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Earn $15/Hour or More Shopping for Shipt Members

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Holding Shipt bag at Kroger

Want to earn money AND set your own schedule?

Shipt is hiring shoppers and offers pay starting at around $15/hour! Note that your hourly pay is largely based on the tips you may receive.

Shipt is an on-demand grocery delivery service that pays their employees to shop for and deliver groceries to members. They offer great pay and flexible hours!

How do I apply to work for Shipt?

Hop on over to to find out more details about becoming a shopper and to apply. Note that if there is a position available in an area near you, they will contact you immediately to discuss further steps.

Shipt Shopper

What’s required to work for Shipt?

Shipt Shoppers must be at least 18 years of age, have a reliable vehicle manufactured in 1997 or later, have valid car insurance, and possess a valid U.S. driver’s license.

Applicants must also have an insulated cooler bag, a working knowledge of groceries, the ability to lift 25+ pounds, and an iPhone (iOS 10 or newer) or Android (5.1 or newer). All applicants must be authorized to work in the U.S. and are subject to a thorough background check before they begin shopping.

delivering flowers with Shipt

Check out what other Hip Readers say about working for Shipt…

I’ve been an independent contractor with SHIPT since June, and I love it! I teach, so the flexibility is wonderful for me. I work more in the summer, and only one night a week during the school year. I will say that the $25/hr figure listed is definitely on the high end. That would only be after tips and with larger orders.

As a full time college student, Shipt is great to do here and there on weekends or in-between classes! $25 is towards the higher end, but I’ve definitely made more than that from one shopping trip, and I also have made way less. Overall, I enjoy working for them! It was stressful at first, but anyone can get the hang of it quick!

I’m a Shipt shopper. Experience does not guarantee the tips. Everyone has the same base pay (% of order + $5). So they are counting on tips to bring it up to $25. I average $20/hr and have only done a handful of shops so far.

I work for Shipt. The people who make that much are typically picking up several orders per hour. Where I live, maybe 50% of people tip, and tips are really what makes it worth it. It is nice for a little extra money since I get to pick and choose when I work.

I work for Shipt. Most shops average about $12-$15 per hour. This does not include the gas and miles you put on your car which you do not get reimbursed for. Most of us who do it do not do it for the money but for helping those in need. I love my job.

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Comments 45

  1. Emily

    I work for shipt, and $25 an hour is very high. After taking mileage into account, “above and beyond” things (something shipt wants us to do, but it comes out of our own pocket), expenses (you buy your own insulated bags, thank you cards, etc)… I make about $10ish an hour if (and only if) I get tipped.

    It’s a great side hustle, but the claims they make are more likely averages of shops plus tips without any expenses deducted. So keep in mind, to do the job well, you’ll make a lot less money.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us, Emily! Good to know!

    • Jamie

      As someone who regularly uses Shipt, I have never once thought the person who shopped my items for me should then thank me for it. Like…no, I’m thanking you with a good tip because you did all the work for me. Is that something Shipt recommends – that you give your customers thank you cards?

      • Amy

        How much do you pay for this service?

        • Jamie

          I pay $14 a month and get free delivery on all orders over $35. I place large orders and always try to tip at least 20% of the total. The cost is worth it for me.

      • Emily

        I almost always put a thank you card in their bags with a little note that says something like “Thank you for using shipt, enjoy your day!” Maybe that’s just my style as a shopper. I do things to go above and beyond sometimes too (i.e. the app lets you know if it’s someone’s first order, so I sometimes will get them a “welcome” balloon)

        • Jamie

          Oh wow, yeah no one does that here nor would I expect them to. If you get my order correct (including reaching out if substitutions are neccessary) you’re getting a 5 star rating and a 20% tip from me.

      • Tracy

        I also work for Shipt as my side gig for the last few months and agree with Emily…I have never made $25 an hour even before deducting my mileage costs. I do not go as above and beyond as Emily though (no thank you cards and balloons here) and it is by no means a requirement but I can certainly appreciate those who want to spend extra money/time. I work hard to ensure I shop my order to get everything correctly and communicate with my customer frequently to provide stellar customer service. Also like she said tips are about 50/50 which drives your hourly rate way down when you get a few non-tippers in a row. Generally the company is great, their shopper customer service is GREAT and always very responsive. I enjoy it as my side gig as well since I can schedule my own hours and work when I am free. 🙂

    • Cassandra (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi Emily! Thanks so much for sharing your feedback. The post has been updated.

  2. GaGa

    I recently applied and they rejected me. I have no idea why.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh bummer! Sorry to hear that!

  3. Katie

    Seems like everyone is saying g $25/hour is rarer than not…to me this post seems misleading…would be nice to adjust the text to reflect the comments that you have listed on the post! Thanks for considering!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi Katie! Thanks so much for your feedback! The per hour rates are indeed flexible and so we included the customer comments as a handy reference. Depending on the shopping trip and tips, you can make up to $25 hour, however it seems most make around $15 per hour. We have updated to the post with new details!

    • Cassandra (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback, Katie! While you can make $25/hour, it looks like most are averaging $15/hour. The post has been updated with that information.

  4. Heather

    Honest reviews on working there?

    Income, management, customer base, tips?

    I want to work there but I want to make sure it is worth my while in my new location.

    • Emily

      It’s a good side job. Pay is ok for a side gig, but I wouldn’t recommend it for your main source of income. It ends up being 10ish dollars an hour after I deduct mileage and expenses. In my area tips are about 50/50. Most who tip, tip about 10% of the order.

      Management is pretty hands off. You are mostly in charge of you, but shipt will send you a weekly update with what customers said about you. They do expect you to maintain a high (4.7/5) rating or they will make you re-take the intro class. Your acceptance rate, on time percentage, and customer ratings all affect this score.

    • Jojo

      Honestly it depends a lot on your area and orders too I think, I was making good money for a few months by shopping the “promo” orders ( basically these are orders that are very close to the delivery window, so you probably wouldn’t be on time) these orders have an added on pay of up to $20 dollars on top of what the order already pays, so there were quite a few times that I made 30-35$ for one order a few times I even made $50 in one order that took 60-75 minutes tops. I personally prefer to shop the smaller orders ( no more than about 20 items but usually 12ish tops) so I really enjoyed it, you can always apply and feel it out

  5. Amy

    How much do people pay to have stuff delivered? Is this pick up clicklist and dive it to them? Or I shop then deliver?

    • Emily

      Shipt shoppers actually do your shopping for you. It’s not a “pick up then drop off” sort of thing. I spend about 45 minutes to an hour in the store shopping for each customer.

      Shipt membership costs about $100 a year (but right now there’s promo to get it for about $50). This covers some of the cost, but also groceries are marked up a little bit to cover the cost. Delivery is free if the order is over $35. Tips are iffy. In my area, I average about $5 per shop in tips plus the amount that shipt pays ($5 + 7% of the shop)

      Hope that helps!

      • Amy

        Thank you.

  6. Juliette

    If you go to apply on their site make sure you scroll down on the job app to see if your area is included – before wasting time on the earlier portion of the application. Unfortunately my area is not an option. I’m surprised that available areas for applicants is not easier to search? I’m viewing their site via mobile, so maybe i missed something.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks so much for the helpful tip, Juliette!

  7. kimmiee

    My Daughter and I both applied and we were rejected.

    • amy111

      I work in a grocery store and see quite a few Shipt shoppers. I assume they just have enough shoppers for a particular area. Maybe try widening your search? Good luck!

  8. Emily A

    I too am a shipt shopper. Great weekend job. If you use shipt and can tip in cash that way it doesn’t go towards taxes being a 1099 employee with shipt. Also, if you are a shipt shopper record your miles for tax write offs I use stride App and it tells you what your expected taxes will be super amazing app!!!

    • Judy

      I used your link to check out the app.

    • JcMe

      Whether it’s on a 1099 or not, a tip is still taxable income. You are expected to count cash as well.

  9. KMHL

    I LOVE SHIPT!! They have saved and helped me in many situations. ALL my shoppers have had great communication with me and always go above and beyond. Also, if you shop through Ibotta you can get 2-3% back! It’s not a lot but I add it to their already 20% tip! I can’t say enough good things about it. But also want to note that I am not picky and am grateful for when someone does something for me whether I’m paying them or not!

  10. Tp

    But I have been working for Shipt for about a year now.
    There are days where I make six bucks an hour.
    And there’s days where I can make $150 an hour.
    For example today I had a shop it took me 52 minutes total she gave me a $50 and I made $17 from the order so I made $70 and it’s 5 miles round trip.

    Yesterday I had several small orders and I barely made minimum-wage it just depends on what the customer tips and how many orders you get in the day.

    This is a great way to make some extra income.

  11. TJ

    Do you have to go inside the customers’ homes or can you meet them at the door and drop off?

    • Juliette

      I read on their faq page that it depends on the customer. Some will ask you to come inside and others will take items from you on the porch.

      • TJ

        Thanks! I hadn’t checked out their age yet. Will do that now:)

  12. Laura

    I can’t believe an average of only 50% of people tip!!! I always tip high assuming it’s the majority of what my shopper gets paid.

  13. Laura

    I love Shipt, shoppers are great and customer service is great. I had a billing problem and they fixed on the spot and gave me 3 months for free.

  14. Laura

    I can’t believe an average of only 50 % of people tip!!! Yikes!!! I always tip high assuming this is the majority of what the shoppers make.

  15. Stephanie

    I have used it once for Target. I loved it and had a great experience. The person who was getting the items for me actually texted me when they were out of the eggs I needed and asked about an exchange. He was so nice. My bill was only 45 but I gave him a twenty in cash and then left 5 on the app. I work at a restaurant and cash tips dont have to be claimed for taxes while the app tips would have to be. If they are worth it, tip high!
    No getting out of the house, no dragging my 4 year old into target, no “Mom I need more doll stuff!”, no lines, no traffic!

    • MommySpendsLess

      Cash tips – whether you’re a shopper, server, etc. – are taxable income and they should be claimed. The misconception may be happening because cash tips are hard to track by an employer so they’re not reported to the IRS for you unless the business has it set up for you to input them and you’re honest. Really the person you tipped $20 cash should include that in their tax return calculations.

  16. Haley

    Can you shop if your kids are with you?

    • Beth

      No, you can’t

  17. Beth

    I just started and $25 an hour seems very high from what I can tell with the shops I’ve done so far. And I feel like I can’t reject the smaller shops because I’ve heard it lowers your acceptance rate and that it shouldn’t be below a 95% Not sure if that’s true or not. I’ve Made as low as $7 on a shop. I haven’t been tipped more than $5 so far. I’m still going to continue with it, as I find it kind of fun(is that lame??). It gets me out of the house on my days off, when I’d otherwise be lazy around my house. The people that I’ve shopped for have been very nice. Also, I’ve met a couple people that work in Target who are super nice and helpful too.

    • Jojo

      Ive worked for them on and off for awhile, just a tip: &Depends on your area but turn your notifications on and keep a look out often for “promo” orders in my area I was able to grab orders with like 10-13 items or less sometimes and got paid the regular rate plus $10-20 on top of that plus if you text the customer as soon as you accept the order and say something like ” hi I’m Ana and I just picked up your order because no one had signed up to shop It for you yet, I’m on my way to the store now and will likely be arriving “15-20 minutes (or whatever the time is)later than expected, would this be ok or would you like me to contact customer support to reschedule for you?” The customer is usually thankful someone is going to get their order for them and don’t mind if it’s a little late and might still get a tip on top of that 😊

  18. Pepi

    Can someone please share the logistics of shopping and getting reimbursed? For example (and please correct me if I’m wrong), client buys groceries through the app and pays through he app to Shipt directly? Then you as a shopper go to the store, pick up the groceries, pay for them yourself, and then you submit the receipt to Shipt to get reimbursed? Curious if there is an opportunity to use coupons in order to increase your “winnings”? Thanks in advance!

    • Jojo

      They give you a company card and pre-load the estimated amount for the customers order after you accept the order around the time frame where you’ll be shopping for it, and as for coupons that doesn’t benefit you as a shipt worker because you get paid based on how much the order cost so if the order cost more you get paid more

      • Tracy

        Can you go to the customer service desk and ask if they can apply these coupons to the order just purchased and have then issue a refund? Just curious about this too. I have done this in the past when I forgot to use a coupon.

        • Jojo

          I think that would be up to the store, but the refund would probably go back to shipt.

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