Some Amazon Warehouse Employees Test Positive for Coronavirus

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Amazon shipping boxes

Employees at Amazon fulfillment centers are being affected by coronavirus.

The Washington Post has reported that workers in at least ten Amazon warehouses across the country have tested positive for the coronavirus.

Warehouse workers in two New York facilities along with employees in Jacksonville, FL, Oklahoma City, OK, Brownstown, MI, Katy, TX, Wallingford, CT, Shepherdsville, KY, Moreno Valley, CA, and Joliet, IL have tested positive for COVID-19.

Amazon warehouse employee using hand sanitizer

According to the Post, Amazon shut down the facilities for cleaning in some cases, and some workers who were in close contact with infected colleagues were quarantined.

This news comes at a time when the company is rushing to hire 100,000 new employees to keep up with the surge in online shopping.

What is Amazon doing to protect customers like yourself?

Worker cleaning Amazon Prime Van

In this blog post, Amazon outlined what steps are being taken to focus on the health and safety of its customers.

At the start and end of routes, delivery associates and partners must use disinfectant wipes to clean all frequently touched surfaces in their vehicles and other work equipment. These drivers have also been instructed to refrain from shaking hands or having any other physical contact with customers, and to maintain a minimum one-meter distance from customers at all times.

If drivers feel sick or have a fever, they must be fever-free for at least 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication before returning to work and they will receive support if they need time off.

Looking for work? These companies are hiring by the thousand!

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Comments 94

  1. queen62

    If they don’t shut the place down the virus will continue to spread.

  2. Amber

    Could we stick to the informative posts if this site needs to post about the coronavirus and not the fear-mongering ones? Of course some employees from Amazon are going to test positive. Do you know how many people Amazon employs and how many places they’re located?

    • Imsofrugal

      Do you know how many of those employees are continuing to go to work so that you can get the non essential items or essential items that you are ordering, since you probably don’t or won’t go out and purchase yourself. So this is a MUST needed post!

      • Amber

        So, like the same as every day as its been for the past decade? If you can find me a news article from any previous year announcing Amazon employees testing positive for any virus, I will reconsider my stance that’s it fear-mongering.

        • J

          Ignorance is bliss. Google it for yourself. Do your own research from accurate sources. Facts are facts. If posting something truthful instills fear in you, that’s on you.

          • Amber

            You misunderstood. It doesn’t install fear in me because I have done my research past the headlines. I also have the ability to be logical and apply critical thinking skills. I was referring to those who read articles like this and scream that the sky is falling.

            • Tilly

              For years this site has published any time there has been a recalls on dangerous items. Listeria, eColi, or manufacturing defects. Science has shown that the virus can stay on packages for much longer than originally believed (longer than he flu) There are many people who are at risk, and hip2save is trying to keep us safe as always. Fearmongering is a loaded term indicating this is only to make you frightened or afraid. Sharing information empowers the reader to make informed decisions. You have the information now, scoff if you will, but know that things have been worse in other countries and this could be the first harbinger of what could happen here. I now have 8 friends that have or have had the virus. My friends in China had all parcel and postal services shut down. Use this knowledge to act wisely, not with fear. If there are things you need shipped to you in the near future, do it now. Be logical and disinfect packages, and surfaces that have come into contact with the packages to keep you and yours safe.

              • rochellemcgee

                I’ll see your article and raise you mine that says the chance that you’ll get coronavirus from packages is minimal: H2S posts this stuff for clicks and that’s their prerogative as they are a business, after all, but if it was really about public safety, they could also have linked articles that clarified the actual risk rather than leaving you with the impression your amazon packages are now potentially a vector for disease.

                • Tilly

                  It’s a good article. I didn’t know DC has been “treating” its mail in New Jersey for almost two decades. The New York Times article deals primarily with the potential threat of paper in the mail. The Economist article quotes a New England Journal of Medicine study where they found that the COV-19 (aka SARS—CoV-2) virus is still viable on some surfaces for days. The materials tested were plastic, cardboard, copper and stainless steel. On plastic they found that the virus could be viable for up to 72 hours. The virus’s half life on plastic is approximately 6.8 hours. Cardboard did not hold viable germs for over 24 hours. The study found it plausible that the virus is transferred by touching materials that have been exposed to the virus. Meaning if your carrier sneezes on your plastic amazon package… you potentially could pick up these virus germs when you handle it hours or days later. Of course the risk of being exposed to the virus is lower from coming into contact with surfaces and can be mitigated by thoroughly washing your hands and avoiding touching your face. I’m going to follow the example of the workers mentioned in the NYT article and wash my hands after handling mail and packages. I’m also going to be extra cautious and allow plastic packages to sit for a few days before opening them. Be safe & stay healthy!

      • Em C

        Really? Which law?

      • Em C

        Really? Which law?

        • Missy

          In Illinois you will be fined for going to work sick now, cough, sneeze etc

          • Ed

            BS. I live & work in IL (essential job). Have never been told by employer I MUST go home if I sneeze or cough. Provide a link which we all know you can’t.

            • Amber

              I’m in WI. My husband has to tell any worker with the covid symptoms to go home. Essential job as well. I’m pretty sure it’s his work that’s implemented it though, not the state.

    • Nichole

      This extends beyond Amazon employees. UPS, FedEx, USPS and the list goes on. You may read that these companies are providing hand soap and sanitizer to their employees but they are not. I assure you.
      I supplied that for my husband not them.

      • Lisha

        It may depend on the location. My niece works part-time (through agency) delivering packages for Amazon. They supply her with hand sanitizers, masks and gloves.

    • Joy

      What exactly is fearmongering about this post? It simply said employees were affected, which is expected given how the virus has spread. If anything this post reminds us to be careful and vigilant. Here in NYC it has gotten so bad already. If you have it better, good for you. But please do not undermine the severity of the issue. Good for this site for posting this cause several of their deals are on Amazon and rather than just push the deals on us they also present the other side.

      • Amber

        Well, per the definition, they’re deliberately arousing fear about the issue. As I said in my previous comment, guaranteed Amazon employees have tested positive for numerous viruses for the duration hip2save has been posting Amazon deals. This is their first time posting anything like this.
        And there have been other viruses that have been much more prevalent and/or deadlier than coronavirus.

      • J


    • Rebecca

      I agree Amber!!

    • Deb

      This was informative Amber. Take it or leave it. I appreciated it.

  3. Flgrl017

    To be expected. Probably a lot more than that have it.

    • A


  4. johnniesutterfield-ahrens

    Well time to take a break from ordering. And wipe things down when they come in. I’m scared because I’m diabetic

    • Patricia Huffman

      i read the virus can live on shipping boxes for 24 hours so i am just putting them in a room i don’t use and after 3 days i’ll open it and then wipe the items with disinfectant to be safe

    • Flgrl017

      It’s still safer than going to the grocery store if you really think about it. I’ll still be ordering from Amazon and Instacart and only going to the store if it’s an absolute must.

  5. Jessica King

    Still safer than venturing out in my opinion. Wipe everything down and leave it to sit a day in garage. Throw box away and wash hands immediately

  6. Chris

    I am thankful for these people trying to do their low paying jobs to help us. And thank you for this post, we need to know these things.

  7. AshMojito

    I work at the post office & 4 people have tested positive in the facility that I’m at

    • Lexy

      Thanks for letting us know. We have been handling our mail white gloves 🧤 take out the mail and throw out the envelope ✉️ immediately throw out the gloves and then wash 🧼 my hands 🧼

  8. AV

    I really don’t see the purpose of this post. Of course they are going to have some employees test positive.

    • Jerica

      I think Hip2Save is just trying to be responsible. They post deals from Amazon so it may seem irresponsible and unethical if they continue to encourage people to buy from Amazon without addressing issues that could possibly be deem as full disclosure. Closure of warehouses could also mean delay in shipment times, which again, affects users of this site. It may seem like common sense but H2S doesn’t need to be at fault for ignoring the news.

    • candace

      The point would be to be informed and wipe things down or wait to open. It can live on cardboard or the surface of your item between 1-3 days depending. Either disinfect, open outside, wait to open, etc.

    • marie

      These comments irritate me, don’t read it and don’t waste your time commenting. If you don’t find it relevant, move on… Some people find it informative and some don’t as all posts are. Thank you hip for keeping us informed

      • Kate

        I appreciate the hypocrisy of this statement.

        • Lo

          I appreciate the laugh!🤣 thanks

    • Lexy

      Hip2Save I find this useful thanks for this post! I will be extra precaution when receiving my packages

    • J

      Information is power. The more we know about what’s going on with the virus, the more precautions we can take especially now with packages from all vendors.

  9. KR

    Well, if that makes you wipe down your package contents, the post has served its purpose.

  10. IB

    Amazon is testing their employees, which is a good thing. Your local grocery store, Target, etc has employees that have the virus too. Naive to think otherwise.

    • Lori


    • Jeremiah2911

      Seriously, employees at our local Fred Meyer have it. Sadly, larger businesses should not exempt from social distancing but seem to have a really hard time putting it into practice!

  11. J.H.509

    When my packages come in I spray them with Lysol while wearing gloves and then wipe down the items inside.

    • Selah

      That’s crazy. The overuse of disinfectant is going to cause much bigger problems. Please take the time to be diligent in washing your hands.

      • J.H.509

        Ugh I wash my hands constantly… don’t read too much into it. I’m just trying to be very careful. Stay safe

        • Selah

          Thank you for your sweet reply. You stay safe as well.

    • Lori

      You’re lucky to have lysol. No lysol, sanitizer…nothing like that available here.

      • J.H.509

        Yes. Very blessed to have those items. Please stay safe.

      • Maggie

        @Lori, you can make disinfectant spray in an empty spray bottle by mixing bleach and water (1 part bleach to 10 parts water) — let stand for 10 min, then wipe. We’re spraying all items outside before they come into the house too.

        People who aren’t taking this very seriously probably don t live in a hotspot or have a health condition to worry about that would make this potentially deadly. An acquaintance just got out of the hospital with it – she was a healthy 40-somethng and it almost killed her.

    • Jennifer

      Same here and I also quarentine everything that isn’t perishable in my garage for 3+ days.

  12. Brenna

    Dang. I’m expecting a couple ((essential)) packages from them. And I don’t have any santitzer or wipes.

    • Kathy

      If you do not have disinfectant wipes. Wash your hands after handlings. You can wash bottles that come in as well. I got a soap bottle and just washed the outside of it with soap. Or if you can wait let the box sit for a couple of days. We are having the mail sit for a couple of days as well.

    • LisaK

      Yes as others said let the package sit is the best bet. And wash hands after you unpack and discard the box. You should be careful with items from the grocery store as well. Also you can make your own disinfecting spray … use a small amount of bleach with water in a spray bottle. CDC says 1/3 cup per gallon of water. The bleach should sit on the surface for 1 min before wiping. If you don’t have wipes or paper towels (like us) then cut up a towel or use wash clothes … I’ve been tossing the clothes into a bucket and then wash with bleach and hot water. And wash your hands after touching stuff.

    • queen62

      Dilute bleach and water with gloves on of course.

  13. Missy

    I appreciate all post from hip. Even if it doesn’t pertain to me so thank you hip team. If you don’t like the post just scroll past it. Don’t insult the team.

    • Amber

      Asking a site you love and have supported for years not to participate in fear-mongering is not the same as being insulting. Not even close.

      • A

        I don’t see this as fear mongering. I see this as being informative. No opinions were in the post.

        • Amber

          It depends on the context and the way the information is presented. Giving this information now and never in the past is what makes it fear-mongering.

          • Marie

            Amber, from your first response to this one has been roughly 4 hours of your life trying to stir something up. Please stay safe and move on.

            • Amber

              I’m sorry you don’t appreciate open dialogue and view any opinion differing from own as trying to ‘stir something up’. That must be difficult. You stay safe as well.

            • rochellemcgee

              Rude, Marie. She can post all she wants. Nice to see a voice of reason among all the panic.

      • hip2trade

        It was also on my national news channel yesterday. This site is just reiterating the facts/ information to help us along the way through this crisis. Personally I’m glad Hip2save stays informed and passes along the information.

        • Amber

          I think I’m being misunderstood or not explaining myself thoroughly. You don’t have to lie to fear-monger. It’s the way facts are presented and how often you’re exposed to the misinterpretation that creates the fear. An example using my state (WI). Our governor put the state on lockdown until the end of April. Facts: population 5.8 million. Number tested positive 707 or 0.012% of the population. Number of negative tests? 11,583 or 94.3%. 94% of those tested have different viruses that cause the same symptoms as Covid yet the 5.7% (0.012% of all of WI) put the whole state on lockdown. Number of WI flu cases? 31,200.
          Number of WI h1n1 cases during that pandemic? 5147. Number of news reports on Amazon workers testing positive for those viruses? 0.

          • hip2trade

            I think it’s the unknown factor of the coronavirus. It has basically shut down the world to an extent. If doctors, healthcare professionals, and scientists are responding in such a manner of supporting social distancing and shutting everything down I feel they must know something I don’t and it’s not good. Therefore I err on the side of caution. I can’t make full judgements on the nature of the coronavirus except what is recommended by those who understand it much better than I do. I understand not creating panic mode but these are uncharted waters. The United States has surpassed every nation with coronavirus numbers according to the cdc. I want to try to be as safe as possible considering everything.

          • xoxo

            Amber, I think you are severely downplaying just how Covid 19 is much more contagious and deadlier than the regular flu. Not only that but the numbers you’re using are based off of who has been tested. Many more have not. So you can’t say “because of the 5.7% the whole state is shut down.” The reason states are shutting everything down is to try to prevent the spread because make no mistake… there are people who are carrying it with no symptoms who would be spreading it further if not told to stay at home.

          • E

            Our state also has a 5% positive test rate and the entire state is shutting down Monday. 11 deaths from regular flu last week. First 2 covid deaths this week. I get what you are saying.

  14. Mary

    I read an article that said the Coronavirus can live on cardboard up 24 hours, plastic for up to 72 hours and glass up to 96 hours. I’ve been trying to be caution when handing packages and mail. I open my packages outside, then toss the box in our trash can and wash my hands immediately. Mail I open inside but disinfect the counter area where I open it. I havent been wiping down the product though. Probably should start doing that.

  15. hip2trade

    Not a surprise really considering how many employees they already have. I have been known to open my packages outside at times. Seems like a good idea to consider doing it regularly with gloves and sanitizer.

  16. Casey

    I have One bottle of Lysol and hand sanitizer using very sparingly.

  17. moab

    That’s terrible to hear tons don’t have essentials… I don’t have much either but if someone really needs and would like a bottle of disinfectant spray I’ll happily send them one (: johan turbo 6 g mail

    • JB

      How wonderful to see such generous and kind people out there. I love to see this! It makes me happy! It helps me reach out to those around me and see what I can do too.

    • Tricia

      Moab that truly is amazing of you and that warms my heart to see! My husband is an emt who treated a coronavirus patient last Sunday and he is now showing symptoms after being quarantined with me and our son for the past 10 days and is getting tested tomorrow. This happened because the ambulances were not able to even find supplies because of all the hoarding. Not just masks but disinfectant, sanitizer etc. People have tons of products stashed away out of fear that they may never use that is affecting the lives of many health care works and their families. It sickens me that my husband with preexisting medical conditions who was out saving other could be seriously I’ll in the coming days if not worse because of selfishness. Even now we don’t have sanitizer or lysol to use at home to keep ourselves safe through this process. One person like you offering even one product to one family could truly save a life! Kudos to you! Stay safe 🙏

      • moab

        Tricia, thank you for your kind words. I’m terribly sorry to hear what you’re family is going through. I pray your husband has not caught the virus. I can’t imagine! No one has claimed my extra bottle of disinfectant. If you email me your address I’ll ship it out first thing in the morning. Please let me know. Prayers for you and your family 🙏 Stay safe.

      • Ana

        I’ll pray for your family too 🙏

        • Tricia

          Thank you Ana!

    • Amy

      This warmed my heart. Much love to you!

    • Lisha

      Thanks for your goodwill and thinking of others.

  18. MJ

    This is a good reminder to be careful around anything that comes from outside the house, thanks for posting!

  19. laura

    Thank you hip2save I didn’t even think of this. I appreciate you bringing this to my attention.

  20. Meranda

    Thank you for sharing H2S and making sure that your readers stay informed!

  21. siena95

    Not too concerned. The chance you will get this virus from a package is slim to none. Hip2save pls stick to Hip2save, and let the news serve to panic the country!

  22. ebg

    Not surprised when employees have been complaining about being unable to social distance in the warehouse, the bathrooms are too far away and they are scared of taking breaks to wash their hands for fear of losing their jobs and were not given any masks for themselves. meanwhile their billionaire boss hasnt donated a single cent to the crisis effort. ugh it’s all so frustrating and sad.

  23. Lisha

    Thanks h2s crew for bringing/sharing this info. I appreciate it! Blessings, safety, peace and good health to all within the h2s community.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re so welcome, Lisha! Thanks for the kind comment. Wishing you and your family the same. 🥰

  24. Shannon

    It is a shame that so many comments on these posts lately have been arguing. With everything going on in the world, I would hope people would be kind to each. I understand people won’t agree on everything but if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

  25. stacycovitz

    Thank you hip 2 save for helping your fans stay informed since we all are here to shop and have packages delivered! Extremely relevant! Stay healthy everyone❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re most welcome!

  26. kadysiga

    Thanks for this post! It is difficult for me to leave the house, so we get many things delivered. We have started wiping the packages, just in case. It doesn’t hurt anything. Be well!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re very welcome! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, Kadysiga!

  27. Steph

    I come here for deals, recipes, and occasional tips/tricks/reviews. I really don’t want to see coronavirus updates and news. I see enough off that on my local news and if I choose to look at it on the internet at other places. This site is not the place for any of that. Sorry, my opinion, others will differ.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks SO much for your feedback, Steph. We sure appreciate it. I’ll be certain to pass this along to the team.

  28. Deb

    Thank you for sharing. I appreciate you letting us know. People can take it or leave it, no harm in keeping updated.

  29. Maria

    Silver lining here perhaps? This thread of comments has produced a lot of pertinent and important information and ideas on how to handle the pandemic that we are facing!
    I appreciate that very much!!! 🙂



    How about treat everyone and everything as a threat and act accordingly. Im sure even before this virus many people went to work sick with other contagious ailments because they couldn’t afford the loss of pay. This isnt any different.

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