Target Launches NEW Third-Party Online Marketplace

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Watch out Amazon and Walmart!

Have you heard the news? just announced they’re expanding their assortment of products by now offering merchandise from third-party sellers through their latest initiative, Target+. Designed to complement their current assortment, Target+ will add new products to departments like home, toys, electronics, and sporting goods.

Target + logo for their online marketplace

The process for selling on Target+ will be different than selling on Amazon or Walmart (any seller can apply to join Amazon or Walmart). Target mentions that each partner will be “carefully selected and invited into the program” with hopes of keeping the quality and value consistent with what shoppers would expect to find at Target.

Mizuno USA shoes

Ready to shop? You can find these new products seamlessly integrated throughout in departments like home, toys, electronics, and sporting goods – from sellers such as Mizuno USAKaplan Early Learning CompanySerenity Health & Home Décor, SVSports, and Music123. Note that this is just an initial launch and more products from new sellers will be added over time as Target discovers what shoppers love.

Target REDcard

And, what’s awesome is that this new Target+ merchandise still includes all the perks that shoppers enjoy from Target, like 5% off with your Target REDcard and free 2-day shipping on qualifying items. Also, third-party merchandise can still be returned to any Target store or within 90 days of the ship date.

Will you be buying Target+ products?

Target Circle Loyalty Program Launching in Select Markets

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Comments 71

  1. cathy

    I stopped shopping at Amazon & Walmart .com because I hate 3rd party sellers.

    • Maria

      Ugh..I agree. Hate this idea!

    • Crystal

      Same here!!! And then you have to sort through all the junk to find what you want!

      • Jamie

        Me too!!

    • llc

      I just had a horrible experience with a walmart 3rd party seller. I purchased 2 robes (for 2019 xmas gifts) thinking if i didnt like the quality i would return to the store. I didnt know they were a 3rd party seller. I thought it was walmart. It was going to cost $15 to return my $25 order. I was furious. I will definately cut down on my orders and always make sure I’m buying from walmart.

      • hrosana

        Same thing happened to me with amazon and since then i shopped less.

      • Pat Goff

        I quit shopping at walmart when they started only accepting one like coupon per transaction and am glad that I did as they are now letting all their disabled employees go. They redid their job description to include things that they can not do so they could let them go and I heard their is going to be a huge lawsuit over it. Sam would turn over in his grave and yes I did know Sam. LOL. My mother-in-law went to his house for dinner several times and I went with her.

      • Vera

        That’s happened to me before. Now every time I shop online at Walmart first thing I do is put on the filter to only include actual Walmart products (thank goodness they have this option). Cause their 3rd party stuff can’t be returned to store. At least with this target stuff you can do that so that may be better…

    • Em

      Yup, same here!

    • Danielle

      I hate it too! I still shop amazon but watch for it but I avoid Walmart because it’s such a hassle!!

    • Jackie

      I agree!! Sears and Walmart did it – epic fail. Amazon does it – service and quality took a nose dive.

    • Mindy

      As someone who makes a living selling products on Amazon, that is slightly offensive…

  2. snpy496

    I’ve always found those sellers to be way overpriced and never understood why walmart has these sellers. I’ve never purchased from the these sellers and probably won’t. It will just be another step to filter the retailer for me.

    • Maria

      Agree with you. I filter at walmart too

    • Susan

      Why does WM do it? Why is Target doing it? $$$$ Its all about the $$$. Target will take a cut of each sale. They already have the platform and if they get a cut of every sale, in their eyes why not

  3. Tonya

    I hate this idea! I’ve stopped shopping on the Walmart app, because it’s a pain to have to run a filter every time I look for something!

  4. Happy Aunt

    I agree with the others. I’ve mostly abandoned Walmart and Amszon because of the annoyance of 3rd party sellers. Very disappointed, Target!!

  5. K

    My Target closed earlier this month and I don’t like this idea. Target what’s going on with you!?

  6. AmyA

    I wonder how that will affect 2 day shipping. Also, making a return at Walmart from a third part seller is such a hassle. I hope that won’t be the case with Target returns.

    • Yess

      Even though target says 2day shipping items never arrive on time for me!

      • Laura

        Same here, the RedCard target two day shipping is always NONEXISTENT. I have no idea why they even have that listed as a feature. So not true, at all!

  7. AmyA

    I hope this won’t make a hassle out of returns. Returning something at Walmart from a third party seller is a pain in the butt.

  8. Amanda

    Yeah I don’t shop Walmart at all because of this and Amazon I’m very wary of. I’ve been burned by 3rd party sellers too many times.

  9. KCha

    Ugh. Another vote for no likey.

  10. Lily

    Doesn’t amuse me…😒

  11. Simplegurl77

    Booooo! One more place for those re-sellers to take advantage of people! Bad move Target!

    • Jackie

      I’ve noticed 3rd party for quite some time. Example Best Maid pickles from
      Texas. The price is the same as supermarket in Texas not marked up EBay price. Had one arrive broken. Got it fixed no sweat. I think stay calm because I think they will do it better.

    • Mindy

      This is an uneducated comment. 3rd-party sellers don’t “take advantage of people”. We provide more products for customers to choose from. It’s called capitalism. If for some reason you don’t want to purchase from a 3rd-party seller, that’s your choice. Often times that’s the only way customers can obtain an item. I get thanked all the time for supplying customers with items they need/want.

  12. nikis22

    Bad bad move! Ugh!

  13. Robyn

    I can’t stand this!! I always have to apply filters when I shop at Walmart and Amazon. Even then they sometimes remove themselves. The worst is that my husband REALLY doesn’t notice the difference. He bought an Onkyo receiver from “Amazon”, and when it died three months later Onkyo said it wasn’t purchased from an authorized retailer. That is when he realized he bought it from a third party retailer. Bye bye $400. I always liked that I knew who I was buying from at Target. Boooo.

    • Corina

      That is sad. My husband bought a speaker (from VicTsingDirect) he saw on Slick Deals for $2.99, or something like that with promo codes. We received an email from the company stating they wanted the speaker sent back because it was incorrectly sold and should have been $25.99. Ahh, no. Not our problem. The email did not even offer free shipping or a refund.

  14. Gina G.


  15. Ang

    I’m with everyone else here 👎🏼 bad idea

  16. Jen

    No!! That’s the reason I dont use Walmart’s site anymore! This is a stupid move for sure!

  17. elizabetj

    Not a fan! I hate because of this.

  18. Tonia


  19. Melissa

    Ugh….Hate to hear this!

  20. Courtney

    Agree with everyone. That’s one thing I dont like about shopping on Walmart’s website. Ugh

  21. Nubianqueen

    Third parties are the worse. Now we have to be extra careful. Why target why you are making a big mistake.

  22. shelly

    I’ve been really disappointed in Amazon with the scammy foreign sellers on there…taking my money and then giving fake tracking numbers..its like hey, I thought I wasnt shopping on Ebay here people! I cant figure out how they cant screen sellers better. Just no Target, not you too, lol!

  23. Marian

    So disappointing… I’ve been burned by third party sellers before on amazon – hard lesson learned. Bummed to see Target doing this.

  24. Holls

    The future of online shopping is having to sort through scammy made in China knock offs and stolen goods? I guess I will go back to shopping in stores then….

  25. Amy

    Ditto everything said here. Very disappointed loyal Target shopper.

  26. Oooh

    Did you know it’s not polite to tell people to shut up?

  27. Marcus

    Dude. It’s not the end of the world. It takes literally 2 seconds to apply a filter if you don’t want a third party seller. If that’s too much of a hassle then 🤷‍♂️. The details say there will be a screening and invitation process to add sellers to the site. Sounds like they’re doing this the right way.
    Less whining. More giving it a chance.

    • Corina

      I did not even know of any filters that could be used. I learned something today.

  28. snpy496

    Future?! This had been going on for a long time. These posts have got you worked up otherwise, you wouldn’t have made such a rude comment. Just a suggestion, don’t read the comments.

  29. Diana

    I hate 3rd party sellers! I hate trying to find something simple online and all these other items come up- or i actually find something i want and it’s not at the store im looking at! Ughhhhhh target.. nooooooo….

  30. Jess

    I’m fine with it! I actually enjoy the option with the free shipping with red card, too! Hope to see some good ones join in! Not hurting anything and doesn’t take much effort to filter out if not wanted. Goodness people; first world problems! 😛

    • Ktenny

      Hope they keep their standards high! Otherwise I’m out

  31. Cami

    Ughhhh I hate these things…. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I know sears has one too. I get nervous about them because your not positive of authenticity of things and the return policies are usually horrible.

  32. Mary

    I’m excited about this! Can’t wait for the returns to start showing up in the clearance section in store! LOL I’m also not worried about it turning into Walmart or Amazon. It says they’re going to have a strict screening process, plus Target’s website has always worked better than the two of them. There are so many filters you can use to make sure what you’re buying is coming from Target itself, including only selecting products that are available for in store pickup. I don’t see this becoming a free for all.

    • Jennifer

      They just say that. I bet I could sign up to sell right now with no inventory and no experience.

  33. Rachel

    This is the reason I stopped shopping at! Truth be told, Target got much more of my business because they didn’t have this! Bummer.

  34. Christine

    Agree with everyone else. I avoid third party like the plague.

  35. Casey Meyers

    I read somewhere that Walmart has 3rd party sellers to keep up with Amazon. Was going to purchase something from and was told that if its from a 3rd party seller and not you can’t return it in store.

  36. MJ

    It sounds like Target will only let certain retailers in with their products, not random individuals. Love that we can return instore!! It just means a wider selection of products, and I agree that finding some of these items potentially on clearance after a return is a bonus;) As long as they don’t have all the overpriced junk like amazon and Walmart cluttering their site, I’m kind of excited to see what they put out there!

  37. Joseph

    I think the difference of opinion is between those who have been burned by 3P sellers and those who have not. After several bad experiences on Amazon with 3P seller, and weeks of emails, calls, waiting, then A-Z then another 2 weeks I vowed never EVER to shop 3P. I can tell you 99% of those sellers never want to accept returns and it will always be an issue. But I filter on Amazon and Walmart by seller/retailer. So on Amazon as long as it’s Prime and fulfilled by Amazon they do the CS, return and refunds. I refuse to buy from third party directly just because I’ve been burned almost every time. Honestly I think horrible third party seller tarnish the companies good name and I would steer clear of it.

  38. Linda

    Noooooooo!!!! This is AWFUL news!!!! We don’t need yet ANOTHER Ebay!! Ugh!! I had boycotted Amazon and Walmart for that same reason. What is WRONG with Target?!? I was always so grateful to know that meant Target, not a bunch of other random sellers. We don’t need more low-quality stinky products from China!!! Shame on you, Target!!

  39. Meg Bee

    No! No! No!

  40. Regina

    Having several bad third party experiences I was dismayed at this news BUT the article on says free shipping and instore returns, so if that is the case I’m not opposed to trying it.

  41. Marie

    Not happy about this. is a nightmare, because of 3rd party sellers. I hate having to always filter. Pain in the rump.

  42. Corina Mora

    NO, that is partially incorrect Collin. A lot of third party sellers will not be returned back at the Target store-at least not here in Nashville metro area. {Anyone reading this and lives in the area, let me know where I can go to return third party items when I don’t read the fine print. 😉 } I just ran into this in January, less that 30 days after a purchase and they would not return the item. The customer service worker said Target was starting to utilize third party merchants and that depending on the merchant, returns need to processed through them. Not Target. I was totally out of luck, because even though I paid with my RED card and it was delivered in a white package with a red bulls eye on it, I was expected to call the third party seller and work out shipping it back

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi there! Thanks a bunch for your feedback! SO sorry to hear about your experience. I do find this listed in the fine print of the Target announcement – “Target + provides guests with a curated selection of product choices that enhance our existing assortment, with the perks they enjoy from Target, like 5% off with a Target REDcard, free shipping and easy in-store returns”. It looks like it will be easier to do 3rd party returns with these upcoming changes. Hope that helps!

  43. Susan

    I have bought a handful of items from 3rd party sellers on Amazon but only after reading a number of positive reviews, and had no problems. I have found that in general prices are no longer a bargain on Amazon as the competition narrows. I presume as more retailers close their doors, and choices for consumers decrease, prices will go even higher. There are some specific instances where Amazon still is a better deal for me like sending gifts to Alaska, no tax and free shipping. Also for those of us that live remotely, like an hour away from Target, Walmart etc, it saves money for gas and wear and tear on car. Lastly the reason I scan Hip2Save is to find discounted items I want or need that I buy online. Yesterday it was the Lego ship in a bottle, $20 savings, shipped to AK for free. I have learned from this thread to be more aware of 3rd party sellers.

  44. Susan

    NOOOOOOO – Not Target – They were one of the few pure sites out there! I hate having to sort through all of the 3rd party sellers. I quit shopping on WM because of this. Now Target has defected! Ugh. So sad to hear this. The only way this would work for me is if there was a button to disable showing 3rd party vendors all the time – – and please don’t say you can check that box on the side as every time you search something new you have to keep doing it. Makes online shopping a HASSLE especially from mobile

  45. OniT4Now

    Best Buy has had 3rd party forever…I just filter out to see Best Buy only.

  46. Kim Southworth

    I am not a happy camper! Boo Target.

  47. LisaM

    3rd party sellers make it so hard to return items. Dislike, the idea, Target….

  48. Returns

    Almost every comment in here is complaining about 3rd party sellers because the return process is harder. You need to make informed decisions when buying. It hurts everyone including the buyer when every other purchase gets returned for whatever reason.

  49. Jackie

    I’m not concerned about the Target changes. If they do it right it will be a positive. That being said everyone has to do a return sometime and everyone’s circumstances are different. I ordered snow boots from J C Penney and got gorgeous high-heeled size 7 dress boots instead. Now I could have saved J C Penney some trouble and magically went down a size and a half and lost the 30 years in age required to stay upright in the dress boots but nope got stubborn and wanted my winter boots in a timely fashion at no extra charge. I think the posters just want fairness. Also this year Vera Bradley delivered two purses. One was correct and the other was not what I ordered. Now it was a nice purse and all but not what I wanted and ordered—not my fault. This stuff just happens and has nothing to do with careless ordering.

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