist to want homeland security and to obey the laws of our land. You claim Trump is “xenophobic” but he married two immigrants. We are a nation of immigrants, legal immigrants. In fact Obama deported more illegal immigrants than any other president in the history of our nation.

          • Cathy

            Please tell me how is Trump being racist or how is he spreading a xenophobic message? It is not racist to want homeland security and to obey the laws of our land. You claim Trump is “xenophobic” but he married two immigrants. We are a nation of immigrants, legal immigrants. In fact Obama deported more illegal immigrants than any other president in the history of our nation.

            • MtotheItotheB

              “A well-educated black has a tremendous advantage over a well-educated white in terms of the job market. I think sometimes a black may think they don’t have an advantage or this and that… I’ve said on one occasion, even about myself, if I were starting off today, I would love to be a well-educated black, because I believe they do have an actual advantage.’’

              “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re sending people that have lots of problems…they’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.”

              “Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.”

              “Look at my African American over here!”

            • Cathy

              Unfortunately with good people there are also bad people like the MS-13 gangs, drug cartels, and criminals who enter our country ILLEGALLY and our prisons and legal system reflect this fact. We are a country of immigrants, LEGAL immigrants. The ironic part is that Hispanic voters approval of Trump has gone WAY UP in the past few months. Under Trump we also have the lowest unemployment rate for blacks in the history of our country.. Regarding the TEMPORARY ban on Muslims the Supreme Court made the decision and I must assume they considered the law and that they not racist. Again, I am only responding to your reply, my original post was about being divisive and profiting. Enjoy your spices.

      • Sandy

        Lol. New definitions. “Hatred & racism” = anyone that does not agree with me.

        I spend my money at places that sell me their goods and don’t tell me how I should think.

        • J

          The definitions might be new to you, but people have been fighting against supremacy and bigotry that your privilege protects you from for a very long time. Words have meanings…sorry if the label fits. You can spend your $ wherever you like, but your beliefs aren’t above criticism Sandy.

          • Sandy

            Dear J – You don’t know the first thing about me or my beliefs.

            • J

              Ok, Sandy. Whatever you say.

    • Kelly

      Very divisive company. There are many other great spice companies out there who are just making good spices and not entrenching themselves in hate and division.

    • Molly

      Block them from Facebook. I suppose I’m not enlightened enough to appreciate a company who veils their political views with “peace”.

  6. April

    Best spices around! Love their products, and it’s a family business that has grown over the decades. Can’t go wrong with their spices. We really like their salad dressing blends, like the Green Goddess one. Yum!

  7. Mary

    I was just on their site reading their comments…..Does this company realize that Obama had the same immigration policy as Trump? In fact most of those photos in the news of the illegal immigrant children are from 2014 when Obama was president. The only difference is Trump is trying to resolve the problem.

    • Beth Wergin

      That’s not true. Those pictures are from unaccompanied minors that came to the border alone, where Trump is separating children from their parents. Research.

      • Mary

        I have done my research. Many of those photos in the news are from 2014 and Obama was the president. The immigration policy started with Bill Clinton, then Bush, then Obama, and now Trump.

      • Subby

        She just wants to blame Obama for something here, instead of doing a simple Google search and catching up to the rest of us in July 2018. She even calls them “illegal immigrant children” and not asylum-seekers…you can’t reason with those kinds of beliefs.

    • Deb

      Double standards

  8. Julie

    Whatever. This is a site for saving money and finding deals. Leave your politics to social media, please.

  9. Bunny

    There is a Penzey’s very close to me. Thanks for the heads up Collin and your wonderful team! <3

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re very welcome! 😉

  10. Rita

    Please take the politics elsewhere. Every time these nice Hip2Save ladies bring us a Penzy deals these c3oents blow up politically. Let it be.

    • Mary

      Perhaps Penzey’s should take their politics elsewhere. Are they the only one entitled to an opinion?

      • SG

        If you don’t like the deal, don’t click on it. Move on. I find Chik-fil-a and Hobby Lobby to be hateful but I just don’t click on the posts because other people here don’t share my views. So tired of the Trumpflakes crying every time there is a Penzey’s post. Don’t like Penzey’s, don’t shop there. The rest of us don’t care if you like them or not.

    • Molly

      I love a good deal but I also strongly believe in not supporting a hate driven, divisive company that blatantly brags about their hate fueled sales. I definitely will not support this company, even for a freebie, and would feel disgusted if I recommend them to others.
      It really has nothing to do with politics, it’s more about the hatred they spew.

    • Person

      Seriously…isn’t it easier to just quietly not take advantage of the offer, instead of coming here to complain about how companies need to be catering to your views? Penzey’s has a right to be vocal about their values whether you like it or not- and judging by their abundant profits your lack of support isn’t significant in any way, so please just move on already.

  11. Couponjulie201

    FYI, if you input the code AMERICA to add the Hope Box, then add at least $19.95 worth of other items to your cart, you’ll also qualify for the 2 free items offered with a $50 purchase (Chicken Taco Seasoning and Ground Cumin) AND you’ll get free shipping even though you won’t spend $50+. I ordered this AM and got the Hope Box, 2 freebies, plus 6 other items for $21.70 + tax!

    • Patricia

      Wow, Thanks Couponjulie201! I’m going to try that. And thanks Collin! I have been wanting to try their stuff for quite awhile now.

    • CobbersMom

      Dang, I could’ve done that but wasn’t paying attention… Oh well, still thrilled 🙂

    • Inna Kagan

      Thanks CouponJulie for the great idea!

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Great deal! Thanks for the heads up on that offer!

    • ecb722

      Thank you!! Worked for me 🙂

    • Rhonda

      How did y’all get that to work? When I put the code America in it shows my total as zero.

      • Julie

        Rhonda, Don’t worry about your total being zero when you put the code in. Just add the code for the Hope Box, then keep adding approx. another $20 worth of items. Once you do, you should get the pop up that says you qualify for the free items and asks if you want to add them.

        • Rhonda

          Dang it I have tried on my phone and on the computer all kind of ways and it will not pop up. I did see it when I just added 50.00 in random items so I would know what to look for. Oh well I already ordered twice today and twice on the last big freebie so I guess I’m good. lol

  12. CobbersMom

    Got one – thanks!!!!

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      You’re welcome!

  13. Beth

    I wonder how many people that rip on Penzey’s for being generous and “divisive” still take advantage of their free offerings? I am thankful for the kindness they show!

    • Cathy

      Beth, I can assure you I did NOT order anything. Kindness?

    • 50ShadesofLipstick

      LOL all of them probably. Those that are accusing the founder of being “hateful and divisive” are just projecting. They’re so threatened by being called out on their beliefs that they have to come on posts like these just to announce to everyone that they won’t be taking advantage of the deal. Like anybody cares or it’ll hurt Penzey’s business in any way. Move on w/ your stale McCormick, I guess?

      • Molly

        I an definitely not threatened by some silly little spice company. I proudly stand by my beliefs. I am concerned with the blind ignorance that is taking over our great country. I am disgusted by this company’s beliefs. I did not order the free spices and would have been upset if I did not knowing about their agenda. I’m not sure why there has to be such a fuss… Why do we have to move along. Maybe you should.

        • 50ShadesofLipstick

          Yet you took the time to comment and reply so I guess that the shoe fits, huh? Maybe you should be concerned with the blind hatred that is taking over the country and feel disgust at that instead of this obvious non-issue. You’re the one making a fuss- just keep scrolling if you’re that outraged by a “silly spice company”.

  14. ecb722

    Great, more freebies for us!! 😆

  15. Kellie

    If you haven’t tried them yet, I highly recommend Penzey’s! I love everything I’ve ever gotten from them!

  16. Rebekkah

    I love Penzey’s spices, love their political stance, and love a good deal! Thanks for the reminder about this wonderful deal.

  17. elsie

    Love their spices. Don’t see how them having political views is any different from Papa Johns, Chick-fil-A, Hobby Lobby, etc. having strong views. Support whomever you like.

    • Amy

      The problem is not his political beliefs. The problem is he calls Republicans, racist. He doesn’t know me, but would say I’m a racist. I’m not shopping with a company who name calls and spews hate. His Facebook rants sound like the ramblings of a lunatic. Chick-fil-A and Hobby Lobby have never treated people unkindly, especially calling them names.

      • Meghan

        Well said Amy 🙏🙌

      • Meby

        “Chick-fil-A and Hobby Lobby have never treated people unkindly.” Unless you count Hobby Lobby smuggling 5,500 stolen artifacts out of Iraq. That seems unkind. After all, Thou shall not steal is a commandment. Also, they went to court to make sure they didn’t have to cover birth control for their female employees. But load up the guys with some viagra on their dime. That seems unkind to me.

        Chick-fil-A’s president said “We are inviting God’s judgment on our nation when we shake our fist at Him and say, ‘We know better than you as to what constitutes a marriage,’ and I pray God’s mercy on our generation that has such a prideful, arrogant attitude to think that we have the audacity to define what marriage is about.” He also donates millions of dollars each year to anti-LGBTQ organizations. To me this is unkind.

        I don’t go to either of these places and I proudly waited in line at my local Penzey’s for some of their great product.

  18. Julie

    I can’t wait to try them. Because they are a Progressive company, gives me all the more reason to do business with them.
    Some people only watch Fox. They clearly don’t get it.

    • Deb


  19. Patti

    I emailed them as I broke the lid to my fox point seasoning jar. Not only did they send me a free replacement lid but a brand new full jar of fox point seasoning. I can’t recall when I received such great customer service. Their seasonings are wonderful.

  20. Deb


  21. Deb

    I didn’t order either Cathy!

  22. Smashalee

    Lol, dont hate on my stale McCormick! I make do 😛 but seriously would love to try out these spices. I’ve never heard of them before but only have 2 locations in NY that are not close to me. Womp womp.

  23. Nancy

    In honor of Cathy and Deb, I just placed a $300 order with this company for the first time and will make an equally large donation to the ACLU in their names. Trump spreads hatred and divisiveness even on sites like this so we have to reply with love.

    • Cathy

      If it is in honor of me then please triple your donation. I am feeling generous.

    • Deb

      Aww Thanks Nancy so kind of you!!!😘😘😘😘

    • Nancy

      Ana, my house is paid off and I’ll do whatever I want with my money. Making a joke about the Titanic where people died horribly shows your lack of intellect and compassion. It’s sad there’s so many trolls on hip2save now.

      • Ana

        Looks like you might be a troll as well, and not a very smart one. You sure couldn’t get me to throw away 300 bucks in spices just to spite someone. I grow my own and they are much better than anything you can purchase. Maybe you should seek counselling to help you get through these next few years of Trump!

        • Peeps

          She can spend her $ as she chooses…if that triggers you, then too bad. I doubt that it’s “spices” that you’re growing, but okay. You’re pro-life, except for minority and immigrant lives…sick.

          • Ana

            Nope, not triggered at all. She should give all her money to those people, idc. It just shows she makes poor choices, or probably is a liar.
            No dope here, but you’re the one that brought that up🤔 yes I’m prolife and pro LEGAL immigration. And we don’t kill immigrants, PP kills babies. That’s truly sick.

    • Bridgette

      These angry, judgmental comments from you are embarrassing. This is an un-American attitude and definitely not befitting a Christian either. If you truly care so much about life, then instead of bashing PP why not show some compassion to the living human beings that are lawfully seeking asylum and having their children put into camps as a result? I’ll pray for you <3

      • Ana

        You are so unintelligent, you worry about children that are in a place, probably similar to daycare and don’t want me to bash PP that kills babies? Actually, this is America. Not sure if you noticed but your views don’t align with are current administration. Suck. It. Up. (Just like I had to with Barack)

        • Bridgette

          I’m unintelligent, yet you think that ripping a child away from their mother’s arms and putting them into detention indefinitely is daycare? LOL. My views may not align w/ Trump but your moral compass is broken. This is indeed America, so maybe learn about Roe v. Wade before whining about PP…sounds like you need to suck it up that women have reproductive rights in this country.

          • Ana

            Yes, you aren’t comprehending we are not hurting the illegal immigrants or their children. PP tears babies away permanently and kills them and has even been caught selling their parts. I know about roe (not her real name)and how she is a prolife devout Catholic now.
            I’m inclined to agree with you at this point though that no child should have to be entrusted in your care and if you are this willing to fight to dispose of a child you get pregnant with than you do your thing. It wouldn’t be a safe place for a child and they would not grow up healthy or happy. So you win.

          • Bridgette

            No child should be entrusted in the care of someone that can believes that babies being separated from their mothers doesn’t hurt them- try reading some basic child psychology before lecturing me on what’s necessary for a child’s health and happiness. You are not only ignorant, but also not at all qualified to comment on what fit parenting is. Being pro-choice doesn’t mean that I “dispose of my children”- it means that I believe that women w/ non-viable pregnancies or rape victims can choose not to carry that pregnancy to term, genius. You must resent your kids pretty badly, since you clearly didn’t choose to have them…I extend my pity to them.

  24. linda

    Thank you, Hip2Save team. Got the freebie from the Penzey’s near me!

  25. StephB

    The fox point and the sandwich sprinkle are a few of my favorites !

    Thankful to God we still have freedom of speech and religion. Also grateful for the free spices ❤️

    • Jennifer

      I saw the sandwich sprinkle in the store today and was intrigued. What kind of sandwiches do you use it on?

      • Steph- B

        Grilled cheese, paninis and really any cold sandwich … my husband loves the flavor it adds to his lunches! I’m sure you could also use it on veggies or pasta too!

  26. ecb722

    I love this company! After the women’s march in 2017 they offered free pins to all the participants. I was going through some old photos and cards the other day and I came across the sweet letter of appreciation that came with my pin. It brought a smile to my face. ❤️

  27. Jennifer

    Be aware that you have to show the email you received from Penzeys in order to take advantage in-store. The FB post may suffice; I’m not sure. I had to show my email when I got mine.

  28. Deb


  29. Deb

    Just Wow!!!

  30. Jennifer

    Penzey’s has great spices which I have been using for years! I especially love their Southwest Seasoning and Tandori spice. It wasn’t until I got on their mailing list that I realized the owner had strong political views. As a minority who voted for Trump, it was an odd position to be in (Am I racist to myself?). Both Trump and Bill Penzey are extreme in their communications and views, and I fall somewhere in the middle (Must we always hate on both sides?). I am thinking of taking my business to The Spice House, which is owned by Bill Penzey’s sister and founded by both of their parents.

  31. Danielle Topping

    I was going to order… Spices and politics? No thanks.

  32. Liz

    Aside from politics- if you haven’t tried Penzey’s, now is the time. Fox Point is delicious on veggies. Chicago Steak season is fabulous on grilled beef. The Vietnamese cinnamon is to die for. I hope to slowly replace all my spices with Penzeys! If you get their emails, you will receive these offers. I got some new ones to get get free shipping with the offer.

  33. Jennifer

    After receiving their newsletter last year making broad statements about people who did not agree with them 100% I took my business elsewhere. Not everyone who doesn’t agree with you is a bad person or out to ruin our country. I think we all have more in common than what separates us and I hate it when companies on either side pushes an agenda. I will never give them my money again.

  34. Karen

    Thank you for the opportunity to receive superb spices for “free” . This site is not a political platform, but I respect everyone’s candid personal views . It’s awesome to live in the United States, and have freedom of speech .

    • Kimberly (Stylish Sidekick)

      You’re welcome, Karen! …and very well said!

  35. Kcan

    I went on the website to witness their divisiveness first hand and was quickly disappointed to find only boxes of “joy” “kindness” and “peace” 🙁 So I made my first purchase in honor of Deb and Cathy. Thanks for the heads up guys♡♡♡♡♡

    • MtotheItotheB

      If you can get past all their hatred, you should also try their cinnamons. Though I fear the Vietnamese and Chinese versions may soon be banned 😜 peace

    • Cathy

      Kcan, did you read the long letter from the company? In my opinion the site does not promote love, joy, and kindness. Kcan, I don’t endorse divisive companies so please purchase with your own conscience and do not purchase in honor of me. If you read my comments on this thread you will see I have been respectful to everyone on here unlike how some have treated me. Your comment is offensive to me, so purchase with your heart and not out of revenge. .


  36. Kathy

    Adore this company, their philosophy and their products. I had never heard of them until the last freebie offer posted here, but when I read all the negative comments I had to check them out. That they promote hope and love, and oppose the xenophobic, racist, hateful “leadership” that’s coming from our white house told me that I found a company I can be proud to support. Went there today for the free box and will continue to shop there for all my spices. Be kind.

  37. Laura

    Awesome! Picked it up in my local store today. Great spices! So blessed to live in a country with our freedom of speech protected as well.

  38. cindy

    honestly…I was just thinking the other day “hmmmm haven’t seen a Penzey’s post lately. I wonder what’s up?” Then one magically appears! Collin and team – thanks for all you do and bearing with our diverse viewpoints!

    • Kimberly (Stylish Sidekick)

      You’re welcome, Cindy! Thank you for the kind message. 🙂

  39. MrsBK

    Hoping my local store still has this available tomorrow. I get their emails and would’ve missed checking for it, thanks for posting the offer!

  40. Deb

    This is about the Penzeys spice deal all of you need to stop…move on already

  41. TiffMeow

    I like the spices!
    This is America and everyone is privileged to have their own opinions even if I don’t agree I will still respect that.
    My husband and so many others have fought for that right.

    • Ana

      Tell him Thank You!

    • Cathy

      Please thank your husband for his service because of him we are free.

  42. Ana

    well sweetie, if hateful to you is prolife and pro LEGAL immigration then ok. So I know it’s hard for you to understand but we are not killing illegal immigrants. Are you stupid? We send them back. We are killing babies. Really sad is tearing an unborn baby from its mother. For good.

    • Willow

      Way to go, Sam! It is tragically misguided when Ana keeps saying we are not killing illegal immigrants and that we’re sending them back. Most Mexican immigrants are fleeing gang activity because their lives are in danger and family members have been killed. Sending them back will kill them. Ana, you sound like the type who killed little animals as a child.

      • Ana

        Spin it how you want, we don’t hurt them. Most come with traffickers.
        Geez, some if the things I get accused of, growing dope and killing animals? Can you not think of anything smart to say? I don’t kill anything, but i do disagree with killing “fetuses” or babies as they’re called. I think I will go get my free spices though, but they will never get my money 😁 have a great day!

        • Willow

          I love how earlier you claimed that you grew your own spices and how superior they were…but now you’re gonna go ask for a box even though this company supposedly goes against all your values. Who cares about your principles…anything for free stuff right? LOL. No worries though, b/c Penzey’s shares the love even with haters. Maybe seasoning your food will fill your heart w/ love! 🙂

    • Sam

      Ana, don’t call me names b/c you lack basic reading comprehension and critical thinking skills. You should call yourself pro-birth b/c you only care for unborn babies…if you were actually pro-life then you would have compassion for actual living people (i.e. the asylum-seekers and refugees that are fleeing wars and cartels that we helped to create). You don’t care about tearing actual living children from their mothers and putting them into cages and camps either. You are indeed hateful and sad.

  43. Rockstar

    🍿🍿 The comments section never fails to disappoint.

  44. Cathy

    Sam, why don’t you and others sponsor those illegal immigrants so they can continue to live in their own homeland. This same problems existed under at least 4 other presidents but there was no outrage by the left. Everyone was silent and during those years nothing was done to resolve the problem. This is not a new problem but unfortunately no previous president did one thing to fix the problem.

    Instead of being divisive this company should donate proceeds to help those children financially. That is a cause we ALL could get behind without further dividing us.

    • Sam

      You have no idea what you’re talking about. Nobody leaves their homeland unless their lives and livelihoods are being threatened. You think that for one person to “sponsor illegal immigrants” is going to suddenly make war-torn and gang-riddled regions safe for everyone again? Besides, no one person is obligated to provide for refugees or asylum-seekers…our government is responsible for that but chooses to discriminate against Hispanic and Muslim immigrants while allowing illegal European immigrants that are also coming in by the tens of thousands each year. You keep going on and on about division…well clearly nobody wants to unite w/ a hateful and xenophobic agenda like Trump’s.

  45. Jennifer

    Here here!

  46. Lulu

    Brooklin , I agree 100% with CW and Stefanie. Penzeys Spices and Herbs are the best! Vast amounts of Fresh spices and herbs. You can sign up for their catalog. it has specials, coupons and recipes. I like that the recipes are from everyday people and everywhere. I stock up year round and use the boxes for gifts. Anyone who has received a Penzeys box, never go back to other spices. As CW said, I too use less quantity as the Penzeys spices are much better quality. I am salivating thinking of their cinnamon lol. its that good! Theres always a gift with boxes, tea towel, coffee mug, etc. As well as recipe cards to use with the Spices. I hope you can taste enjoy their spices soon.

  47. Helen

    Somehow I knew ppl wouldn’t be able to let it go when I saw the post. I know all the background etc and looked in particular to see if the commenters could keep their politics to themselves in this one area on the web I enjoy ppl still without political arguments. Good job folks. Ironic it started with someone complaining about “divisiveness” … smh.
    As for the products and deal- Penney’s is the best.

    • Helen

      *Penzey’s …And autocorrect is the worst.

    • Lulu


  48. Geely

    Have been trying for several minutes yet, Message I get,
    “Access to was denied
    You don’t have authorization to view this page.
    HTTP ERROR 403″

    • Jennifer (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Hi Geely! I’m not having any trouble getting to their page. You may want to change your browser, or if you are on mobile then switch to a desktop.

  49. a different Amy

    I’m sorry, Chick-fil-A had never treated people unkindly??? except that they have a history of firing single mothers because they don’t agree with their having children or of marriage?? and their founder has been outspoken in his discrimination and hatred towards lgbtq people, going so far as to support programs like electro therapy conversion. vomit.

    • R

      The post is about Penzey’s, not CFA. CFAs are franchises, and the case you raise was at one store – coincidentally filed when the whole gay marriage kerfuffle bagan and seemingly without merit since I notice HuffPo, Slate, Jezebel, and every other left wing rag that was hot to trot this lawsuit out not-so-mysteriously has yet to report on the finding 6 years later… But I’m sure that before you shop or eat anywhere at any chain, you search for any discrimination lawsuits against that business and refuse to frequent them, no matter how isolated the incident or if the situation was remedied 🙄 More likely, you just apply your political litmus test to only overtly conservative establishments. Vomit.

      • DD


  50. Lulu

    I have to say I’ve loved Penzeys spices for many years. The quality, fresh flavor, unique and reasonable prices are wonderful.
    This is the last place I would expect hatred & bigotry from anyone! Hip2save have shown us great deals from every Company imaginable! And this is not the place for these comments! smh!! Go Post somewhere else. If I don’t care for a store, I skip it. I am not going to ruin it for others.

    • Monica

      Lulu, the only one that has exposed us to “hatred & bigotry” is Penzey’s. In my opinion all you have to do is read their Facebook page and website and you will see that it is divisive and discriminating. I didn’t know that this company existed until it was posted on Hip2Save. Even my liberal friends are shocked that a company would be so hateful and divisive when selling a product such as spices. If the company was not political, biased, divisive, etc then we should not express our opinions here, but when Penzey’s promotion is posted on Hip2Save we have a right to respond. To be honest with you, I wish I still didn’t know about this company because it is very offensive and unsettling to me. I didn’t know such hatred existed especially when selling a product .

      How would you feel if Hip2Save had listed a deal for a conservative site that was preaching hate towards liberals? I read the comments again and fail to see any “hatred & bigotry from anyone that commented. I know several liberal comments had to be deleted or they disappeared because they were not kind

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