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Many Businesses Adding COVID-19 Surcharges To Receipts

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wallet full of receipts with womans hand holding one of them

Keep an eye on your receipts!

Due to the impact that COVID-19 has taken on businesses nationwide, many have opted to implement special surcharges to offset the financial impact.

These fees are designed to help non-essential businesses like restaurants and hair salons recover from forced closures and to offset the cost of additional supplies needed to comply with state guidelines.

Quite often, these surcharges are optional, but they may help ensure the business is able to survive after taking such a heavy hit from this pandemic.

Woman and child with Walmart package outside FedEx Office

These surcharges appear on itemized receipts under various descriptions such as ‘Covid-19 Surcharge’. As long as they are disclosed on the receipt, they are totally legal. However, these charges are optional in most locations, and you can request to have them removed.

These surcharges don’t just apply to small businesses either. Larger companies like Fedex and UPS have implemented them for high-volume customers as well in order to cover the added expenses, such as hiring and training new employees, during the increased usage of their services.

Have you seen these charges on your receipts? Let us know what you think in the comments. 

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Comments 121

  1. Sarah Jay

    NO WAY!!! I get the financial crisis…but we ARE ALLLLL in it. That just doesn’t seem ethical, at least give us the option upfront before purchasing for us to CHOOSE to give a donation. Smh. Big businesses like The UPS I feel like don’t qualify to be doing this!

  2. Figmaup

    I just got a $15 covid surcharge on my dental cleaning and insurance doesn’t cover it. The worst part was the cleaning was not nearly as good as normal due to the new regulations and safety precautions.

    • CBethS

      I don’t really understand this for dentist. Seems like they should have been taking all these precautions before. And if insurance isn’t covering the charges for cleanings it’s questionable.

      • CBethS

        That said— I don’t understand it. But I have seen it in my area. But NOT from my own dentist.

      • Brooke

        As someone who works in dentistry, we never wore N95 masks or face shields before this. I’d love to know the name of your office that wore these before COVID, please do tell. And on that note, they are price gouging us to get this required PPE. A single N95 mask has cost us $30! Thankfully I live in an area where we have been upfront about the fee and not one person has balked at it.

        • Figmaup

          They were not wearing N95 masks though. Just the paper masks they were wearing before with a plastic face shield over it.

          • cranberryfizz

            A lot of them wear N95 masks underneath the paper masks so they can be used longer since they are in short supply, and there are many other PPE items they have to buy aside from N95s.

        • Traci

          I work in a hospital and we don’t get to charge extra for wearing appropriate PPE. This is a cost of doing business and is tax deductible. If the patient wants to pay it, go for it. But I would not expect everyone to have to cover for these supplies.

    • Lo

      Thanks for the heads up. My cleaning was cancelled back in March so I’ll make sure to ask in advance.

    • Steph

      Then you need to change dentist/hygienist. Just had my cleaning and they did everything they have always done in the past including the newer cleaning practices that have been implemented.

      • Stephanie Whipple

        Please do your homework before making assumptions about your dental hygienist and the type of cleaning that’s being done. Each state has their own regulations. Some states are allowing for ultrasonic and polishing to be completed, others are not due to the aerosols being created that could potentially carry COVID-19 in the air (and potentially into your open mouth) for 3 hours. We are doing the best that we know how to do given the limited knowledge of this virus. Some studies show your hygienist that’s doing the best he/she can to maintain your health is at a 99.7 out of 100 risk of contracting covid-19….the highest of any profession! The extra costs are because PPE, if we can find it, has sky rocketed and we are trying to wear more so that we don’t pass it on to you. Please try to appreciate what is being done. It certainly isn’t an easy time in our profession.

        • jackieleopold

          Agree with Stephanie! We own a dental practice and are being price gouged on PPE. Prices have gone up from 10 cents per gown (used for an entire day) to $10 a gown and ALL employees have to change them at each patient encounter. This is only one of the many PPE items we have to change frequently to keep our patients safe. Please understand that this is not to turn a quick buck, this is to keep our business afloat while we weather this storm and do our best to keep everyone safe.

          • Dana

            I have cleaning appointments scheduled next month. I’m glad to hear this explanation beforehand. Maybe businesses should explain the situation like you did because I will gladly pay it. The price gouging situation isn’t cool though!

          • Barbara

            If this is the new standard regulations, why wouldn’t the PPE be included in the cost of supplies that is ‘required’ for a cleaning, etc. so insurance can cover it vs. a separate line item. As long as it is continued to be separated out, insurance companies will never cover it as they will not see that the average cost of cleanings has not increased in a general area. I just don’t understand why the consumer needs to be hit with the added cost when we already pay such high premiums and I can imagine as we all start hitting our new insurance enrollment after all Covid medical costs are calculated, our premiums will go even higher.

        • Stella

          Well said. Thank you for taking care of your patients like you would want to be taken care of. My hats all health care givers in this truly troubling time.

    • Wemdy K

      I went to the dentist at the beginning of the month. Our dentist installed some sort of air cleaning system as well as purchased additional equipment and PPE. I cannot even imagine the total amount spent in an effort to keep both the patients and staff safe. I am sure it was a small fortune. I personally am okay with a dental surcharge (mine was $10). For other services, I would like to know ahead of time so I can decide if I am going to make the purchase/use the service.

    • je

      My dental office is adding a $10 fee. I’m not happy about it, but I also understand the extra PPE costs they’re incurring.

      • ter

        Our office charging $10, but then they are offering 25% discount on copay for all services. Only problem I had with added PPE charge is that office didn’t disclose it upfront. I only learned about it when I received the bill.
        I heard restaurants are adding COVID charges. I have seen them yet. Are they only for dine-in?

    • e

      My kids dentist charged $40 for each kid, and they had visits the same day.

    • Christinek937

      My sister mentioned this just the other day. Her dentist is charging $20 for taking the patients temperature. Of course Medicare does not pay that.

    • Rena

      Agree I went this week to get my teeth cleaned and the cleaning was not up to par .

  3. mommyx4

    Wow thank you now I’m going to pay closer attention to my dental receipts somehow I feel like I am paying way more than what I usually do

  4. kcmiami88

    That’s crazy because service is horrible almost anywhere you go right now. Kind of crazy to pay more for something half as good

    • Mia

      My hair dresser charges $10 per hair cut. My husband’s barber added $2. I guess this must be the norm.

    • Jw206

      Service is horrible? That seems harsh to me. I went back to my customer service job and let me tell you, we are understaffed, swamped by customers, still adjusting to wearing masks all day, having our technology crash, waiting just as long as customers to get through to store support when there’s a problem, getting yelled at by customers who refuse to wear masks, on top of being worried about contracting the virus all while making less money than we were on unemployment. We’re trying the best we can, I promise you that. And it’s not easy. I’ve broken some rules to make people happy. I want to help you, fix problems and I mean it when I tell you have a nice day. But service is horrible? That’s very disheartening to so many workers, whether is retail, restaurant, salon, medical. I never get on my soapbox here but this one touched a nerve. 🙁

      • Baker's Wife

        You are appreciated. Stay safe and well.

      • ItsMeAgain

        I was working in a large retail store before being furloughed due to the virus. My manager called me back to work last week and said that things had changed. She said that I would be working much harder than before and would be expected to do the job of several people. In addition, my employer asked me to sign a mandatory arbitration agreement.
        I was expected to return to a part-time sales job with minimalized legal protection and no pay raise only to be overwhelmed by new work expectations and responsibilities. Not worth it. I quit.
        Some customers refuse to respect the request to wear masks or practice social distancing. It is very disheartening to workers who continue to work during this pandemic.

      • stacymaxwell

        Service is horrible???!!!

        I work as a vendor in one of the biggest chain store in the country. I did not get a pay increase, nor bonuses during the pandemic/furlough time period. Myself and many other employees of the store had to work extra hard for those that didn’t want or could not work. I get rather angry when I hear I made more on unemployment than I did working. Or I will have to work harder for the same amount of pay as before. Well what about the rest of us that had to cover for you while you didn’t work? We had to deal with the panic of those shopping and not finding what they needed due to others panic buying. We had to deal with no one wearing a mask during the major crisis of it all. We had to deal with the angry rude attitudes of our fellow citizens. Who looked down on US for working!!! While they are sitting at home making the extra $600. I’m sorry but those complaining but extra work when going back to work after furlough or complaining about money after being on unemployment really gets under my skin. Be happy you have a job to go back too. Many do not! Be patient with the workers they are probably new since the others quit. Be patient with the workers they too are in an environment where the rules have changed and continue to do so daily.
        We are all in this together!

        • ItsMeAgain

          Everyone wants to feel valued at their job. I was and am willing to work harder for a company that respects my values and concerns regardless of a pay increase. When my company chose to ignore the pandemic and the concerns of its employees at this start of this mess, I chose not to return when I was asked to come back. There are better opportunities elsewhere.
          I respect your opinion and understand your frustration. We all have things that annoy us. I get tired of hearing people complain about having to work while others collect money to stay home. I don’t have small children, but some parents are eligible to collect $600/week to stay home with their kids because the schools are closed. Should I be angry because my child is grown?
          There are so many reasons why someone might have to stay home rather than work during a pandemic. It can be frustrating when life isn’t fair, but there will come a time in your life when you will benefit from something that others will not.

          We are all here on this website because we love bargains and saving money. We are all in different situations, but we have this in common.

  5. Steph

    Ups & Fedex? Really ? They were running like crazy. Such crap!

    It took 2 months to get my unemployment. No way will I pay these charges.

    • Lori

      Yes they were running like crazy but most of the delivery drivers didnt get extra pay for all the extra deliveries. And we have family members working for both UPS & FedEx.

      • Maite Lopez

        Totally agree!

      • rochellemcgee

        But UPS and FedEx workers had a job, whereas 20+ million people did not, and even more were underemployed. Not to mention most of my deliveries had much longer ship times, so they were also mitigating the increased deliveries that way. This simply is shameless on the part of UPS and FedEx.

        • Lori

          I agree they’re lucky to be working but the people who were not are making more per week than before and more these delivery drivers make. At least around our area anyway, and they receive payments on time. That’s why most of them dont want to go back. And most of the delays are because of regulations on the semis and air transport.

        • S

          Those workers we’re making less than the ones getting unemployment though. And it’s hard for workers to be working sixteen hours a day seven days a week. Putting not only their physical and mental health on the line, but also putting their own families And bodies on the line As well.

      • kskee

        I really doubt the the delivery drivers are the ones that will be getting that extra money. I find it hard to believe that UPS and FedEx are going to give them all a raise. No the company itself is going to pocket that money, so no I can’t condone the company that was able to profit off of Covid 19 making more money now!

        • Lori

          You’re very right!

      • Steph

        Having a job doesn’t mean you get extra pay. They got their pay. Why do they deserve more ? I call greed. fed ex & ups made a mint off this.

        • Lori

          If your works hours doubled and you went from a 5 day work week to 6-7 wouldn’t you expect compensation? Especially since they supposedly pay their contractors by the package.

      • Joann

        Seriously? That is their job to deliver orders!!! Things have changed so much, work your job and bring home a decent wage!

      • ItsMeAgain

        Were drivers paid overtime for the extra deliveries? Were they asked if they wanted to work overtime, or was it mandatory?

    • Zgirldeanna

      And not only were fedex and ups busy, fuel costs are way down. I don’t see them cutting their prices because that is cheaper. Totally ridiculous

      • jami

        Good point!

    • Tricia

      Yeah that makes no sense. They have not been losing money. We aren’t responsible to pay for them working more hours. You don’t see first responders or healthcare workers getting hazzard pay or anything extra and they surely will not be charging a surcharge for working on covid patient.

      • Beth P


        • Tricia


  6. Lissa

    All businesses should be required to disclose those charges up front. I don’t like those kind of surprises! I’m glad to know to ask. Thanks

  7. Kimberann1

    I would hope they let you know about them first!

  8. Valerie0408

    Our sons dentist is charging the fee but I’m ok with it because she has taken a pay cut and so has her staff due to this and it’s hard for them to find and pay for ppe for the employees and keep it afloat. Shes not even in our network and I still pay what’s due because shes amazing at what she does.

  9. MommySpendsLess

    Hmm… I’m not sure how I feel about this. I understand that the masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, extra cleaning supplies, signs and partitions cost money. I suppose a temporary surcharge is better than permanently raising their prices. But I hate hidden fees. I think any business that chooses to do this needs to have prominent signage when you want in and at the register and some kind of prompt either verbally from the clerk or on the keypad like: “Do you accept the COVID-19 surcharge of $XX.XX?” I will probably take it into consideration when choosing to give a store my business just like any other price comparison or fee.

    • Hipgrandma

      I’ll bet the charge won’t be temporary. Once they find out it works, they’ll call it something else. Have you ever had service costs go down???

      • Beth P


  10. kerri

    Job Lot also has a 2% surcharge so they could increase employees pay.

  11. Katie

    My kids have dental cleanings coming up in August and when I called the office about an insurance question they notified me that there will be a $20 COVID fee per person added to our bill for each cleaning. As a person earlier stated this is not covered by our insurance. I do understand their position as a business and needing to cover their costs, however, it’s hard on us too as we are all trying to catch up on our bills etc. It is what it is and we all just have to do the best we can. If I can’t afford the fees than I will reschedule their appts. I really like my dentist office so I will respect their decision even if I don’t like it right now. Lol!

    • Beth P

      But why should a dentist tack on Covid fee? They normally have to have/use proper PPE and steralize their equipment. Plus, dentist make excellent money. If I find out my office is doing this, I’m leaving there.

      • ddd0319

        Hello Beth P. While I agree it’s not ok to add extra charges whiteout being upfront about it dentist offices are currently experiencing an unprecedented event along with the rest of us. Most have exhausted their emergency business funds (in excess of $50,000-100,000 for many!) and are dealing with strict new protocols and extra PPE that costs much more than before COVID-19. Dentists do tend to do well but they still have to be able to make money to pay their employees and their fees to keep afloat. Never before in the history of ever have dentist offices been forced to close like this. I’m sorry the extra fees are a problem for you, perhaps you can find a dentist who does not charge them? Most have to do so to cover their cost increases unfortunately. Dentists were unemployed too.

        • Beth P

          I guess I’ll find out when I go to my dentist, if the office really did change anything, face shields etc. Her prices are higher than most dentist in my area to begin with before Covid. If nothing has changed, I will leave the office. Rather pay the Covid charge for a dentist who’s prices weren’t so high to begin with.

      • Katie

        Please read the comments before yours for a full and understandable reason that they would need to add this to a patient’s bill.

      • ET

        My kid’s dental office donated their PPE supplies when the hospitals needed them. And with worldwide inflation, the cost of PPE’s have increased significantly as PP’s have mentioned.

        • Cassie

          Many offices were nice enough to do this or our hospitals (mine included) would have ran out way before we did. Unfortunately now trying to restock and not buy n95 masks from china (the main producer in the world) has caused the prices to skyrocket 🥺

  12. Les

    I seen smartstyle had sign posted saying osha fee of 3.99

  13. Emily

    A restaurant here added a covid surcharge on some items (mostly ones including beef) because the prices have gone up so much and they didn’t want to increase menu prices on everything to make up the difference. Their thinking was that they would just add a temporary surcharge to offset the cost increase until it goes back down and then return to regular menu prices. They posted signs everywhere explaining but people made such a stink over it and even called the news to complain so they took the charge away and raised the price on everything. I feel like there was some sound logic in what they were doing and they had their customers in mind by not wanting to permanently increase prices. And other places are having to buy masks and take less people at a time so while it stinks to pay it, I am ok with it for a time. I hope that generosity in tipping servers and hair stylists doesn’t drive up those costs and expectations even more though. I am happy to give a much larger tip than normal right now because people are suffering and we always tip 20% minimum, but I do feel like tipping culture is out control now and we are expected to pay crazy prices and tip crazy prices for almost everything. We gave the lady at Pizza Hut a 100% tip on the bill last time because I know they are struggling but tipping a lot for the pickup window is not something I generally feel like is necessary so I’m hoping those expectations don’t increase.

  14. Emily

    Our local zaxbys can’t reopen inside seating although the state opened weeks ago because they can’t get enough applicants because people are receiving the extra $600 a week on the unemployment. I feel like something has to change because that’s not a matter of people not being able to work or not being able to find a job but of people making more to stay home and it’s hurting these businesses who depend on the workers. I feel like prices on everything will continue is to go up either through price increases or surcharges until this all goes back to normal.

    • Lori


    • Kristi

      I agree totally. We have seen this same problem here also…

    • LG

      Unemployment isn’t forever. People will need jobs soon!

    • Marie

      If an employee is asked to come back to work and refuse, the employer is to report this to the unemployment office and this will stop the $600. Since that person has refused their job. The employers need to take responsibility here if they want workers back. It is not fair for someone to say they dont want the job and stay on unemployment. Wait until July when the $600 stops and everyone wants a job all of a sudden.

      • ItsMeAgain

        Depending on the state a person lives in, a worker can refuse to return to work and still collect the $600 if the reason they quit is related to Covid-19. Workers can also quit for a variety of other reasons and still be eligible to collect unemployment from the state. If a worker qualifies for state unemployment, they automatically qualify for the extra $600.
        I know gig workers and independent contractors who are able to collect the $600 by simply stating that their work was impacted by the virus. They don’t have an employer asking them to return to work. They get to decide when “the boss” says it appropriate to return to work and still collect the extra money from PUA.

    • ItsMeAgain

      They will have a flood of applicants when the extra $600 is gone, or maybe not. Many companies only offer part-time work to avoid paying for healthcare. Eligible workers get $600 regardless of how many hours they were working before the pandemic. If a person was working anything less than full-time pre-pandemic making less than $15/hour, and they now collect $600 per week, why would they want to go back to work right away? The only risk is not finding a job when the money is gone. For some that is an acceptable risk because low-wage jobs are easier to find and have a higher turnover.

  15. babymair

    I’m am a bartender in Pennsylvania. I work 2 days a week .I make 2.83 an hour ,plus tips . I could not collect the 600 $ a week ,I didnt make enough for unemployment. So for 3 months I made nothing. !! I was able to go back to work last week.The owner of my bar was thinking about adding a surcharge to take out food, to cover extra costs for the bar ,cleaners, gloves etc.Today I worked 9 hours .My boss was getting ready to leave the bar ,to see his son play baseball ,when he over heard a table of seven say they were only leaving me 1.00 each ,because I was getting all of that extra money…By the way, I am also responsible for cooking on my shift now ,because my bar lost there cooks to bigger restaurants, because they were open we were not allowed to open .My boss felt so bad ,that he call his wife,said he couldn’t make it, and stayed and cooked for me all day ..To me that was the best thing ,after my shift ,he said that he will stay 5 hours on all the shifts to help the bartenders out .. So next time you think that bartenders,or servers got to collect all that money, maybe they really didnt ..and had no income at all for 3 months .

    • Jaci1717

      Not cool…$1.00 tip really don’t go out to eat! Im sorry that happen to you and thankful ur boss helped u out.

      • Joanna

        What’s not cool is the American culture in which people here have come to accept and expect: restaurants hire the waiters, and yet it is the customers who are expected to pay them through tips! Most other countries in the world don’t operate like this, and restaurant owners there still make mint!

    • Lori

      Sounds like you have a great boss! Hopefully things will get back to normal soon.

    • Beth P

      Talk about ignorance. They really thought you were getting the extra money? I think they were just playing dumb so they could be cheap! Everyone knows a waitress or bartender lives off of tips. Sorry this happend to you.

    • Jody Paul

      I feel you , I am an aerobics instructor and no unemployment for me either

    • mary

      man that sucks – really it does – thanks for sharing – it wasnt fair that unemployment didnt help you – ever think of telling local media how tuff it is – maybe your locals will start tipping appropriately – glad your manager got your back – kitchens like that!

  16. E

    I wouldn’t care about paying an extra $20 if my husband could get in to the dentist! They said they don’t have an opening for 7 months! He had part of a root canal done in February and didn’t get the crown done because of covid! It’s so ridiculous!

    • Emily

      I was thinking they probably don’t have to worry about all these people saying they won’t go and pay the fee. There has to be a huge waitlist to get in like with hairdressers. I totally get the charge though. It’s costing them a lot more to operate. I think it’s better than a permanent increase. And in every study I’ve seen, dentists are at the highest risk with all the fluids flying out of people’s mouths in cleanings and fillings. Think about how much spray you and that bib they put on you takes during a cleaning and you know stuff is floating in the air. So I’ll pay $20 to help them protect themselves and us!

      • Beth P

        Not true, a RN working in ICU with Covid pts. has the highest rate.

        • Stephanie Whipple

          Please do a quick google search of “professions most at risk for contracting covid-19” and you will see dental hygiene is #1 scoring 99.7/100…..yes, it is the highest risk profession.

          • Beth P

            I saw this on Google too. Still disagree. Dental hygienist may OR may not be working with Covid patients. As a RN working in the ICU, I along with my colleagues are knowingly walking into that room where the patient def has Covid. That’s why we’re “double wrapped”, double masks, along with face shield, double gowns, double gloved etc. And, several of my co-workers still end up getting Covid. We go to work everyday, knowing EVERY patient has Covid we come in contact with.

    • Alicia

      Exactly,I agree with this-good luck getting in! My husband had a root canal done after being referred from our regular dentist. Then he called to schedule his temp crown with them. Our dentist said sorry we’re closed now,find someone else. We found the only place open that could see him and it has been a nightmare since March. Still no permanent crown. How is that not an emergency has been my question?? Good luck to your husband!

  17. molly

    This is tough because many families are struggling economically, and the more fees a company tacks on, the more they risk further loss of business. My child’s preschool is reopening soon, with tuition going up 30% to compensate for the smaller class sizes and the extra cleaning/supplies. I totally get that, and we’re fortunate to be able to afford it, but there are many families that are walking away. We rarely eat out, so if a restaurant tacked on additional fees for COVID, we likely wouldn’t patronize them–takeout is already a splurge. And it’s funny, my kids’ dentist just called today about their checkups and went over all the new precautions, but didn’t mention any COVID fees. We’d pay them anyway, since this is a necessity rather than a luxury, but I’m hoping we won’t be surprised at checkout, since they ample opportunity to mention it over the phone!

  18. BRi

    That’s why they gave us the stimulus money…

    • je

      Not everyone got stimulus money.

    • molly

      A stimulus of $1200 for an adult and $500 for a kid goes fast. Like I said, my son’s preschool tuition is up 30%, which is $300 extra EACH month. My income certainly has not risen. Again, all these extra fees add up and could cost companies even more business as people become more discerning about what they buy.

    • sherry

      In response to BRi. Nobody GAVE anyone stimulus money. The stimulus money was not a gift. It came from the taxes we paid. Nobody gave us this money it was our money to begin with.

    • Debby

      I agree. I live on the central coast of California and it is amazing how many people are from other states right now here “vacationing”. It’s double the amount of out of state people… i’m sure they wouldn’t be here if they didn’t have the stimulus check.

    • Stella

      The stimulus was a one time thing and most people used it to put food on the table or pay rent/utilities. It is unrealistic and cruel to think one paltry check would last families 3 months. Your response was unnecessarily harsh.

  19. catmom

    My husband is in a Union which has an excellent dental plan. He went for a cleaning 2weeks ago and was charged a $10 PPE surcharge. I called the company which has the Union contract. I was informed since the surcharge is not in the Union’s contract, the dental office can not charge the extra PPE fee. Also they informed me the PPE is a cost of doing business and not to be passed onto the Union members. They sent an email to the dentist office advising them of the terms of their contract and to refund us. Hope this helps out the H2S readers with contracted plans for your dentist.

  20. sherry

    In response to BRi, no one gave us the stimulus money. It was tax money it was the money we paid when we paid our taxes. It was not a gift from anyone.

  21. Katie

    I am finding this discussion very sad. A few years ago I was all about saving. This experience has taught me to buy less and pay more. No judgement. Peace to you all, just my thoughts.

    • Lori

      It has definitely been a learning experience.

  22. Mfin

    When medical units bill they can bill insurance companies any amount, however, the insurance company has a contracted rate they pay. Most of those contracted rates were negotiated before expens ive extras were required to keep you the patient safe in a pandemic. That is why it is a separate billed line and most insurance companies won’t pay because it is outside their negotiated pay contract with the provider. If PPE is say $30 a patient and your insurance company has contracted to pay $5 for a cleaning, the $20 left would not cover paying for the staff that is risking their life for your care. I agree they should be clearly postedit mentioned verbally but show a little compassion the people working need to be paid.

  23. Dani

    So I am a dental hygienist and I know we are charging the COVID fee for $20. But it is because our PPE is very difficult to get right now and the manufacturers are price gauging us for everything! For example, we used to order masks for $8 a box, and now for the same box of masks it is $40! It has been a headache and our profession is definitely feeling uneasy with all the different things we are told regarding using our ultrasonic, polishing etc. I had to take 4 weeks off and did not get unemployment. It has been stressful. Anyways I hope that gives insight into why these fees have been charged.

  24. tracey

    Both my husband’s and I’s dentist and kid’s dentist charged us between 15-$32 for each visit and didnt tell us nor had us sign information about these hidden fees. I actually understand the fee but please let people know beforehand.

    • Figmaup

      I agree. I will pay the fee for the PPE especially with explanations of boxes of gloves going from $8 to $40 a box as previously stated. I can afford the fee. I just think the fee needs to be posted on the dentist’s door and mentioned when they call to confirm appointments for those that can’t and think the cleaning will be covered 100% by insurance so it’s not a surprise.

  25. Tara

    As for Dentists –or anywhere requiring extra PPE—it is NOT my job to pay for price gougers–report it to the attorney general. It isn’t my job to pay the extra new requirement expenses —if an employer doesn’t like the requirements –they should take it up with their state/federal government. Money is being given out everywhere for the most stupid things—maybe they should get grants to help. I don’t care what the extra costs are–find another way to cover it besides handing the bill down to us peon people at the bottom—which is all too easy to do. To me charging a covid surcharge is price gouging. Big companies–I don’t really give a flipping crap about extra expenses or higher employee wages—their executives can absorb the costs and still live beyond luxury—they shouldn’t be allowed any help. Regular normal everyday people shouldn’t be screwed over more than we already are. That stimulus package was approx 880 pages of BS. Read where some of the money went—it will make you puke. How much of it went to paying businesses for extra expenses? How much of it is being used to pay for new requirements? Big corps would have gotten away with stealing even more money than they already do from small businesses if people had not spoke up about the chain restaurants. Out of the entire bill qualifying individuals got 1200 adult / 500 kid. Pathetic. I will not be paying any covid surcharge crap if I can help it. I definitely won’t do it without it being an issue.

    • Tara

      Oh–and just so everyone knows–I tend to overtip basically all the time……I give….I support etc….when I can, and to who I want—it shouldn’t be forced.

    • ccmama

      Tara – I agree. I am willing to pay for extra PPE at the normal price. But I highly doubt it costs $10-$20 per patient. Also, on the stimulus package – it’s crazy where the money went, also where did $500,000,000 go Mr. Mnuchin? Trump files the IG and he won’t say! Pure corruption

      • snezhinka

        It’s the election year, the politicians are trying to sweeten you up with all these $600, $1200, etc, so you’d vote for Trump again. THINK and don’t make any more mistakes.

        • Tara

          The politicians have this country right where they want us—completely divided and focused on everything else except what we should be.

    • cranberryfizz

      Newsflash, this is what ALL businesses do. They are in business to make money after all. If you don’t want to pay, DON’T GO. And it does cost more than an extra $10 per patient. When you have a dental emergency, good luck!

      • Tara

        I stand by my response—not my job to pay for people price gouging. Once applied–the fees will never go away. Wish I could implement a time surcharge–like when I show up at an appointment and I’m still sitting there half hour after waiting. My time is worth something. I have not done the research but my hunch is most of these places charging these fees aren’t going to go bankrupt over the requirements (might have to miss a vacation or 2)—and again–with the money handed out—why aren’t these businesses that have occurred expenses/requirements going after the government. And–I can almost guarantee my dentist won’t make me pay a surcharge–because I’m one of the bottom of the pile peon person —you know–the kind that doesn’t have the luxury of dental insurance and has to go to a dental clinic…….the kind of person who can’t afford to pay extra surcharges on everything.

  26. SK

    Try paying $120 PPE charge at the dentist. My husband, for some reason, did not think to ask what the PPE charge would be when they mentioned an extra fee and just said “yes!”. I can understand $30-40 to account for price gouging but an extra $120 for a dental cleaning is pretty exorbitant. I’m not sure if insurance will cover it or not but my husband already put it on the credit card. I still get mad thinking about it.

    • Marie

      No one should trust people who take financial advantage of them. Call nearby dental offices and inquire what they are surcharging for the same services. If they charge way less, then you, not your husband, can call and ask the office he went to if they made a mistake. Explain what other offices in the area charge and ask them to explain why they are charging so much more. Tell them times are tough for everyone, you are sympathetic and be nice, but….

      • SK

        I already called my periodontist, since I have a dental cleaning coming up with them, and they are charging $20 PPE fee. My kid’s orthodontist didn’t charge any PPE fee when he had his appointment last month so I didn’t think to ask my husband to check before his appt. We can’t afford to pay an additional $120 per dental appt so we have already talked about trying a new practice even though she is an excellent dentist.

  27. Luv

    I just went for my routine cleaning a couple of days ago. I wasn’t informed of any surcharge and when I left I was asked to pay as the cleaning is covered in my plan. I did fill out some papers as part of yearly patient information update. I hope I don’t get any surprise bills because that will not be funny. I’m getting about half my normal working hours due to effects of covid 19 on business and census. Every dollar has a job to do for me.🌸

  28. Flgrl017

    They aren’t as efficient due to cleaning and social distancing, and they are spending a lot of money on sanitation supplies. It’s understandable. I know that’s not what some of y’all want to hear, but it’s the truth and reality.

  29. Flgrl017

    I would also suggest that before you complain and get upset about it ask yourself if you’re willing to give up your spot to someone willing to pay the charge. We haven’t been able to see our dentist yet and my son hasn’t been able to see his orthodontist. I hope no one has complained about their surcharges because I would have gladly taken their place!

  30. Evie

    So, “we are not all in this together?”
    I never buy into hockey be as in the end, the people are expected to pick up the tab. Never mind, the people did not cause or bring the trouble here!
    Dental? In 2017 I paid $1,799 for a root canal and bridge. Today they want $4000.
    We all got robbed again, folks!

  31. Dayna

    A local burger place here tried to over charge me sneaking in an extra $2 to my bill as a covid charge. I asked at the front and the girl tried to explain it was the correct price. Really? There were no signs about these extra charges. She took it off for me, but acted extremely rude.
    Honestly the whole situation was super sketchy… I won’t be returning there.

  32. Amy

    I get certain businesses like the dentist office, but if people keep drinking the kool-aid….this is going to happen. How are states going to recover from all the loss money. If people refuse they will give us back our freedom. But there are too many sheep….just going along.

  33. Emily Jordan

    My salon had an extra $5 charge they notified me about at the END of the appointment. They said that they sent an email to customers about it so they didn’t need to tell me before the service. I never got the email…I’m not sure if it went in my junk mail but I still feel they should tell clients BEFORE the service. They did end up taking it off of my bill, but it was quite a hassle and has left a bad taste in my mouth.


    As a person who had to make due with 26 to 27 hrs on my job and I’m still behind on my bills . No I don’t agree with this

  35. lily

    UPS Surepost is actually handed off to and delivered by the post office (USPS); UPS hands MANY off to the post office. I’ll bet they don’t share the surcharge with USPS.

  36. Julie

    All of our dental cleanings and my mammogram were just straight up cancelled. So i guess on the bright side – no surcharges

  37. Sara

    My dentist charged $10. The fee was not disclosed until after the cleaning. I paid it because I didn’t have a choice. I will still go back because I like my dentist, and I have already paid for the second cleaning. I pay upfront for my dentist’s in-house policy instead of outside insurance. The 15% discount that is included in the in-house policy has saved me more money than any insurance ever could.

  38. Louie2

    We went to a locally owned restaraunt to eat the other day and they charged this surcharge. It was a whopping .10 cents. Good for them

  39. Joann

    These surcharges are going to come back to bite the business. We have all been eating from home since this Covid thing, prices have gone up for meat and poultry products. Families will not be going to restaurants because they can’t afford the prices and add Ontario surcharge! Big mistake!

  40. Gersld Jashinsky

    Walmart SmartStyle hair salon charged me $5.00 surcharge after I had my hair cut. Not upfront.
    Then when I questioned what it was for she said it was an OSHA mandatory charge.
    I left a generous tip trying to help them out. After reading this article I find out they were just pulling the hair over my eyes.
    Walmart will no longer be getting my business.

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