FREE Starbucks Limited-Edition Reusable Cup w/ Holiday Drink Purchase

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collin holding a Starbucks Free cup

Looks like Starbucks is the place to be RIGHT NOW! ☕🏃‍♀️

Today, November 7th only, Starbucks is launching its holiday menu AND, for one day only, they’re giving away a FREE Limited-Edition Holiday Reusable Cups with the purchase of any holiday drink!

Collin and team were up early this morning to score their FREE reusable red cups! They were also able to grab the 5-pack of reusable cold cups that we posted about here. If you missed her Facebook live video you can watch the replay now!

Starbucks Christmas cups

Better yet, when you use your 2019 reusable red cup between November 7th and January 7th, 2020 to buy a 16-ounce holiday beverage after 2 PM, you’ll save 50¢ on your order!

Please note that each Starbucks location will only receive a limited number of these cups, so be sure to get there early if you want to bring one home! Head on over here for more information.

Cozy up with this Slow Cooker Hot Caramel Apple Cider!

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Comments 85

  1. Belle

    Cute. But I think I prefer last year’s design! Are you guys grabbing one of these this year? 🙂

    • Keri

      Same here! I ordered the eggnog latte and my free cup. I loved the latte.

  2. Sam

    Does this have to be for hot beverages only?

    • Carrie Gearing

      I went this morning and it can be for a hot beverage or an iced beverage.

  3. Beverly

    Does anyone know if any of the holiday drinks can be made sugar-free and still be considered eligible for the discount?

    • Amy

      Starbucks discontinued sugar free syrup for their holiday drinks a couple years ago.

      • Amy

        I got the peppermint mocha and the barista substituted an “almost sugar free” mocha syrup. I asked for the most “reduced calorie version” I could get. 🙂

        • mandymoo

          I did the same today with my peppermint mocha. It was great!

    • Liz

      None of the holiday sauces or syrups are sugar free. Starbucks has sugar free vanilla and sugar free cinnamon dolce.

      • Beverly

        Thanks Liz. I was afraid that was the case.

    • dbeasley

      I was just at Starbucks and asked if any of the holiday drinks could be made sugar free I was told no. So if you can’t have the sugared drinks like me then you either don’t get to have a cup or you can buy a drink throw it away just to get the cup. I emailed Starbucks a few yrs ago when they stopped the sugar free opens but was told they currently had no plans to return them but would take my request into consideration. 🙄🙄

      • Beverly

        I feel your pain!

  4. Amy ^_^

    Does it work for online orders? Pick up?
    Last year I went to the store to order and it was a mess.

    • rhianna

      How early were you there last year? Trying to decide if I should try to go by after I drop my son off at school. Didn’t know if that would be too late.

      • Mimi

        I went past noon last year, but it was at a mall Starbucks so there wasn’t many people.

      • Britt

        I go into the target ones and had no problem getting it right after opening at 8am last year. they don’t open until 8 so I feel like its easier than the regular stores. I would just call the store ahead of time and ask if they have them to make sure you don’t waste time.

    • Dkp91576

      Yes it works for mobile orders, my location had a separate barista giving out drinks and checking labels. Holiday drinks got the red cup on the side. Also you can use a reward for this and still get your cup!

    • Lucila Molina

      Yes if you order the holiday drink they will give you a cup.

  5. Ldynes25

    Their Facebook said it works for any drink and yes works for mobile orders as well. They said that they aren’t making the drinks in them, just handing them out along with the drinks.

    • Sam


    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks so much for the helpful feedback! Good to know!

    • Belle

      Mine last year they put my drink in it. Though I’ve seen others post that they were just handed one, so it might depend on your baristas!

    • Christine

      I just went to mine. I placed a mobile order. I asked if they were giving out the cups today when I picked up and she specifically asked me which drink I ordered first. After I said Peppermint Mocha then she said Ok and went to get it. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Just sahring my experience.

  6. Kelsey

    Is there a way to see which Starbucks will be participating? Just wondering if it will be in the Starbucks inside my Target or not.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      You could always give them a call to check!

    • Britt

      I got mine at a target last year but I would definitely call and make sure before heading in. they should know today if they will have them. good luck.

  7. MrsGarfield

    I find this year’s cups ugly.

    • Kathy

      Oh I just posted about how I don’t like the sugary holiday drinks and that I wished it was for any drink. Good to know. I can get one and give the cup to my Daughter since I don’t think it’s very pretty. They need some help with holiday designs.

    • Mary

      I just picked it up and have to agree. What is up with the lettering? I feel like my eyes are crossing as I look at it and almost made me dizzy. Why does it say

      What is up with that? Why not just put MERRY COFFEE

      Anyway GLAD it was FREE!!! WOOHOO!!

      **Just sharing my opinion. Not a complaint.**

      Have a great day everyone!!

      • julia mullins

        I was thinking the same thing… I bet they accidentally effed up these cups and now they cant sell them so they are giving them away today for free.

  8. scamhelo

    I want one so bad… but starbucks opens at 5:00am no way im getting up that early LoL.. i HOPE AT 9AM THEY STILL HAVE SOME..

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      🤞 Hoping you can score one!

  9. Sallys

    I went to my regular starbucks last year at 8am they had been sold out since 7am. And the barrista mentioned it had been a swarm all morning. So I bought a reusable one for $1.99. big deal.

    • Kate

      I think last year they sold out so quickly because there was a rumor that any refill you got was only $.50…Not $.50 off. So I think people were snagging them because they hoped they would get very cheap drinks for the next two months!!

  10. nancythigpin

    I went this morning because I didn’t pay attention to the date 😂. Wah wah.

  11. NV2007

    I missed out last year. This is very good motivation for me to get to the gym by 4:30am so I can grab one near my gym nice and early! Thanks H2S!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re so welcome!

  12. liz

    I’d love to get one! I’m so excited for the holiday drinks to be back but Starbucks is crazyyy in the mornings. Hopefully I can get one before they’re all gone lol

  13. geralicia

    Tysm for this

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re welcome!

  14. Edy

    So, I work 3 days Tuesday – Thursday and I take my boss to Starbucks from 9:30am-12:30pm he hangs around with his friends -I’m not allowed in his group🥰but, I’m hoping that he gets me a cup !!! Right next to that one is a target that has starbucks inside – so for those 3 days I get to shop -thanks to hip 2 save – target has 90% off Halloween clothing all in each department- and costumes 90% and ulta used my 3.50 coupon in or email at bottom get coupon got a gift box 19.99 value at 179 and got a free small bag with cosmetics used coupon paid 17.85 for both things Christmas gifts the. Reuse the coupon bought 20 items $1 each five for $5 used the 3.50 coupon used $8 in points that I had paid 9 – went to bath and body works got 11 hand soaps used 10/30 and free item paid 21 went to pink got the Sherpa 39.95 used 20% and got the free panty paid 43 got a$20 reward for future purchase Walgreens has 70% off Halloween candy goodie bags Christmas done Houston Tx – if you go to Victoria secret download the app there is coupons you all can use good luck Sorry lady’s but I want to post to save save !!

    • CS

      Wait a minute. Your boss makes you sit at a Starbucks for three hours while he hangs out with friends, and you aren’t allowed to sit near him or anything? What kind of a company are you working for? Maybe going to Target is okay, but the dude hasn’t heard of Uber or too lazy to drive himself… I’m just really worried you are being taken advantage of with your boss.

      • Laura

        Wondering the same thing 😟

      • Edy

        Omg didn’t mean it in a bad way ! He has a spacer in his leg that his not suppose to put weight on his leg until he has surgery -his wife works and I’m his caregiver since he wants to hang around his friends for this 3 days -im allowed to go shopping and I pick him up get his lunch and go back to his house until his wife comes home-right now this is a easy job -compared to when I took care of his 92 yr old father law –i got to do most of my Christmas shopping Starbucks is so close to target in same shopping area ULTA j-oanncraft store even made blankets while I wait – thank you lady’s-love my job right now -not all the time is this easy

  15. Edy

    Ulta the makeup box 19.99 has cosmetics inside there is 4 different ones colors and get the other free its in their catalog

  16. lissalynn82

    What if I have a free drink as a reward in my account? Does it say you have to pay for a holiday drink or could I use my freebie?

  17. Brit

    Laughing at the $1.99 mention in one of the comments. Regardless of product, it’s something about getting it for free 🙂 Kind of like the free shipping on online orders…it’s just awesome. I’m planning on getting mine, hopefully just empty & new, then gifting that with some other Starbucks goodies. These type of deals can really help if your church or school does a silent raffle and asks for baskets or gift cards etc. Plus, great idea…just sharing it w a deserving coworker, single parent or military spouse and offering to take them for the first fill up☕

    • rochellemcgee

      I think all she was saying is that if it’s sold out, it’s only $2 to purchase, not the end of the world. Don’t know why that’s funny.

  18. Liz

    Curious if I can just get hot chocolate and not these holiday drinks? I hate coffee period and only get hot chocolate from Starbucks. Wanting to get the cup for my daughter.

    • sophia

      “Qualifying holiday beverages include any size hot, iced or blended of the following: Caramel Brulée Latte, Chestnut Praline Latte, Eggnog Latte, Gingerbread Latte (available in Canada only), Hot Chocolate, Peppermint Hot Chocolate, Peppermint Mocha, Pumpkin Spice Latte, Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate, Salted Caramel Mocha and Toasted White Chocolate Mocha (available in the United States only).”

  19. Kathy

    I luv Starbucks but I do not get the appeal of this cup. It’s not really pretty and .50 off is not a very big discount at all. Plus not everyone likes those holiday sugary drinks. Gag. You should be able to get whatever drink you want.

  20. Crystal. B

    How does it work with the 24 hour Starbucks? I have one right down the road

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      You could always call in to your location to be sure!

  21. sophia

    i asked at the starbucks inside my target, and they said they’re participating. It’s one cup per person though and not per holiday drink

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for the feedback, Sophia!

    • Keri

      Same here. Just went to Starbucks in Target in Michigan. They would not provide a free cup to any of the frozen holiday menu items, only hot. I highly recommend the hot eggnog latte. They had plenty of cups still available and they did stick to the one cup per person rule.

      • sophia

        I guess it must depend on location, bc I went this morning and asked, and they let me get a free cup with each holiday drink purchase. There’s actually still a lot even now at both starbucks in target and stand alone stores. I saw ppl ordering cold drinks and getting a free cup too

        • Keri

          I was surprised with two more cups when my husband came home from work today. I was pretty excited.

  22. Jaina

    Make sure you ask which holiday drinks work with the offer!

  23. Brittany

    Just got the free cup…it’s pretty cheap plastic, nothing special.

  24. Potsie1228

    They allowed me to order a sugar free hot cocoa with a shot of espresso for this promotion. I added my own liquid stevia later.

  25. Smellyann

    Hmmm, I wonder if the Starbucks here in town is participating. (They’re not open yet.) It’s inside the Albertson’s here, which is a very small Starbucks inside a very small grocery store, in a teeny-tiny town! Lol. The next nearest one is over an hour away. :/ I’d love to get one for my college-student daughter!

  26. Slgomez

    Just grabbed mine and been to two Starbucks and they still have a lot left. Even with the reusable cups. Was gonna get some of those reusable cups but it’s says seasonal on it so I passed since I can’t use it after Christmas. Lol! Got the metal insulated instead.

  27. Melissa

    Got one, thanks 🙂☕️

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Woohoo! You’re so welcome!

  28. ecurbasil

    Just came back from Starbucks inside Target (Store opened at 8 and got there at 9:15 or so). Note I had to specifically ask for the cup, as they weren’t just giving them out. So be sure to ask if you don’t see/receive it.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Thanks so much for the helpful tip!

    • Slgomez

      I went to Target and asked for it too. The Barista wasn’t aware of the reusable cups.

  29. Hilga

    Good morning Collin you look beautiful! Excited to get my cups today: ) thanks for all yall do

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Aww, you’re very welcome! Thank YOU for the kind comment! It sure meant a lot! ❤️

  30. JW

    I went this morning (7:20) and ordered the Creme Brulee latte through the drive-through. They did not give me the reuseable cup. :-/

    Were we supposed to ask?

    • MelRox

      My coworker found she had to ask and had to be a grande

  31. liz

    I got mine around 10:30 (eastern time) and I didn’t have to ask they just gave it to me 🙂 ordered caramel brûlée latte, so yummy!! My sister said she went to Target and ordered peppermint got chocolate. I guess that is technically not a holiday drink since you can order it year around but they gave her one anyway. If they don’t automatically give it you I would definitely ask! I think it’s super cute for a freebie 🙂

    • liz

      *hot chocolate lol

  32. MrsBK

    I went just before 9am this morning and my store was already out of peppermint syrup 😱 Kind of disappointing considering it’s the first day for holiday drinks. They didn’t tell me when I ordered so when I got to the window they asked if they could substitute a cafe mocha. But I did get the free cup so guess it wasn’t a complete waste. Anyone else’s locations out of flavorings already?

  33. Katrina

    THIS explains why the line for Starbucks drive thru was wrapped around the building at 11 am! Lol I got a late start and just wanted my latte 😭 I ended up going to Panera next door lol

  34. Amy

    I went to a Starbucks in Target this morning. The lady handed me a cup and I didn’t have to buy a drink. I wasn’t really in the mood for anything this morning, and didn’t really want to spend $5 on a coffee but was going to get something to get the cup, so that was nice!

  35. Tracey

    I just bought a hot chocolate and got the reusable cup. Also scored the 5 pack cold cups and 6 pack hot cups gift sets!

  36. Meghan

    I just got mine! My Starbucks said they had double the amount delivered this year to keep up with the demand!

  37. Jessica

    I just came 11/8 11:10am.. completely forgot about the cups. Used my stars for a free drink because I never come here.. and she gave me a free cup! Shocked they still had any plus that I got one even when I didn’t purchase!

  38. Judi

    We went last night at 6:00 p.m. and they still had them.

  39. johnanthonypugliese

    They were free cause they were miss prints. They were supposed to say merry coffee but the middle days merry Cory 😂

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