Victoria’s Secret Plans to Close 53 U.S. Stores in 2019

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Is Victoria’s Secret on its way out?

L Brands, the retail company that owns Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works, just released their 2018 fourth-quarter earnings – and things aren’t looking so great for one of the brands. 🙈 Unfortunately, it looks like Victoria’s Secret may be experiencing some serious financial bra-blems. 😩

victoria's secret sports bras

Victoria’s Secret has struggled in recent years, and 2018 was no exception. With a 7% decrease in store sales over the holiday months and in 2018 overall, Victoria’s Secret is evaluating every element of the brand and plans to close 53 of its U.S. stores in 2019, as noted in this presentation (pages 12 & 13). If all goes as projected, by the end of 2019, Victoria’s Secret will have closed a total of 75 U.S. retail stores since the beginning of 2018.

collin carrying shopping bags victorias secret bath and body works

On a positive note, Bath & Body Works appears to be doing great! Store sales were up by 8% in the fourth quarter of 2018, and they’re also projected to open 51 new stores in 2019 (mentioned on page 9). Could it be related to their Annual Candle Day sale that happens every December? 🤔 If only Candle Day could happen twice a year, right? 😍

Do you think Victoria’s Secret will stay in business?

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Comments 74

  1. T

    Very expensive for cheap clothing. Only stop in there when i have a free underwear coupon. And i havnt gotten one of those in over a year when i used to get almost once every month or two.

    • CC

      That was the exec decision – they brought in some new guy that thought they were losing too much money from the free panty promos and most ppl using the free panty qs weren’t buying anything else (according to him)… I’ve gotten a few panty qs for a free one when you buy something else in store

    • Km

      Now you have to make a purchase w that coupon

    • Alycia

      I just used one on March 1, 2019. Maybe if you shopped there and just didn’t take advantage of the free stuff you would still be getting them.

  2. Susan

    I have already stopped shopping there since the quality of their panties have been declining over the past few years. I found a pair from years ago in the back of my drawer and couldn’t believe the change in quality- you could immediately feel the difference. These have been the only panties I have worn for like 10 years now so I guess I need to find something new.

    • PV

      I love Aerie quality and the fact they embrace imperfections !

      • Nicole

        I love Aeri too great quality! I stopped shopping at vs when all they had was push up and I wanted hold down lol. The sales lady looked at me like I was stupid and I never came back.

      • Lexie

        I used to only wear VS bras but when I had my first baby and was shocked that they didn’t make nursing bras, heaven forbid you use your boobs for what they were made for. 4 years later and I’m still in nursing bras, maybe one day I’ll get to wear real bras again! Haha

      • Melissa Krueger

        Absolutely! When they have sales I stock UP! Love Aerie bralettes and panties!

    • Emily

      Totally agree. They used to have such great quality and it was worth the extra money for me because they never wore out. In the last few years, they have gone way down hill. Their cotton panties get holes in them in just a few wears I feel like. I kept buying hoping it was a fluke but the last time, I switched to the clearance section at jockey. Super comfy and great quality.

    • Ann

      Totally agree. I only wear VS panties and still have several cotton panties left. Wanted to stock up when they had the panties sale, but they are so thin I can see my friend’s face when I held a pair up.

    • hong

      I have a Birthday Reward $10 off an Angel CC purchase expired today, for someone can use if need.
      Offer Code DM10BFEB19
      PIN : CFLIBK74F

      • Laura J

        says PIN is invalid

  3. Brianne

    Quality has gone down & everything in those stores is way overpriced! It used to be VS was one of the few places you could get really good quality bras, but now there are many other companies to choose from & many that have great quality with a much lower price tag…people are going to go where their $$$ stretch further

    • Brianne

      I only shop there about once a year when they are having some kind of amazing sale & I can get everything for 1/2 price or less between the sales & coupons. I stock up then & I’m good for a year or two, otherwise I would shop elsewhere, because I’m not paying their crazy regular prices

  4. Elizabeth

    It’s unfortunate, but not surprising. I’ve noticed the decreasing quality over the last ten years. Their products just don’t hold up like they used to. They lost my loyalty when their underwear couldn’t survive being washed twice.

    • Michelle

      It seems a lot of store have gone down in quality and are now paying the price. I used to shop at Gymboree almost exclusively for my daughter. Between the clearance, gym bucks, and quality I felt like I was getting a good deal. By the time I had my son the quality had gone down a lot and their clearance prices had gone up. Once Target came out with Cat and Jack I started buying all my kids clothes there and never went back to Gymboree.

  5. patricia

    Noooooo, i hope they stay in business. I used to never shop there until several years ago that hip2save posted the mail in deal and then I started figuring out their sales and the timing and everything. I love their sport bras, and their underwear( so many colorful and fresh patterns) . Haven’t bought any underwear from Ross or Tjmaxx since I started shopping at VS,theirs don’t look as fun anymore.

  6. coulter

    Wow even though im actually surprised i also cant believe they have held on for as long as they have with their outrageous prices. While i agree wholeheartedly that sometimes u pay more for quality, VS is in a delusional class of its own. I agree with others that there are lots of much less expensive choices and include many more sizes for lots more figures. I only visit VS during their semi annual sale if that. VS got caught up in their own “fantasy woman” world and put far too much $$ in marketing and forgot about the real women. Lower the prices instead of cutting corners in quality should have been their first step. They may be missed by some but i can take or leave them.

    • Ash

      Completely agree with your comment, coulter. Women don’t want to shop in a store where they are surrounded by impossibly thin models that look nothing like the modern average woman. They definitely did not spend their money in a smart way including their fashion show where they pay famous models to walk in their lingerie. I feel great as a consumer in Bath and Body Works and am dissapointed it’s not the same feeling in their sister store.

    • Christine

      I agree completely. I think it might be too late for them, though.

  7. riss

    I only go to VS store when they send me coupons for free panties, or the buy anything and get free underwear. Last year was different, though. I shop online for pajama sets for xmas gifts to my 4 SIL. And with free slippers, thanks to the post here. That said, I will not miss one bit it if they closed all the stores, even online.

  8. Laura

    Wow, so many freaking stores are falling apart and closing this is so sad..

    • Luv2save2

      I read today that JC Penney is closing around 25 stores too.

  9. Jill

    Good they don’t support plus size women.

    • Laura

      Good point! I’ve never shopped there because although I’m not plus size sizes, my breast’s are lol
      Victoria’s Secret doesn’t carry a 34G. They only care at the biggest size a D I am sure. Was never ever able to find a bra there for people like myself who aren’t a B cup.

      • CC

        @laura here they carry up to 40DDD… I haven’t bought since a semi annual a year or so ago, but I know here they carry the DDD sizes in certain styles year round- which they have fewer of than other smaller sizes (like A)

        • Susan

          A DDD is only an F so that doesn’t help us.

      • Susan

        Me too! I know exactly how to feel! 36G but M panties:)

        • Lisa

          My daughter is 30G… I was shocked to learn that they didn’t even carry larger sizes online only. They lost her (and mine because she’s a teenager) business!

    • Nels

      Well, their underwear is mostly geared toward sexy, not good support, wide straps etc. that’s why the current models just would not hold up to real big sizes

    • Shannon

      I don’t think they support anyone other than average sized women. There’s barely any range of band sizes. I’m thin and their bras don’t fit me. I find bras that fit me at aerie.

  10. Gisette

    I like their Workout clothes and sports bras. Good quality imo 🙂

  11. Barbara

    I used to love Victoria,buy it is now Soma for me.
    They are awesome

  12. April

    This makes me so sad and I hope they don’t go under. After breastfeeding, they have the single only bra that I love and have in so many colors. I tried on hundreds from so many places including almost every style in VS and Pink and this single bra is all that fits me perfectly. I may have to stock up on enough to last me the next few decades 😂😂😂

  13. Luwa

    Most overpriced, uncomfortable bras ever made. I am not surprised. Sad for them though, because losing in business is not a good thing.

  14. Kim

    As someone who used to shop there frequently and now only shops there once or twice a year, the problem is the fact that they keep hiking up prices while also declining the quality of their clothing. And the coupon offers are nowhere near as good as they used to be.

  15. Bayousmalls

    They don’t carry plus sizes so I’m out. My daughters aren’t plus size but are F cups and can’t fit into their bras. Here, when we have gone in store to buy Pink items or fragrances, the lines stretch all the way to the door. It’s an hour ordeal to buy anything. That’s how you lose customers in a world where your clients are used to ordering online with no hassle.

  16. Lindsey

    I wear a 32 D at VS, in the real world/other brands I’m a 34B. Their sizing baffles me, but I’m happy to see a D!! Lol! 😆 Their quality stinks though and Aerie underwear are sooo much better!!

    • Michelle

      I wear the same size in VS as I do other brands…

    • dbld-amber

      I love to see the D as well

  17. Allie

    Not surprised! Their quality is crap and they don’t offer or support plus sizes. Torrid and Lane Bryant will continue to get my money!!!

  18. Ali

    Not surprised. They couldn’t adapt to the changing marketplace when bralettes and leisurewear became popular. As many of others have commented, they are not inclusive for larger sizes or even smaller sizes. They kept with the whole Victoria Secret Model image, while other brands like Aerie and some new online retailers went for the “real” model image. They eventually added bralettes but they were too slow. They also cut their swimsuit line, which now they are bringing back because they realize it was a mistake.

  19. Hellotashakitty

    I think if they would start catering to all sizes in both PINK and VS, they would see better sales. And yes, their quality for the price def needs to step it up.

  20. ash.krist

    Where is dbl d Amber? This is her kinda post gonna be so disappointed I bet

    • Just passing through

      Lol! I am waiting also! Dbl d is hilarious and I know this is her store so I’ll be here patiently waiting

    • 🙄🙄🙄

      Wheres judy t. We all better sit down for the award winning question or the head slappingly stupid observation..

      • *Angela-Miles*

        🤣😂🤣 y’all have me over here hollering Lmao!! Thanks for the late night laugh. They have arrived 😁

  21. ash.krist

    Their bras and clothing contain formaldehyde anyway so…good riddance

  22. Casey Meyers

    Not surprised when they have bad quality and high prices. There sizing is way off as well.

  23. Laura

    Not surprising. Their quality has gone down and their customer service is extremely horrible! Cancelled my card a while back. Not worth paying extra money for very low quality undergarments.

  24. Jenn

    Where do you all shop for quality bras and panties besiides VS? I agree & also find their quality has gone waaaaaay down! I’ve looked at Kohls, Target, etc, and not impressed. I am a bigger busted mama (DD+) and seeking quality with support! Thanks in advance for suggestions! I am in need of a total undergarment makeover!

    • dbld-amber

      Same boat. Please help. Also where to find bikinis

    • kerRI

      I am a smaller busted girl but I’ve had a bit of luck with Third Love. The online bra co. Not sure how big they go but I know they made it a point to mention they included the not so usual sizes. Also heard of Adore Me (I think that’s the name) not sure if they are just more in the ball park of “romantic” underwear and lingerie or not. That might be an option for well endowed women. Just a thought and maybe it can help 😉😉

  25. Amy

    Just this morning I was wearing some VS panties I purchased in the past year. I noticed I was getting a wedgie every time I moved! I can get THAT at Walmart. I recently started buying organic panties from Mom’s Organics. I feel much better about them because conventional cotton is GMO now. The toxin is built into the plant. And then we wear that in a vulnerable area?? And I was amazed by the quality of the organic ones, and it’s all I plan to buy now. Now if I can just find some bras I like, I won’t ever need VS again. It won’t make me at all sad if they all close down. The fashion show they do, on prime time TV is a huge turn off for me. I don’t mean to sound like a prude, but I think that kind of thing is damaging to women. Very few of us have those kinds of bodies. I wonder how many women sit there watching it, with their husband, and feel horrible about themselves. I’d love some bra recommendations. I’m seeking extreme comfort.

  26. Tawana

    The quality of he panties have gone down. The current panties get holes in them quickly. They stop selling years ago good sports bra that I liked and fit me. I buy my bras at Nordstrom Rack or Soma on clearance because they fell to sell bras beyond DDD. They would have got more sale with bra size F or larger. The sports wear and lounge/sleepwear is not good quality anymore. I only go to VS twice a year for the semi annual sale. They lost customers when they got rid of free panties with no purchase. PINK store quality and current clothes is boring and lacking the quality of years ago.

  27. Notcheap-frugal

    Should I be embarrassed that I am 100% comfortable wearing a Hanes panty ?? I think I scored a deal with the multi pack that included ‘2 free extra panties’. Comfy and affordable.. 😂😂. Best of both worlds..

    • Sarah

      haha I love my name brand things for sure but I absolutely wear Fruit of the Loom panties everyday. $10 for 6 pairs.

    • just me

      I agree with you. I have discovered fruit of the loom seamless and I’ve never gone back ha ha! Walmart carries them as does Amazon and you get 6 or so pairs for so cheap! I prefer the hi cuts but they have every style. I used to be a cotton only kind of gal but once you try these you will be sold also. I don’t sweat in them, they are highly breathable and oh so comfortable with no binding or bands. The only drawback is you have to wash them by themselves as they can unravel. Anyway read the reviews and see for yourself!

  28. hollybr12

    They actually closed my favorite location recently. I’m fortunate that I live in an area where there are 3 others, but it definitely makes me sad (although my husband would be ecstatic 😂)

  29. Mo

    Personally I think it was a terrible move in today’s market to do away with swimsuits and their basic body care line. I’ve heard from every walk of life woman that they could are having troubles finding a good quality swimsuit without paying a crazy price for them since VS stopped carrying them (I ended up switching to Aerie for my swimwear, but I’m small). The classic scents that they got rid of in their shower/basic care lines like love spell, Amber romance…woman have been buying for years, very loyally! To replace the classics with weird stuff like glitter lotion and shimmer mists is something that no average woman will wear on the daily – Can I tell you what my counterparts or vendors would think of me if I went in to run a meeting looking like a disco ball? Unrealistic products that don’t sell for everyday use. Along with the decline in the quality of their undies, I have found better options for my personal needs, after having spent years as a completely brand loyal shopper at VS.

  30. Cristine

    Nooooo! I love their bras. I think the quality it awesome. This makes me sad.

  31. TiredOfBeingRippedOff

    They started only selling certain bras “online only” so it did away with my need to go to the store. Then when I called clueless customer service about my order, they claimed they didn’t even have the items I had ordered online (wrong). They discontinued the body wash I loved and brought in glittery junk that I wouldn’t use if it were free. The local VS stores have been turned into Pink stores- geared toward teenagers. Couldn’t hardly get assistance in the stores when I did go or even find anyone to run the register..but most disgusting of all, while I can’t get assistance to make a purchase, an employee was following my elderly mother around the store like a dog, as if my Mom were a thief (she is the farthest thing from it) while she smelled lotion testers and waited for me. VS did this to themselves and they are getting a fraction of what they deserve.

  32. Heather

    I haven’t shopped there in years, since they discontinued some of my favorite styles and the quality of everything was going down. I first started shopping there when I was 18, and their stuff lasted FOREVER, which made the prices worth it.

  33. Katie

    I’m disappointed that they’re closing some stores. I was usually able to combine lots of coupons to get a free panty plus a deep discount on a bra, usually getting one for about $20. I haven’t had to buy underwear in years! I am a 36DD and never have a problem getting one in my size in store or on-line.

    With that said, where does everyone else shop for larger size comfortable bras? I haven’t had any luck at Target or JCPenney.

  34. dbld-amber

    Only thing I shop there for is my very sexy vstrings . Only panty I wear and. I one else makes them as comfy as they do

  35. Nanette

    Years ago I bought a bra from VS to see what all the hoopla was about. Needless to say that was the 1st & last time I walked in a VS store. The bra was so uncomfortable and within a month the underwire was poking out. Very overpriced and poor quality.

  36. Judy Trac @ lipscomb

    Their underwear is not even free. You have to buy something to get free underwear. I’m double D’s so this store isn’t for me anyway

    • dbld-amber

      Newly DDs after 3rd baby. Where do you buy from then. Something sexy and comfortable? Any suggestions on bikinis? Summer season is upon us

  37. Thia

    Gap, JCPenney, Victoria’s Secret, Foot Locker: 465 stores closures in 48 hours

    Google it!

  38. Audrey

    Where did all the awesome clothes go?? I used to buy tons of clothes from them, then they stopped selling cute clothes and I stopped shopping there. I got a $10 off coupon, but it was for $10 off something full price. Some of their underwear is almost $20 full price, so I shopped around for hours, but never used the coupon and gave up. They basically force you to buy multiples because their prices are so high for an individual item. It doesn’t make you feel good as a consumer to have this weird pressure to buy more than you need, or be forced to buy stuff you don’t want because the colors and sizes are out in the styles you like. Sigh. Cheap underwear is everywhere – Forever 21, Target etc. I found great stuff at the Gap outlet.

  39. Gail

    Yeaaa! It is about time. Overpriced for such cheap flimsy material. Not sexy just floozy. Snooty sales ladies who were no help in the bra department, insisted I buy a size so small I couldn’t breathe. No privacy. Seemed to infer I needed surgery to have nice girls,

  40. Lisa

    My daughter is 30G… I was shocked to learn that they didn’t even carry larger sizes online only. They lost her (and mine because she’s a teenager) business!

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