Will YOU Pay $1,500+ for the New Apple iPhone & Watch?

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Will you buy the new apple iphone (pictured here) or Apple watch?

Been waiting for the new iPhone?

Apple just unveiled their brand new iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, and the Apple Watch Series 4 with brand new features! Check out a list of the new Apple products below, along with their specs, pre-order & release dates, and prices…

New Apple iPhone and watch releases are here! Pictured here, the iPhone XS Max phone will be available soon

iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max:

  • Super Retina HD display in two sizes: 5.8″ display (XS) and 6.5″ display (XS Max)
  • A12 Bionic chip to launch apps 30% faster than 2017 iPhones
  • Advanced Face ID that works faster at unlocking the iPhone
  • A breakthrough 12MP dual‑camera system (wide-angle and telephoto) with Depth Control
  • 7MP TrueDepth camera
  • Water resistant to a depth of 2 meters for up to 30 minutes
  • Wireless charging
  • Prices starting at $999 for iPhone XS or $1,099 for iPhone XS Max
  • Available for pre-order on 9/14; available 9/21

New Apple iPhone and watch releases are here! Pictured here: the new iPhone Xr features wider screen

iPhone XR:

  • All-new Liquid Retina HD display
  • A12 Bionic chip to launch apps 30% faster than 2017 iPhones
  • Advanced Face ID that works faster at unlocking the iPhone
  • 12MP camera and 7MP TrueDepth camera
  • Water resistant to a depth of 2 meters for up to 30 minutes
  • Wireless charging
  • Prices starting at $749 for iPhone XR with 6.1″ display
  • Available for pre-order 10/19; available 10/26

New Apple iPhone and watch releases are here! Pictured here: the new apple watch series 4

Apple Watch Series 4:

  • Fundamentally redesigned and re‑engineered Digital Crown with haptic feedback
  • The largest Apple Watch display yet
  • 64-bit dual-core S4 processor (up to 2x faster than the S3 processor)
  • Advanced heart monitoring capabilities and electrical heart sensor
  • Fall detection
  • Prices starting at $399 for GPS; $499 for GPS + Cellular
  • Available to order 9/14; available 9/21.

Will you be ordering one of these new Apple products?

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Comments 59

  1. Catherine

    As someone with a heart condition I love this new Apple Watch update. I will be buying one!

  2. Dana

    Simply too expensive.

  3. ~Jenn~

    Nope! I have the 8 Plus Product Red and the Apple Watch 3. I just see no reason to upgrade right now.
    I was happy to help with the heart study though!
    I will say the I love being able to send text and make calls from my watch. I totally don’t feel freaked out when I leave my phone at home. The upgrades they are making on the watch and phone are nice, but not enough to upgrade considering my current devices.

  4. Kat

    Heck NO!!! I absolutely dislike apple products !!! Android all the way!!

    • Dollbaby's mom

      Same lol.

    • Heather

      YES. I’ll keep my Android phone and be able to continue to use normal earbuds, and add storage as I need and want to, and not pay an arm and a leg for Apple’s nonsense.

    • Diamond

      Amen all the way.

    • *Angela-Miles*

      Another vote for Android!! 😉

    • Jara

      Has Apple begun finally paying any corporate taxes? No? Then I will also be sticking with my android.

    • Suzanne H

      Ditto! Love my Samsung S9 that hubby and I got B1G1 free and got $300 in Costco gift cards!

  5. Brenda

    I wonder what the cheapest will be now? I’m not for the new expensive ones. My last phones have been the SE and 5C

  6. Rachel

    I have the iPhone X , so I won’t be switching. I do like all of the new colors though.

  7. Hope

    Never, that’s ridiculous, not sure why anyone would spend that much, they’re outdated in a year or two.

    • Rachel

      I only have an iPhone X because my service provider allows us to pay monthly per phone and we get to upgrade for free after one year. It makes sense, since you pointed out phones become out dated too quickly.

    • Cindi

      No, not at all. My iPhone 6 bought in 2014 is all up to date and works great.

  8. Denise

    There must be people who are willing to pay this outrageous amount or else they wouldn’t be selling. I will pass!

    • Cindi

      Divide the amount per day and per year. Not bad!

  9. KG8620

    I will most definitely purchase the new watch🤗

  10. Me

    Heck no!

  11. Trisha Bartol

    I’ll only consider an iPhone if the headphone jack makes a return 😉

    • JJ

      I switched from a 5s to an X three weeks ago. The phone does come with a headphone adapter so I did not have to worry about buying bluetooth headphones on top of the already expensive phone!

  12. Mari

    I will get one of these, in about 5 years when it half price refurbished and old. I prefer Apple but I’m completely content with my “new” refurbished iPhone 6…..

    • Cindi


  13. Sara S

    No, I won’t be updating. I have the iPhone 8 Plus and can’t foresee a reason why I’d want one of the new phones. I think Apple needs to slow it’s roll until their new phones can provide bigger advancements in tech.

  14. Maryg

    I don’t think I will. My first iPhone was the 4S (first phone with Siri) and I paid $299 for it. They are now asking for more triple that, but I don’t believe the new features are really worth that price point . Also, the newer phones seem flimsier than the older ones. I’ll hold on to my 8 and probably upgrade to an older version when this one dies. Anyone else feel like Apple is going to price themselves out of the market?

    • M

      You only paid $299 because you signed a contract with your phone carrier. The price was still about the same, your cell phone provider just paid the difference in exchange for locking you into a 2 year contract. Cell phone companies realized people would still buy phones if they didn’t subsidize them anymore, so they stopped. And it worked.

  15. Meredith

    I understand everyone is entitled to their opinion, but EVERY SINGLE TIME anything is posted about Apple people feel the need to say how much they hate Apple products, android is better, etc. I have never felt the need to crap on something that someone else enjoys, but that’s just me. 🙂 My husband works for Apple and I have used their products for over 10 years, well before he started working there so I’m glad not every one feels this way! As for the cost, they always seem to offer a less expensive version of the iPhone and don’t most people get a discount through their cell phone provider?

    • Laura

      Agree! I love apple!! I’ve used Apple products for about 8 years 😊

    • Hope

      I like apple products too and have quite a few but to charge that much for a phone is outrageous. They’re a billion dollar company and I guess that’s why, people will pay it. None of the cell phone providers around me sell discounted phones anymore, I miss the days when you could get a free phone with a one or two year contact.

    • Cindi

      Ditto! I don’t trash products that I don’t like!!

  16. Nubianqueen

    A real waste of money no watch is a doctor. Apple is just doing what the demand calls for. Save your money next year they will have a new one and the year after they will have a newer one.

  17. Victoria

    Nope and I was first in line to preorder the X straight out. I don’t see enough improvements to upgrade. I will get the watch in a year or two. Apple has to do better if they want people to pay $1000 for a phone again. I’m simply just not impressed.

  18. MikeyInTheD

    My alarm is set for 3am to get up and order the Xs tonight. I bought the 8 last instead of the X because I didn’t want to wait 2 months to get wireless charging and the A11 chip. If you like a larger phone the Xr at $749 is an amazing value. The Android phones are $1000+ now too and the are outdated much faster than Apple products and don’t hold their value. iPhones retain 50-70% of their value after 1 year. I often see Android phones on ebay for 1/2 off just months after their release. The phones purchased today won’t be unusable as far as age for 5-6 years. There are people using iPhone 4’s still so the average cost per year of the phone is like $50. Keep a $1000 phone 5 years and it was only $200 a year. Some people spend that on coffee or cable per month. It’s all about what people value.

  19. Vicki

    No way! Apple comes out with something new every couple of years so why buy every new version? Until they come out with a phone that does laundry. Then I’m buying.

    • Tracee


  20. Laura

    I just upgraded to the iPhone 8 Plus and have the Apple Watch 1, I’m totally fine with those right now. There will be new ones when I’m ready to upgrade again. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  21. Warren

    I used an arm to pay for the IPhone X. I may use my leg to pay for this new upgrade.

    • Yanni


  22. CindyS

    I’ve had an iPhone since 3 — I always sell my old one and reinvest in the new one when I upgrade. I have a 7+ now and am thinking I might go ahead and upgrade this year. My Apple Watch is a 1st Gen so I might go ahead and upgrade it too. I don’t upgrade every year — usually every 2 or 3 years, so I feel I get my money’s worth, especially since I can resell the old stuff. I use cases and screen protectors and keep the box and accessories so I can get a higher price on the resale. Having said all that, this is probably the top dollar I would ever pay. The prices are just going to keep going up and up and I can’t see myself paying $1,500, $2,000, etc., for a phone. I miss the days when we could get a phone for free just by agreeing to a 2-year contract.

  23. Dkp91576

    Yesssssss… this is exactly why I coupon. To afford these splurges. My 6 plus is getting upgraded.

  24. Tricia

    Nope. Not even if I could!

  25. 417bmcatee

    I never buy the newest phone. There always seems to be some unknown kink. Let all of the kinks get worked out with someone else. I’ll buy the second newest phone, because they usually discount those.

    • Jenny

      Amen! I never buy something the moment it comes out. If it is something I want and I’m in the market I’ll wait at least 4-6 weeks to make sure that no major issues crop up.

  26. cindy


  27. David

    I have and love my SE. Its the perfect size and price at $199 new. I hate they will discontinue it but will buy the next smallest cheapest iphone when this one dies. After many trials I found the iPhones to be the easiest for a dummy like me to use.

  28. lindaK

    Any deals out there or expected? Last year I got a $200 gift card from Sams when I purchased my phone. I’ll be buying a new one for my son’s birthday which is conveniently next week. His older iphone has a cracked screen and is always out of memory. As a physician he uses his phone and watch constantly.

  29. eRiCa

    Does it have a glass back AND front like the X or 8? If so I’m DEFINITELY NOT INTERESTED! Too easy to crack !

  30. AJ

    Nope but to each their own. I’ve never put much value in things, I prefer to spend my disposable income on experiences. I’m currently planning my next trip to Europe which I know some people would see as an unnecessary expense.

  31. Tracee


  32. Deanna

    No, I will keep my android

  33. Priscilla

    Yes I will be getting the iPhone Xs, I use my phone for photos and videos and this is my splurge item. The upgrade in camera and storage is worth it to me.

    • TammyH

      Definitely Yes. I been using Apple products for at least 8 yrs now and we love it. Whenever I upgrade my phone, I pass my old one down for my kids and trade or resale their old one so its totally work out great for us.

  34. Rn

    Excuse my language but f@&k NO!!!

  35. Elizabeth

    No to an upgraded phone. I just got a new phone this year right before Sprint stopped doing the two year contract through Apple. Got a 6splus for $100, the most I’ve ever paid for a phone. I will keep using this one until it no longer works, then I will active one of our old iPhones. Lol. Already pay too much each month to Sprint. As far as a watch, maybe. Don’t have one, but my daughter does and she loves hers. Probably will wait a year or so before I actually buy one. $400 is a lot of money.

  36. Mommaoftwogirls

    Absolutely. My 7 is doing all kinds of weird stuff.. of course once I just finished paying it off 😂 hubby has an android and loves it but I prefer my iPhone anyday ☺️

  37. hip2trade

    No I never buy these type items right out of the gate. 😂 maybe down the line a bit.

  38. Evaa

    Nope. Never. I can pay my mortgage for 2 months instead of buying this package, I am satisfied with my LG G4 phone which is with me since last 4 years.

  39. Mark

    Already pre-ordered at 2am in the morning when it went live. Froogle in some departments but don’t go cheap on electronics nor even risk my life with Craigs List/5 mile used phone market.

  40. Elizabeth

    If you have buy an iphone model, you must be needed a match iphone case. You can contact me. May you are lucky to be able to get a new free iphone case.

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