Hulu 12-Month Subscription ONLY $1.99 Per Month

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Newly released shows from HULU on the TV

Stream a new movie or show with Hulu!

Through December 2nd, Hulu is offering a 12-Month Ad-Supported Subscription for just $1.99 per month!

Person holding remote and watching HULU

Note that this offer is only valid for new or returning (haven’t had a subscription for 12 months) customers and your subscription will renew at $5.99 per month after your 12-month subscription has ended, but you can cancel at any time!

Hulu Streaming Service

Curious about what Hulu Original TV shows are worth watching?

Hulu allows you to stream thousands of shows and movies including Hulu Originals, hit movies, kids shows and more! Our Team recommends The Handmaid’s Tale, 11.22.63, Castle Rock and The Good Place!

“So I secretly enjoy watching the The Handmaid’s Tale when my kiddos are in bed – sound asleep. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT watch this show with kids around. It’s creepy, disturbing, hair-raising, unpleasant, and did I mention creepy? It’s often hard to watch, but then at the same time – hard to not watch. The main character, Elisabeth Moss, is an incredible actress who shows such raw emotion and makes the show binge-worthy. There’s something to be said about a show that you talk about long after the show is over.” – Collin

Check out how you can score a free Disney+ Streaming trial!

(Thanks, Sara!)

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  1. marissabrown91

    Thanks! My .99 from last year just ended used a different email

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh perfect! You’re very welcome!

  2. Jessica

    Thanks! Realized I just got charged $6 because my .99 cent deal expired! Was gunna cancel the entire thing so this came in perfect time!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Awesome! Happy you could grab the offer! You’re most welcome!

  3. alh071

    Thanks. My .99 just ended so I cancelled mine and signed up under my wife.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Yay! You’re SO welcome! Perfect timing!

    • Neet

      Do you have to use a different credit card? Can we use a gift card as method of payment?

      • Amy

        That’s what I was also wondering. Thinking just to get a prepaid card and signing up under hubby name!!

  4. Ticketbekl37

    Do you think it would be a better deal to do this $1.99/ month offer with a Disney + subscription of $6.99/month? I signed up to do the bundle of those two , along with espn + but will never watch espn

    • Jill

      That’s definitely the best deal doing them separate….If you pay for Disney in full, that already will save money. But the combo is $12.99/ month and separate you’re going to save over $5 a month. (Considering you don’t watch espn). This is what we are going to do. Also, if you buy a discounted iTunes card (best buy has $100 card for $80 today/tomorrow) you can then get Disney+ thru iTunes and use the gift card to pay….. more savings….

      • Melanie

        Great tip Jill…thanks!

      • Cindy

        Thank you for posting this! This is probably a dumb question but how do you use an iTunes gift card to pay for Disney +? I want to do this! Ha ha! Thanks again!!!

        • Jill

          Cindy, just load your iTunes gift card in the app…..then in the iTunes Store you can find the Disney+ app and purchase through there….

      • Ticketbekl37


  5. MaaMaaBear

    Question just related to streaming vs cable… we currently have Verizon FiOS but we were debating about switching to just streaming but what do y’all do for the news and things like that just use Internet or is there somewhere on the streaming services that you can get the news? Any cooking shows as well? And football games? these are really the only things that are holding us back from canceling cable.

    • dylanfan

      Check out sling, you can put in your zip code to see what local channels there is and they have a lot of add on options for sports.

      • MaaMaaBear

        Wow!!! Thank you so much everyone! All of this info is perfect and I truly appreciate you all taking the time to answer!! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

    • DJ

      For local channels we use an indoor antenna.

    • Melanie

      Not sure if this applies for you but we had several TVs hardwired to a Directv dish on our roof. We replaced the dish with an outdoor antenna and we get 14 free channels (we’re in a semi-rural area) including the local news channels. There are how-to videos on YouTube. Hulu Live and Sling also offer some local, sports, and cooking channels.

    • Tracy

      Hulu live and youtube TV both offer live TV with your local channels included so you can watch news and sporting events with no problem in real time. I switched from Fios and saved a ton and don’t miss it at all. I started with Hulu but they raised my rates $15 in less than a year so I switched to youtube TV with 70 channels and unlimited DVR for $50 a month. It also has the Food Network and another cooking channel. I highly recommend the Amazon Cube for your streaming device if you do switch.

    • katieyianitsas

      We made the switch to YouTubeTV right before Football season and it has been amazing. You get just about all of the games. It does have love channels too. SlingTV is another option for local channels and football and has an option to include Redzone. I have found that either one of these is a cheaper but comparable switch from cable without having to deal with an antennae. Of the two though, I personally recommend YouTubeTV more. Only $50/month and we can cancel when football season is over.

      • Betsy

        Everyone here seems quite knowledgeable on cable alternatives so hopefully someone can give me advice. I have direct tv (which I constantly gave to call abt deals) and netflix – I like OWN network, college sports (esp Big 12), USA network and the like-is there a website or blog that would walk me thru getting rid of cable without spending more than I’m paying (between $60-70/mo)?
        I’d appreciate any help as I have to take care of this myself and it gets pushed to the back burner because bills and kids and work is more pressing….THANK YOU already😊

    • MrsGarfield

      I use antenna for the local channels. I have TiVo DVR and record many shows to watch later. I’ve discovered that PBS has great shows since then.

    • Sourkisses

      Youtube TV is awesome!

    • Rs

      We get Hulu plus. It includes all live sports and live local channels and news.

    • Json

      hulu + live tv

    • a

      Use an indoor antenna for local channels, or even YouTube app to watch national news channels and our local new station’s YouTube channel for free of course

  6. Jamie S

    Yeay, 1.99 is still good, was hoping for the 99 cent deal this year again. I’ve been watching for this post. However, I’m new to the Hulu train, so will be signing up this weekend.

  7. Kim

    Question: Anyone know how many TV’s can I watch Hulu on at the same time? Is it only one TV per subscription or more then one?

    • Melanie

      Hulu Basic and Live offer up to 2 simultaneous streams. Hulu Live offers unlimited streams for an extra $10/month.

  8. Ashley

    Thanks Hip2Save! Off topic does anyone know where the best deal is for Toy Story 4 and The Lion King dvds with digital? Thanks!

    • meri


  9. dutchie

    I want to do away with cable since price is ridiculous, but I am very picky with what I like to watch, anyone know if anything like Sling, Hulu etc has all of the Hallmark , lifetime and AMC, TCM channels?? Much appreciated Will have to give Hulu a try though for that price! And can I get this on my Amazon fire stick? TIA! Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Pat

      There aren’t any streaming apps with TCM, maybe one has it, but I heard that it’s limited in which movies they let you watch. TCM is the only channel I really miss since we dumped cable.

      • shinepm

        I get TCM with You Tube TV

    • Rachel Sweat

      I believe Philo would be the best for the price.

    • Baker's Wife

      AT&T TV Now has TCM

  10. Melissa Myles

    Mine isn’t working
    It shows I signed up but then says no account found

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Darn! I did find a customer service number – 1 (888) 265-6650 Hoping they may be able to help!

  11. Katrina Bubolz

    Has anyone heard if you already have Hulu and get Disney plus bundle, Disney will subtract $5.99 for your bill? I read that somewhere…

    • Michelle W

      I read the same thing on the Hulu site as long as the emails are the same. Not sure if you would get the credit with this plan.

    • Breanna

      I just signed up for Disney + using the same email as my current Hulu account. I checked my bank statement and Disney+ doesn’t charge the $12.99 but rather they charge $6.99 for Disney+ then a separate charge for Hulu of $5.99. So your still paying $12.99 🤷🏼‍♀️ 🤔

  12. Julie Fiehler

    Rats…I was in a trial period and couldn’t get this offer.

  13. Raquel

    Hi everyone. For the HULU ad-supported deal (1.99) would anyone know how many ads are played Intermittently per show? For example I was watching History Channel and just about every 10-14 min a commerical played. I counted 8 commercials! Is Hulu similar with their ads? If not would anyone have a idea of how long/many ads are played during a show/movie?

    • Lisa

      There are roughly five minutes of ads per half-hour episode and 10 minutes per hour.

    • maclunkey_fever

      Also, they show an ad/ads before a movie begins and none during the movie.

    • aflgirl

      I believe it’s 4 commercials

  14. Michelle Witt

    My daughter had a subscription. But she passed away on November 5. I saw the auto pay come out of her account but don’t know her account to be able to cancel

    • Jen

      I’m sorry for your loss

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      SO very sorry for your loss, Michelle. ❤️ Our thoughts are with you and your family. Maybe try contacting customer service to see if they can cancel it.
      1 (888) 265-6650

  15. Nancy Rhines

    I believe my subscription has canceled or is about to I purchased it last year on Black Friday… I would like to renew it… Please contact me my credit card has changed…

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi there! I did find a contact number if you wanted to give them a call – 1 (888) 265-6650. Hope this helps!

  16. Parla4

    I’m kicking myself because I meant to cancel the subscription from last year hoping my husband could sign up this weekend but got charged $5.99 last week. Part of the problem with Thanksgiving coming on a later numerical day in November for us deal shoppers. Lol! Looks like we’ll have two Hulu accounts for the next month.

    • Michelle W

      Same here 😊

  17. T

    Plus $1.00 back from Ebates.(Rakuten)

    • terricampbell

      Awesome! Wouldn’t have used it for this offer 😊 thanks!

  18. Kamone16

    Is there any way I can give a subscription as a gift at this price?

    • Tracey Lichon

      I am wondering this as well.

  19. Karlean

    Is there any deal on a no-ad subscription? I’m not seeing one.

    • Marta

      My 99 cent deal from last year just needed. Now it’s 5.99. What do I have to do to get this 1.99 deal. Do I just use a different email? Different card? Please help

      • maclunkey_fever

        I’m a current subscriber. I used my other email and PayPal and out accepted me as a new user and i got the deal.

  20. Sherri

    Thanks alot… Hip2Save&TheSideKicks… Just signed up for Hulu… Now I can see what all it offers @ $1.99 a month for an entire yr…
    Hope all had a Happy Thanksgiving

  21. Suzanne

    For those of you that have already had the $1.99 subscription deal, what does it include? Does it actually include the channels (like Sling TV or Philo) or is it just whatever is in Hulu‘s library? It is kind of confusing trying to figure it out. Thanks for any help!

    • Pat

      Not sure why you think Hulu would include Sling or Philo. Hulu is just that, Hulu.

      • red72

        I think she’s asking if it includes channels like ABC, CBS, NBC, etc, just like Sling does

      • Suzanne

        Sorry I wasn’t clear! I was just using Philo and Sling as examples of how their streaming services have channels. I mean to ask if it includes things like AMC, SYFY, NBC, etc. Thanks.

        • Carm

          Hulu live (which is $55/month I believe) has the channels similar to sling. This discounted version of Hulu is very similar to Netflix, you select the program/movie you want to watch from their library.

  22. Shannon

    I was about to put my payment information in when I noticed the lock indicating a secure site was missing. Is anyone else having this issue?

  23. Kristen

    Is anyone else having problems signing up for this? I keep putting in an email address that never had Hulu and it is asking for a password. I have requested a password reset link more than once and never receive an email.

  24. jfiehler

    I was in a free trial, and finally got this to work. I set up a new email address and used PayPal and it worked.

  25. Jan

    Well I receive local channels with this offer? What is the difference between Hulu and Hulu live?

  26. Coridg

    You get $5 cash back on Ibotta for new subscribers of basic Hulu

  27. Coridg

    You get $5 cash back for new subscribers of basic Hulu on Ibotta .

  28. Valerie Martindale

    If you go thru ibotta you get $5.00 for new subscribers.

  29. Kellie B

    I was so excited to cut the cable and signup for Hulu! BE CAREFUL…you can’t sign up using a gift card. You have to create an account using a credit card and apply the gift card after. If you create your account with the gift card, you are automatically ineligible for the promotion. You have to create a separate account with an new email and lose the value of your gift card. Hulu Customer Service had blatant disregard for customer service and satisfaction. I will not be continuing service with Hulu if they deem subpar customer service to be acceptable when I have so many streaming services to choose from!

  30. Holly

    Rebatesme is giving $10 cash back for Hulu. $5 bonus if you’re a new user to Rebatesme.

    • hip2trade

      Hi. Is there a referral code for rebatesme? Thanks! hip2trade @ gmail

  31. liz

    If you join you can also get a $5 reward for the hulu deal.

  32. Debbie

    Thank you for posting this. And for those who posted the $5 from Ibotta !! Great deal

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re so welcome, Debbie!

  33. Laurell

    Sooo excited to sign up for $1.99 Hulu. Now headed to rebates for joining! Loving my newsletter from y’all!

  34. dropofrain

    FYI I have Sprint for my cell service and they pay for my Hulu plus AAA basic annual membership. I thought it was only temporarily for 1 year but both got renewed automatically this year too.

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