What Ails You Today? Essential Oils Could Help!

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radha beauty essential oils - box closeup

Hey, hey – it’s Jessica, one of Collin’s sidekicks!

I’m a sucker for trying new things. Whatever the latest buzz or craze that’s happening always intrigues me, and I’ve just got to give it a go. Let’s face it, though – most of them either end up being a huge disappointment or fade away after time.

One of the trends that’s stayed with me the past year (and I just can’t get enough of) is Radha Beauty Essential Oils. There are literally HUNDREDS of ways to use and reap the benefits of essential oils, from adding drops to your oil diffuser/humidifier, to rubbing them directly on your skin!

You may be aware of some of the more popular oils already (one being Lavender which many use as a sleep aid), but there are so many more, each offering their own set of benefits both physically and mentally.

Since there are too many oils out there to list them all individually, I’m going to tell you about my top four favorite essential oils, how I use them, and what I HOPE to gain from using them. I’m definitely not here to say that essential oils are the ‘end all be all’ cure to all things, but I’m also here to say, “Hey, it couldn’t hurt right”?

I’ve personally tried all of the oils I’m about to mention, with each of them seeming to have helped myself and my family in both big and subtle ways.

So let’s get to it!  

I have used different brands of essential oils in the past, but my main priority for choosing a brand was always based on price, because I’ll say it, I’m a cheapskate (I wear that label with pride by the way). BUT, the more research I did on oils, I found that many of the ones that were priced lower were because they weren’t 100% pure therapeutic grade. Not cool. So now my plan was to find the purest oils I could without busting my wallet.

radha beauty essential oils - the box of scents next to a scent diffuser

What I found was Radha Beauty Top 8 Essential Oils, and I have to say – I’m impressed. This 8-pack includes the top essential oils that most people use: Lavender, Tea Tree, Peppermint, Orange, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, and Frankincense. My favorite four oils right now are Lavender, Frankincense, Peppermint, and Eucalyptus.

I love lavender.

As I stated earlier, Lavender is probably one of the most used/talked about essential oil. Everyone knows that Lavender is a good choice for a natural sleep aid and also has a calming effect. It’s supposed to enhance your mood while putting you in a more relaxed state. I rub a little on my daughter’s feet at night (when I remember) and put a tiny bit on her neck hoping it will help her sleep. I have seen great results on the nights that I use it – now I just have to remember to do it!

Long live the king!

Another popular oil often referred to as “the king of essential oils” is Frankincense. The reason it’s the king is most likely due to its anti-aging properties and promise to promote regeneration of healthy cells. I just started using this oil a couple of weeks ago, so I have no concrete evidence that my skin is any healthier, but this is more of a long-term benefit not an instantaneous one like that of the Lavender or Peppermint.

I use Peppermint oil a lot, like a lot, a lot…

Peppermint oil is my JAM! It’s become my all-time favorite go-to Essential Oil. Not only is the scent inviting – some oils have off-putting or extremely strong scents (I’m looking at you Tea Tree) – but it also has awesome benefits like reducing muscle pain and relieving anxiety – both of which I have in spades. I use it on my neck and shoulders before bed to help ease muscular pain. I also put a few drops in my diffuser each night to fill my room with a minty aroma that I believe helps me breathe better and, in turn, sleep better. Every now and then I’ll use Lavender oil in my diffuser instead of Peppermint, ya know, just to switch it up.

radha beauty essential oils - closeup of the bottles

Eucalyptus oil takes the sting or itch out of an insect bite.🐝

Eucalyptus oil helps take the sting or itch out of an insect bite. For instance, just today my husband was stung by a wasp (twice) while he was mowing the lawn. At first we used a baking soda and water paste but it kept falling off his skin when he moved around. We tried rubbing a little of the Eucalyptus oil on the infected area and he said it definitely helped take out the sting and itch. My husband wanted me to tell you all that he got himself stung SPECIFICALLY for the purposes of this article… he’s a liar. 😉

If you have a mosquito, fly, or other bug problem (lets face it, in the summer months we all do), use Eucalyptus oil to repel them. Do this either by putting it directly on your skin or by making a little concoction in a bowl and placing it in the area where you’re having the problem.

There you have it! These are my favorite Essential oils, but everyone has their own preferences. If you are new to essential oils, do your research on which oil(s) will work best for you. If you want to ingest an oil, PLEASE consult with a physician and be sure that it’s 100% pure and chemical free.

And no, Radha Beauty hasn’t a clue that I called out their awesome product in my article!

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  1. Sheila S

    Please do NOT apply essential oils on the skin without diluting in a carrier oil, and never ingest them. 😦

    • Jessica (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      I would never ingest an oil either, however, some people do and that is why I wanted to mention that you should check into it and gather as much information as you can before you make that decision:)

      I haven’t had any problems applying them directly on my skin but I understand that some people may want to dilute them, especially if they are using them on their children. I tried a tiny bit on my daughter’s skin and did not apply more for 24 hours to ensure she did not have a reaction.

    • Jen

      Diluting depends on where you are applying them, and if it’s a child or adult. Almost all pure oils can be applied neat to the bottoms of the feet. Internally is also totally safe if it is truly 100% pure essential oil (cant trust the 100% label though as the FDA requirements only require 2-5% pure oil to label its as such)… and safe if it has a nutrient label on it. I’ve taken internally for over 4 years and have felt great!

    • Katrina

      It really depends on the oil. For example, lavender and tea tree oil are fine to use “neat” on most older children and adults.

  2. Souza

    I second what Sheila said. I would not recommend putting any essential oil directly on skin, whether it is “therapeutic grade” or not.
    Something that is harmless for one person can hurt another. I have worked with essential oils for over 20 years, and while I have extensive training in aromatherapy, I will not claim to be an expert. That being said, essential oils can be a wonderful tool when used properly. Be careful- research well, and not just online.

    • Jessica (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      I 100% agree about doing your research before using essential oils and that they may have different reactions on people.

  3. Ashley

    I have been using essential oils for the past few years and there are so many amazing uses for them! It is interesting that they effect people differently; I can’t use peppermint before bed because it keeps me awake!

    • Jessica (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      I find it interesting too, and the uses for them are endless! That is so weird that Peppermint puts me asleep and keeps you awake! I initially put peppermint in my diffuser for the aroma and then realized how much it relaxed me. I guess it’s all about trial and error!

  4. Judy

    Is this a sponsored post? I tried this brand before, they were offering free product in exchange for a review. It smelled so different compared to regular well known brand oils, kind of like fake or synthetic. I would not recommend it, but to each is own. I hope this isn’t the new route hip2save is taking. Lots of these posts are coming up lately.

    • Liza (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Hi Judy! No, this post isn’t sponsored. Our team member Jessica just really loves these oils and wanted to share her thoughts! We sure do appreciate your honest feedback of them as well! 🙂

  5. maggie

    With the diffuser, I’ve learned to be choosy. Some blends give me a headache and/or put me on edge. Others are soothing and relaxing (like lavender). Others help me breathe easier during allergy-season (like eucalyptus). My favorite are 2 blends from Aura Cacia: Mellow Mix and Medieval Mix.

    I’m not crazy about diffusing any citrus oils. I’ll add them to cleaning mix (like a few drops of lemon in vinegar/water before mopping), but I don’t want them in the diffuser.

    Please also know that there’s no regulated meaning of “therapeutic grade.” It’s a marketing term trademarked by one very expensive MLM brand, from what I’ve read.

    • Jessica (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Hi Maggie! I am still learning and am more in the “trial and error” stage of oils, but the more I learn and the more I use them, the more I love them! I love your idea of using the citrus in a cleaning mixture! I have really bad allergies year round so I am going to try eucalyptus to see if that helps! Thanks for your comment!

  6. Andrea

    Essential oils are extremely concentrated and should never be applied directly to the skin without being diluted with an appropriate carrier oil. Citrus EO’s can give a nasty chemical burn if they are applied to the skin in any concentration and then exposed to the sun. They should not be ingested either. They are not made to be ingested. There is no definition of “therapeutic grade.” Yes, there are many uses for essential oils that are scientifically proven to be effective. I use them. I make soap and other skincare items with essential oils. But I never ever make any claims that any of them could be used to treat or cure any disease. That would be illegal and unethical to do so.

    • Jessica (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      I am learning in a very short time that I may want to use a carrier oil and will try it out! I do not recommend ingesting them either and for sure do not think that they will cure a disease.

  7. Janell

    Frankincense “King of Oils” I call my Jesus oil. I believe that’s why it’d be king of all oils. It was one of the oils the kings brought to him after birth!

  8. Sarah

    I third what Shelia said. NEVER ingest essential oils or apply them undiluted to the skin unless directed to do so by a doctor. Peppermint and Eucalyptus should NEVER be used around babies or young children as they as they can slow breathing or even cause respiratory arrest in some children. You also need to be careful if you have pets as many oils can be toxic for them.

  9. Rainbow

    I have been using essential oils for years and I started with Now brand found in grocery stores, then a friend gave me Doterra oils and then about 2 years ago I kept reading about Plant Therapy oils here on hip2save and the lot of readers loved their oils so I started searching about them and ordered the set of 3 that hip2save had posted a deal about. I will not buy any other oils anymore. Their prices for the quality of the oils you get are very good. And they have a lot of sales throughout the year and their customer service is amazing and it is an amazing company. I use their Aloe vera gel,carrier oils ,essential oils and diffuse the oils at work and at home. So many people at work have converted to Plant Therapy oils and since they opened a store in Meridian,Idaho I have been referring people to go to the store and smell the oils. It is super therapeutic and relaxing. They work in so many levels and for so many things. In a recent camping trip I didn’t think to take mosquito repellent and I had a giant bite on my forhead that swole and was super itchy,I had my case of oils with me,read which ones help with skin,swelling,itching and mixed them with my almond oil and applied. The next morning there no mosquito bite redisue. Use oils for headaches,tummy issues….. or just for aromatherapy and would recommend the oils to everybody. Once you go Plant Therapy you will never go back 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

  10. Rainbow

    Also plant therapy has kidsafe line of oils .

  11. Meranda

    If you have pets please be careful about which oils you buy! My dogs training classes have included aromatherapy lessons and surprisingly not all oils are good for dogs, some can even be fatal! Make sure to check online for the fur babies before buying!

  12. Alissa Zemering

    I love this post! I use essential oils all the time. As much as I love a good deal, you don’t want to go cheap when it comes to your health. The more expensive oils are going to be the purest. I work in health care and I have to make sure we use the best kind during essential oil therapy. There are many companies out there. Do your research. There are many facebook groups on this topic as well. I use DoTerra only because my co-worker, from Jamaica is a rep. She herself was going to create her own essential oils. Since in Jamaica essential oils are commonly used she is able to distinguish between pure and mixed. Young Living is their competitor and you start to get into mixed water when you speak to reps of both companies. I have also purchased from brands that have their own distillery. Essential Oils are so beneficial if you use the right ones! I swear by DoTerra’s On Guard to prevent colds!

  13. Deb E

    I like hearing about what brands people like with the essential oils since I am still in the research phase. My big sis knows so much more about them so I know who to ask when I’m ready. I’m still trying to get educated about them, but the few I’ve tried have impressed me. Thanks for posting.

  14. Joanna

    Let’s take a minute to discuss the various designations (therapeutic grade, certified pure, certified therapeutic grade, pure, etc) are a marketing tool. There is no designation of what these claims mean and no standard of account to which companies are held. They can literally slap any one of these on there but it means nothing. Further, a large company has copyrighted their claim so of course it’s the only one on the market “meeting that standard”. Oils can be great but the marketing and fear gets under my skin.

  15. Christine

    Frankincense is special because it is high in a constituent called sesquiterpenes, which allow it to cross the blood-brain barrier. I have a huge EO reference book with everything you’d ever want to know about their usage, frequency, their chemical makeup, dosage/uses and more. I have about 100 bottles in my collection and they are useful for a lot of things. You do have to be careful to dilute them, especially tea tree and oregano, but really all of them can trigger an allergic reaction. They can be used to heal conditions but you need to know what you are doing. Dr. Axe has videos on EOs for breast cancer, for example. I use tea tree in my oil pulling oils, and in my neti pot I use oregano (ONE drop…don’t use more) to clear up sinus infections. Oregano is as powerful as antibiotics taken internally but doesn’t kill off all your good gut flora. Like any medicine, however, some people can’t tolerate oregano internally. Do your research, though. These might be trendy but they are powerful and should be respected. And ditto to what everyone said about diluting, especially with children, babies and pets.

  16. Michelle Curtis

    I’ve been using essential oils to support all aspects of my family’s health for years. When used properly, they are more effective and less expensive then over the counter products — hands down! I’ve done lots of research on pubmed.gov and seen many, many research studies on the benefits of essential oils. With that being said, I would *strongly” suggest that you research the brand that you’re recommending. Dr. Pappas is a well respected scientist in the essential oil community. He is not affiliated with any essential oil company. He tests essential oils for purity and makes them available to consumers like us. Radha is a brand that he’s repeatedly posted test results for….and the lab tests show that have synthetic ingredients (ie, bad for you). His facebook page is Essential Oil University….if you want to research yourself.

  17. MaryKay

    Hey Jessica,
    Thank you for this post. I am just getting into oils myself. I’ve been using Young Living Oils. Do you know they make a Vitality line of oils that are FDA approved to take internally? Did you also know they have a pet line of oils as well? I know they are expensive oils but you can always look at their site for more ideas on how to use each oil for every need and want. Thanks for your ideas!!

  18. sunshine0826

    Thank you Jessica for posting this. It was kind of you to do so!

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