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Target Now Offers Same Day Delivery on Thousands of Items

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Target shopping bags from Shipt

Beat the heat and have Target come to you!

To compete with Amazon and Walmart, Target just announced they’re expanding their same-day delivery service to just about everyone!

That’s right! 🤩 Customers in 47 states will now be able to get 65,000 items delivered to their door in as little as one hour with orders placed directly on

Shipt Shopper

How does Target same-day delivery work?

The items will be shopped and delivered by Shipt, and non-Shipt members will pay a $9.99 delivery charge.

If you’re interested in trying Shipt, you can sign up for a free 1-month trial to get groceries and more delivered to your door for free. After the trial ends, you will be charged $99 for an annual Shipt membership, but you can cancel ANY time during your trial period to avoid paying this fee.

How long before my delivery window can I change my order?

Want to make a change to your order? You can easily edit or add to your order up to one hour before delivery!

You can even save multiple addresses to make it easier to deliver orders to your home, office, vacation rental, or even on behalf of others (great idea for kids away at college or loved ones you want to surprise! 🎉).

Save $5 more on your $100 purchase.

Plus, you can even use your Target REDcard to save an additional 5% off your order, and you can take advantage of all the awesome weekly ad promos (like buy three items, get a $5 Target gift card, etc). SO awesome!

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Comments 62

  1. Tara

    I’m very excited to try this. My son and I are traveling from AZ to Columbus for a 3 week medical treatment. No I don’t have to pay for a Uber ride to get groceries.

    • Lisa

      Best wishes for comfort and healing.

      • Tara

        Thank you so much.

    • Denise

      Yes best wishes to you both

      • Tara

        Thank you

    • JD

      My very best wishes for a speedy and easy recovery. I’m not sure what grocery stores are available to you but any stores that use instacart will give you one free delivery. Kroger’s is an instacart I think and it’s $10 for a delivery after that and you can use digital coupons. My daughter uses Kroger’s. I’ve used shipt integrated within the Meijers app and have loved it. With the app you can text back and forth about substitutions. The shoppers I have had have been mothers working during school hours and university students working to make it and have been lovely people. I think Sam’s uses shipt so that’s another possibility. My very best.

  2. davesmisc

    Are you supposed to tip the delivery person? What’s the suggested amount if you do?

    • Kathleen

      Please tip your SHOPPER/DELIVERY person. They have taken the time to carefully shop for order and their own gas to deliver it to you. Tips are very appreciated!

    • Kathleen

      If you tip your pizza delivery guy X amount for just delivering your pizza or your waitress for just bringing your food to the table, then factor in the time and effort the Shopper/Delivery person has invested in shopping your order for quality unexpired items and then delivered them to your door! It’s sad how many people don’t tip! The base pay from these delivery companies is not great in a lot of areas.

  3. Jess

    Is this one of these companies that raise the prices on your groceries / items?

    • Kathleen

      Yes Shipt slightly raises the prices of the groceries, to cover the minimal cost they pay the Shopper. It is a convenience service 🙂

  4. DeAnn

    I’m one of the few people who isn’t excited about this. I’ve noticed more and more items aren’t available via online and all the good deals are only available in-store or pick-up.Target is over 30 miles away from me. I have a red card, but I’m not paying for a membership that I may use once or twice a month.

  5. Julie

    Their free 2-day shipping almost never works out, either, and I dont live in the middle of nowhere. I have little confidence in this offer.

    • DeAnn

      It’s hit or miss with me too

  6. Shawndra

    But is it a tipped position? Are they paying taxes on the tip? Do they even get to keep the tip? Can the tip be added to your credit card? Is their base pay at least minimum wage? If they are using their own gas a vehicle, then they are writing that expense off. IRS will allow .53 cents/mile.
    One would expect that the food comes unexpired, as there are mandatory sell by dates. I’m not saying you shouldn’t tip the person delivering, just be careful.

    • Kathleen

      Base pay is generally not minimum wage. Shoppers are considered independent contractors, that’s how a lot of these companies get away with not paying even minimum wage. Tips are not mandatory. Tips are included in income to the shopper and are taxed when they pay taxes at the end of the year.

    • Kathleen

      Yes tip can be paid by credit card, but cash tip is able to be accepted

      • S

        Thanks for the info. What do you base your tip on? 20%?

  7. Melissa Rice

    Considering the fact that you have to pay annual membership and tip the delivery person, and also pay slightly higher prices, this deal is a total no-no for me.
    I will not even consider it.

  8. C.R.

    Twitter just posted that customers are unable to purchase in-store right now due to some technical issues going on with the registers. This seems to be an issue nationwide. Not sure how well Shipt would work in this instance but you might encounter a delay in your order. Just thought I’d share.

  9. Melissa Rice

    Just found from the internet that Shipt drivers make $15-25 an hour, and tip is not necessary so they are definitely making more than minimum wage.

    • Marcia

      This figure is based off of the customers tipping. When I work and customers don’t tip, I make less than $10 an hour. Minimum wage is not a living wage. Be kind and reward us for a job well done.

      • dolcedelish

        It’s difficult to explain…when the position is advertised as an hourly rate (which it is not..we are paid per completed order)…& people come to conclusions based on 2 minute internet searches. I posted a lengthy explanation on a H2S deal a while ago re: Shipt compensation. Bottom line.. I’m grateful for my customers who tip , based on my service, which they value. Without their appreciation via tips, I would not be able to support myself providing a service I love.

        • S

          I bet that a lot of people don’t know to tip. Also, there was recently a big deal made about Uber drivers not being able to keep the tips as extra, so I wonder if that leads to the problem as well. Then there are aholes that just don’t.
          I know what you’re saying about the wage. $22/he sounds great…. Unless you only work 2 hours.

        • JD

          I would like to know if the tip I put in online actually goes to the shipt employee. I don’t usually have cash on me but if it doesn’t make it to the shipt employee I’ll make a change. Thank you for your help.

          • Marcia

            Yes the tip goes to us and we really appreciate it!

      • Kathleen

        Yes exactly 🙂

      • candis

        You deserve a tip and a “great job”

    • Kathleen

      The $15-$25 an hour figure that’s floating around is with tips ‘included’, that is Not base pay!!

    • saydee

      Oh come know its inflated. Shipt inflates pay for many reason including for stock holders etc (but yes diff ballgame) and i would hope you know better than to believe what you read on the internet. If someone delivers your groceries and other stuff like meds or blankets or dvds etc… just tip them.

    • emily

      Also, independent contractors are paid on 1099s, not w2s. So they have to pay the employer portion of social security fica withholdings. The amount they pay in taxes at the end of the year can be around 35%.

  10. Jessica

    Does cartwheel work?

    • Brooklyn

      I was just going to ask the same thing 🙂

  11. candis

    Im always surprised and embarrassed a bit at people when the talk of tipping comes up. You live on planet earth ! Yes we have gotten a bit carried away with what and who we tip but seriously….if someone is shopping for you and delivering it to you smarten up. Do the right thing. They clearly saved you time, whether you were sick, tired, didnt feel like going or wanted to watch a baseball game. The convenience for people who use these services is obviously valuable. A decent tip is just the humane normal decent societal (real word??) thing to do. People ask how much ? do i really have to ? how much do they make so i can justify being a cheapskate ? Stop it or leave the house !!

  12. Melissa Rice

    I don’t tip my mailman or my doctor or the bus driver so why the delivery person when the company says tip is not necessary and we are already paying for membership? It’s a personal choice, and the essence of Shipt membership is convenience. I don’t tip my Amazon prime delivery guy so why Shipt drivers? My money is hard earned too and I simply refuse to pay a person extra simply because they are doing their job.

    • rachel

      Bravo 👏 🙄🤢

    • Alliesin Vega

      I hope you don’t get a repeat delivery person. Call me what you will — but I would spit all over your food and lord help if you received any clothes.. we are just being honest here right?

      • FloridianINglittering


      • Amanda

        That is an awful attitude to have. No one should expect a tip because you are doing a service for someone else. Like previously stated no one tips your mailman or the gas station attendant or the McDonalds cashier. People should be proud that companies exist not just for the purpose of helping the elderly get groceries or for parents with sick children who do not want to leave the house but it also brings jobs that were not available to the public 10 years ago. Be grateful for more available jobs and less entitled.

        • Melissa Rice

          I second you on that Amanda. I am a state worker and we are so understaffed, I work through breaks and lunch hours most days. We are not payed overtime or compensated for our time but I have a deep sense of satisfaction because I know I am doing my best. If I take into account all the hours I actually work, it’s close to minimum wage!
          It’s hard to accept when people expect gratuity simply for doing their job.

          • Heidi Anton & CREW

            Not to jump in on whatever is going on but I have a State job as well. Not sure what state you work for but in my state that’s part of the frills of a state job. OT pay, paid days off. Maybe you should research your department or try Shipt. If you are going to get paid the same, sounds like you will not work as hard LMAO

            • Heidi

              My state job lets me take a lunch

            • Melissa Rice

              FYI: Many state has contract employees with no benefits and no hope for being permanent in the near future with no overtime.
              You are lucky.

              • allie

                I want to apologize to melissa. I get very animated and excited when it comes to tipping even tho ironically my job does not and has never relied on tips. I think we each have opinions and thats great until it starts to get downright mean. Im not mean and from your comments i can see you are not either. Lets agree to disagree and maybe we will meet up again in the comments and actually have a common comment….well maybe not 😂❤

          • allie

            Then you and your best are fools. What state worker makes minimum wage. Apply at Shipt !!! 😂

            • Melissa Rice

              It’s okay, no offense taken. Thank you so much for your kind words, it means a lot to me.
              Personally I think I shouldn’t have started the conversation either especially because I’ll never be able to afford these services with membership fees to begin with!!
              I wish you all the best.

        • allie

          Its 2019- get with it- tip!

      • Melissa Rice

        The customers are at the receiving end, and if you feel you can’t do your job without spitting, you should bring it up with the company so they can change their policy charge additional fees upfront. There will be no gray areas and if it comes out to be too pricey we will not opt for Shipt. Simple.

      • dolcedelish

        Should I feel bad that your post made me laugh?? The thought would never cross my mind…but this is why you should thoroughly wash all produce ;). But seriously..being an Independent Contractor, you have the luxury of choosing who you will continue to provide service for. So…if you don’t want to go back to that customer, you don’t have to. While I appreciate my customers tips and depend on them in order to support myself…I also respect the fact that tipping is optional in this business. I am honored to be trusted to shop and deliver the food that goes into my customers and their children’s bodies. To me, there is a level of trust we share, that is a very meaningful part of the “relationship “. To some… I’m just like the mailman. C’est la vie

        • allie

          Shameful & sad but honest. I know better than to be a server because if someone was down right ignorant and incessantly rude i would…excuse me *cough cough….anyway as i was saying. I know better than to do that because i don’t have that particular customer service skill. I act before thinking, hence the outrageous and rude comments that even i have to say were completely out of line. While i may say hurtful words and “think” i would have a party behind the scenes while a customer suffered, i again think that I’m being a bit over dramatic. Either way, rest easy i am not going to serve you dinner or deliver your groceries. I actually live in a big city and do not even drive i subway to work sooo..again. jokes aside. I thank anyone who delivers to me and for the most part i tip. I appreciate all drivers, delivery personal, the mcdonalds cashier, the dog walker, and the state employees. Honestly.

          • allie

            Kinda weird but it WAS NOT me who commented about straws and ketchup. 🤔

    • allie

      Your grasping at straws here. Undoubtedly the 700 you put in your purse along with the sweet and low and ketchup packets when noone was looking.

    • Jen

      But do any of those people send an hour doing something for you the way you want it? Do you not tip waitresses because that’s their job? Shipt is contract work. Sometimes orders are easy and customers tip and I make around $20 an hour. Other times orders are difficult to fill and you spend the whole time trying to make the customer happy and you make $6 for two hours of work.
      Pick up your own groceries if you don’t want to pay for the luxury of someone else to do it.

    • Kathleen

      Because the SHOPPER shops your order then DELIVERS your order. It goes way beyond just dropping off your order. They communicate if an item is out of stock, they choose the best produce and undamaged packages, etc. It all takes time and effort beyond just delivering!

  13. Tam

    To each his own. I think i might find it to be useful while hubby is overseas but I am sooo budget conscious that I will figure out if it adds any value. As a current single parent house for now, I have to remember that being there for my daughters ballet class or my sons games add a bit more value. The time saved might justify the tip and/or delivery fee.

  14. allie vega

    I don’t work for shipt. I’m just saying that IF i did.. seriously chisel your wallets open and appreciate a service. The concerned tippers are not the old elderly sick people they are THE CONCERNED TIPPERS. Please just simply leave your house and shop for yourselves then. These services are not for you because i can promise you that “my bad attitude” is much more common than you know. Just ask the waitress at the restaurant you frequent and dont tip…. bon apetite !

  15. candis

    Sooo many of you are making my point !! Stop using DELIVERY SERVICES without tipping. You know full well its in no way shape or form equal to a doctor mailman or amazon delivery. Its pitiful and shameful. Great don’t tip. I don’t care. Neither do you or any other hip commenter but for the love of God, just admit its a shallow and cheapo way of living. Again..whatever..

  16. S

    I understand what you’re saying, but the way that Target advertises this service on their website makes it seem like it’s still Target delivering to you and you’re just getting it quicker. I went through the check out process and there isn’t a place to leave a tip, nor any mention of such. I wouldn’t think to tip the UPS, FedEx etc person that delivered the package. So I can understand where people wouldn’t be sure if they needed to tip this particular delivery person. on the website, the name shipt is so small most wouldn’t even notice it. Also if you don’t know what shipt is, you’re not going to think twice. Before this post I never heard of them. I was also wondering, do you even have to be home to receive the package? Because if not, most people are just going to assume there are packages delivered by any old regular delivery person.

  17. shop4mybabies

    this is a big pass for me. I’m not a fan of other people picking out my groceries and less of a fan of paying more to get them when they are already expensive. I do use walmart grocery pickup when i help my son out, he lives in CA, and he and his gf struggle…so I will order 100$ in groceries and he can pick it up for FREE

  18. Carrie

    Ugh they also now have ad on items! I just tried to order a $10 DVD only to find out that they won’t ship it because it’s an ad on item😏

  19. Judy

    If you are going to be using this new service don’t spend 9.99 on each delivery. Here is a link to get a full year of Shipt for $49 dollars.

  20. Sarah Markley

    Best deal is if you subscribe for the year – $49 (w/ link or reg is $99) and then I can send my dad things from CVS, my niece things in another state and the new Meijer near me is the same Shipt delivery.

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