Target is Raising Minimum Wage to $13 an Hour in June

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Target employees walking aisles

Target loves their employees!

Back in 2017, Target announced their plan of raising its minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2020 (which is twice the current federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour) – and they are well on their way of making it happen. 🙌🏻 In 2017, Target bumped its minimum wage up to $11 an hour, and then up to $12 an hour in 2018.

And guess what? Starting in June 2019, Target is raising its minimum wage to $13 an hour. 😍

“Target has a long history of investing in our team members. We care about and value the more than 323,000 individuals who come together every day with an absolute commitment to serving our guest. We’ve always offered market-competitive wages to our team members. With this latest commitment, we’ll be providing even more meaningful pay, as well as the tools, training and support our team needs to build their skills, develop professionally and offer the service and expertise that set Target apart.” – Brian Cornell, CEO and chairman

Target Cash Register

Team members also receive the following awesome benefits:

  • 10% discounts at Target stores and for employees, spouse or domestic partner, and eligible dependents
  • Extra 5% off if you’re a Target REDcard holder
  • Additional 20% off fruits & veggies, Simply Balanced, and C9 merchandise (in addition to the 10% team member discount and 5% REDcard savings!)
  • Opportunity to earn holiday pay on Thanksgiving and Christmas
  • Flexible schedules for a variety of hours
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Exclusive discounts and offers

So, if you love shopping at Target and are looking to earn extra money, this may be the job for you or for your teenaged kids!

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Comments 31

  1. Astrid

    Great news!

  2. ann


  3. Momto5

    Ok….. now give hours. A lot of target workers don’t get the hours

    • Kay O

      Yes! This! My husband worked for them and it was supposed to be a full time 40 hour per week position, but every week he was only scheduled about 20 hours. He had to get a different job. You can’t live off 20 hours “full time” ridiculous.

  4. Katy M

    Does anyone know if they hire 16 year olds?

    • Amanda

      Yes they do

  5. Emi

    Most of the employees at my local Target tell me they start at $15 per hour with a 50 cent per year raise. I was shocked it was so low since In and Out and McDonalds pay $16. How does one live on $7 per hour if a shared room in a house is $2k per month in California?

    • Tabitha

      It’s sad that I work at a hospital and dont even make $12 an hour.

      • K

        Exactly, my office job doesn’t pay as well as Target does. I think I need to apply at there

      • Peanut757

        Yes, you’re not kidding! I’m in the medical field and have had to jump through hoops paying for this certification and that one for companies that are not appreciative of me. Everyone snubs their noses to retail or grocery jobs but many friends make more than I do and I did go to college. Sigh.

        • Targer

          I’ve been in retail for a while and I cannot claim the same…I think they are the exception not the rule…I worked for Target for 3 years and my pay when I left in 2013 was 9.13…13 cents above minimum in CA

    • Hoppisc

      You’re right, 7 dollars isnt enough to live on. But 7 dollars probably goes further in SC where I live than in California. If McDonalds here paid 16 dollars an hour, I don’t think people would even bother going to college or trade school lol, I started out with a base pay of only $20/hr working as a new RN.

  6. Susan S.

    Great! I’m encouraging my teenage daughter to apply. That’s great money for a teenager looking for part time employment

  7. Donna

    Plus the employee discount. Every little bit helps.

  8. TS

    Wow making more than EMS. How sad…

  9. Chrystalyn

    They may make more per hour but they aren’t getting the hours they need. 20 hours a week is not full time. In the end they’re still making the same paycheck they would be at $7 an hour. And since they aren’t full time they also won’t get any benefits like sick leave or vacation time, let alone anything like medical.

    • TS

      EMS doesn’t get paid vacation time or sick leave. If they take 3 days off a year they get written up, possibly fired. Medical insurance sucks. Everything is out of pocket until hitting a $5,000 deductible. It’s a misconception that medical workers have all these fantastic benefits. It still just seems wrong regardless having those who risk their lives making $8-$9 an hr and seeing store workers making $13 plus…

      • Chrystalyn

        Didn’t say EMS did get better benefits or pay. That’s wrong too, Anyone working to save someone else’s life should be treated a whole lot better than that. Certainly should make more than just over minimum wage.

      • K

        EMS should definitely be making more. I was shocked to learn how poor the pay was

        • TS

          Yeah no one believes me when I say my husband started at $8 an hour. Seven years later he’s still under $10 an hour. It’s mind boggling. In seven years he has been in an ambulance accident going 80 mph, he’s been poked with needles and had to go through 1 year of meds and supervision to make sure he didn’t contract HIV or hepatitis. He’s been threatened with guns in patients homes who were combative…all for that $8 an hour. Yet McDonald’s workers want $15! Things needs to change.

        • Peanut757

          Same here…I considered transitioning a couple years ago and I couldn’t believe the low pay. Plus, we have an enormous volunteer EMS team so the paid positions are few and far in between. The retail and grocery chains are blowing many jobs out of the water in terms of pay!

    • Kcmiami

      Part time gets all those benefits and more at target.

      • Kcmiami

        Sick pay, 401k, medical dental, life insurance, etc etc…. they are just an awesome company to work for. Too bad other companies don’t follow their example

        • Mary

          Well, at least you know why their prices are so high on a lot of stuff. Some of their grocery items aren’t bad, but then it seems as though they charge a premium for some grocery items.

    • Peanut757

      Well, many other jobs give those hours or right below full time and don’t start you off at that rate. I guess it depends where you live, but $13 here in my field requires a significant amount of experience, a degree and or trade school equivalent at minimum. I can’t speak about Target, because haven’t directly worked there..but wow, what a blessing for so many people!

  10. Jack

    More pay for zero skill laborers devalues employees that actually had to sacrifice to EARN a higher pay rate, not just get handed something because of political peer pressure.

    • 🌺


    • Peanut757

      The skill here is customer service, simply put. If you pay workers better, they will work better. It’s the difference between Chick Fil A ( $3 more an hour here vs similar employers, scholarships, tuition assistant and Sundays off) and McDonald’s (low end pay grade, lack of additonal benefits, not high job satisfaction).
      I see where you are coming from, and great opinion to share.

    • Maggie

      If there’s wage pressure that’s raising the wages for unskilled labor, in a rational market employers for skilled labor will have to increase wages to keep their existing skilled workers and attract new ones. Otherwise they’ll just bleed skilled labor into better paying unskilled jobs. This *should* help spur some wage growth throughout the economy — the U.S. has had stagnated income for decades, so this movement may help eliminate the stagnation and allow the wage growth that’s been missing from our economy for a long time.

      A study a few years ago found most WM workers needed and qualified for some form of public assistance — taxpayers were subsidizing WM’s low wages by “supplementing” the pay of their work force with public benefits. It was basically a form of corporate welfare to enable companies to keep wages low. A living wage puts the full cost of labor on the employer who benefits from the labor, not on taxpayers. The movement to $15/hour isn’t just for workers — it’s to force corporations to stop externalizing labor costs to taxpayers.

  11. Diane

    Low wage earners pay in certain industries have started to increase because we have begun to realize as a country that either companies pay their employees a living wage or we all pay through state and federal benefits they receive.

    Companies that pay more will have their pick of the best job applicates. Companies will have to choose to either increase pay or deal with the cost of contsantly hiring and training new employees. And our tax money could go to community shared cost like roads, school, police and fire protection.

  12. Sharon

    So, how soon do the prices go up? Just saying.

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