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Pay Your Age for Any Furry Friend at Build-A-Bear Workshop is BACK (for 200,000)

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Build-A-Bear Workshop store front

Build-A-Bear Pay Your Age is BACK… sort of.

Through June 16th, Build-A-Bear is offering Bonus Club Members (free to join) the chance to win a Pay Your Age Ticket! Simply login or create a Bonus Rewards account, complete the NEW Birthday Profile and you’re entered to win!

In an effort to avoid the long lines and crowds from last year, this year only 200,000 Bonus Club Members will be chosen to participate in the Pay Your Age event. If you win a ticket, you will be able to redeem the offer during certain periods of time from June 24th through June 28th at your local store.

little boy holding Build-A-Bear Star Wars

Note that there is a limit of two furry friends per ticket, and a child must be present for each bear. The minimum price for any furry friend regardless of your child’s age is $1.

boy and girl holding Build-A-Bear stuffed animals

Winners will be notified on or around June 21st, in an email from Build-A-Bear. Note that Pokemon and How to Train Your Dragon Collections are excluded from this offer.

bears and ponies at Build-A-Bear store

Plus, ten guests will win a grand prize of a Birthday Party Experience (valued at $250) that can be used anytime in the next 12 months.

(Thanks, Benjamin S!)

Fun Unicorn or Dinosaur Inflatable Yard Sprinkler for the kiddos!


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Comments 69

  1. C

    🤣🤣🤣 I bet there are going to be ppl mad about this promo as well… but it can’t be as much of a disaster as the event last year… also I can’t imagine waiting in a line that long for a discount on anything unless it was something like a free brand new car worth a lot 🤣🤣🤣 those parents were crazy (especially the ones waiting outside in the sun for HOURS- I mean goodnight night! might as well have picked up an extra shift/mowed someone’s lawn for money/etc and saved the agony of that line and probably gotten more than enough money for one of those animals- it’s not like they’re that expensive)… some ppl have no sense (and clearly didn’t value their time or their children’s safety- if you’re willing to let your kid get dehydrated and sunburned to save $30 or so, you need to be evaluated and CPS needs to visit)

    • Love

      Some people just can’t afford one. Really harsh words you really need to step back and take a good look at yourself. If you feel like keep it to yourself.

      • Nikki

        I don’t think they he comment was rude. People drove 100 miles each way, stood in line for over 6 hours and got nothing. If you can drive 200 miles and waste 6 hours in line. OP was practical about some alternatives. The gas to drive there or time wasted could have been offset the costs of a usual sell price by some of the examples she gave. Children who had to be taken to the hospital for heat stroke, severe dehydration etc bills cost more than the bear.

        • i agree

          Yes yes and yes. I can say that aftrr hours in line in heat etc…the kid probably cared sooo very little to get the bear. To save a few dollars…psst

        • M

          LOL NO ONE I know that went had that experience. We didn’t either. Did you actually go!? If you can’t wait in line for 45 minutes with friends, food, and a picnic blanket to save $30. you probably wouldn’t work for $30 an hour either. You probably wouldn’t even want to chill with friends and your kids for 45 minutes either.

      • Megan

        I dont really care either way..but these people that dont like what you’re saying so they tell you to keep it to yourself. I guess the same could be said to you.

    • Dana

      Wow… proud of yourself for this comment?

      • she should be

        Probably its just an opinion.

    • Jessica

      I agree people got a little extreme.. but your comment is ridiculous.

    • Rae

      Tip: You can find them online or at thrift shops for $5 sometimes stuffed and sometimes not and bring them in the shop for the experience. Easy tip for moms on a budget. We had fun waiting for about a hour in line… We even if we only got a coupon it covered most of the cost of the bear my child choose at a later time. I brought snacks and drinks to share and we where indoors. We went with friends and even made new friends in line. It wasn’t a disaster for everyone.

    • Katie

      Judge much? Sometimes these comments are best left in your head.

    • Heather

      LOL! How about I worked my full shift that day, came home and my then 4 year old BEGGED me to take her – we never go to the mall so it was a treat – PLUS her birthday was coming up. We are a low income family that works very hard for the little we get – so after buying the animal, sounds, and accessories/outfits they are pretty expensive – upwards of $50. Guess what? We were only in line for about 20 minutes. Our store had originally shut the line down, but reopened and was VERY well organized. Seeing the smile on my daughter’s face and being able to afford all the extras that day was well worth the little bit of time spent waiting. So – SEND CPS my way – they’ll see parents that deeply care about their child. Maybe you need a CPS visit?

      • oh no...

        How about “you are the parent”. Begging got me put in my room as punishment. Begging got your child the bear she wanted. Now is the original commenter wrong or are you?

        • Heather

          Perhaps begging was the wrong choice of words. And if my daughter was a spoiled brat, she would not get anything. However, my daughter does not ask for much and we cannot provide her with anything and everything she wants. When she ASKED if she could go, and we explained that it would probably be a long wait, she fully understood. We would not have waited hours. We explained all the possible scenarios to her and went full well knowing that it was possible we would not get in. However, like I said, we only waited 20 minutes thanks to a very well organized staff and customers that were very courteous and prompt knowing that others were waiting as well. And if I’m wrong for driving 5 minutes down the road and spending 20 minutes in line, for a round trip that took about 45 minutes total that provided happiness to my daughter – and mind you a stuffed animal that a year later she still very much enjoys – than so be it. My daughter knows that these type of occasions are rare and she cherishes what she has. So call CPS on me if that’s what you feel I deserve. My child was never out in the heat – our store is located in the middle of an indoor mall. We ensured that she had snacks and a drink. I guess I’m a horrible parent.

          • S

            Ok we can all eat crow. I dont think we realized that your 4 yr old was aware of all the scenarios like you stated. As long as she was able to maturely dissect all possible situations rationally and fairly then Yes, i am glad that she decided it would be the right family choice. Again sorry, i jumped to conclusions, with her being FOUR, clearly i was wrong. Thanks for putting me back. 😉

          • Mel

            Heather I absolutely loved your post and am glad to hear that your daughter enjoyed her bear! It looks like you’re raising her the right way, to appreciate what she has! Kudos to you!!

      • Saydee

        How did your 4 year old know about this Build a Bear offer to be able to beg to go? Lmao

        • Heather

          It was on the local news – it was huge deal as you recall! My husband had the news on and she saw it. We don’t keep our daughter in the dark. She actually likes to see what’s going on in the world. We don’t sugar coat life for her.

          • Saydee

            We dont keep her in the dark?! 🤣 its not the world hunger crisis. What an overly dramatic statement. Hahahahaha…..we dont keep her in the dark 😂

          • Saydee

            No comment about the begging though..

          • Alishia

            Whoa, these comments are harsh. Heather, you are a great mom. Are these commenters even parents? You always want to give your kids the world when you can, and when you get a chance to give them the opportunity for something that is usually too expensive… of course you would want to take advantage. Hip2Save thank you for posting a great deal! I think we are forgetting a golden rule here, “if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all.”

      • Sarah

        I think your a great Mom. Childhood is such a short time, and it’s the only time where your given so much love. Non-patents won’t get It until they are there… If they are good parents. Your daughter didn’t sound disobedient, or spoiled. Sounded like she just wanted to do something special with mom. It is important to create memories with your child free or not… Just be you. You did great.

    • Candis

      Yes C! Us parents are letting our children be the boss. If we couldnt afford the bear we didnt go stand for hours for one. How on earth are the small children even aware of the specifics of this deal anyway? 🤣 Maybe less TV/internet where kids are seeing these deals is a start. But honestly, if your child is old enough to know the ins & outs of this build a bear sale arent they old enough to understand No?! Or mom/dad said no or if they are old enough to understand, doesnt that mean they are darn near close to driving age?! Lol

    • Mary

      SOME people had a GREAT experience waiting in line for a little while (it was about 45 minutes) with friends. At Least in our area staff went through the lines pretty early on to let you know that there weren’t enough stuffed animals… So you could choose a voucher worth $15. I didn’t tell my child they where going o get a build a bear. I said we might get one but if we don’t we’re still going to have a fun time. There where NO tears… and we got a cheap bear later.

  2. oh my

    So I’m assuming there is an “age/price cap”, for those older than (let’s say 20). If so, what is it?

  3. Go Zags

    Wow, a little harsh don’t you think?

  4. Chelsea

    My daughter loves build a bear we go often we had a very positive experience last year we stood in line a little less than 3 hours the people in line around us were all very nice people kids ran around in a safe area and there was shaded areas the employees were super friendly and accommodating 🙂

  5. Kathryn

    We went last year and had a wonderful experience. We are a family on a budget so allowing my children to pick whichever animal they want probably won’t be an option for us ever but we got there early waited 2 hours with family and friends and had a great time!

  6. Lo

    I know a family that stood in line for hours. She said the outdoor mall staff brought out water and lemonade. Yes the wait was long but they had fun.
    I got a coupon out of it so worked for me also.

  7. Laura

    My son just turned 2, so we went today and got him one using the “Pay Your Age” deal. You just have to sign up for the Bonus Club and take your kid anytime during their birthday month. Easy as pie and paid $2 for his birthday bear! 🐻

    • Candis

      Too cute 🙂

    • Mommy_Loves_Her_Two

      Does it come stuffed?

  8. E

    My kids are obsessed with build a bears and play with them constantly. We attempted the deal last yr but turned around and went out for ice cream after like 45 min of the line not moving an inch. Entered but I doubt we’ll get the tickets. We went each birthday month for the birthday bear last year. My mom and I have been on the lookout for build a bears and clothes at yard sales or thrift shops. We are stashing then away for upcoming birthdays so the birthday bear gets an outfit, and I only paid 50 cents for it instead of $20+! My in laws treated all three of our kids to build a bears and outfits/accessories this spring. It was like $150 for all three kids!!! I would never pay that much, so the pay your age deal for young kids would be soooo great!

  9. Rn

    This whole reply thread is out of control….smdh

    • 😔

      Agreed 😔

    • Ash

      I bet most of the people making ridiculously mean comments don’t even have kids 🙄

      • Rae

        RIGHT! My thought too.

    • Mima

      That was my thought too, glad you said it!

    • Aleisha

      Yes, ridiculously mean things being said back and forth. I thought this community was above that. Sad to see.

  10. kben

    You are only able to get 2 bears with tickets that they are giving away.

    • Kben

      And the 200,000 includes Canada and UK

      175,000 Tickets to US Entrants;
      8,000 Tickets to CAN Entrants; and
      30,000 Tickets to UK Entrants.

  11. Cindy

    I think a lot of people making comments need to chill, and mind their own business and let parents raise and make their own decisions for their children. Good grief!!!!

    • Ash

      Exactly what I was thinking! The judgement is real.

    • so sad

      Agreed! So much parent shaming. 🙁

    • Sarah


    • jessa

      Hurray!!! for cindy and her logic..

    • Mel

      EXACTLY!!!! This is really sad to read!

    • Ani

      Yes!! Thank you, Cindy!!! I was just appalled reading all of those judgmental comments. People need to quit with the “holier than thou” attitude and try just having some compassion for others.

  12. nikis22

    Just entered! I hope we get one, thanks hip2save

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re so welcome! Good luck!

  13. Pharmchick104

    I hope I win! My kiddo is such a good sport when we walk in to look but not buy, but I know he always wistfully looks at the 4 legged dog one- we bought the teddy bear style dog with the coupon they gave last time. It would be awesome if I can get it for seven bucks!

  14. joni

    bottom line last year was a total disaster no one should judge who can afford what. but it was a mess i am surprised they are doing this again

    • Sarah

      This time is limited quantities though so I don’t think it would be as crazy as last year.

  15. Mamamia


  16. Cristine

    Wow! Crazy comments here. Lol I personally would not wait in line for hours for one of these toys for my child. Our local store had a line all the way through the mall. No thanks. I do think it’s nice that they offer these promotions though for people that do want it.

  17. Jen

    It seems strange to me for a company to have a contest to win a prize you have to pay for.

  18. Jeremiah2911

    H2S, please shut comments down on this post! This is not the typical behavior on here. I love coming to the site for great deals AND the positive, uplifting community.

  19. Donia


  20. Grandma T.

    WoW!!! LIGHTEN UP PEOPLE!!! If you want to stand in line for HOURS to save a few bucks then knock yourself out! To each their own! STOP ATTACKING EACH OTHER!!! The comments on this deal are very mean spirited! JUST STOP!

    • Tina

      I love your comment the most Grandma T!!! I got tired of reading them somewhere on top and scrolled all the way down. Glad i did. THOSE comments are exactly whats wrong with todays world. I wish everyone the best and hope they find happiness in their heart instead of *itching.

  21. Kim

    I entered…why not. A contest is just that, good luck to all who entered!

  22. Cbes

    This post needs to be deleted with these comments

  23. Bella

    All of the comments I just read are just parent shaming. Have some control over yourselves! Parents will take care and discipline their children themselves. Thank you, we will stay in our lane and you and your ” children” should stay in yours. Not trying to be too harsh here.

  24. Amanda

    Check your emails won a ticket yay!

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