60% Off Zinus Pocketed Cooling iCoil Mattresses + Free Shipping

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For a limited time, hop on over to Zinus.com where they are offering an extra 20% off Cooling Euro Top Pocketed iCoil Spring Mattresses when you use promo code SSMD20 at checkout! Use the promo code on sale mattresses for even bigger savings! Even sweeter, score FREE shipping on every purchase.

You’ll want to hurry as they are selling out fast!

Sleep on it for 100 nights risk free! 💤

Zinus offers a nice 100-night risk-free trial for any Zinus mattress. If you don’t love it, you can return it in good condition within 100 days for a full refund – just be sure to keep the necessary paperwork, parts, and accessories to ensure full credit.

Consider these deals…

10″ Cooling Pocketed iCoil Spring Mattress
Use promo code SSMD20 (20% off)
Full size ONLY $112 shipped (regularly $280)

12″ Euro Cooling Pocketed iCoil Spring Mattress
Use promo code SSMD20 (20% off)

Twin size ONLY $108 shipped (regularly $270)
Full size ONLY $140 shipped (regularly $350)
King size ONLY $180 shipped (regularly $450)

13″ Euro Cooling Pocketed iCoil Spring Mattress
Use promo code SSMD20 (20% off)
Full size ONLY $152 shipped (regularly $380)
King size ONLY $199.60 shipped (regularly $499)
Cal King size ONLY $199.60 shipped (regularly $499)

Check out what readers say about Zinus brand mattresses…

We got this mattress a couple of weeks ago and we absolutely LOVE it! Recommended by a friend and we are so glad we didn’t spend a bunch of money on a different mattress.

I can’t even begin to describe how much I love these mattresses! Believe it or not, I actually purchased a $2,000 mattress and slept on it for about 3 months before buying this and giving the other one away. Wish I would have just took a chance on these first and saved myself a lot of money!

I bought the king a while back on H2S recommendation. I like to describe myself as worse than the princess and the pea to people. I LOVE our mattress!! Don’t go spend thousands in stores when this one is perfect. I love plush and my hubby loves firm and we both love this mattress!

We bought a king size last year and we loved it so much we ended up replacing our daughters’ mattresses with the same kind. These are great!!

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Comments 73

  1. Alex

    I want to try this. Does anyone have experience?

    • AWS

      My best friend got a Zinus after sleeping on one in a friend’s guest room. I’m getting one on her recommendation.

  2. Sara

    Would love to hear opinions on these

  3. Janice Cleveland

    We have a Zinus mattress and absolutely love it. I am getting 2 of these in twin size great deal.

    • Liza (Hip Sidekick)

      We sure appreciate your recommendation Janice! Happy you’ll be able to snag another couple mattresses too!

  4. Sam

    We got one for our son-12 deep- and it’s amazing!

    • Liza (Hip Sidekick)

      So awesome! Thanks for sharing Sam!

  5. Lonnie

    Been in desperate need for a new mattress! Just ordered! Cross your fingers! 🙂

    • Liza (Hip Sidekick)

      I hope you love it Lonnie!

  6. MomOf4

    We bought one approximately 18 months ago and it’s still amazing! I would definitely buy another.

    • Liza (Hip Sidekick)

      Sweet! How a mattress feels after a few months is the big test, so this is great to hear! Thanks MomOf4!

  7. Julie

    Can you get a regular box spring for this or just put it on the floor or do you need to buy the platform from the company thanks

    • ash.krist

      I need to know too

    • Ashdlop

      I have mine on box springs but it is optional. I love mine! I got the hybrid model in king size 14” and it’s amazing!

  8. Holli

    Thank you ordered the 13 in full for my sons new bed from crib. 😬😬😬

    • Liza (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re welcome Holli! Hope he has sweet dreams! 🙂

  9. Jill

    Oh NO! No queen size on any of these? I have a sleep number bed by select comfort, spent thousands for it and HATE it. It sleeps awful. I have had 6 back surgeries and have pain sleeping not bc of the back surgeries but bc of my bed itself. But I need a queen size. Does anyone know how long this price is good for? I can click on the “notify me” when back in stock but I am guessing I will not be able to get it at this price. Does anyone know how often they put these at this price?

    • :)

      keep trying. i went back on several times and eventually there was queen available.

  10. SavingMama

    I’d want to hear about anyone’s experience with mold on these mattresses. I’ve read some nasty reviews on memory foam (with pics of the bottom) , not sure if this brand has the same problems.

    • K

      Yes I read that too and because of those reviews I’ve been holding off on these even though they sound great otherwise

    • Hollie

      We have no had any mold issues. We have had this brand for a few years and it has not held up to our expectation. It was very comfortable at first. After a few months we had to buy an extra topper for it. Have been looking for a replacement as we both wake up with sore back issues we never had before!

  11. Kim

    Woohoo Thank you Collin and the whole Hip2Save crew,husband and I have been shopping for a good mattress for weeks,watched YouTube videos tonight and we just bought a King size,cannot wait so excited.Love Hip2Save❤️👍😄🍾🍷

    • Liza (Hip Sidekick)

      Aww! Thank you for your super sweet comment Kim! SO happy you were able to snag yourself a new mattress! 🙂

  12. michelle

    Anyone know why it won’t let me order more than one? Is there a limit? I can’t even get it to add a second into my cart?

    • Janis

      I ordered 2 in queen 10”

    • michelle

      NVM I finally got it to work.

  13. James John Farrell

    I bought a Zinus Green Tea Infused 12″ king from Amazon a few years. It was a special sale they had. I had been researching these mattresses for a while. I eventually bought a Zinus slat support king size frame with the headboard. Never regretted it. excellent. I don’t remember the price at the time but it was pretty reasonable. If you think you might want to purchase, track the prices. I’m pretty tight with a buck.

  14. Rebecca

    I have a Zinus green tea mattress from a couple years ago & the mattress is fine but I need recommendations for a nice waterproof cover please! I have a bamboo one & it’s so hot, I can’t stand it! Anyone??

  15. Laura

    Is the “full” option a QUEEN?

    • Shannan

      A full is smaller then a queen size.

  16. Amy

    Does anyone know how they are delivered? Are they packed tight to like a suitcase size that you have to unpack and expand or are they already expanded and big?

    • TracyP

      My queen came rolled up in a vacuum sealed plastic inside a box then you lay it flat and it expands. Stinks for awhile too!

    • Milly

      If you go on YouTube and search the mattress they have many reviews on how it comes delivered and unpacked

  17. Kristen

    I see above that you don’t need a box spring (it’s optional), however will this work on any bed frame or do you need their special frame? I’m thinking if you put it on a regular frame THEN you’d need boxsprings. Can anyone confirm?

  18. beth

    Does anyone know how long these mattresses typically last? I’ve read that they are not long-term mattresses but I’m not sure what that means

  19. Elaine

    Does anyone know if this a firm mattress?

  20. Heather C

    $125 with shipping for a twin & that included some kind of CA recycle fee. I’m giddy with excitement 😀. THANK YOU!!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Yay! You’re SO welcome!

  21. michelle

    They just cancelled my order 😭

    • Kimberly (Stylish Sidekick)

      Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear this, Michelle! 🙁

  22. Kris

    They just cancelled my order too

  23. Kirsten

    They cancelled my order as well 🤬🤬🤬😡

  24. Lynn

    Mine is canceled too. 😤

  25. Tin

    Cancelled order here 😭

  26. Elizabeth

    Cancelled my order too. So disappointed.

  27. Chris

    Mine order just got cancelled!!! I purchased a daybed with a trundle that has already shipped because It was such a good deal on these mattresses! I’m very thankful for the deals that hip2save puts out but this is ridiculous to post something without getting confirmation from a company that it’s valid. This was not something that was free and it got cancelled. $216.00 was taken out of my account as soon as my order was completed yet I still do not have it back yet! Highly disappointed in Hip2save and Zinus!

    • agreed


    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh darn! Thanks a bunch for your feedback, Chris! We are SO sorry for the issues. If we would have known the orders would have been cancelled we would have never posted this offer. We have reached out to Zinus and hope to hear back from them soon!

  28. JenniB

    My order was also canceled. I got an email last night saying that it was canceled and that the money was credited back to my account, but it hasn’t been. Has anyone gotten their money back? Trying to decide if I should wait, or if I should call them now. Ugh.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      SO sorry to hear about that. We have reached out to Zinus and hope to have an update soon!

  29. scam


  30. Amber (Hip Sidekick)

    So sorry to hear about all the cancellations. Had we known orders would get cancelled, we would never have posted this offer on Hip2Save.

    We can also understand how upsetting it would be to have money withdrawn from your bank account only to find out that your order is no longer being fulfilled. We have reached out to Zinus directly about all these issues and will post an update once we get a response.

    • Jennileamayb

      Thank you!!

      • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

        You’re very welcome!

    • notcool

      its not just about money being withdrawn, its about it not being returned to account when they cannot fulfil an order.

      • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

        You’re right, that sure is frustrating. SO sorry for the issues. Hoping all is resolved very soon!

    • raea

      Money was not refunded. That is the issue. Understandable someone has a poor site that cannot keep inventory. The payments should have been refunded. People are upset b/c they choose not to refund the money as soon as they found they were unable to send the item. The return I was offerred is for a date that is in the future. The company put tomorrows date for date of refund. It is not our bank holding up the payment, it is the date they ‘process it’. look at the refund emails, it is NOT being refunded today from their end until tomorrow.

      • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

        Thanks for the update, Raea. We are SO sorry for the troubles. Hoping you receive your refund soon.

  31. Zinus

    Our apologies for the inconvenience that this may have caused. We will be emailing all affected customers shortly with a explanation and solution.


    • thanksbutnothanks

      No thanks Zinus. keep your apology. dont blame your site being low quality. How does that affect the refunds?

  32. Amber (Hip Sidekick)

    I just received an update from Zinus. Apparently, the Zinus inventory team accidentally loaded inventory for an overstock item. They will be sending out an email to all customers affected by the cancellation issue and will also be offering a small discount on a future purchase.

    Again, so sorry for all the issues!

    • thanksbutnothanks

      REGARDLESS the monies should have been refunded immediately and not post dated the refunds for a week. Oh and great, an email with a 15% discount we got for an apology. Seriously, they held the money, make us call and beg for the money back,then say oh sure, and make itfor a future date as opposed to immediately. then we are supposed to use a flipping coupon to purchase from again.WOW.

      • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

        SO sorry for the troubles. Hoping all is resolved, and refunds are sent out soon. I can understand how frustrating that must be. Thanks so much for your feedback.

  33. Jennileamayb

    I can’t believe how rude their customer service is. I called to see where my refund was, and yes I checked with my bank first, they do not have it as pending on their end either, and the customer service representative was VERY rude. I was nothing but friendly and she insisted that the refund had gone through last night, and acted like I was a total moron. I’ve worked in a bank and I realize they can sometimes show as “pending” but there will always be a record!
    I guess I’m filing fraud charges with my bank. :/

    • 🌺🌼🌸

      Yessss! Same here except eventually after asking for a confirmation number of refund, they said “well, it will be refunded on April 13 from our end” Uhhh that’s not refunded. Super surprised that Hip2save endorses this company.

      • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

        According to Zinus, anyone that was affected has been emailed and offered a discount. We were also told that the refunds were posted on 3/11 and generally take 2-3 business days to reflect on your bank statements. Again, so sorry for all the issues! 🙁

        • 🌸🌺🌼

          Not true. They told me they scheduled it for the 13th which means it takes 2-3 days after that to clear on bank statements.

          • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

            We were passing along what we heard from Zinus. Thanks for sharing that you were told 3/13 – sounds like it may vary a bit depending on the time the order was placed.

  34. Elizabeth

    They sent me an email with a 15% off coupon code. How do they think that’s acceptable? We originally got 20% off. Now they cancel the order, hold our money, and offer 15%? Who actually would order again from them with this type of experience? I always feel like you can tell the quality of a company with how they react in crisis or when issues arrive. As a brand new customer, I’m shocked they handled it this way and lost my future business along with a bunch of others.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      SO very sorry about all of this, Elizabeth. We have been told that refunds were posted on 3/11. They can take up to 3 days to show on your bank statements. Hoping the refund appears on your account soon!

  35. Jennileamayb

    Just an FYI- I called and told them I would be filing fraud charges with my bank if my money wasn’t refunded immediately (she claimed it was but my bank confirmed nothing was pending). The money just was deposited back into our account.
    So apparently, threatening to file fraud charges with your bank is the way to go. 😉

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks so much for the update! Super glad you have found the refund to be posted to your account. Again, so very sorry for all of the trouble.

    • Elizabeth

      I checked with my bank and I still have no pending refund. Ugh.

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