The Best Holiday Gift Guide for Cooks

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The Ultimate Hip2Save Gift Guide For Cooks and Chefs - Lina with Athropologie Aprons

We’ve cooked up the ultimate gift guide for the cooks and chefs in your life! 😉 These are the people known to whip up delicious dishes, host the best dinner parties, and stay up to date with all the latest kitchen tech. We’ve curated a mix of classic and cutting-edge products at differing price points to make gift shopping for those masters of the kitchen a bit easier. Read on for our favorite picks!

1. Pie Plates

gift guide for chefs and cooks — williams sonoma pie plates stacked

💰💰💰: Williams Sonoma pie plates
💰💰: Pioneer Woman pie dish set
💰: Hearth & Hand pie pan

While the imagery of fresh pies sitting on a windowsill doesn’t necessarily resonate in 2018, everyone still loves a good pie. And whether these are put to frequent use or set out solely for display, a gorgeous pie pan is always a lovely gift.

“My husband bought these pie plates for me last Christmas and they are so high quality and gorgeous! They’ll make your pies look picture perfect. 👌 Also, one of the dishes came chipped and they just sent me out another pack of three — so I have 5 pie plates! It was great customer service!” – Lina

2. Multi-Duty Kitchen Appliances

gift guide for chefs and cooks — cuisinart multi use toaster oven air fryer appliance

This has been the YEAR for air fryers, and we don’t see that trend ending any time soon. But why not gift an appliance that can do more than just fry without gallons of oil? We think Cuisinart Toaster Oven + Air Fryer is the hottest (literally?) thing hitting kitchen counters, and your top chef is sure to agree.

gift guide for cooks and chefs — ninja intelli-sense blender, food processor, and spiralizer system

Another multi-use appliance is the Ninja Intellisense Blender/Food Processor/Spiralizer. When it comes to blending, mixing, chopping, pureeing, and churning out those healthy zoodles, this powerhouse of an appliance can do it all!

Though if you’re looking to take cooking to the next level, look no further than the Ninja Foodi TenderCrisp Pressure Cooker — even the name is quite a mouthful! It takes the speedy cooking capability of a pressure cooker and combines it with the crisping technique from an air fryer, all it one large 6.5-qt pot!

All of these appliances are definitely investments, but they make great gifts when coming from a group.

3. Waffle Maker

gift guide for cooks and chefs — dash mini waffle maker

💰💰💰: All-Clad Stainless Steel Classic Round Waffle Maker
💰💰: Cuisinart Waffle Maker
💰: Dash Mini Waffle Maker

Mmm, waffles! 😋 A Belgian waffle maker is a gift that keeps on giving… hot and fluffy waffles, that is! We love how versatile waffle makers can be outside of cooking the breakfast staple. And your chef probably has a ton of unique filler ideas in their cooking arsenal.

gift guide chef cook — cuisinart classic round waffle maker

“Unexpectedly receiving the Cuisinart Flipside waffle maker for Christmas has hands down been the best gift I’ve ever received. I use it weekly! On top of making fresh waffles, I toss just about anything I can find in there — hashbrowns, tater tots, cake batter, sandwiches… it cooks and crisps everything! I absolutely love it!” – Emily

4. Dutch Oven

gift guide for chefs and cooks — cravings by chrissy teigen dutch oven at target

💰💰💰: Staub Enameled Dutch oven
💰💰: Cravings Dutch oven
💰: Kitchenworks Enamel Dutch oven

Sauté, stew, & serve — dutch ovens can do it all! Forged from cast iron, they maintain even levels of heat for uniform cooking. The enamel coating adds a touch of style so you can serve directly from the vessel while keeping food warm. Though Staub is renowned for their ultra high-quality cookware, you can’t beat the prices on these similarly stylish pots!

5. Slow Cooker

gift guide for cooks and chefs — collin with ninja slowcooker and proctor silex slow cookers

💰💰💰: Ninja Slow Cooker
💰💰: Crock-pot Cook and Carry
💰: Proctor-Silex Slow Cooker

Not only are you giving a versatile countertop appliance but also the gift of time. Slow cookers make every meal so much easier since it’s a ‘set it and forget it’ cooking technique. From basic models to high-tech features, matte black to vintage florals, there’s a slow cooker that’s just right for everyone.

6. Cookbooks

gift guide for chefs and cooks — magnolia table and cravings cookbooks at target

In the world of cookbooks, the options are absolutely endless. While we could pour in about 20 different recommendations, we’re currently loving Magnolia Table by Joanna Gaines and Cravings by Chrissy Teigen. In fact, our resident cooking queen Lina recently raved about how much she loves the latest recipes from the sequel to CravingsChrissy Teigen’s Hungry For More.

7. Kitchen Essentials

gift guide for chefs and cooks — roll up dish drying over the sink rack

Where there’s a culinary masterpiece being made, there’s bound to be a mess that follows. And many cooking tools can’t make their way into the dishwasher. The solution? This roll-up drying rack unfolds to rest directly over the sink when in use and can be tucked away when it’s not needed, giving your cook back their precious countertop space.

“This roll-up dish drying rack ranks in my top 3 BEST kitchen-related investments (alongside my knife block and slow cooker!). I really just love that it’s practical as it takes up just a little bit of space and also is a cleaner option than the normal ole’ kitchen drying pads or using a tea towel. Whoever invented this — you ROCK!” – Amber

Spice Grinders

Another must-have for any kitchen — salt & pepper of course! Hip2Save Erica LOVES these Kuhn ceramic spice grinders. Consider gifting them alongside some gourmet rainbow peppercorns and Himalayan sea salt to round out the gift!

“The number one reason why I love these salt & pepper grinders is that I have no patience. You only have to twist this grinder a couple of times to do the job. It’s SO easy to turn and so much comes out with that first turn. Plus, the grinder is made of ceramic (NOT plastic) — which is likely why they are long-lasting grinders!” – Erica

Or how about gifting a product that’s a bit more unique! This knife block keeps your everyday paring, utility, chef’s and bread knives handy and safe. The inside of the knife block is made of very fine plastic sticks, allowing any knife to sit anywhere in the block – tight and secure.

“I hate typical knife blocks because you literally have to make sure to put the exact type of knife in each slot, and who has time for that?! 😩 I fell in love with the the Bodum knife block because you can stick in any knives you please, and it looks awesome sitting on my counter, too!” – Collin

8. Cooking Aprons

gift guide for cooks and chefs — collin opening oven wearing anthropologie apron

A cook’s attire can be just as festive as the foods they make. Let your chef have some fun in the kitchen with an adorable apron! Anthropologie has a lovely selection ranging from florals to woven patterns. They’re so pretty, you won’t want to get a single spill on them!

gift guide for cooks and chefs — lina wearing anthropologie apron

You can also find more decorative aprons at a lower cost over at Flirty Aprons! And they often offer sales and promo codes to save you even more.

9. Baking Pans

gift guide for chefs and cooks — usa pans for meatloaf

💰💰💰: USA Pans Commercial Set
💰💰: Rachel Ray Yum-O! Set
💰: Calphalon Bakeware Set

Loved by quite a few Hip2Save team members, USA Pans are simply the best when it comes to bakeware. Made with heavy gauge aluminum and crafted with a non-stick coating, they’re perfect for any oven-baked dish — they’re also manufactured in America!

Some other quality bakeware sets come from Calphalon (a household name when it comes to cooking) and Rachael Ray (a household name when it comes to cooking shows) for a lower price point. But don’t think that means they come with lower quality — both sets are loved by hundreds of Amazon reviewers!

gift guide for chefs and cooks — usa pan 5 piece set

“If you’re on the hunt for some quality pans, don’t look any further than the USA brand. I got these for a wedding gift a few years ago and I would NEVER buy another brand. It does not matter what I cook in them. They NEVER stick and they’re just so easy to clean up. Makes cooking in the kitchen so much fun!” – Amber

10. Blender

gift guide for chefs and cooks — collin holding kitchen 5-speed blender

💰💰💰: Vitamix 5200
💰💰: Kitchenaid Retro Blender
💰: Ninja Fit Single Serve Blender

It’s smoothie time! Or soup time! Or, really, anything that needs blending time. And the world of blenders is ever evolving. For pros, almost nothing beats the commercial grade power of the Vitamix, though you don’t have to shell out big bucks for a quality gift thanks to budget-friendly options from KitchenAid and Ninja.

No matter how your giftee blends, this gift is sure to earn you an invite when margaritas are on the drink menu.

Gift Guide for Cooks - Collin with Flower Apron

If you’ve got a chef in your life, these gifts are sure to wow, not to mention help them up their cooking game even further. Just don’t forget to offer your services as a professional taste tester for their next culinary creation. 😋

Have a product that you think should be on this list?

Leave it in the comments as a recommendation for other readers!

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Comments 26

  1. Denise

    Lol…Lina you grew a mustache:)

    • Lina D (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Ha! Yes I did 😀

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      lol! She’s still oh so cute! 😍

      • Denise

        Yes she sure is!

  2. Susan Crawford

    I can honestly say the best thing I bought myself for Christmas was the Martha Stewart pastry blender at Macy’s on clearance. I use it every time I make pie crusts, I make 2 at a time and freeze the second one. it was less than $10.00. My family laughed at me, but my husband loves his pies. Next I am going to get myself an apron. My mom used to wear them when we were growing up and since she is gone, it is another way to remember her.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      So awesome! Thanks for sharing… I’m definitely gonna check out this product!

  3. Patricia McCoy

    100% agreement on the roll-up drying rack. It is such a handy item to have in my kitchen. Plus having the ability to put it out of sight when not in use….. with minimum space requirements. I have a single sink opening and I sometimes place the rack in the bottom of the sink as to protect the stainless steel finish when washing iron skillets.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      I never knew about these roll-up drying racks before. Such a neat product! 🙌

    • Denise

      I have one and use it everyday. I can’t imagine life without one now. I have more room to dry my dishes and sometime I place my strainer on it just to help drain out the water

  4. Karen

    I have a knife box that I use in my sewing room for scissors and rotary cutters. Love it!!

  5. A.B.

    Off topic, but Collin, I’d love if you could do a messy bun tutorial! Your hair looks so full, and effortlessly cute! I have fine hair, and have been using the bumble and bumble products(with good results!), since reading about your good experiences with them. I’d love any tips you could share! Thanks so much! Keep up the amazing work, H2S!!!

    • Holly (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Thanks for the request, A.B.! I have passed this along to Collin!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      lol So the secret, to keep things honest and open, it’s actually not my hair 😉. I use fake hair pieces that I’ve purchased in the past from stores like Sally Beauty, Target, Ulta etc. for under $20. I grab the ones that closely match my hair color and then just secure with some bobby pins… and voilà! 💁 Quite a while ago I actually did a Facebook Live video showing how I put it up – Maybe I’ll have to do an updated one, stay tuned! 😃

      • A.B.

        Thank you so much, that would never have even occurred to me!!!

  6. Debbie

    Instant pot accessories! I love:
    The glass lid:
    Extra rings that are colored to keep savory vs sweet rings separated:
    Plastic cover for the instant pot when you want to refrigerate something:
    Steamer basket:

    I would love to see the top picks for air fryers. It’s something I want for Christmas but not sure which one to get.

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Thanks for sharing your favorite Instant Pot items with us! I will be sure to pass along your request to the team on Air Fryers! GREAT idea!

  7. Helen in Meridian

    Collin, please show us more of your new kitchen. Love the bright flooring. Tell us why you chose each of your appliances and your counter styes, and sink fittings etc. We will be happy for you…and lust a little, but learn.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Hi Helen!

      So the kitchen appliances you see are actually original to the house! Yay for not having to buy new appliances as we love ’em! The flooring and countertops are original as well. However, we are getting ready to do some major renovating as we are making one bedroom into two, taking out walls, fixing bathrooms etc. So stay tuned as I am hoping to share much of this with you all. 🙌

      • Jennifer Lemon

        Please don’t change your kitchen floor because it is GORGEOUS! I covet those tiles so hard!

  8. SuzanneH

    I highly recommend this waffle maker over the ones in the post:

    I have owned a cheap-o one that went really quickly and the Cuisinart one listed here. It was amazing at first but lasted less than 6 months. I did tons of research (my boys love their waffles which we have every Sunday) and decided this one was the best reviews vs. price. I’ve had it for many months and it’s amazing. Great non-stick and so easy to clean with the removal plates. Highly recommend!!!! ++++

  9. Patricia McCoy

    I wanted to share my two favorite kitchen helpers.

    The baguette is the BOMB. The bread comes out of the oven perfect every time. I use Pillsbury French Bread. Spray the pan and dough with oil, score the loaf, add garlic powder and bake.

    Dispenser for foil and plastic. Open the dispenser, pull out the amount required, and shut the dispenser. Boom, the foil/plastic has been cut. It is my #1 go-to in the kitchen.

  10. Margaret

    I absolutely love my silicone baking mats. I have lots in lots of different brands but they all work perfectly. All available inexpensively from Amazon. Previously, I always used non-stick foil to make cleanup easier. No longer! And when I tried switching to baking stones, I found my items didn’t crisp nicely on the bottom. Silicone mats are nonstick but they also have the advantage of crisping everything quite nicely!

  11. Denise

    I’m not seeing just an air fryer on here? Is this not a big hit with everyone anymore…I’m just looking at them now.
    Thanks, Denise

  12. Amy

    I love my Joule sous vide. It’s so easy to use and makes meat so tender. You can use it for so many things- including mason jar recipes like yogurt and creme brûlée.

  13. John Rosenow

    A good kitchen scissors, a red spatula, and a microplane are great stocking stuffers. Ok, it doesn’t have to be red. Enjoy

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