Bath & Body Works Hand Soaps Only $2.50 | Great Gift Idea

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Winter Candy Apple Bath and Body Works Soap

Don’t miss this hot deal over at Bath & Body Works!

Today, November 23rd only, head on over to Bath & Body Works where they are offering Hand Soaps for only $2.50 (regularly $6.50) each when you use the promo code KEEPONGIVING at checkout – limit 15. This sale is offered both in-store and online!

If you plan to shop at your local store, prices will be adjusted at checkout and no coupon code is needed.

These hand soaps always make great gifts especially when paired with cute tags, and this is is a fantastic price to stock up on your favorites!

Bath Body Works Winter Hand Soaps on display in store

Heading in-store to shop? Score this deal…

Hand Soap $6.50
Discount automatically applies during checkout
Final cost $2.50!
*Check your coupon stash as you may have received a $10 off $30 coupon in the mail that you can pair with this sale to save even more!

Bath & Body Works Hand Soaps on display

Shopping online? Here’s your deal…

Hand Soaps $6.50
Buy 15 = $97.50
Use promo code KEEPONGIVING
Shipping is $5.99
Final cost $43.49 shipped – just $2.90 each!

Bath & Body Works 3-Wick Candles Just $8.95 – December 7th ONLY!

(Thanks, Kristen & Amanda!)

  • Shipping Info

    Bath and Body Works

    Shipping is a flat rate of $5.99 for orders over $10. Otherwise shipping is $9.99.

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Comments 77

  1. Fallon O'Connor

    What’s the best bang for your buck free gift $13.50 value?!

    • lk

      I’m not sure what they cost but I plan to get one of the nice candle holders for a 3 wick as I don’t purchase a lot of the lotions, etc.

      • Fallon O'Connor

        I think I may do the same!

        • A

          My coupon for free item says body care only on the back

      • mgna

        The fee item is one body care item up to $13.50 (shower gel, moisturizing body wash, most body creams, body lotion, $12.50 perfume sprays, men’s body spray.
        The back of the coupon states body care item.

    • TiredofBeingRippedOff

      There’s a lotion in a tall tube for exactly $13.50. They may call it body cream or something. That’s what I always get.

    • Coupon Katie

      I got the nice small travel purfume spray. Looks like a rollarball-type, and I think it’s actual purfume and not the body mist like the bigger bottles. It’s nice to throw in my clutch on the go.

  2. Ger

    Can you use the 10 off 30 coupon twice?

  3. Edy

    Last year I used the free gift coupon that they send up to $16.50 for some candle holders – this year the 13.75 coupon I used them for a free body wash the big- I have 6 coupons that start next week 10/30

    • jenniferm

      How did you get 6 coupons that start next week

  4. Fei

    This is the lowest price, right?

    • Justine

      This is the lowest price I’ve seen in a few years! If you’re planning to buy soap, this is the day to do it. Don’t forget to grab the free cellophane bags and ribbons at the check out counter. Instant gift! I give these soaps to teachers, school staff, neighbors, and friends. They make handy gifts.

      • Fei

        Thanks!! Such a great ideas!

      • Katie B Morin

        Same. I went with the Winter Citrus Wreath for gift giving this year. Everyone’s getting hand soap as they have the past few years. I’m obsessed with it.

        • Jypsymama

          I LOVE the idea of giving soap! Do you give 1 or 2 per person? Do you give them something else with it or just the soap? Thanks for your help!!

  5. Tefer2

    The lowest price I ever was able to get the hand soaps down to was like $2.27 each. So this is fairly close!

  6. Emily

    I need a $10 coupon if anyone has one they won’t be using, lmk.
    Emhugs23@aol dot com

  7. Shop624

    do they take expired coupons ?

    • Mags

      Yes! 3 days is the limit. Stacked the deal with a $10 off $30 email coupon. 12 soaps at $1.66 each

      • Cherie

        I have the 10 off 30 coupon and I can’t figure out which code to put in? They are not workingz

  8. Melly G

    I would love a coupon if someone has one they aren’t using!! Thank you!!

  9. Jenn

    Since you have to use a promo code to get the soaps at $2.50 I don’t believe you can stack the $10 off $30 or free gift coupon on top of it ….IF you’re buying online. The coupons on the back say “may not be combined online with any other offers”. 😕

    • J

      Correct. Online orders only allow you to use one code (which is messed up to me since shipping alone is $5.99). I strongly recommend shopping in store if you want this soap deal. I’ve heard many say you can stack coupons in store, ask before purchasing so you won’t be surprised. I’ve noticed B&BW is trying all sorts of tricks the last week or two requiring a code for sales that normally don’t, which for those ordering online rarely makes for any deal. I’m waiting for black Friday or better yet the Semi Annual Sale. I’m learning to shop smarter, if it’s not a necessity I’m waiting for the deepest discount.

    • Jennifer Soria

      I went in store yesterday for their body spray sale, and wanted to use the $10 off $30 coupon I had, but couldnt. The girl said you cant stack 2 promo codes. First time its happened to me in store:/ maybe you gotta get the right person to ring u up…

      • Yess

        This happened to me too. I have in the past I’m hoping it was just that cashier!

      • Susie

        The body spray deal required a coupon in store. If you got the email, there was a bar code to scan in store. The hand soap deal does not require a coupon in store (there is no bar code in the email) so you could use a $10 off $30 with it.

      • riss

        This happened to me ,too. I have the mailer coupon and wanged to use them on sale items, like the $5 spray mist. I was able to use them on sale items in the past, but last time, the girl said that since it was a sale item (the $5 spray) i cannot use my mailer coupons. She said it’s only it’s only good for non-sale item 😩.

  10. Amanda

    I always get the aromatherapy lotions free since they are $13.50 and rarely ever go on sale for good prices 🙂

    • Katrina

      I do the same. The lotion bottles are so nice! They’re glass and look very pretty just sitting out.

  11. mholl

    Are you able to use a $10 off $30 and free gift with $30 purchase on this deal?

    • Staci k.



    Does this deal run at the outlets as well?

    • Staci k

      No. Outletes dont accept coupons.

      • kdhip0623

        That’s weird I have an outlet store in Southern California that takes coupons.

  13. memaw555

    I was told I couldn’t use my free coupon on the soap or candle holder, it had to be lotion or bath gel😕

    • Breanna

      I was told the same thing a few days ago! That it had to be a body care item worth exactly $13.50 so I had her test the coupon on a candle holder and sure enough it didn’t work 😕 I was very disappointed

      • Lisa

        It states it’s off a body care item on the back of the coupon.

    • Liz

      Me too! Bummed. I wanted a hand sanitizer hot dog for my daughter but they said it couldn’t be an “accessory” so I got one of the aromatherapy lotions instead.

  14. carrieann73

    I’m shopping online and they only allow one coupon code per order. You’re required to use a code to get the soaps for 2.50 so I can’t use my coupon for the free gift because it requires an online code as well. Oh well, it’s still an awesome deal!

  15. Heather

    I just got a new email this morning from bath and body works and it’s saying it can’t be used with coupons but last nights email said you could. Does anyone know?

  16. Angela

    Does anyone know if they are handing out coupons in store today for future use?

  17. Matt

    Are you allowed to use a $10 off of $30 AND a free item with purchase in the same transaction?

    • Breanna

      I always use them together but the coupons had to be attached together to use both.

    • TiredofBeingRippedOff

      They let me use them together. At my store they didn’t care if they were attached (mine weren’t.)

  18. Edy

    The coupon that I had last year that they gave in store it stated on anything value at $16 so the candle holders qualify the ones we get in mail said get a free item up to 13.75 body care so I got the body washes that are $13.50 and if you got a mail coupon that came in mail 10/30 along with a 20% you can use those plus your free item coupon – only ones that we got in email 10/30 I believe those are only good the day we get them – and if the items are 2.95 like a few days it was the items for the plug ins then we had a barcode to get those at that price – the hand soap is for anybody so we can use the 10/30 off – the only time they don’t want us to use a email 10-30 it’s when they use a barcode to get the items cheaper but paper coupons are allowed – in this case when the candles are on sale dec 7 if we have a paper coupon we can use them – and there is a day in December that they stack coupons 20% 10/30 as many as you want say buy 60 dlrs use 2 10-30 Always ask there is probably one cashier that will be willing to share tips and help out —

  19. Elisa

    What are the best scents? Thanks!

    • J

      Snowy Morning is a nice soft clean scent, not sweet. Frosted Coconut & Winterberry are good holiday scents. Read the reviews online to get an idea of various scents. I got some online going just by reviews & was very pleased, except for the Candy Apple scent, it was just too sweet smelling for me.

  20. Betty

    My $10 off $30 email expired yesterday…is there a different one? I only have the mailer that starts 11/25 and 12/2. Would love a coupon at if anyone has one! Thank you!

    • Heather

      They will honor a coupon 3 days before it starts and 3 days after it expires if it’s a mailer

      • Mamasweetpea

        Would they honor the coupon if it was an emailed coupon that expired yesterday 11/22?

        • Heather

          Not for email coupons I was told

          • A

            I just did this. I used the email 10/30 that expired Thursday. The cashier said she is doing the same thing later! I bought 12 for $20 before tax.

  21. Nikki

    Can we do separate orders of 15? Or limit 1 per address?

    • Kiki

      Hey Nikki, if you get their 5-bottle Christmas pack online, it only counts for 1 of the 15 bottle max! I ordered 26 bottles this way at $2.50 each! Still $5.99 shipping too. I needed to stock up!

  22. Erin

    If anyone has tried using the $10 off $30 coupon in store with this promotion today, I would love to hear if it worked! My parents are flying in today and I’m in a mad rush cleaning, so I’m trying to determine whether or not it’s worth running up to the store. Lol. Thanks!

    • AJ

      Yes! Worked like a charm!!

      • Erin

        Thank you!

    • Jervine87

      Worked and with the free item as well!

      • Erin

        Thank you!

  23. bmturner

    I had no problem using my expired, 10 off 30 email coupon.

    • Diane

      I was able to use my expired email coupon as well. I also was able to get an $25.00 e-giftcard from Discovercard for $20.00. You have to use your cashback earned from your Discovercard. My soaps ended up costing right at $1.50 each.

    • Erin

      Thank you!

  24. Lisa

    My store took my 10 off 30 coupon this morning on soaps.

    • Erin

      Thank you!

  25. AJ

    15 soaps and an aromatherapy lotion for…..$30.14!! Used 10 off 30 and free body care item up to 13.50! Plus got the free bags and ribbons! School secretaries/paras/nurses/librarians/etc DONE! They work so hard and it’s nice to give them a little gift of appreciation!

  26. dwackermann

    Looking for a coupon for BBW. I have $5 kohls cash to trade.

    • rhianna

      Sent you an email

  27. Arlene

    As son as I walked into the store (Northridge, California) they told me that the soaps were $2.50 and that no other coupon could be combined! 🙁 I did it 2 years ago and stocked up on hand soap for $1.66 each.

  28. Liezl

    Anyone has an email coupon for $10 off $30 they could pass on? Will appreciate it so much. My email is

  29. hm

    Does anybody happen to know if the Aromatherapy pillow spray counts as a body care item for the free with purchase coupon? Since it does say on the bottle “can be sprayed on hair & body”…

  30. redsoxgirl

    Does anyone have a cute idea of something to pair with this hand soap for a cute gift idea? I saw a washcloth, but was wondering if any creative people had another idea!

    • AJ

      You could do a cute holiday themed kitchen towel!

  31. leslyaisenbreydickens

    I purchased 12 hand soaps and a 12.50 body wash. They let me use my $10 off $30 and my free gift coupon so I got all of it for $20 plus tax. Just $1.66 each for soaps and body wash for free!!

  32. Rn

    I used the $10 off $30 q along with the FREE product q at my store in Atlanta with no issues. Got a variety of holiday and regular scents also

    • Sara

      B&BW soaps are no longer anti-bacterial.

  33. Aquaremo

    This was one of the best deals ever. 15 handsoaps for 29.15 out the door, after using the 10$ off 30. Wowwww, came to 1.8 per pc. Cant beat that.

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