LEGOLAND Florida Reopening June 1st

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boy playing with LEGOs on ground in front of LEGOLand Florida entrance

LEGO lovers – get ready! LEGOLand Florida is reopening this summer!

Beginning June 1st, LEGOLAND Florida Resort will reopen its park, waterpark, and hotel. They will also be debuting the new LEGOLAND Pirate Island Hotel.

In order to keep guests and employees healthy and safe, LEGOLAND Florida Resort will be reducing operating hours to 10 AM – 5 PM daily and implementing an extensive plan of enhanced health and safety measures. Note that the waterpark will be open from 12 PM – 4 PM daily.

LEGOLand Florida park

Social distancing protocols will include reduced capacity, cashless payments, and requiring cars to leave one space on either side in the parking lot. Plus, certain attractions and/or areas may be temporarily suspended or closed.

Enhanced cleaning regimes will be set for high-frequency touch points such as tables and chairs, service counters, ride restraints, and door handles. In addition, there will be safety temperature checks before entry into the park. Hygiene stations and hand sanitizer dispensers will also be available throughout the park.

LEGOLAND Florida Resort is encouraging guests to wear face masks in the parks, and even offering disposable masks for pick-up upon arrival.

Head here to read more about the specific safety changes being made.

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Comments 53

  1. Dan

    Good luck trying to have fun and catching the ‘rona. But to each their own.

    • Selah

      That’s a depressing outlook on life. Most people have had it already, apparently. But to each their own.

      • Tricia

        Nobody I know has had it and I am not going to take the chance or risk my family and others to go see attractions that I can go to when this is over. Over 300 million people in the US and only 1.5 million have it. That doesn’t seem like most to me 🤔 But hey, to each there own right 🤷‍♀️

        • Selah

          1.5 million that have been tested. Testing didn’t start until late Feb/early March. According to current research, the virus has been in the States since AT LEAST December. It’s a disease. Its cyclical. It’s never going to be over. And I agree with you, 0.46% of the population isn’t ‘most’ in the least bit. But it’s enough to keep you hiding in your home. 🤷‍♀️

          • Tricia

            It is for us right now. I have a husband with 3 underlying conditions who is extremely high risk and a son with asthma. Whether it comes back or not it is still too soon to open major parks right now.

          • blb

            13.3 million people have been tested.

            • Jake

              The CDC site says 13.6 million tests have been reported – not 13.6 million people tested. My mom for example had two separate tests in the hospital; the doc said they tested twice because it’s common to get false negatives. And people who test positive are often tested repeatedly to see when they test negative afterwards. And some like white house staff are tested daily.

        • M

          It isn’t going to be over anytime soon maybe not even in your lifetime. So you can hide inside your home forever if you choose to. Let others enjoy life at a safe sanitized distance.

          • Tricia

            Lol well the problem is they aren’t. Most are not wearing masks, sanitizing or keeping their distance. I never said I was hiding in my house. I’m just sick of people not caring about others which is risking our healthcare workers and frontline workers the most. Slowing the spread is not going to happen with the selfishness of only caring about their freedom.

            • Nikki

              “…the selfishness of only caring about their freedom.” Seriously?! Please take some time to reflect this Memorial Day weekend on what freedom means.

              • Tricia

                We’re fighting a virus not a war. There is no comparison there. You can’t make me feel bad because I care about human lives. Not caring about others is selfish…plain and simple. 👋

                • Nikki

                  Tricia, I’m sorry I wasn’t trying to make you feel bad. This is a difficult time for all of us for different reasons: some of us are fearful for our elderly loved ones, some of us are anxious because we lost our jobs, some of us are worried about the psychological impact of quarantine for an unknown amount of time, etc. I don’t want to label any of the groups selfish. Wellness, grace, and peace to all of us.

                  • Tricia

                    That is true. Everyone has different circumstances right now. Mine is having my high risk husband on the frontline and the more people go out without protection of some kind it is going to affect the healthcare workers the most. I am afraid for him, afraid for my 11 yr old with asthma and just wish more people would think of thi3se who can not stay home and who are at risk. It’s the ones who refuse to wear a mask or who are right on top of you on line at the store…those are the ones I am calling selfish. If you are out wearing a mask, washing your hands and following social distancing that is a different story. ✌

        • WendyBrnn

          Exactly, that’s your right to stay at home. The rest of us have the right to try and get back to normal.

          • Tricia

            It’s amazing how people no longer care about anyone but themselves….smh

      • ebg

        Most people havent even been test yet most people have had it? hmmmm

        • Stephanie

          There have been a few studies and they are finding that 60%-80% more people have antibodies than they expected. It would be nice if this is true of the rest of the country, but we wouldn’t know unless there is a wide spread antibody test

          • Lily

            this is anecdotal, but the entire staff of our hospital unit (w/o prior COVID19 diagnosis) was tested for COVID19 antibodies and not a single one of us (out of 150+ people) tested positive. We live in a state that had one of the earliest case loads early on. A problem with some of those coronavirus antibody studies is that some used tests that were not specific for COVID19 strains of coronavirus so they significantly overestimated. If you use proper precaution, no one in your household has had covid symptoms, and you don’t live in NY / NJ, your chances of having COVID19 antibodies is pretty low, so please don’t think you and your family already have immunity!

            • Stephanie

              Definitely not assuming we have had it. Just curious if this is as contagious as it is, and our state has traced cases back to dec/January now how many more people have already been exposed before March. 🙂

      • Sam

        Most people DO NOT have it already.

    • rochellemcgee

      Here we go again 🍿

  2. Csandst1

    More people will die from the effects of quarantine than the virus.

    • Jake

      I don’t think people are dying from not going to Legoland.

      • rochellemcgee

        No one claimed that either.

    • Sam

      That is such a ridiculous statement to make.

      • lezers05

        Our county made the decision to open because our weekly suicide hotline went from an average of 11 calls a week to 51 calls a week since the quarantine started. I loved our leaders stance when he said his heart hurt for those who were affected by the virus BUT his residents were pleading for help and we needed to take action. Our county also has less than .08% of positive cases and we’ve actually been testing a ton and have a fast turn around.

        • Sam

          Yes I am well
          aware that many people are having a difficult time with this quarantine. To make a statement that more people will die from the efforts of quarantine than the virus is still absurd and untrue!

          • Sam


        • Mommy1214

          We had reservations this month at Legoland Floridia, and they refuse to refund our money even though they have been closed. They have truly horrible customer service, so buyer beware!

  3. MommySpendsLess

    I understand their need to sanitize but 4 hours/day doesn’t seem like much. We’re also going into summer and 12-4 are the peak temperature. We have annual passes from last year that will be extended a month or two due to the closure and live about 45min away. I’m not sure it will be worth the effort to go by the time we drive there, park, walk/go thru checkpoints to get in, etc.
    But I appreciate their efforts and it’s nice to see entertainment venues starting to open. Hopefully all goes well and we continue to move forward.

    • rochellemcgee

      Agreed. We are a tourist state and people need to work. I don’t understand why only 4 hours, though. Tourists going to Legoland are staying closer to WDW, and it’s a bit of haul from there. And as you said, parking and security, etc. is a hassle. Seems like they’d be concentrating attendees by having such limited hours instead of spreading it out over more time…maybe they are hoping that they keep attendance down by offering such limited hours 🤷‍♀️ I’m sure this was all in their calculations somehow.

    • Jess

      The LEGOLAND theme park is open 10-5 every day starting June 1st. It is the water park that is open 12-4. So the theme park will be open 7 hours each day. I have asked the post be updated to reflect this as this is what is on the official LEGOLAND website.

      • rochellemcgee

        That makes more sense.

      • MommySpendsLess

        Thanks! I was being lazy and just read the post without fact checking it myself. I appreciate the updated/correct information.

  4. Jo Ann Zimmerman

    So not seeing Legoland as essential in any way. But then, given their behavior throughout this pandemic, the folks in Florida seem to deserve their idiotic governor.

    • Jay

      So Florida, the third highest population state, the highest rate of elderly and retired, the highest tourist driven state by far, has a very low covid infection and mortality rate. The city I live in as an example has over 1 million and only 2800 infections, 140 deaths and most of the positive cases already have recovered. We never even had a full lockdown. But you say we’re all stupid as well as the governor because your news network says so? It’s quite simple, if you’re scared don’t go anywhere. If you want to go, go and use the proper safety protocols. I’m not going to Legoland anytime soon but it’s a choice. I don’t think it’s fair to call people idiots. What exactly have you done and what’s your genius expertise in? Governing? Infectious disease? If you don’t live here and have no desire to come to Florida, please don’t. Have a great Memorial weekend and try to be a more positive person.

    • auntiegravity

      Feel free to never come back to our beautiful state of Florida! Won’t miss ya. 😉

    • Amyr

      Wow. Florida has about 0.2% (not even 1/2%) of the population who tested positive and about 0.01% deaths. I think our governor is doing a pretty good job! We’re enjoying the sunshine and getting our Vitamin D down here. Most of the people who work at these theme parks would like them to open!

      • Jo Ann Zimmerman

        Well, given that your chief data analyst who reports COVID-19 cases was fired for not falsifying data to make it say what the governor wanted, it’s hard to see how anyone can trust your numbers. But let’s assume thy’re correct–yesterday saw 1200 new cases in Florida, the highest number since April 23’rd. Given the 2-3 week incubation period for this virus, that’s about what we’d expect to happen when a state decides to just declare “We’re tired of this whole mitigation thing so let’s open everything up again.”

        • rochellemcgee

          And to my knowledge, not one person has publicly backed up the claims of the indicted computer programmer/journalist (not “chief analyst” or epidemiologist or any sort of health official), but she sure has made the rounds in the media the past couple days. Seriously, stop being a ghoul and hoping for the worst.

            • rochellemcgee

              You should read the article you posted more closely. It’s not nearly as cut an dry as you present and being the point person is not a “top official.” Regardless, I think you should spend more time worrying about your own community, which I’m sure you could more easily and positively affect, than trying to offend 21 million Floridians on the internet by wishing them sick or dead to punish them for their political choices. Opening Legoland is about putting people back to work, you know, so they can eat and have a roof over their heads, but you knew that already.

    • Tia in FL

      Well Governor Desantis is taking a lot of credit for the low cases in Florida. However, in South Florida our mayors started canceling events and closing things weeks before the official shelter in place order. I don’t give him nearly as much credit as he is taking in the media. We listened early and followed directions which is why our cases are so low.

    • rochellemcgee

      What a…statement. Love my state and love the people here. We’ve had 11 deaths in a my county with 600 THOUSAND people but we’ve got tens of thousands of people out of work and don’t know how they will pay their rent or feed their kids. You need to do some serious soul searching, lady (and read the news). I’m rooting for states opening up to succeed, not to fail so I can be proven right. And for that, I sleep well at night.

    • WendyBrnn

      Our governor is doing a fantastic job! I’m glad he’s opening things back up. We are finally moving in the right direction.

    • MommySpendsLess

      If you don’t live in Florida, why do you seem so angry about what we’re doing down here?
      Have your parents retired here and you’re worried about their health or something?
      If you’re concerned about opening here causing a surge in numbers that spreads to your neighborhood and puts you more at risk, maybe you should focus on convincing people in your community not to travel out of state rather than calling the governor of Florida idiotic and implying that those who live here are idiotic by association.
      I wish you and yours good physical and mental health 🙂

  5. Tia in FL

    Unfortunately, there was a story last night that said this wasn’t approved just yet. They still need the final word from the Governor’s office.

  6. Jess

    Please look at the website closer. The theme park is open 10-5 every day. It is the water park that is open 12-4. So it makes sense that if they are reducing hours for the water park, they make sure they are open during the hottest part of the day. Please update your post so the information is an accurate reflection of what is posted on the official LEGOGLAND website! Thank you!

    • Cassandra (Hip Sidekick)

      Thank you for bringing that to our attention. The post has been updated.

  7. E

    Thanks for updating us!! We had a legoland vacation booked for the end of March and we cancelled it. We have been waiting to see when it opens. Have they offered any clarification of how they will be “encouraging” guests to wear masks? 2/3 of my kids won’t wear them— age and sensory issues. I’m extremely concerned that we will increasingly not be allowed in places without masks, giving no exceptions for young children or other issues that make it difficult to wear a mask. Also, how are they expecting people to wear masks at a waterpark? That’s not remotely logical.

  8. Mommy1214

    We had reservations this month at Legoland Floridia, and they refuse to refund our money even though they have been closed. They have truly horrible customer service, so buyer beware!

    • E

      It took me a week of email tag to get through to the right email and another week or two to get refunded. Annoying, but be persistent and just ask for a refund politely, over and over. I got 2 wrong email addresses before I got to the right person who could help.

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