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Reusable Face Mask 4-Pack w/ Filters Only $32 Shipped | Adjustable for a Perfect Fit

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woman wearing a black face mask on street

Score a sweet deal on face masks!

Through July 14th only, head on over to Brave New Look where you can grab a 4-pack of Protective Face Masks with filters for just $32 shipped when you use our exclusive promo code HIPMASKS at checkout! That means each mask is just $8 delivered to your door!

Note that the free shipping only applies to the 4-pack.

These face masks are made from a cotton and spandex blend making them both comfortable and breathable. They include a 5-layer filter with activated carbon to help filter small particles in the air. The masks are machine-washable and the filters should be recycled after 1 week of use. Plus, they have a metal nose bridge and adjustable earloops for the perfect protective fit!

Stock up on masks with this deal…


Protective Face Mask with filters 4-pack $47.60 (regularly $56)
Use promo code HIPMASKS
Final cost $32 shipped total – just $8 each!

The masks have nearly 300 5-star reviews! Check these out…

Adjustable ear loops are so comfortable. Plus, the adjustable nose wire makes them fit just right. Really excited to finally find a mask that is soft and fits me.

Love that it has the bendable wire for the nose and the adjustable ear straps are very comfortable for long use.

Nicely finished lining. Well made. Love the fabric. Metal nose insert is easily pliable and makes the mask shape perfect.

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Comments 73

  1. Mary

    Can we please see less of these propaganda style pushes for masks? I am sick and tired of seeing them. I get there are a lot of people that blindly follow what they are spoon fed from the media, but there are a lot of us that understand out immune systems are steong and a flimsy piece of paper or cloth is pointless. It is simply to make you feel safe. It is not going to protect you because the China virus is less deadly than the flu. The numbers do not support pandemic status. Please, everyone dig a little deeper and find the cold hard facts. I have unsuscrived from. Hip2 save emails and deleted the app. I will no longer be visiting this site daily as long as you continue to push the mask propaganda.

    • Kelly

      Amen, Mary!

      • Robin Holbrook

        What exactly is the “propaganda” being pushed? I’d really like to know!

    • Mel

      Mask propaganda?!? Are you kidding me? The CDC is recommending, along with other medical professionals, that masks be worn to protect others. Many places are seeing a HUGE surge in cases and masks are required in many places. Once again, masks are there to protect others from you (as you may have no symptoms but still be contagious).

      This is a SAVINGS website. Hip2Save is providing vital savings on these in demand items!! Think about it. If you don’t like these posts, simply skip them or leave. There ARE people who are INTERESTED in these posts! STOP TRYING TO IMPOSE YOUR BELIEFS ON OTHERS!!!

      • Hipgrandma

        Amen, Mel

        • Robin Holbrook

          I’d like to know what is being considered “propaganda?” I saw one post that someone believed the masks made people sick. If that’s the case everyone make your own. Wash the fabric first; make with space for filter; follow directions. There’s no way that mask can cause illness! Others think half the population is trying to get rid of the other half! Well, why then would WE be wearing masks? We wear masks to help STOP THE SPREAD OF THIS DEADLY VIRUS! Do we like wearing a mask? It’s 100 degrees here in South Texas. Heat index is 105! NO! I don’t like wearing it! But I wear it if I have to go anywhere where there are people!! I wear it to protect you, your children, my granddaughter, and myself…not because I like it! PLEASE! Do the same! If not for yourself, then for the children…ALL the children!

          • Maria

            Robin, I agree completely. I am a teacher and about to head back to school. Today I made several face shields for myself and others to protect EVERYONE but especially children with weakened immune systems. The face shield I made didn’t take long.. it was an old headband, some foam and plastic sheeting from my diploma lol. Hot glue gun for the win! It is seriously so comfortable and I will be wearing it to grocery stores, etc. as well.

            It’s people like Mary who are going to make it more difficult for us to get back to normal because they keep spreading germs and dangerously stupid conspiracy theories.

      • T

        Well said!

    • Laura

      Good riddance Mary! People should not have to be exposed to racists like you. Bye Karen.

    • Amy

      Your comments are very insensitive to those of us who have lost a family member to this virus. While deaths may not be what you consider a worrisome amount, they are still real people whose loss is being grieved. It is undeniably a terrible way to die, and faced with that pain, I hope you would do everything in your power to prevent the spread of infection.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi there! Some states are making wearing masks Mandatory and if you’re traveling, they are also mandatory in the airports etc. So regardless of what you believe, we are posting these since they are a requirement for so many.

    • oo

      It’s Mary that is spreading false propaganda and it is dangerous since it affects other’s health. You may have your own opinions but you can’t demand Hip2Save to stop posting because you are anti-science.

    • anthonyn345

      Bye Mary Don’t come to the hospital if all of a sudden u come down with an “imaginary” disease. Stay home and drink ur cool aid I’m tired of wearing a plastic bag while my patients die… thanks

    • Linz

      Typhoid Mary. It’s mandatory in the state that i live in…i appreciate the mask deals. Good Riddance!

    • Amanda

      Bye Mary!

    • Me

      Hi Mary, I think this controversy its doing them a favor because they will have more ratings and get more money for having a lot a people commenting in one post, next time just quietly walk away. Just saying

      • Amber

        Yes. Silence is compliance.

    • Tin

      The fact that you used the term “China virus” already speaks to how ignorant your comment is. The disease is called Covid-19 and the virus is called SARS-CoV-2 (severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2) as per deemed by the WHO…Bye Mary…maybe use this away time to properly educated youself.

      • sharon099

        Hey if she doesn’t like wearing a mask wait until she has to wear a ventilator. Bye Mary.

        • Sam

          Sigh. If you’re going to contribute to the propaganda, can you at least be consistent? Do masks protect the individuals wearing them and those who don’t contract Covid or do masks not protect individuals who wear them at it’s up to everyone else to wear them to aid the protection?

          • Maria

            The answer to your question is simple to look up and makes perfect sense scientifically. But since some people are visual learners, imagine it this way:

            If we all run around naked and someone pees on you, you get wet right away.
            If you are wearing pants, some pee will get through but not as much so you are better protected
            If the person who pees on you is also wearing pants, the pee stays with him and you stay dry.

            But seriously, Mary. If you believe this virus isn’t real, you are being ignorant and naive. I hope you take some time to look at the facts and stop blindly repeating what you hear on opinion news channels.

        • Robin Holbrook

          Too bad COVID doesn’t just attack those who “don’t believe” in it! It isn’t a religion! It’s a killer virus! Wait until someone you love gets it! And there’s no global warming, is there? Do you believe the world is fat, too? You and your children are in for a rude awakening!

    • *Angela-Miles*

      👋👋✌……and its “unsubscribed” LOL!

    • T

      Some of us have breathing issues and need the masks to protect our health. You may not agree with wearing masks but by wearing them, you are helping to protect those of us who are at a disadvantage health wise. If it were your family member, you would want the world to do whatever they could to help protect your loved ones.

      • Robin Holbrook

        ABSOLUTELY! And even if I wasn’t sure I’d do just on the off chance! It doesn’t hurt! I just don’t understand the problem!!

    • Maleeta

      Thanks Hip2save folks, in for 1. Even when it was just optional id wear a mask. Because I care about not infecting others, even dummies like Mary.

  2. Jenies

    We are required to wear masks in our state in public or we are fined. So appreciate the info since I need to purchase these

  3. TAm

    I try not to reply to much of what peoples opinions are on hip2save because alot of what other have to say has been Good Advice or Great Deals. (Most of the time). However, I Dont like when people judge those that DO like to ‘Subscribe and Wear Face Masks’. I totally get when Someone has the right to Choose Not to wear face masks. But Understand there are those who have family Members – Children,Elderly etc. At Home or who have ‘No Choice’ but to go out with Weak Immune Systems. Please Respect OUR CHOICE as youd like us to RESPECT YOURS. (I Appreciate you ‘Hip2Save’ for not giving up on those of Us who Do). Thank You

  4. ColeyFro

    If you’re not interested, don’t buy them. For those of us who are mandated to wear a mask, or feel that we want to protect our loved ones, it’s nice that Hip2Save posts deals for those who wants them.

  5. Supermom159

    Thank you H2S! I greatly appreciate everything you post! I have kids and family members that can’t get sick. For anyone that don’t like it KICK ROCKS!

  6. Itsnotsallaboutme

    Thank you for continuing to post these mask desks. I wear masks not because they are required but because I care about my health and the health of the people around me. Let’s come together as a community folks. It’s not a big ask to wear a mask to help lesson the spread.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re very welcome!

      • Sc

        Thank you for continuing to support masks and posting content on how to get the best quality masks for the best price. I appreciate that Hip2save cares about our health.
        From – a physician on the front lines.

        • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

          You’re SO welcome! 💕 Thank YOU for the work that you do!

  7. UJ

    I never make a comment but I have to say – I was looking for masks like these and this is a great deal. I have a sick child you can’t get the virus – a spouse in an essential job and a parent with a weak immune system. I REALLY appreciate this information- thanks Hip2save💜

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re most welcome! SO glad you can grab these for them, UJ!

  8. Heather

    I’m grateful for these posts, so PLEASE continue them. We just received the plans today for school next month and face masks will be required. So, even if you don’t personally believe in them, many of us do, or they’ll be required by law or mandated by schools. Thanks HIP2SAVE. You’re the best and I’m personally grateful for you.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You bet! You’re SO very welcome, Heather! Glad these posts are helpful! Thanks so much for the kind comment. We sure are grateful for YOU!

  9. 4shankogirls

    The reviews are “ok”. Where do you find the replacement inserts?

    • Tara

      They have them on the Brave New Look site just below the masks in bundles of 5, 10, 15 or 30.

  10. Amber

    Does anyone know where these are made? I see they’re shipped from PA but no mention of where they’re made. Thanks!

    • Tonya S.

      I just did a Google search and it appears these are made in China. On one site the company had a consumer rating of 1.26/5.00 (out of 405 reviews).

  11. kathym

    Thank you for posting this! ❤️we do care and wear masks!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re welcome, Kathym!

  12. Tara Larson

    They have them on the Brave New Look site, just below the masks, in bundles of 5,10,15 or 30.

  13. Gail Manning

    Choosing to wear masks is being a good citizen and a sign of intelligence. It’s such a low tech, easy way to help prevent the spread. It is hurting the economy/society and extending the pain in this country by the selfish people whining about their rights. What about everyone else’s rights to health? Just do your part and wear a mask as well as stay far from people. Sheesh. Thank you h2s for posting about mask deals. This virus is very unpredictable and even if it doesn’t kill you or a loved one could lead to months in a hospital/rehab center which can wipe someone out financially even with insurance. Along with much pain and suffering.

  14. Evie

    I like wearing a mask! Did not catch a cold, flu or any other germies!
    Not only will I never have to be bothered by the pesky gov, contract tracers, but others keep their distance too!
    We may be free to do what we want, but we are not free to pass our germs to others!
    I hope they give us the option of wearing a mask instead of taking a risky vacine!

  15. Jill

    Wow. Talk about a bunch of bullies. I guess it’s not ok with you bullies to have a different opinion and chose to not wear a mask. Isnt it my body, my choice?? Also I am not responsible for your health. In addition, there are plenty of studies to refute all that cdc nonsense. Besides those mandates are not law, our sheriff’s dept and health dept will never enforce them.
    I think it’s commendable for some to express an opinion, apperantly some people can’t entertain two thoughts in their tiny, narrow minds.

    • Kate

      Bullying and appeal to emotion is the only way to get people to do what they want. The majority of people see right through it, though. Hip2save is a business, they have to post what will make them money. I think some people held them to a higher standard originally, and are just venting.

    • Tin

      A difference of option is one thing, but to continue to call the disease by racist terms like “China virus” (as what Mary used) after it has already been giving of a proper medical name/acronym is not. It is radically insensitive.

    • Cbhoff

      Haha! It’s your body but you still have to wear pants in public and a seatbelt in your car… where is your uproar about those “infringements”? Please stay home if you aren’t willing to care about others. 🙄

    • Tanaz

      So no one can tell you to wear a mask, but it’s ok to tell me whether or not I can have an abortion. At that point, it’s not my body, my choice. Interesting how wearing a piece of fabric on your face takes away your rights.

  16. Lisha

    This is a savings site. Take what you can get out of it, and move on to the next score. I don’t have cats so those deals don’t apply to me personally, but I would never send feedback to the h2s crew to discontinue posting the deals. Though I don’t have cats, I still forward the deals to feline loving friends and families.

    However, in all fairness, if you do not want to even scroll past the mask deals:
    Buh, buh Mary 👋🏻👋👋👋🏼👋🏾

  17. Amanda

    Bye Mary! No one cares that you deleted the app and unsubscribed Lol

    • Kate

      You cared enough to take your time to comment.

  18. starfarm

    I am confused about what masks to buy. I have some of the simple blue ones (a box of 25) but I have a smaller face and I don’t think it covers very well. Can someone tell me if these masks might be a better fit for me? Thank you very much.

  19. Csandst1

    Look at everyone through the eyes of Christ.
    Think of everyone with the mind of Christ.
    Speak of everyone with the mouth of Christ.

  20. brindhaG

    Anyone know where these masks are made?

  21. Lisa A.

    Love the mask posts. We should wear them to protect others and ourselves, but as even Dr. Birx said, they can be a fashion statement. I think I’ve probably bought more than necessary because I’ve seen some very cute ones and it makes me feel a bit better about the situation. Even my neighbor’s kids were willing to wear masks once they got to pick out some fun ones that expressed their personality.

  22. Imsofrugal

    I have a co-worker that refused to wear a mask. Well 2 days ago she started feeling sick and today it was said that she has Covid.

    • Maria

      Wow that’s really unfortunate. I hope she was not refusing to wear face protection during the incubation stage, because she could have easily infected many others. Hoping this will change her mind, and that she and you stay well!

  23. Vicky

    I wonder if Nick Cordero would still be alive if he’d worn a mask. Sadly, he fell ill at the beginning of this, before masks were recommended. Over 90 days in ICU, leg amputation, lungs destroyed, not to mention what it’s done to his family. 41 years old with no pre-existing conditions. He died even after months of medical intervention. Look at pictures of how you look on a ventilator, alone, face down, in a diaper. If a mask offers me and others the teensiest bit of protection – IT’S SOOOOOOO WORTH IT! I don’t know why people in this country have such a hard time with mask wearing. Shows how selfish some people can be. 🙁
    Our immune systems can only do so much. Why do you think we can get cold after cold after cold, and flu after flu? I know I don’t want even one more cold in my life, and I especially don’t want Covid. Thanks Hip2Save for continuing to post any deals that may help us protect ourselves and others.

  24. Jackie

    Aren’t these a little pricey???? Is it worth the extra $$$ or is it better to get target or old navy? If anyone has had both of them could they share which one is better for the $

  25. T

    Thank you for posting the mask deals. I appreciate the different options. Some of these are deals I wouldn’t see without the Hip2save team.

  26. Ginelle

    I tried using the HIPMASKS code but I still see $4.99 for shipping

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi, Ginelle! Make sure you are adding the 4-pack to your cart to get that price. I just tried and it is still working.

      • Ginelle

        It’s not working for me. I just tried again and still have to pay shipping 🙁

        • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

          I’m not sure why. I’m all the way at the end of checkout and have free shipping. If you are using a mobile device, try switching over. I’m using a desktop and it’s working. You could also try changing your browser and make sure there are no spaces before or after the code.

          • Ginelle

            Thank you Jennifer! I tried again on my tablet and it worked this time. I was trying on my phone before so that was the problem.

            • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

              Yay! Thanks for letting me know, Ginelle!

  27. IB

    Buyer beware. I just received my order and it was not complete. Now having a hard time contacting company. Have seen that they have lots of bad reviews on the Better Business Bureau concerning the same issue of incomplete orders.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh bummer! SO sorry to hear about that, IB. Do you have an email address we could share with our contact so that they can reach out to you and look into this?

    • Marla

      Hey IB, Marla from the Brave New Look team here. I’m so sorry you’re missing part of your order! Email us at and we’ll get this sorted out right away. I’ll be looking for your email!

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