5 Hot Christmas Toys From Amazon (And 3 That Are Not-So-Hot)

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hot 2018 amazon christmas toys — collin holding pooey puitton purse toy

Wonder what the hot Amazon Christmas toys are for 2018? We tried out some of the best- and worst-rated toys on the Amazon hot list!

I’m sure many of you are thinking about your Christmas shopping, especially when it comes to what toys are worth buying for the kiddos. I love the ease of hopping on Amazon and being able to check off my entire Christmas list in just a couple of clicks. Even better, they have a huge list of recommended toys for the upcoming holiday season!

We tried out some of the best-rated toys on the Amazon hot list this year. Here’s the scoop on whether they’re on our “good list” or “bad list”, along with our honest thoughts.

Let’s start with 5 Christmas toys that made our “good list”:


1. Play-Doh Doctor Drill ‘n Fill Retro Pack

hot 2018 amazon christmas toys – play-doh drill 'n fill retro pack play-doh set

Amazon | Target | Walmart

Did you even have a childhood if you didn’t play with Play-Doh? We absolutely love this Dentist set! It’s not only fun to put together, but it’s a great learning experience for kids. There’s something so much more fun about playing dentist than actually going to the dentist. Ha!

hot 2018 amazon christmas toys – play-doh drill 'n fill retro pack play-doh set

Kids can drill ‘n fill cavities, put on Play-Doh braces, brush teeth, and pull them out. This set also features the electric drill with fun buzzing action along with drill heads, tweezers, roller, toothbrush, tooth mold, accessories, instructions, and five cans of Play-Doh Brand Modeling Compound.

Here are some other great Play-Doh gift options:

Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Sizzlin’ StovetopPlay-Doh Cake PartyMold, Make, And Serve Up A Fun Play-Doh Breakfast

And because you can never have too much Play-Doh, check out this Play-Doh pack of 36 colors.

2. Grumblies Monsters

hot 2018 amazon christmas toys – grumblies monster tremor green character

Amazon | Target | Walmart

This fluffy Grumblie makes all the noises kiddos love; it farts, burps, and grumbles! Poke, shake, tilt and roll them. The more you mess with him, the angrier he gets, and the kids LOVED it! Within an hour of this guy being unboxed, our kids were referring to him as though he was a part of the family.

hot 2018 amazon christmas toys – grumblies monster tremor green character

For less than $25 and all the silly smiles that he brought to our boys’ faces, I would definitely recommend this fun and furry creature! That said, if you prefer not to “listen” to all the toys, I would probably pass on this one.

If you’d like to expand your Grumblies family, there are other ones to choose from:

Grumblies Scorch | Grumblies HydroGrumblies Bolt

Other similar creatures:

Crate Creatures Surprise, SizzleCrate Creatures Surprise, Blizz

3. Melissa and Doug Wooden Scoop and Serve Ice Cream Counter

hot 2018 amazon christmas toys – melissa and doug scoop and serve ice cream counter

Amazon | Target | Walmart

I love the timeless look and functionality of all the Melissa and Doug toys. They really hit a home run with this toy, because what kid doesn’t love ice cream? I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!🍦

This 28-piece ice cream set is one the whole family can have fun with! It comes with a cute menu and money that mom and dad can order with.

hot 2018 amazon christmas toys – playing with a toy menu

I also really like that the menu is made of hard plastic, so you don’t have to worry about little toddler hands ripping it to pieces in about five seconds. The kids love pretending to serve up ice cream in your choice of a cup or cone with all the toppings your heart desires. They honestly have not stopped playing with this toy since we got it. We think this set is perfect for any ice cream lover!

hot 2018 amazon christmas toys – child with pretend ice cream

If you’re familiar with Melissa and Doug, you already know they have some amazing toys.

Here are some of our other top favorites food sets:

Melissa & Doug Coffee Set

Melissa & Doug Slice and Bake Wooden Cookie Play Food SetMelissa & Doug 11-Piece Brew and Serve Wooden Coffee Maker SetMelissa & Doug Let’s Play House Dust! Sweep! Mop! 6-Piece Pretend Play SetMelissa & Doug Standard Unit Solid-Wood Building Blocks With Wooden Storage Tray

4. LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle

hot 2018 amazon christmas toys – lego ideas ship in a bottle building set

Amazon | Target | Walmart

All parents know the struggle of that LEGO life. Normally, it’s Mom or Dad who ends up doing all the work (and we end up stepping on them when they’re left out. LOL)! But they’re always so fun to put together and are perfect for rainy/snowy days in!

I would rank this 962-piece LEGO set as pretty difficult for younger ones, so stay true to the 12+ age recommendation on this box, unless you don’t mind being the one to put it together. The reward of seeing these completed is always so magical for kids!

Here are some other LEGO building set options:

LEGO Creator Modular Modern Home Building Kit | Klutz LEGO Chain Reactions Craft KitLEGO Brick HeadsLEGO City Police Station

 5. LittleBits Avengers Hero Inventor Kit

hot 2018 amazon christmas toys – littleBits avengers hero kit

Amazon | shopDisney

The boys were so excited to unbox this superhero kit. Creative kids bring their imagination to life by personalizing their interactive superhero gear, and the robotic pieces really made them feel like they’re putting together some seriously high-tech, cool stuff. You’re going to need your smartphone to play with this toy (so get ready, mom and dad)!

hot 2018 amazon christmas toys – littleBits avengers hero kit app

The toy comes with a free app, which is perfect so you don’t have to worry about losing the directions. Overall the app is very user-friendly, and it was easy for the kids to follow along with the directions.

hot 2018 amazon christmas toys – littleBits avengers hero kit

While the boys loved it, I wasn’t impressed with the almost $150 price tag. The small robotic pieces felt too delicate for small hands, and I’m sure it won’t be long until one of them breaks. And while littleBits kit is protected by a 30-day warranty and customer support, I don’t see this toy standing the test of time when it comes to rough-house and play. While we still love this product as a gift, I’d probably only buy it again if it was on sale.

Now for the 3 not-so-hot toys that we put on the “bad list”:


1. Yellies

hot 2018 amazon christmas toys – Yellies Spider

“I want to give my child a toy that’s going to make them as loud as humanly possible!” (said no parent ever)!

These voice-activated toys encourage your kids to shout at the top of their lungs to drive you insane! The louder your kids are, the more the creature interacts and speeds up. I’m going to keep my sanity for the “good list”, so these Yellies will not be making their way into any gift boxes this year.

2. Pooey Puitton

So, to be super honest, this toy is just terrible in our opinion. For $80+ you’re getting a plastic purse and a bunch of cheap, plastic unicorn poop. 💩 No thanks! On the surface, it’s certainly cute, but in reality, it’s just a whole bunch of “plastic-ness” and totally not worth your money!

If you missed our Facebook Live on this purse, you might want to check it out so you know what you’re getting for your money. And most of you agreed – you will NOT be purchasing this as a gift this year. Make this fun, easy puffy slime instead!

3. LOL Surprise Ball

hot 2018 amazon christmas toys – lol surprise toy

Last year we unboxed this toy when it would have cost you about $70, and we didn’t even recommend it then. But now, the L.O.L. Surprise Ball is currently trending at $140! 😱 With 50 surprises, you basically end up with a bunch of tiny, cheap plastic toys. The teeny-tiny doll clothes even started ripping as soon as we tried putting them on!

Make your own DIY LOL surprise ball instead and fill it with WAY better stuff for a fraction of the cost!

hot 2018 amazon christmas toys – LOL Surprise Pets Amazon

And don’t think the smaller versions are any better. They’re just mini-sized versions of overpriced tiny toys that’ll likely be forgotten (or lost) in a matter of minutes. You get way more trash than you do toys with these kinds of gifts, so for that reason, we’re definitely passing on this one.

Will you be shopping any of these hot toys from Amazon? What do you think about the not-so-hot products?

Let us know in the comments!

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Comments 47

  1. Heather O

    I think I’m going to nab one of the red Grumblies for my 10 year old son. I read the reviews and most people state even older boys like this toy. Thank you so much for posting this! I was needing more ideas for him!

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      You’re welcome! That one does look fun. I was thinking of grabbing one for my son too! He is almost 10!

    • Stephanie

      Thanks Heather! I read your post so just grabbed one for my 9-year old son.

    • Kim

      I was just wondering if this would be fun for a 9 year old. I might have to grab one! Thanks!

    • Kim

      Just know that they are really loud and very annoying. lol

  2. Jamie

    OMG I have way too much grumbling already😂. No way!

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      LOL! Lot’s of grumbling here too!

  3. Coby

    I used to think the same abt LOL dolls (overpriced plastic toys) until my daughter got hooked on collecting them. We ❤️ LOL dolls and I know a lot or others do since they’re the fastest selling toys in stores

    • Ashley

      Same! My daughter loves them! Totally worth the price since she plays with them like crazy!

    • Natalie

      My daughters ages 5 and 7 are both obsessed with LOL dolls.

    • Kim

      You can use the target 25% off toy coupon on the LOL bigger surprise. I got mine down to $59.99. It was on sale at target for $79.99 then add he coupon. I was hesitant paying full price for this I know my 6 year old would really enjoy this!

    • Michelle

      Both of my girls ages 4 and 16 LOVE these little dolls! I even paid for the Alice and Dorthy inspired dolls off ebay… I had originally purchased the bigger surprise off Amazon on pre-order but just returned it yesterday once I knew the Target one for $56.99 shipped… to me they have HOURS of fun and they are little and so to us it is totally worth it… P.S. when Ebay was running that $5 coupon I ordered several of the balls cheap… I don’t worry about list but what my kids really want!!!!!

  4. Martha

    The play doh dentist set was a huge hit with my boys, 4 and 6, last Christmas!

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Aww, how neat! Good to know how much they enjoyed it! Thanks for taking a moment to comment, Martha! I was wondering about that one for my Nephew who is almost 4!

  5. Brandy

    I bought the LOL ball on clearance for $30. My daughter wasn’t “in to” LOL last year & she is going to FLIP over it. Yes, they are tiny & plastic but she was gifted two used LOL dolls and she plays with them non-stop. Gives them check-ups & storylines, tucks them in, takes them on “field trips”….I think I’ll get my money’s worth out of my purchase because toys & parent percieved value are going to vary widely from child to child. I would buy the new LOL stuff this year in a hot minute if I could afford to because they fir her age & interest.

  6. Shannon

    I love play doh but it seems like 5 min after they start playing all the colors are mixed together and a bunch of it gets smooshed into the carpet! My kids aren’t even that young either lol.

  7. Heather

    LOL dolls are the ONE toy my 8-year-old daughter has continually played with for over a year now. She brings them everywhere…and I’ll walk her in room and she’ll have them all set up cute having a pool party or “going to school”. I would say her next favorite toy is Legos, but she gets the most use out of LOLs. I don’t think I’ve ever paid full price though.

  8. krystal

    I agree with the others on LOL dolls… my 8 year old is obsessed and even my 6 year old bought one with her own money and has been carting it everywhere. I think the key is to do your research. My 8 year old asked for one of the $30 pearl shell thing and when I looked up to see what was in it was completely disappointed for $30, same with the $60-80 sets. So instead for Christmas I bought her a couple different full size doll ones, a pet and a little sister for a couple dollars more. I know it will be a big hit and I know instead of getting a million accessories and one doll she will have a whole ‘family’ set.

  9. Brenda

    I can’t stand the LOL dolls. Overpriced prices of plastic junk that get lost right away. Ugh!
    That being said, it’s the very first thing on my daughters wishlist this year, and she’s sending that list to all of our family AND santa, lol! The sacrifices we make for our kids. Lol! 😂😂

  10. Jennifer

    I actually plan on getting that Lego pirate ship for my dad for Christmas. He’s a Navy veteran and is really into pirates. My parents even cosplay as pirates at festivals. So I think he’ll really like it.

    • Jennifer

      I didn’t even realize it was available on Target until I read this post. I was planning on ordering it from Amazon. It was the same price on both websites. So I ordered it from Target and got the free $10 gift card with a $50 Lego purchase. SCORE! 😁

      • Gigi

        Are they doing the $10 gift card now?

        • Jennifer

          Yes they are

  11. Donna

    What’s up with the poop everything. I am so over that trend!

    • Shannon

      Me too! I refuse to buy poop anything! Yet somehow my kid has a poop emoji pillow he got from someone else. And loves it lol

    • Amanda

      I don’t get it but my almost 10 year old daughter LOVES anything poop emoji!

  12. IB

    My now 11 year old daughter loved the Play Doh Dentist set when she got it 4-5 years ago.

  13. Bran Mor

    This is an awesome post. Will you be able to do another post like this for hot toys geared towards toddlers?

    • nikis22

      I second this! Thanks so much!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Yay!! Happy to hear you enjoyed this post! Stay tuned for more… 🙌

      • Jennifer

        Yes, and a tween stuff post

  14. Marion

    The Melissa & Doug ice cream set is awesome. We bought it for our daughter 2 years ago for Christmas and she still plays with it all the time. It’s one of the toys all her little friends love to play with also during playdates!

  15. Julia

    I think the yellies and Grumblies are in the same category!! But they are both fun depending on what your kid is into.

  16. rebecca

    would anyone say that the LOL dolls are kinda like the old Polly Pockets (from about 20 years ago?) i haven’t see the LOL dolls up close, but when i was a nanny, the little girls got TONS of mileage out of the Polly Pockets. They were easy to carry along several dolls and clothes and furniture, and didn’t take up a lot of space. good for pretend play. didn’t last forever, but got through a lot of situations where waiting is involved, or could take it on vacation.

  17. Amanda

    Anyone know—is the ice cream set magnetic like the smaller Mel and Doug set?

  18. Jana

    Yellies….. lol… I just figured out what I’m getting my nephews and friends kids for Christmas this year!! Ahahahaha!!

  19. Jamie46178

    My son is the biggest minimalist. He’s 15 now but for the last probably 4 years, has only wanted one or two smaller things. So each year instead I take him on a little vacation over Christmas break somewhere a few hours from where we live, just me and him. He picks where we go, what we do, where we eat. Every year, best gift ever, and so nice not having to stress about what to get him! And long after some plastic toy breaks and is thrown away, we have those memories of the fun we had. I’m so happy for my family that pretty much everyone values time together and experiences over “stuff”.

    • Linz

      That’s pretty awesome! You could take advantage of all the Shutterfly freebies and make him a photo book for each trip. Maybe give him the previous year’s trip this year and then after this Christmas trip, make a book he opens next year. He’ll probably cherish them later in life. Regardless, what great quality time you are spending together!

  20. Sara

    That Play-Doh dentist set is definitely cheaper than what I have payed my dentist since I started seeing him in March. I have spent $4,668.10 on: my initial consultation, $300 annual care club(two cleanings, one set of bitewing xrays, 15% discount on other services), one set of panoramic xrays, 5 surgical extractions, one porcelain crown, and 10 fillings. I still have 6 more fillings left to do. It will cost $1,237.60. This is after the 15% discount.

    • Shannon

      Wow! Definitely take advantage of fluoride mouthwash deals. I think there’s one at target right now. Ever since my family started using fluoride mouthwash (act) it’s always good news at the dentist. I never skip brushing/flossing either. My kid wants to sleep at his friends house on Halloween and I’m actually very worried he will eat candy and then not brush. Lol

      • Sara

        I have never been able to tolerate any mint stronger than Wrigley’s spearmint gum. All of this dental work is due to me not brushing my teeth for years. All of the adult toothpastes that were available when I was growing up were mint flavored. I would almost puke any time I tried to use an adult toothpaste. I was also under the impression that I couldn’t use children’s toothpaste. I have since found Tanner’s Tasty Paste. It is a children’s fluoride toothpaste that tastes like vanilla ice cream. They also make a chocolate ice cream version.

        Now I just need to get back into the habit of brushing regularly. Even though this toothpaste doesn’t taste like mint and foams less, my body is still reacting the moment the foam hits my tongue.

        Mouthwash of any kind makes me puke. I have tried regular, alcohol free, and natural mouthwashes. I haven’t tried orange. I don’t like artificial orange flavor.

        • Jamie46178

          You can brush your teeth without anything and it works just as good. It’s the act of brushing, not the paste, that removes plaque and debris. Or you could dip your brush in a bit of baking soda if you want a bit of abrasion, this is safe and good for you and doesn’t have a taste. You can also rinse your mouth with hydrogen peroxide, which works the same or better than mouthwash, and does not have any taste at all, just be careful not to swallow any.

  21. Sandra

    My girls, 3 and 9 years old, play with their LOLs every single day. Totally worth the price of the 7$ and 10$ balls.

  22. Karen Pond

    I absolutely hate how much garbage (literal garbage) comes with those LOL things and all those other toys that hitched a ride on the “unpackaging” videos on YouTube. I got my daughter one ONCE (learned our lesson) and it was so much plastic and garbage I felt horrible for getting it for her. Next time we will save some money and the environment a bit by finding a few quarter machines!

  23. SuzyHomemakerGoneBad

    Yes, as someone else said- the things we sacrifice for our kids! My son absolutely loves spiders (in stark contrast to my arachnophobia), and he wants spider toys for Christmas. There aren’t many spider toys that do things out there, so there will be a lot of yelling at my house soon 🙁

  24. ErinH

    We actually LOVE the LOL pets! They have a little fun sand box inside that is fun to play with. My girls play with these for hours!

    • Jennifer (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Yay, Erin! So glad to hear your kiddos enjoy them!

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