Oh Husband, Opposites For Sure Attract!

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how i saved money at staples - a brother printer box

It all started with my excitement over the printer deal I scored…

I’m not sure if any of you are getting awesome savings emails from Staples too, but recently I’ve been getting emails from Staples with exclusive coupons to use! One that recently showed up in my inbox – a sweet $25 off $75 purchase coupon. I was stoked as I’d been shopping around for a printer deal and noticed that Staples had additional instant savings offers on select printers that stacked with my exclusive $25 off code — BINGO! 🙌 I ended up saving a total of $95 on my order!

What a deal, right?

I also opted to do the free store pickup option since typically items are available to go pick up within about an hour after ordering. You guys, I was shouting from the rooftops about this awesome steal and reveling in all my money-saving glory.💃

My sweet husband offered to head into Staples to pick up our printer. You can imagine how anxious I was for him to return home with the new printer 🤩. Yes, little things excite me. Sure enough, when he walked through the door, he had the printer… BUT also had much more in tow. 😬 I was curious about what else he bought. Well, that curiosity turned to terror when I snagged the receipt. 😱

how i saved money at staples -receipt showing over $475 spent on printer ink and paper

Womp, womp, womp…

My thoughtful (though not as frugal-minded) husband decided to grab ink and paper for the new printer while he was at the store, which I totally get was meant to be helpful. So he got cartridges for all the ink colors and a huge box of paper… BUT AT FULL PRICE! We’re talking $400 worth of ink and paper plus tax! He didn’t compare prices online (Staples does price match), didn’t look for a coupon or promo code, and did NOT purchase any items that were even on sale. Oops! 😬

Though I know his heart was in the right place, he (like many other spouses I’m sure) just wanted to get in and out of the store as fast as possible, regardless of the cost. But unfortunately for him, there was no way I was popping that full price ink into my bargain-hunted printer. Some people may think, “too late, it’s already been purchased,” however… not me. 💁‍♀️

First, I checked to see where I could get the ink cheaper. Staples will price match to competitors like Amazon so I hopped online to see if there was a lower price. Sure enough, Amazon’s ink listing was priced less! So I gave Staples a call to see if I could return and rebuy the ink with the price match over the phone, but due to their fraud policy, this was something I had to do in-store. Given the ink alone was going to be a $92 savings, both my hubby and I agreed that the trip back to Staples would be worth it.

So back to the store we went with the ink, the paper, and the resolve to save money. 💃

how i saved money at staples - staples printer paper and ink in trunk of car

To my pleasant surprise, the staff at Staples was incredibly helpful! When I explained the ink/paper situation to their customer service, they totally understood! So not only did they make the price match a breeze, their 110% Price Match Guarantee policy took it a step further and actually discounted it by 10% of the difference… so the ink ended up being even LESS then the Amazon price! 🙌

Even better, they helped me find an alternative multipurpose paper that was just as great in quality yet almost $20 less then the box my hubby originally purchased. I swear I had half of their staff helping me out to score a deal! I was beyond appreciative.

I was on a savings spree! So much so that I even tried to have them price match the Monster energy drink my husband bought (yes, he constantly needs lots of energy to deal with me!). 😂 I may have gotten a little too caught up in the hype! 

how i saved money at staples - receipt with $130 return from printer ink and paper discounts

When all was said and done, we got all the same stuff (well, slightly different paper) for just over $130 cheaper! Talk about a success story 🎉!

Anywho, this isn’t a sponsored post for Staples. I just really wanted to share how a small amount of work can pay off BIG TIME when it comes to getting the best price possible. There’s no reason to feel embarrassed or scared to find a way to save money — you never know the potential savings!

It IS and ALWAYS will be Hip2Save! 🙌

P.S. – I love that my husband and I are so very different. We constantly are learning so much from one another. I sure envy his laid-back attitude and spur of the moment, let’s go on an adventure outlook. He definitely brings lots of fun and laughter to our family life! ❤️

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  1. Jane

    This is why I can’t let my husband go to any store by himself.

    • Michelle

      I have decided my husband is no longer allowed to take our 4 year old to dollar tree…. he goes for 1 or 2 things and comes home with 20!!!

      • Lynn

        That sounds like me!! My kiddos and husband make fun of me. LOL

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      LOL! Love it! Your husbands sound like mine. 🤣

  2. Michelle

    I’m always saying this at my house… for every dollar I save my hubby spends $2!!!! He really wanted this beer cooler thing from Walmart that was $150 and I made him wait til it was $25 before I would by it… honestly because I knew he wouldn’t use it as much as he thought (still not used since Father’s Day) and it wasn’t really something we needed… I guess we balance each other… lol

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Oh my… I can totally relate. We’ve got some exercise equipment (my hubby was oh so excited about!) collecting dust. 😬

  3. Dwilson19

    Lol! I love your story!! My hubby is just like your hubby! I am the frugal one and he is the spender for sure!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Glad to hear I’m not the only one! 😉

  4. Ashley

    I hope this comment section doesn’t turn into husband bashing. Just because he does something different than you, doesn’t mean it’s wrong, just different. He’s probably trying to be helpful. I’ve noticed that if I criticize that, my husband is less likely to try to help in the future.

    • Rosa

      Nope just acknowledging our differences and challenges without being negative

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      This post was meant to be lighthearted and fun! I absolutely LOVE that my hubby and I are so very different. He has a TON of great qualities. I am one lucky lady, and my kiddos are incredibly blessed to have such a loving dad. ❤️

    • 50ShadesofLipstick

      Agreed. Money means different things to different people. For some it represents freedom, while for others it represents security…and there’s nothing wrong with either of those perspectives. Once both partners understand this, it becomes a lot easier to compromise and respect one another’s boundaries. Also, bargain-hunting just isn’t going to be a priority for everyone and that’s okay too. Pick your battles, folks.

  5. Crystal

    It’s funny…the longer we are together, the more excited my husband gets when he finds a good deal!! He was getting tons of free stuff with Shop your Way rewards for months!! Now he’s moved on to younkers since they are closing. He’s becoming quite the bargain hunter. 😂

    • A

      Same here! When we first met my husband wouldn’t go near a clearance rack now that’s more or less all he shops. Last week he came home with fertilizer from Home Depot that was on clearance 90 percent off he was so proud.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      LOVE IT!! 🙌

  6. tracy

    I cringe every time I hear the Neato robotic vacuum start running in my house. My husband bought it for me for Christmas but paid full price from Kohls and then threw the $60 Kohls cash in the garbage. 🙁 Bless his heart.

    • jan

      awww don’t feel bad. It took several disappointments for my husband to realize I am just as excited about the savings as I am about the gift. So now he points I bought this for you and here is the original price and this is the amazing sale price lol! My engagement ring was no exception.

  7. Dan G

    I saw your receipt. Wow, you can save a ton more! There’s a great website for compatible ink and toner that’s MUCH cheaper. BestInkandToner.com. They have a set of 4 toners for that printer for $85!! You paid more than that PER toner!! Enjoy the savings!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Wow! Thanks for the tip, I’ll have to check out the site!

  8. AmyA

    My husband is definitely a spur of the moment spender, however he is slowly learning to check for sales and coupons. He does get excited when he can come home and share with me the “great deal” he got on an item. He knows I like to hear how much he has saved.

  9. Melissa


    I have this printer at my travel agency office and its awesome. The ink is expensive, BUT you can refill the toner and save a TON of money. Do a search on how to refill toner and you’ll find a ton of videos. There really IS SO much ink in there even when the printer starts screaming at you so learn to reset it. Brother printers are the only ones I’ve found that are so easy to reset. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccS-yGhM2a8 for a

  10. Blessed

    I also have a wonderful helpful husband as well. We have lots of similar stories but he’s a keeper.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)


  11. Brian Puhalsky

    I am the husband. It is completely opposite in my family.

    • Denise

      Good for you Brian someone in the family has to be! Right?!

  12. Ruthie

    Wow, I just found out about the price match guarantee. They even match Amazon? That’s great!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Yes, they do! I was so stoked about that! 🙌

  13. Ashley

    My husband is even better at finding deals than I am! We love going to thrift stores/estate sales and see who can find the “best item” to resell.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      That sounds like a blast! I LOVE thrift shopping.

  14. Lynn

    I am the “forever” bargain/deal/coupon shopper and my husband definitely not at all. We do balance each other but sometimes I could ring his neck at the dollars that he spends!!! He is great but I don’t think we will ever mesh our views on money. Fortunately he is the bread winner alone so I usually just try to encourage the savings for big items and let the rest of it go (occasionally I will return something that is still brand new and rebuy at the lower price). Nice to know I’m not alone.

  15. Heather

    This is totally something my husband would’ve done!!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Glad I’m not alone! 😉

  16. Ms. Frizzle

    This is so funny- MY HUSBAND DOES THE SAME D*MN THING. I hate asking him to go to the store to get a missing ingredient when I’m in the middle of making something and in addition to my 99¢ ingredient…comes back with expensive non-essential stuff. Doesn’t have a clue about couponing.

    • Robyn

      Bless his heart mine will do the same thing but he’s starting to at least buy nonessential things on sale at least- the absolute worst though is sending him to target or Walmart with our youngest daughter- he’s a sucker for letting her talk him into a toy or two or assorted junk food snacks that I would never buy- 😂

  17. 3boys

    I’ve been using my three Brother laser printers for five + years, I get the toner on ebay for around $25 a cartridge and haven’t had a problem. Most of what I print on my printer is coupons, so I reuse any source of paper that has a blank side (lots and lots of homework!). I buy one ream of paper every two to three years for our household (me and three high school & college kids).

  18. Adam

    I know some others have mentioned it, but I would NEVER buy toner from one of the office supply stores or Best Buy. You will save hundreds more buying a 3rd party toner, even from Amazon. tons of reviews to back them up. Very few printers don’t have a inexpensive alternative. I won’t get a printer unless I know I can get black toner for <$15 a unit.

  19. Tracy Pence

    Staples is actually one of my favorite stores. There ink cartridge recycling program is amazing. Spend $30 in ink every 6 months and you can recycle 10 cartridges a month to receive $20 in rewards each month combinable with other coupons. I do this but PTO and we purchase all paper products for events using coupons and rewards:) awesome people… great coupons

  20. Sam

    I love this post! My husband is no longer invited to go to the grocery store with me. Every time he buys the most expensive meat, and gets things that aren’t on sale- that we don’t need and aren’t on my list. LOL! To his credit-He is the first person to brag to our friends that I thrift shop and save thousands dressing the family in finds that are often brand new ! Just the other days he told me how it just doesn’t make sense that people buy brand new clothes for their kids (ours are 8 and 10) when we get the exact same brands and quality for $1 to $2! I think his grocery buying habits are secretly a ploy to make me not aski him to come shopping any more…LOL!


    Wish my staples store was that helpful. Every where I go in my town. Whenever anyone presents coupons they give you that look and will say everything they can to not let me use coupons yuck!!

  22. Sisi

    This sounds a lot like my husband! I always tell him not to freelance when I send him to the store. And it is very rare, I do. I was joking that my child knows better to ask if I am going to buy something at the grocery store but with him – I go to the register and I find all kinds of goodies in the cart. He sneaks them in and I haven’t even got a chance to see if there is a coupon available. He knows I don’t like when he is going shopping.

  23. Sisi

    I forgot to mention that I have Brother printer and when the printing halts I just reset the printer counter manually and I continue printing until the the ink starts fading. Trust me you get a lot more prints this way. You have to google how to do it with your model. Mine is color and, trust me, it gets expensive with 4 different toners.

    I also buy my toner from staples price matching Amazon and I also use their rewards to make it cheaper.

  24. Aman

    My money saving habits have rubbed off on my husband. His version is looking for things cheaper on eBay, checking for promo codes and price matching. He’s gotten very good 😀

  25. Kate

    I think spouses being opposite like this is great! It helps balance things out and bring perspective. Sometimes finding a deal and saving money is whats needed, other times your time is more important. I’ve definitely wasted too much time looking for a deal when I could have just spent the extra money and used my time more productively. However, I love the thrill of finding a deal.

    I bought a printer last year for a great deal, although a much lower price range. I got a hp laser printer for really cheap and it came with HP Instant ink. They send you ink as needed and you just pay by the page. They gave me the option for 15 pages a month free. Then it is $1 for each additional 10 pages. I rarely need more than 15 pages so this has been perfect for me. In the last year I have only spent $2 on printing and ink is delivered to my door as needed.

  26. Brenda

    Loved the story. This is just like my husband. He now always asks me when shopping if he can buy something, not because he needs permission but because he knows I will tell him if it’s a good deal or how to get the best price. Over the years he has learned to be a great coupon shopper.
    I love Staples as all the employees have great customer service and will do what is needed to make a problem right.

  27. Patricia

    SInce I don’t think this has been said yet: if you have a laser printer, when the toner is starting to fade, take out the cartridge and give it a good shake in all directions. Be sure to shake over something washable or disposable since a bit of toner powder can shake out. Along with resetting the printer counter, it will make the cartridge last so much longer! I have had a no color Brother laser printer for more than 5 years and it’s still going strong!

    My SO has gotten used to my money-saving ways, and he has started to look for deals and coupons! He was so excited to get 2 coupons from a brand he likes after he wrote to compliment them.

  28. Smashalee

    My sweet husband did this too not too long ago with my prescription medication. I have a discount card for a certain med but he picked them up without letting me know and that one script ended up being 75 dollars. Eek!

  29. Erin

    Brother offers great deals on devices but sure gets ya on the peripherals! Glad you got a discount and I hope the toner lasts a loooooong time!

  30. Winnie

    Well, I asked my husband to buy a dozen of eggs from grocery store. He came back and said, honey I bought u a car!

    • Melissa

      Lol, that is just too funny😀😀

  31. Mary

    Really, check paper ny the pack as well. You could’ve done much better. Also, Costco DOES refill ink cartridges on the CHEAP!! XXL black for my cannon printer – $10.99! I found that while in check out – the cazhier saw me making ly ink purchase. – which is usually a good value, unless a sale elsewhere is better – she says – you know, they refill cartridges back in photo! They lost that sale! I came back with cartridges! YES!!

  32. Ana

    I love that most of us have this “problem” My Hubs spent like $900 on a Big red toolbox at Sears. First thing I did was jump online to see if it was cheaper… it was… at Sears.com. $300 cheaper! As you can guess I bought it online and returned the one he bought. He actually loves telling that story… especially how I pocketed the $300!

  33. Katy

    Do you love the printer? I’ve been in the market.

  34. Chari

    This code also gives you a free month: z8Ltw

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