Waiting for Amazon Prime Day? Your Wait Just Got a Little Longer…

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woman holding out an amazon box with blue printed packaging tape on it

You’ll have to wait a little longer for your favorite Amazon shopping day!

Usually, in mid-July, Amazon kicks off Amazon Prime Day, a special day of deals that are offered exclusively for Prime members. But this year, Amazon has announced that they will be postponing Amazon Prime Day, tentatively to the week of October 5th. An exact date has still not been set.

Amazon has decided to push back this huge sale to help them focus on their increased demand for essential items during the Coronavirus pandemic, as well as keeping their employees safe.

amazon boxes and packages stacked on an accent chair

As millions of Americans turned to Amazon to have household goods delivered, Amazon has faced shipping delays and inventory shortages. The hope is that by pushing Prime Day back, they will be better prepared for the large number of sales expected during the sale.

But don’t fret! Pushing back Prime Day means it’ll be closer to the holiday season, giving you a head start on your holiday shopping!

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  1. CJ

    I’ve been wondering why you guys haven’t mentioned it! 🙂 Oh well, it saves me money (until Oct!) haha!

  2. trish

    What’s the point of doing it in October? Too close to black friday and the holidays.

    • Holly@25

      They want to still have prime day because s lot of people are liking forward to it, but they are already backed up in orders so it makes sense for them to push it back. Also people may buy more since it is close to the holidays

  3. MarieN

    Death blow. Prime just isn’t that exciting anymore. Went month to month, but we really aren’t buying that much right now. Bye for now Amazon.

    • M

      I find it nice enough for the show’s and movies. Plus my cat food is way cheaper.

    • Cali

      I am buying more than ever using Prime. Amazon Fresh is weekly grocery shopping for me. I no longer go to the stores, so Amazon delivers everything to my house with Prime delivery. My Amazon credit card monthly spending has tripled since the pandemic.

      I agree with the other comment that October Prime Day it is too close to Black Friday.

  4. brittanyrunda

    I’m not renewing my membership. This year has been so disappointing with regards to shipments….not showing up, showing up used, or just taking way too long to arrive 🙁

    • Marie


    • Deanna

      I agree. My last 2 orders have “been running late” then they end up saying my package may be lost…. Really??

    • rochellemcgee

      I’m still waiting for something I ordered on Jun 26 to SHIP and the delivery window was yesterday. I wish I would have just purchased elsewhere (I’m no longer allowed to cancel). I’m tired of the shipping times being all over the place with no rhyme or reason.

      • M

        I had that happen but then the package just showed up. Even though it shows it wasn’t shipped.

        • rochellemcgee

          Unfortunately, I got an update tonight that it finally shipped and now it won’t be delivered for another week. If it shows up as currently predicted, it will have been 3 weeks since I ordered 😒

    • AV

      I agree and it’s almost impossible to get a real person anymore. My orders are hardly ever on time anymore and customer service couldn’t care less. What always made amazon so worth it was customer service. I don’t know what happened.

    • Tracy

      Unfortunately prime is getting slower and slower with shipments. When and if I do get my orders the packaging is damaged, or I wait forever to receive it. I don’t watch the videos so I am questioning if it is worth having the prime account anymore

    • Marisa

      People don’t realize that once Amazon ships an item they have no control of UPS or USPS damaging or losing a package.

      • Janelle

        Amazon did have a contract with the post office to deliver within a certain window which was a lot of the value of Amazon. I would agree with others as they increase the cost of prime and fail to ship/deliver there comes a time it’s not worth it…

  5. Joyce

    Good decision Amazon

  6. Gege1804

    Okay, that makes sense. We are in the middle of a pandemic. Amazon has been very busy and the workers being out there in the forefront has been a lot for them. Imagine, adding a sale to it and all the crazy orders that those people would have to fulfill. Essential items are already scarce.

    • Holly@25

      I agree. And I think it is smart to do it in October since maybe more people will buy things for the upcoming holidays

      • LindaF

        yes I agree October is a great time to have Prime day. I dont mind if my things come shipped a little later. In fact I always check the later shipping to get a few dollars credit for digital meadia. All around savings is what I am looking for.

  7. **Lisa**

    That’s unfortunate. I love Amazon but most of my Christmas shopping will be done by then. I have such a large family to buy for that I can’t wait until
    October. 🥴

  8. jen

    I totally agree with this decision. I know many are unhappy that deliveries have been delayed but im ordering more than before in order to stay out of stores. It’s a a lot easier to shop online than it is to travel from store to store looking for things, especially lysol & wipes & sanitizer. So what if it’s a week instead of 2 days? & as for those few deliveries that never arrived? I didn’t have any trouble getting refunded.

    • Marie

      It can get free shipping through Target and they often arrive before my Amazon Prime orders. Why pay $129 a year to deal with late/missing shipments or items that arrive in used or damaged condition? And then to have to babysit shipments to ensure they arrive and spend time contacting them on shipments? What a hassle! Even before COVID I noticed a decline in their shipping procedures and was questioning whether to continue with them. They have had a few months to figure out how to respond to the demand from COVID. At this point there’s no excuse for the continuing issues. That said, I do support postponing Prime Day. That would be a fiasco.

      • jen

        To each their own. I can’t get any essential items from target to ship. & I’ve had plenty of deliveries arrive from target leaking or damaged. I can get all sanitizing supplies I need from Amazon if I watch it closely. I just ordered an astronaut balloon set for my son’s birthday next week. Can’t get that with target.

    • rochellemcgee

      I don’t know, I don’t feel like I’m being entitled to expect my packages to actually get to me when I pay them $129/yr and spend thousands. I’m seeing more things go back to shorter delivery times, but I’m waiting on something to just ship that I purchased on June 26 and was supposed be delivered yesterday. It’s frustrating as it’s something I need to work from home; I could have gone elsewhere by now (and I can’t cancel because apparently it’s “ready to ship” and the system can’t stop it). Walmart has been fab – I usually get any purchases a day or two ahead of schedule. Were it not for Prime Video, we’d quit, too.

      • jen

        Never suggested you were entitled. But essential items are out everywhere around me. It saves me time & gas money to avoid traveling. I think we need to understand that we’re still in a pandemic & things won’t be running according to a normal schedule. That said, I wouldn’t count on if it was an essential item I needed to do my job. That would be a priority to pickup the same day.

        • rochellemcgee

          To be fair, I think telling people who expect a reasonable amount of service after prepaying for it that “we need to understand that we’re in the midst of a pandemic” is basically calling them entitled without actually using the words 😂 I’m not expecting 2 day service, but just that my stuff actually arrives some day. I got the shipping notice tonight that my order will be delivered in yet another week…no sorry for the delay, no explanation. That will be three weeks since I ordered, overshooting the estimate by 9 days. I can’t cancel it; when am I permitted to be annoyed? Amazon just ain’t what it used to be and other large retailers seem to be coping, which was largely the point of my other comment. It’s nice that you can get everything you need in a same day pickup, I cannot.

          • Janelle

            Agree! We are an hour from Minneapolis and ant get shipments in time! Imagine those who live farther from a warehouse!

  9. mara138

    As a UPS driver I think they shouldn’t do it this year. We have been working almost double the hours trying to get all these packages out. Everyone is tired and worn down there isn’t enough people for the demand already let alone to have a major sale!

    • Roro82

      Wouldn’t it be good if UPS or Amazon got more workers? Right now a lot of people are out of jobs and probably wouldn’t mind taking on those extra hours.

      • ChristieG

        If only people would actually want to work. The thing is MANY are making more money than ever sitting at home til the end of the year than they would ever make going to work. UPS is hiring but its a tough job and many quit after the first few weeks due to the jobs intensity. The benefits are AMAZING but you have to stay employed for 1 year before they take effect…

    • Imsofrugal

      I totally agree with you. My friend is a postal worker and poor thing is so worn out with all of the packages. She says it’s worse than Christmas season.

  10. witoldyna

    Definitely like it. With my husband being a teacher, summers are not the easiest for me to shop 😉

  11. kiera

    October may seem good now but with the second potential wave and/or second round of shutdowns etc. they may have just as high of a demand for items being shipped then. Well hopefully the deals are good…

  12. kerri

    Oh no…was hoping to score a new laptop but its ok. Other stores just opening back up will still have deals and steals im sure. Maybe this way i can get Christmas shopping done nice and early instead of on Dec. 24th like every year.

  13. riss

    Personally, last year’s Prime day was not as exciting as previous years. I’m not feeling it this year either.

  14. Rachel

    Please lmk if u find any good prices for a kindle paperwhite. I have been patiently waiting for prime day to purchase one as a gift for a summer birthday- I am bummed it is pushed back😢.

  15. Susan W

    Yes, this is a good decision to keep their employees safe but they are not providing to their paying customers what was promised and are still keeping our membership fees. I think they should extend annual memberships by a month (or two) to make up for all the delays and lack of customer service. Amazon isn’t struggling financially so they can afford to do this. I live in Manhattan (NY not Kansas) and we really don’t have shortages since our homes are much smaller and people can’t stock up as they do in places where you have more space. We had them in the beginning but not in the last couple of months. Personally, thanks to Hip2save, I never had a problem because I always keep an adequate supply of paper goods and the like since I buy them on sale.

    • Lisha

      I live in NYC and I’m still seeing shortages, I haven’t seen the Lysol disinfectant aerosol spray since late March. Many of these pop-up hand sanitizers are antiseptic (I guess based on the alcohol volume) and not antimicrobial. I’ve seen Lysol wipes, but it’s been only once, 35ct with a limit of one. Because of my family’s needs, I require more than one canister though I am thankful it was available. My ex returned to work in midtown and he has been just as unsuccessful as we’ve been in the outer boroughs. Plmk if you’ve seen these items. It would be greatly appreciated. 🙏🏼

      • Susan W

        First, I want to say that I was referring to not having shortages of paper goods and food (such as meat) that other places are experiencing. As for the disinfectant products, I wish I could help you more but I tried using hand sanitizer in the beginning of the pandemic but switched to gloves because my hands were so dry that they cracked and were bleeding. Gloves work great for me since they act as a reminder to never touch my face which is always covered with a mask anyway. I know that people were making their own with alcohol and 100% aloe gel but you seem to want something other than alcohol based hand sanitizer. I also do not use the aerosol disinfectant. I only use disinfectant wipes and disinfectant multi-purpose cleaner spray. I do have some limited advice that I hope will help you. I found supplies in CVS and Riteaid by asking when they get their deliveries. They usually stock the shelves overnight and I would go to the store early (around 7:30am) and was successful. I assume this method would work at your local stores as well. Also, I don’t care that I get the Lysol brand and used the EPA website to check each product’s EPA reg # to determine if the product met their standard for use for the virus. This number is on the back of all disinfectant products (not hand sanitizers). Lots of products are the same but sold under different brands. I used CVS’s own brand wipes and was happy with them. I also got Fantastik disinfectant cleaner. Probably nobody thinks of them as a disinfectant so I was able to get the last 2 on the shelf way back in April. Both of these items EPA # were listed on the EPA website. https://www.epa.gov/pesticide-registration/list-n-disinfectants-use-against-sars-cov-2-covid-19?fbclid=IwAR3vjppIlKIPoGi8AkaSbwUgJURaFokzHlMdJxETUxvw66IN3RAyZl3x7Xk
        Another suggestion is to try Harmon Face Values. I live in Chelsea and we have a stand alone store which was open as an essential business since the beginning of the pandemic and now also Bed Bath and Beyond with a Harmon in the store is also open. You can actually call the standalone store and ask if they have what you are looking for. I’ve called and they are helpful. They consistently have had their own brand of wipes (Face Values) in stock which were fine but I liked the CVS wipes better. Harmons prices overall are considerably lower than CVS and Riteaid without sales so I shop there regularly and use their coupons which never expire. I’ve seen a table of hand sanitizer products in the front of more than one CVS but I don’t know what kind since I don’t buy them. Please let me know if you are getting notifications on this post. If I see the Lysol aerosol at a specific store, I can post another comment with the location. Sounds like you have a greater need for these products than I do. I live alone so not so much disinfecting except when I bring things in from the outside. If the virus is in the air of my apartment it’s because I have it (hopefully not). Hope some of this helps and that you and your family are well. Lets all keep wearing our masks since NY is doing so much better than other places even after the terrible start that we had. I think I’m going to get the record for the longest post ever. Ha, ha.

  16. Cee

    I work the customer service department. We don’t have anything to do with shipping. When Prime Day rolls around and you didn’t checkout in time for discount, sorry. We cannot give it to you or a promo.

    • Susan W

      How can customer service not have anything to do with shipping? Customer service is supposed to address whatever problems the customer has. We don’t speak to the individual departments. We speak to you. I had a delivery issue prior to the pandemic and customer service was extremely helpful. I’ve had several issues in recent months but haven’t tried to call. I just wait and so far everything has eventually shown up. If an item is sold and fulfilled by Amazon, it is definitely the responsibility of Amazon customer service. My item was sold by another company and fulfilled by Amazon and the customer service dept. still took care of my issue.

  17. Kimberly

    I have never had any problems with shipments and I love that they cover themselves and I know it’s at my door too when they take a picture of the package they delivered by the door. I love that Prime day is in October because I am not one that likes to shop at stores on black friday and it may be cancelled this year. I love that they have been so helpful to put essential workers/essential orders first! I am always able to solve any problem I may have thru the chat service in a decent amount of time. If you already know by reading that theres delays because they are taking care of certain orders first, by giving people a head up I’m surprised anyone would complain. I would look elsewhere if I needed it right away. I love, love, love my Amazon!!! And am very appreciative of all the workers thru all of this : )))

  18. Valerie Stanley

    Wow, how funny that we are in the middle of a pandemic and there’s no compassion. I understand Amazon’s position on waiting until Oct. I guess we all just get so spoiled that the minute something happens we don’t like we just jump ship. I’m sure Amazon is dealing with more than we could possibly imagine. A little compassion goes a long way. But I guess it makes people feel better to just complain and say bad things about a company that has done good things and at one time did good things for most of us. I’m going to continue my prime membership and believe that things will get better with time and the controlling of this pandemic.

    • Marie

      It goes both ways Valerie. We have been shut down here in California for almost 4 months. Through the first few months we couldn’t get essentials through Amazon Prime. Prime Pantry, Prime Now and Prime Grocery were unavailable for almost 2 months. We were more than understanding and didn’t complain. However, they have had time to hire more workers and put better systems in place at this point. This is a service we are paying for, and an expensive one at that. As someone else mentioned, at a minimum they could discount the membership or extend it as a courtesy. I’m glad you are happy with the service, but you can also be tolerant enough to understand that others may be frustrated or disappointed.

    • rochellemcgee

      It’s a business, not a charity. We prepay for a service. I’m not sure what “compassion” has to do with expecting a company to fulfill their obligations. After all, they set their own delivery windows and we either accept it by way of purchase or don’t. No one is expecting 2 day service. No one said they’re chewing out their CS reps or their delivery people. If people bail Prime because they don’t feel like they’re getting the same level of service, something tells me that Amazon will still be just fine after 4 months of record sales. I’m just not sure why they struggle to fulfill orders now when other large retailers that are also experiencing surges seem to be coping.

  19. bobear

    Prime Day hasn’t been good since the first year they had it. It’s become more like a garage sale…getting rid of junk nobody wanted in the first place.

  20. Evie

    I would never pay a monthly fee just to have something shipped overnight. Most do not need things in a day.
    So funny to watch people who thought they would get things like toilet paper and other supplies from Amazon when it was not available.
    A lot of supplies and even food are hard to get.
    The problem is bad weather and a pandemic that is creating a shortage of workers and food!
    Many are turning to small farms. You probably have them in your area!

    • MamaBug

      I got those things from Amazon after the pandemic hit, toilet paper and sanitizer. It may have taken a few days longer but i was able to order and received those orders. With Amazon, I pay for more than just shipping. If you don’t use those services, it’s not worth it to you. It is to me.

  21. mkarias1

    That is interesting that people are having issues. I wonder if the shipping problems are regional. My family and I order a lot from Amazon and we have not had any major issues. Maybe a couple of late packages but it is rare. We get ours on time.

  22. Kat

    That is great news! I am happy to hear that the pandemic will be over in October!!

    • Susan W

      Kat, where are you from? I’m from NYC and love your sarcasm.

  23. Csandst1

    View others through the eyes of Christ.
    Think of others through the mind of Christ.
    Speak of others through the mouth of Christ.

  24. Danette

    Buy local and STOP making Jeff Bezos even richer…he is worth $167 billion as of this week. Target, Walmart and local stores spend your money there. Bezos controls a monopoly don’t be blinded. Think about it..

    • Joy

      Walmart?? At last count in March, the Walton family had a net worth of $196 billion.

    • Dj

      So shop Target and local businesses on the brink of bankruptcy since covid…be creative people.

    • MamaBug

      When Walmart is your only option within 50 miles and it is packed with people refusing to wear masks, I don’t care if I make a rich man richer. I can safely shop from home.

  25. Tammy

    I made a purchase on Amazon on 7-6-2020 – it was a Prime item – It is not going to be delivered til 7-15-20!!!! Not sure why I am paying for prime 2 day delivery when it does not exist 🙁

    • Susan W

      There will be a huge class action lawsuit and the settlement will be a given number of months of free Amazon Prime for people who experienced shipping delays which will be most of us. Amazon sold us a product (Prime) and isn’t providing what they promised. They just need to hire more people. It’s all about supply and demand. Amazon prices have gone up due to increased demand. If they can’t find workers at the wages that they pay, they need to increase the wages so they can provide the services that they promised.

    • MamaBug

      I get most of my items in 2 days. A few things are taking a bit longer but also did so now and then before the pandemic. Other stores have taken weeks to ship.

  26. Bri

    I love Amazon and wish they came up with more earth friendly packaging. I’ve been using Amazon more than ever since the pandemic. Prices are usually cheaper than any other stores around me (besides Walmart, they’re usually about the same price but I refuse to walk in to Walmart) and it’s convenient. Yes, shipping is slower now because theres a pandemic and they’re prioritizing which is fine with me! I find that Amazon has great customer service, I’ve never once been let down by their customer service. I ordered a few things that either arrived damaged or just didn’t show up at all. Amazon customer service refunded me for the damaged item and refunded me for the lost item but also sent another! I just ordered all of my daughters birthday gifts and birthday supplies (quarantine birthday but we’re making it fun). Everything arrived on time! They’re slowly getting back to their quick delivery. I understand a lot of people are impatient but I’d rather wait it out then walk in to a store right now. I’m been a prime member for about 8 years 🤦🏻‍♀️. The Amazon delivery is at my house daily, not kidding, Haha! I buy him gift cards often.

    As far as there prime day, last year I wasn’t pleased with the deals. There really wasn’t anything that caught my attention. I feel like the deals on prime day have gone down hill 🤷🏻‍♀️. I’ll check it out this year and hopefully can score a few Christmas gifts. Although I’ll probably be down Christmas shopping by then!

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