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10 Stocking Stuffer Ideas – All Under $10

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Stocking Stuffer Ideas (PopSockets & More)

The art of stuffing stockings can be a little dull, especially when you’ve exhausted so much of your energy searching for the perfect gift. Get creative with our ultimate stocking stuffer gift guide brimming with frugal ideas under $10 that are FUN for the recipient to open!

1. Fun socks

Gift Guide - Fun socks stocking stuffers

Amazon has a ton of fun and cozy socks, perfect for filling stockings with! From “If You Can Read This…” socks to “I’m Playing Fortnite – Do Not Disturb” socks and even a variety of fun, odd and unique socks – there’s something for everyone!

Free Happy Socks with Amazon Gift Card

Hip Tip: Amazon is offering up a free limited edition pair of Happy Socks with your Amazon Gift Card Purchase of $100 or more!

2. World’s Smallest Toys

World's Smallest Pez

Bring on the nostalgia with adorable mini versions of these classic toys! Choose from mini Etch-A-Sketch, Magic 8 Ball, Barbie, Rubiks Cube, and more! And the best part – they actually work! You can find these toys at JoAnn’s, Amazon, and Target.

3. Blind bags

Trolls Mini Blind Bags Target

Shrunken down and filled with surprises, blind bags make a perfect stocking stuffer! No matter what your kids are into, there’s a blind bag for everyone! You can find an assortment of blind bags on Amazon and at just about every grocery store – either on the toy aisle or even by the register in the checkout lane.

4. Scalp massagers

Scalp Massager

Who doesn’t love getting a nice scalp massage? 💆🏼‍♀️ You can find these little gems at Walmart for just $1 each (in store by the Christmas items), and they’re also sold in bundles for $1-$2 each on Amazon.

Itching for something a little different? You could also grab a 5-pack of these back scratcher rakes for those times when you have an itch and just can’t reach it.

5. Beauty & hair products

Gift Guide - Beauty stocking stuffers

Beauty products are always useful for gals and guys!

Face masks, chapstick/lip balm, nail polish, bath sponges, makeup remover towels, bath bombs, nail clippers/files, hand lotions, shower gels or body washes, scrunchies, elastic ties, mini hand sanitizers, etc. – these are all affordable yet practical stocking stuffers! You could even buy in bulk and split up the items among several stockings to save more.

You can easily find these items for $1 or less at ULTA (especially with coupons and deals like this one!), Dollar Tree, in the beauty section or Bullseye’s Playground at Target, or even on Amazon!

Ella+mila holiday nail colors

If you’re wanting to spend a little bit more on your stocking items, these ella+mila nail polishes also make great stocking stuffers – and they’re a great deal with our exclusive 40% off promo code!

6. Play-Doh

Play-Doh Rainbow Starter Pack

Great for on-the-go playtime! Purchase these mini 1-ounce canisters of Play-Doh or these 2-ounce canisters of Play-Doh and you’ve got enough play-doh to fill several stockings. Or grab this large Mega Pack with 36 3-ounce canisters and you’ll be able to stuff multiple stockings for less!

If you’d rather DIY, make your own with this super easy 2-ingredient play dough recipe!

7. Reusable shopping bags

Gift Guide - Reusable shopping bags stocking stuffers

Reusable shopping bags are practical and earth-friendly, especially for bargain shoppers! Plus, you can find a ton of fun designs for under a buck at stores like T.J. Maxx.

Trader Joes Mystery Bags

Even better, if you have a Trader Joe’s nearby, they have their Mystery Pack Reusable Shopping Bags 3-pack for just $2.99, which equals only 99¢ per bag!

8. PopSockets

Not only are they a great gift idea for your teen, but PopSockets make a fun stocking stuffer, too! You can find a wide variety of designs on Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and other stores for around $9.99 or less when on sale, or you can make your own custom one with their website’s customizer.

Mini PopSockets

Plus, there’s even new PopSockets PopMinis, a trio of tiny phone grips you can place wherever you want without taking up space. If they haven’t already, PopSockets will become your whole family’s new favorite gadget!

9. Device charging cables

phone charging cables - gift guide

It seems like you can never have enough charging cables for your devices! They’re great for keeping in the car, at home, in the office, at school, for traveling – you name it. You can snag a multi-pack for your specific device on Amazon, making this a great stocking stuffer for just about anyone with a device!

10. Car cleaning products

Armor All 4oz sprays

Whose car couldn’t benefit from a little TLC? Check out your local Dollar Tree as you may spot a nice selection of car cleaning items including wipes, microfiber cloths, Tire Foam, Protectant Spray, and more – all for just $1 each! You can also grab a full-size canister of Armor All wipes for only $1.50 at Target.

Amazon gift cards

AND, when all else fails…

…or you’re just exhausted from trying to be clever with stockings, you can never go wrong with gift cards. They don’t even need to be for large amounts, and retailers like Amazon even offer free holiday cards, tins, and boxes for some of their gift cards (starting at $10). AND, most gift cards qualify for free one-day shipping!

Which stocking stuffers are your faves to give?

Please let us know in the comments!

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Comments 42

  1. Aleshia Jones

    When I was a child my parents would stick small amounts of cash at the very bottom of my stocking. All the way at the toe. For some reason as a child the cash was the coolest prize to me at the very end.

    • Aleshia Jones

      Oh. And this year we decided to fill our 10 year old’s stocking up with pre teen items. Adidas body wash, deodorant, cologne, body spray, face wash
      Etc. Even though he doesn’t need some of those items just yet we figured this would be a great year to start getting him prepared for when he hits his puberty years. We thought it would help him get used to putting on DO every day before he starts to be a smelly teenager 🤭

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      How fun! Thanks for sharing your memory with us!

  2. Harloe

    I am wanting to buy 7 popsockets for around $4-5.00 each please keep us notice on any deals! Love these tysm

    • Julie

      They have pop sockets for $5 at Nordstrom Rack if you have one nearby

    • Maleeta

      20OFALL is 20% off with free domestic ship.

    • Kendall

      You can also go to AC Moore – use a 50%off coupon (found in their weekly ad online). They’re normally priced at $9.99….so they’d be $5!

    • Stephanie M

      I found a site called “” they have a good selection of them for $4.95. I ordered 2 and there wasn’t any shipping or tax charged.

    • Barbara

      I’m in middle TN and Nordstrom rack in Brentwood, TN had a ton of pop sockets for $5. Good ones too I might add. Maybe, Check your area….

    • Scnewport

      Michael’s after you use coupons.

    • J.H.509

      I just bought a six pack of pop sockets on Amazon. It was $9.99 not a bad deal since they usually cost $10 for each one.

  3. SummerSun

    Movie passes, water park passes, and lately a pomegranate 😆

  4. Linda

    We have three boys sooo hot wheels cars and Nerf darts are big hits!

  5. Stefanie

    Ornaments, candy, pins/buttons, socks and slippers, small craft kits, dvds, stationary items.

  6. Jessica

    This is such a thoughtful post for finding cool, fun, and creative gifts without breaking the bank. Thank you!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re very welcome, Jessica! Glad you enjoyed these ideas!

  7. Jodi P

    I’m not a fan of gift cards, because it usually causes the recipient to have to spend some of their own money in order to use the full value of the card. Plus, they have to spend on gas (or other transportation) and take the time to go shop for YOUR gift to them. Or if they shop online they may have to pay shipping out of that card, or pay it, themselves.

    Unless the gift card is to a store/restaurant they ALWAYS shop at….( like a certain grocery store, or Starbucks, or Mc Donalds, etc,) I would never give a gift card. And keep in mind that when using a restaurant gift card, some of the value may be used as a tip to the server, and, again, the recipient may have to use some of their own money.

    If you don’t want to shop for a gift, give cash. Cash has no strings attached. If you earn free gift cards, spend them on an actual gift for someone, or spend it on yourself and give cash.

    • C

      It really is a preference thing. Some people think giving cash is tacky and/or inappropriate in some situations. I also know plenty of people that like receiving gift cards and don’t mind having to make up the difference in a transaction. There’s not really a right or a wrong, as long as the intentions are good. Just give what works for you.

    • MommySpendsLess

      Jodi, I agree about restaurants and specialty stores. When I was a teenager my dad gave me a GC to a place that specialized in car audio equipment so I could get a CD player for my car. Their stuff was higher end so I would have had to spend a lot more out of pocket for even their low end unit. When I asked for it for Christmas I just had a cheap one from Walmart in mind. The GC ended up expiring which made me feel AWFUL for wasting his money.
      On the flip side I can always use a GC for someplace like Target, a gas station or grocery store. I’ll agree with C below that it’s situational.

      • C

        For sure! It is wise to stick to stores/restaurants you know the recipient frequents. If unsure I give Target gift cards. I just don’t see cash or a gift as the only 2 options. Gift cards fit in perfectly in those situations where cash is inappropriate, and you don’t want to give a traditional gift.

  8. RachelD

    For adult stockings- mini bottles of wine, champagne, or other alcohols

  9. Cassie

    Stockings are the BEST! My favorite part of Christmas morning.

    • Liza (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Almost everyone I know loves the stockings best too! They’re always so fun! 🙂

  10. jackie

    the dollar tree has $1 blind bags. trolls , disney , squishies etc .

  11. J.H.509

    I like putting socks from the dollar tree, boxes of candy (for movie night), headbands (we have 3 small girls) and blind bags.

  12. Stacey

    chapstick, deodorant, phone charger, candy, gum, scratch tickets or cash, GC for gas, boxer shorts, warm socks, disposable hand warmers, toothbrush, razor, batteries, car air freshener…etc

  13. nancyj

    I love the reusable bags gift idea! They are cheap and so handy. I’m a broke college student and looking for cheap gifts to give. Thanks for the idea.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You are SO welcome!

  14. AKPolargirl

    I was at Fred Meyer yesterday and they too had reusable shopping bags for 99 cents. We have a tradition in our family that everyone gets a Hallmark ornament (Mom, Dad, daughter, etc.). I figure that when my kids are old enough to move out and have their own tree they will already have a start on decorations 😊.
    I also give toys for little kids, chapstick/lip gloss, makeup for teens, magazines, gift cards for: car washes, iTunes, Starbucks, and/or McDonalds, hats/gloves, special or favorite candies, and always an orange or apple in the toe.
    Giving gift cards or cash is between the giver and receiver. I personally love gift cards. I used to have a family member give thoughtless gifts and I would much rather have cash or gift cards than things I will never use.

    • sally

      We have started using the reusable shopping bags from Freddie’s (Fred Meyers) as gift bags for birthday presents for the adults. Can be cheaper
      than a gift bag or save me a trip to the dollar store.

    • Sharon

      We bought different ornaments for our kids when they were little and wrote their names and the year on them each year. When they left home they all had ornaments to take with them. They also got Hallmark ornaments here and there but they seem to really cherish the ones that were “made” especially for them.

    • Sharon Pignon

      We bought different ornaments for our kids when they were little and wrote their names and the year on them each year. When they left home they all had ornaments to take with them. They also got Hallmark ornaments here and there but they seem to really cherish the ones that were “made” especially for them.

  15. prc

    My parents usually tuck in scratch off lottery tickets, Its fun to see who “wins” something and who gets the highest amount.

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Aww, LOVE that idea! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Jen

    I remember my grandma putting an apple, an orange and a candy cane in my stocking. Along with other candy and small gifts. But I always loved getting the apple and orange and candy cane.

  17. Kristina

    Can Hip2Save please do a post on ideas on where to put stocking stuffers that overflow from the stocking! Every year our stockings end up filling up so we use large brown grocery paper bags to put the extra stuff in. I bought some holiday drawstring bags off amazon, but I feel like their must be a better way. Just for reference, we celebrate Christmas with 11 people, so looking for something that can last year after year but isn’t over $10 each and large enough to fit everything a brown grocery bag can!

    • Mel

      Wow, I’m coming to your house for stockings LOL. I never overstuff mine, the kids get about 6-8 things in theirs, and it’s small stuff and some candy! But if you have lots of goodies, I’d go with the reusable grocery bags. Check Amazon, they have some cute Christmas themed, set of 6 for $12. Or ck your local grocery store, Trader Joe’s, Dollar General or Dollar Tree, you might find something cheaper.

    • C

      You can switch over from stockings to Santa bags/sacks. I bought one from Pottery Barn years ago and I remember there being several different sizes. I know I have seen Santa bags at a store or 2 this year, too. You can just use a large gift bag or a big box and wrap it.
      I have the same problem every year. My goal is to make the stockings fun and unique every year, but I buy a little at a time and I often end up with more than I need. I leave some of the extra items near our elf in the days before the holiday. If there is still overflow I either leave it right under the stocking, add items to other gifts and wrap them together, or I just make a box of extra stocking stuffers and wrap it like the rest of the gifts.

  18. Barbara

    If possible, some stocking stuffers can be added to the top of wrapped gifts. I have sent many people on “scavenger hunts” following a note that started in their stocking. That note led to point B where they found another note/and/or treat. etc

    • Sallys

      I do this at Easter i never thought to do it at Christmas, really great fun idea!!

  19. Jane

    WOW! Just wow ……. I don’t think too many people have this problem. I’m with Mel, I wanna come to your house, I can’t imagine how many gifts are under the tree LOL!! Seriously though, the only thing I can think of is reusable grocery totes. They hold up really well and you can find some really cute Christmas ones. 🙂

  20. justinepaige

    Scalp massages are one of those things you don’t really care about until you try one. They are fun for both kids and adults, and cheap!

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