Cruise Lines Suspend Sailings Through September | How to Score Full Refund

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Large Cruise ship on the ocean

Don’t sail-abrate just yet, cruise lines are pushing back sail dates AGAIN!

If you were looking forward to taking a relaxing cruise in 2020, this news may take a little wind out of your sail.

Due to COVID-19, the CDC has put a “no sail” order in effect through July 24th. Although this date is right around the corner, it seems the cruise lines are unanimous in their decision not to resume cruises until at least September 15th.

However, before you get too salty, we do have some good news on the horizon. Select cruise lines are offering future travel credits and/or full refunds to help ease your frustration.

cruise ship in the water

My cruise was canceled. What happens next?

Azamara Cruises canceled through September 15th…

Travelers will be sent an email where they can automatically receive 125% of the value of your cruise – including any prepaid excursions as a future cruise credit to use by April 30th, 2022 when you rebook by December 31st, 2021.

If you would like a full refund, you can fill out this online form or call the cruise line directly, You should receive your refund in full within 45 days.

Carnival Cruises canceled through September 30th…

Travelers can receive 100% cruise credit + onboard credit, or a full refund. Just head here to start your refund process.

Celebrity Cruises canceled through September 15th…

You will be sent an email offering 125% of the value of your cruise including any prepaid excursions, as a future sail credit to use by December 31st, 2021.

If you would like to request a full refund, you will need to fill out this form by December 31st, 2021. You should receive your refund within 45 days.

Costa Cruises canceled through July 30th – likely to extend later…

If you booked through a North American office, you will automatically receive an email with 125% of the value of your cruise which was originally scheduled for June and July, for a future sail date.

Disney Cruise Line Disney Dream, Fantasy, and Wonder canceled through September 15th w/ Disney Magic canceled through October 2nd, 2020…

Travelers will receive an email from Disney stating those who have paid for their cruise in full will receive a full refund or future cruise credit and travelers who did not pay in full will receive a refund for what they did pay.

pool deck of Princess Cruise ship

Holland America Line canceled through January 1, 2021…

If your cruise was canceled due to the Coronavirus, you have to fill out the cancellation preference form by July 15, 2020, in order to get a full refund.

Otherwise, Holland America is automatically giving cruisers a credit of 125% the cost of the canceled cruise (if paid in full), and double the amount of the cruise deposit (at least $100) for bookings that were not paid in full.

MSC Cruises canceled through at least September 15th…

As of June 19th, travelers who have paid in full will automatically receive 125% of the amount paid for future cruise credit.

If you would like to request a full refund, you will need to fill out this online form and should expect your refund within 60 days.

Norwegian Cruise Line canceled temporarily- no return date set…

Travelers will receive an email offering 125% of the value of their vacation for future cruise date or you can also request a full refund within 90 days of the original form of payment made.

If your cruise was canceled before August 1st, it’s too late to receive a refund, but you will receive the credit. If your cruise date was set for after August 1st, be sure to fill out this refund form between July 6-17th.

Princess Cruises canceled through September 15th w/ California/Pacific Coast cruises canceled through October 31st…

Princess is offering cruisers an automatic 125% of future cruise credit + double the amount of cruise deposit for partial payments.

If you would rather request a full refund, fill out this online form by June 30th.

Royal Caribbean Cruises canceled through September 15th w/ cruises out of Canada and Bermuda canceled through October 31st…

Travelers will receive an email offering 125% of future cruise credit to use by April 30th, 2022.

If you would like to request a 100% refund simply call the cruise line or fill out the online form here. You should get your refund within 45 days.

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Comments 34

  1. GinB

    I canceled my cruise going out for Spring Break due to covid bc the cruise waited so late to cancel cruises. A few days later, they decided to cancel and give refunds. But, because I canceled on my own, they will only give me a credit good for one year from my cruise date. I would like a refund bc who can “Cruise with Confidence” as RC puts it anytime in the near future? Has anyone else experienced this?

    • luvlucca

      I experienced this with a cancelled airline flight.

      • Dee

        Same. They waited until like two days before the scheduled flight to cancel when I had scheduled a week prior. Now I have credits that expire in January when scientists are predicting a second wave in winter. I’m probably going to be out the money and the credits unfortunately.

    • Taylor S.

      From everything I’ve read, you are going to have ZERO success with getting it turned into a refund. It’s awful.

    • Hipgrandma

      We experience the same with American cruise lines. Got 41% of our 100% guarantee back. Have had no success getting anything more

    • Cat

      The same thing happened to us with Carnival, I canceled and then they canceled for my mid April cruise. I went to their website and it said that if I had canceled after March 14th (I believe) I could get a full refund instead of the future cruise credit. I am still waiting on my full amount to be refunded and it has been over 90 days. I have gotten some of my money back but still waiting on the last $700, they told me the other day that it is coming and to call back in a month if I still don’t have it.

  2. Emily

    It’s sad, but I am not terribly surprised. I miss cruising so much. It’s been nearly a year since I have been on a boat, but I don’t want to book another cruise until it seems safe again. I wonder what kind of changes will happen as a result of covid – I could see buffets going away and possibly more assigned dining/limits to numbers of people on certain decks.

  3. Vanessa Gonzales

    Boo, had a cruise for my boyfriend’s birthday on Sept. 12. Cancelled..hope we can find a deal on another vacation preferably this year

  4. luvlucca

    Because of the volume of cancellation requests, good luck with that suggested receipt date of 45 days after you cancel. Oceania gave me a cash refund about 60 days after it was requested. I am about 90 days out for Cunard and still waiting. When I call Cunard, the customer service rep tells me everything has been processed for the refund and I should receive it in about a week. But it never shows up.

    • Jennifer

      Threaten to go to your states attorney general and/or file a fraud complaint with your cc company. The cruise lines are making money on your money…it doesn’t take nearly as long for them to refund as they are saying it takes. Trust me…one of the big guys is a client of my husbands company…they have the tech and reports created and within a few clicks can pull all payments associated with each sailing and they can do batch refunds to the original form of payment which would get everyone on that particular sailing a refund in a matter of days. It shouldn’t take more than a few days for them to cross reference those that chose the future cruise credit instead of the refund. The only reason it’s taking so long is they need you cash to stay afloat right now.

  5. Nicole

    I believe Carnival has cancelled through September 30, 2020.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for the heads up, Nicole!

  6. Shoppingfan

    We are booked on Carnival for Christmas cruise & I’m thinking it too will be canceled. It’s so sad that all of you are having issues with getting your refunds back. I only paid the deposit back in Jan but will hold off on paying anything else. This is just so sad for all. 😢

    • pam

      i booked thru carnival sail date jan 4th and i wo der about it too. i was already nervous about being on a cruise in the winter germs b4 corona even broke out… uhh

    • rochellemcgee

      We’re booked for a Christmas cruise. It was my 40th birthday present from my husband as I’ve always wanted to sail at Christmas time. Boo. I’m worried, too.

  7. Jo Ann

    As if anyone would be crazy enough to get on a cruise ship in September. SMH.

    • Skip

      I would go tomorrow if I could.

      • Jo Ann

        Then I suppose it’s good that you cannot.

        • Amy Danos

          Just because you are fearful does not mean everyone else needs to be.

          • Jo Ann

            Actually, yes they do. That’s how mitigating community spread of a deadly virus works–everyone has to cooperate. It works very well; just look at what we’ve been able to do here in PA, and in other states with responsible leadership. Our case numbers have decreased every day for 46 straight days due to strict quarantine measures, mask requirements, etc. Compare that with Texas, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Arizona, and other states where everyone was “liberated” while infections, positivity rates, and hospitalizations were still rising (and have now reached their highest levels since the pandemic began). Cruising falls into the highest risk category of behavior. Even if people do not care about their own health, they need to consider how widely every single person on a cruise will spread infection as they go back home.

            • Sky

              NO, they do NOT have to be fearful just because you are, Jo Ann. Numbers reported thru the media are bogus. Period. Masks do nothing to slow the supposed spread. It encourages unhealthy breathing environments for even the healthiest of people. Common hygiene and common sense is utmost important… wash hands, if your ill stay home. And most importantly, live YOUR life and leave other people to do the same.

              • Amy Danos

                Exactly Sky!! Too may people want to control what others do with their life, yet they probably don’t practice what they preach. They sit home all day watching the news…all doom and gloom. Common sense is the key. If Jo Ann is scared to live, she can stay home…however, others have a right to do as they please.

              • Jo Ann

                Masks do nothing and are unhealthy? Tell that to my daughter-in-law the ER nurse who wears a mask 12 hours a day 6 days a week. Would she be healthier not wearing one? SMH You and others who deny science and data are exactly why we are having so much difficulty getting this pandemic under control here. Your “right” to not be inconvenienced by wearing a mask does not come before the rights of others to be healthy. If you choose to believe that “numbers reported through the media are bogus” there is really no way to have a discussion with you. A person who denies the existence of facts and data is by definition without reason.

              • darleen00

                Agreed with you Sky … Also, in some cases masks are spreading it more people are constantly touching their masks and then touching items. It would be no different then if they lick everything. That is basically what everyone is doing, touching their masks that has all of their germs on it and then spreading it everywhere. No one is washing their hands or using hand sanitizer after touching their germ infested mask.

              • Wonder

                i do not understand why people are so opposed to wearing a piece of fabric on the face to possibly save a life. A regular surgical mask or face covering does not protect you, it protects the people around you from the particulates that expel from your mouth and noise. It’s a common thing in other countries, but Americans are just being stubborn. This “you can’t tell me what to do” and refusing to wear a mask will prolong this into next year. Wearing a mask does not make you weak, it shows that you are making an attempt to help curb this virus. But hey, who am I right. I have only devoted myself to studying and practicing sound science and getting my medical and science advice from trusted scientists and Dr’s. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

                • Loreli

                  I just don’t understand people. It’s common sense that when you wear a mask it greatly cuts down virus particles that get into the air when you exhale. The law already prohibits you from going into a store Or restaurant when not wearing a shirt or shoes. It protects public health.
                  I think they should make people who don’t want to wear a mask sign a
                  Form stating that there will be no insurance coverage for treatment if they contract the virus. Their wages will be garnished till their medical bills are paid. Also that they are aware if the public health department can trace a case back to them they can be sued for damages. I bet when faced with losing most of their assets; they would then wear a mask.

                  • jess

                    Too much FOX News!! It’s amazing to me that people have managed to turn not being a jerk into a political issue. And this is why America can’t get the spread under control like other countries have – because too many Americans are selfish and have a me-first mindset. It’s truly sad.

    • rochellemcgee

      Jo Ann clicks into article about an activity she has no intention of participating in. Makes sense. 🤔

      • Baker's Wife

        Her right to do so.

  8. Tia in FL

    For Royal, look into “Lift & Shift”. ” We moved from Independence this Dec to Symphony next Dec w/o additional charge. The difference in cost was $2800. More excited for next year now than I was for this year.

  9. Evie

    They only cancelled because if they get the Corona virus, it will spread and no country will let them dock.
    There are cruise ships who have not docked yet!
    Humm, never had the desire.
    So many problems, stomach viruses and overboards.
    Count me out!

    • Be Kind

      We have enjoyed every cruise we have been on and have one booked for this December. That being said, it’s such a terrible situation for the workers that are still floating at sea; STILL unable to go home. I don’t believe much of the news, but I saw an interview in their conditions and it made me so sad. Those workers work their butts off around the clock and should be treated insanely well during this.

  10. saraneedscoupons

    We had a Carnival cruise scheduled for March 12. They let us reschedule to November of this year. Future cruises were banned/discontinued the following day (March 13). I’m really nervous about sailing in November and I don’t trust the cruise line to put safety first but we remain ineligible for a refund for the cruise. I’m still waiting to receive a refund for drink packages I purchased for the initial cruise that was paid for with a gift card.

  11. Becca

    We had a cruise on NCL booked for May that was canceled. They are saying our refund will take 90 days! That is ridiculous when Royal, Carnival and others are processing refunds in 45 days. We are hoping to cruise next May but I booked on Royal due to how ridiculously long NCL is taking on refunds. We have been on 2 dozen NCL cruises but I don’t know if I will cruise with them again.

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