Kohl’s & Best Buy to Require All Shoppers To Wear Face Masks Beginning July 20th

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best buy employee wearing face mask at store

Kohl’s and Best Buy now require masks!

Kohl’s and Best Buy are joining the list of retailers who are requiring shoppers to wear masks when shopping in-store, even in states or localities that don’t require it.

Both stores will require shoppers to wear face coverings at all of their stores nationwide starting Monday, July 20.

hand holding a Kohl's postcard

If you prefer curbside pick-up over shopping in-store, both Kohl’s and Best Buy offer contact-free options!

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Best Buy locations offer FREE contactless, curbside pickup and most orders are ready in less than an hour! When your order is ready and you arrive, just the app or the notification email to let them know you’re there and they’ll deliver right to your trunk.

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Comments 92

  1. Monique

    CNN said publix Kroger and cvs are also on that list

    • Lily


  2. SC

    So grateful that the big companies are setting this requirement. I am much more likely to patronize their business (even during pandemic) if I feel safe within their store.
    Science shows that Masks work. Please think of others. There is no truer form of patriotism right now than loving and protecting our fellow Americans 😷

    • RR

      Yep I agree it should have started earlier

      • Nicole6

        Ideally there should have been a federal directive of some sort for the whole country. Fortunately some states stepped up and made it mandatory and now the big box chain stores are the ones filling in the gaps. Who’d have thought it would have come to this via them? LOL

        • Cari

          Trump doesn’t have any leadership, so he won’t do it

          • BB

            Each state is different and has its own autonomy to decide – that is how the system is supposed to work in the US; the federal government isn’t supposed to dictate everything at the state level. But let’s go ahead and make this all about politics…

            • rochellemcgee

              If there’s anything I’ve learned from this crisis, most Americans seem to be learning for the first time that 1) they live in a republic and 2) private businesses have the right to set their own rules.

          • Evie

            Even if there is a federal mandate, states and especially local can do as they wish.

        • rochellemcgee

          Actually, I wish he would have, too. Then everyone would be falling all over themselves to fight mask mandates.

  3. J

    I won’t be shopping at either place.. or Walmart or Target. I will not give up my right to now wear a mask.

    • Pikemusky

      Agreed! This is way out of hand and the masks will not protect anyone from the virus! Another step toward socialism. So sad people are falling for it!

      • Nicole6

        Yay, socialism!! Bring it on.

        • Lily

          IKR … maybe then the richest country in the world can provide health care to its citizens….or maybe then the millionairs and billionairs can pay a bit more in taxes and get rid of this massive wealth gap…. these ppl who watch Fox news and pay attention to QAnon are the real sheep…they keep them distracted with news about Bill Gates and George Soros while they get richer…

        • Lauren

          Haha yesss! 🙌 Scary socialism—where we all take care of each other. The HORROR.

          • Marinova

            Um, that’s not exactly what has happened anytime ever when socialism has been implemented. Unless you’re being sarcastic?

          • E

            Y’all ever lived in a socialist country? Tell me after you live there for 5 years how you like it. Socialism is awful and destroys nations. My husband grew up in a country that turned socialist when he was a teen. He watched the economy get destroyed, inflation rise, taxes make it impossible for the average person to own a home or car, etc. Ever waited 5 hours at a public health clinic for a medical emergency while the doctors were on break the whole time? We enjoy our freedom in the US now, socialism needs to stay far away so it can’t destroy this nation too!

      • Heather

        There are countries that have not used masks that have completely recovered from the virus.. so that theory isn’t 100% accurate

      • Luna

        rick ~ sad people like you resort to name calling because you disagree with someone. Do you teach your kids the same thing?

    • Sue

      So you have never worked somewhere requiring a uniform because that takes away your right to wear what you want when you want. Never went to a concert where you have to bring in a clear bag or limits your purse size because that takes away your right to carry whatever bag you want. Never went to an amusement park that tells you you have to eat their food because that takes away your right to eat what you want. Stores already tell you you have to wear a shirt, some kind of bottom and shoes. They tell you that you can’t smoke or drink in their store. They tell you how to pay, how to return things and when you can shop. Its a private business and they can set whatever rules they want. And I bet you’ll still buy stuff from them online.

      • Smellyann

        I ♥ this comment, Sue!!!

        These p eople have no sense. None.

      • mrswagley


      • rebecacha

        And the same goes for wearing a seat belt or a helmet. Thing is, your freedom stops when you are trampling all over someone else’s freedom. If by refusing to wear a mask you could quietly die in the privacy of your home, I would say “go for it!” but the problem is, by refusing to protect others, “mask-less people” can be spreading the virus and then if they themselves get sick, they will take resources from someone else. I just wish they could see how ignorant and selfish taking that stand make them look.

        • Becky

          Wait. #alllivesmatter. There I said it. You preach about wearing masks for the love of others, but yet you praise someone dieing home alone?? Look up the percentage of death rates right now from Covid when spouting off “can be spreading”. The numbers are flawed that ‘mask people’ are blinded, maybe pull the mask down a bit more so you can read. FYI, CDC reports a positive test result shows you might have antibodies from an infection with the virus that causes COVID-19. HOWEVER, there is a chance a positive result means that you have antibodies from an infection with a virus from the same family of viruses (called coronavirus), such as the one that causes the common cold”. So question for all you “Mask Karens”, did you mask up during the flu season last year? The year before? How about during the 2009 H1N1 outbreak where 22 million Americans contracted the virus? No? Hypocrite. Wash your hands, distance yourselves from others, cough or sneeze in a tissue if you feel the need to do so in public and live your life.

    • rebecacha

      I wanted to read the comments to be entertained and amused by the ignorance of these people who refuse to wear a mask, defending their “right to die”. Be my guest, but you should sign an agreement that if you get COVID-19 you will not take a bed in a hospital that could be used by someone else. It’s sad how some people are so blind that they refuse to protect themselves and even worse, care about others.

      • Becca

        Yet you sit there preaching about caring for others while you wish Covid-19 upon someone so they can die? Thank YOU for entertaining and amusing us with your lack of compassion towards others. You gain strength in yourself to say what you do behind a keyboard, but you lack strength and courage to repeat that same exact sentiment to someone’s face.

        • Gina

          Not sure what you’re reading but I’m not seeing where anyone wished COVID upon anyone else.

  4. Dee

    Awesome! This should’ve happened months ago. There’s always curbside pickups for those who can’t (or won’t) wear a mask.

  5. AV

    It’s infuriating that no one is being forthcoming over the fact that people with medical issues are exempt from having to wear one at majority of these places (included the two listed here). Not reporting it honestly not only brings additional stress to those people with medical conditions but it causes conflicts because people think they have a right to “police” others without masks. It would be helpful if the media (And hip2save) were a bit more honest and transparent.

    • Silva

      Medical doctors STATE there are only two groups of people who can’t where masks. One is those with breathing problems so bad that they are on OXYGEN treatment. Asthma doctors state that wearing a mask for short periods of times does not effect majority of asthma people. Those that it may effect are already told stay home. People need go talk to a DOCTOR in that field NOT a chiropractor. My aunt was told by her doctor that she in the group of severe cases because she has had a history of needing OXYGEN treatments AND SHE WEARS A MASK. WHEN SHE HAS NO OPTION BUT TO GO OUT. FYI she is not going to Starbucks. The second group is those on autism spectrum or similar cases. My friend whose son is on the spectrum worked hard and found ways to get him to stop eating his mask. HE IS NOW WEARING IT. Which group do you fall into?

      • Heather

        Have you ever been in a domestic violence situation where you were constantly strangled and choke slammed that you have PTSD and a fear of confinement and anything around your face or neck? WHICH WAS MEDICALLY DX. Don’t ASSume you know EVERYONE’S situation. And let’s not talk about how many doctors, the WHO and CDC have gotten this all WRONG. Jesus, have compassion. The world is laughing at America right now and how stupid we have become during all of this.

        • Gina

          The world is laughing at America because a lot of you think your think your singular rights are more important than the whole of the country. You cant get it together enough to keep your positive viral numbers from exploding.

      • AV

        It’s none of your business what mine or anyone else’s medical condition is. Why do you think YOU have a right to know?? This is also the most ignorant uneducated comment.
        No matter how many words you wish to capitalize it doesn’t make it any more true. There are people who physically have a hard time breathing, autism, people with panic disorders, people with ptsd, people with asthma, cpod, etc. Some people don’t have the lung capacity to be able to force air in and out of a mask in 100° weather with near 100% humidity. And how dare you shame people with autism who can’t wear masks because your friend had success with getting her child to wear one? I know this is surprising for someone so closed minded, but people have varying degrees of medical illnesses/disabilities. You shouldn’t be comparing them to each other and then shaming them when they don’t have the same “successes”. Have some compassion for other people for crying out loud.

        Btw, your rant doesn’t change the point of my comment that people with medical medical Illnesses/disabilities do not have to wear masks. Your feelings are irrelevant.

  6. Yia M.

    For the anti-maskers, two Missouri hairstylists who were symptomatic AND LATER TESTED POSITIVE for Covid-19 styled the hair of 130+ people. Because these 130+ people AND THE STYLISTS wore masks, none of the 130+ people tested positive. This news story can be easily found on any website, including foxnews.

    This is why we wear masks. Those stylists should have stayed home, they didnt. But their mistake, thankfully, did not affect those 130+ people. Saying masks dont make a difference makes you look silly.

    • Pikemusky

      Believe what you want! When they tell you and your family to line up for a vaccine I’m sure you’ll do the same. And then when they tell you to line up to get in a boxcar you’ll follow too! 😢

      • J

        Agreed ! Sheep are lead to slough yer. Unfortunately most people these days are sheep.

      • Elsie

        What on earth has made people so ignorant. Fox News? OAN?

      • Mary

        I think the fact that you’re antivax shows us what side is the side of reasonable people. 😆 It’s cool though, you and yours can just stay away, or you know… Darwin award…

  7. bobear

    Once again…masks do absolutely nothing to prevent the virus. If you can blow out a candle through your mask, the virus (Covid and influenza) can pass right through it.

    • J

      Thanks for the knowledge! I love when I read someone who is actually rational! Stay strong. #notsosilentmajority

      • bobear

        Science not politics… Virus size: 0.1 – 0.125 microns. Min. hole size in mask = .3 microns

        • Bea

          Remember these are the people who reject science though… Can’t fix stupid.

        • Emily

          Droplet sizes vary in size, and covid is thought to be aerosolized by respiratory droplets. So while masks won’t stop a single virus particle, it will source block a lot of the respiratory droplets that potentially contain the covid virus. Masks arent a silver bullet, but they do reduce the spread. They don’t protect the wearer, but protect others from the wearer. Lots of science out there on this.

        • jen2020

          Science: masks prevent the spread of large respiratory droplets ( like when you speak, cough or sneeze). The virus can be found in these droplets. While it’s not full proof, masks certainly slow down the spread of virus.

          • bobear

            See my particle size analysis above. Both Covid/influenza particles are extremely small, therefore masks do nothing to block them. A mask will have some affect against larger particles…for example pollen, which ranges from 10-200 micron (which is why some wear a mask when mowing the lawn). But covid/influenza particles are very small and easily penetrate a cloth mask. Just talking science, not politics or emotions

            • Gina

              Reread jen2020’s statement above. Masks are definitely slowing thr spread down. Scientific proof.

    • Lauren

      But like I can’t blow out a candle through my mask…so…

  8. frank

    happy to see this! it is so selfish of people to expose workers who are working for us and who are maybe pregnant, have risk factors, or go home to those at risk. in my area, there are a few stores with shoppers who will get whatever someone wants and bring it out to them if they refuse to wear a mask.

  9. Ashley

    I appreciate that hip2save keeps us up to date on which stores require masks. It’s can be hard to keep track.

  10. queen62

    Not politics but science. Don’t wear a mask don’t shop at the stores that require you to wear one . Please just do what you want. Let out your frustration to people who believe in science. STAY HOME

    • stph095

      Same can be said of those who are scared to go out without a mask..they should be the ones staying home IMO.

      • Carrie

        You think we are scared to go out without a mask? I think most of us understand the science and we know that our mask isn’t protecting us but the mask we wear is to stop ourselves from spreading it should we have the virus but not be showing symptoms yet. So I guess we should stay at home for being considerate and not wanting to unintentionally infect others? We also shouldn’t be happy that stores are stepping up and making it so that masks are required so that we get the same protection from others? I just can’t get over how many people are so backwards thinking when it comes to this.

        • Gina


  11. brittanyparkhurstroberts

    Hip2save, you really need to delete comments that post anti-science mask rants. They are dangerous for public health. Thank you.

    • Nicole6


    • Delores

      Exactly. These rants are anti-science, and show they are willing to risk anyone in the name of personal freedom. They’re acting like children who only want to do something because they were told not to do it.

    • Facts

      Hip2save, you really need to delete comments that post anti-science PRO mask rants. They are dangerous for public health. Thank you.

    • Sue

      I think they should shut down the comments section for these posts altogether. Just put the post up so people know and thats it.

    • Heather

      Right. So you’re free to your speech, but others can’t speak their mind? It goes both ways. Everybody doesn’t have to agree with each other – but you should continue to be respectful regardless. It’s not a socialist country (yet), people can be entitled to their own views.

      • rebecacha

        Your “yet” comment made me spit my coffee! I can’t imagine living in fear of this country becoming a socialist country, you guys are funny to say the least.

    • Brit

      Freedom of speech. Or does that end when its speech that you are against?

  12. rochellemcgee


    • chenga57

      🍿 🎥 😂

  13. T

    I would hope the hip2save team closes the comment section on these types of posts.

  14. joshuayismarysantana

    Just an FYI. If you have a concealed weapons permit and carry it is ILLEGAL to wear a face mask. This is why my husband hasn’t had to wear a face mask ever. Obviously you don’t want to let everyone know you are strapped but when you are approached by an employee we kindly tell them it’s illegal.

    • Caringperson

      Not true. This is not the law. Actually look it up and don’t trust bogus sites. Wearing a mask helps protect you and other people, it is an act of kindness and we should all care enough about our neighbors to wear one.

    • frankj

      not true. not true at all anywhere. get off FB.

    • Vicky

      Masks for health reasons are allowed. It’s obvious people wearing masks during a worldwide pandemic are doing so for health reasons. I can’t believe the things I read people posting. I’m surprised people aren’t up in arms by the NO shoes, no shirt, no service rule.

    • Heather

      NOT true, stop spreading lies.. that is what got us in this mess to begin with

      • Amber

        I’m sure this is exactly what got us in this mess….

  15. stph095

    Literally just wear the masks for the 20 seconds to get in, then take it off. I’ve been doing this for months with no problems.

    • Smellyann


    • Emily

      This makes me so uncomfortable.

      • Pikemusky


    • Gina

      Woooooowwwwwwww……… it’s one thing to act this way yourself but a whole other thing to promote it.

  16. Jack

    This comment section is a train wreck. 😂😂 Both sides claiming science. Seriously, wear a mask don’t wear a mask I don’t care either way. Just don’t be a jerk about someone who does the opposite of yourself.

    • Heather

      Yessss! Best comment! Respect is continuously lacking these days. We don’t always have to agree on everything! Just respect each other and move on.

    • Danette

      Jack-well said. Short and simple .

  17. Ketsy

    I like you Jack. You are my people.

  18. runnergirl838

    It’s a shame that state and/or store mandates aren’t being followed due to political convictions, your “rights” or false medical conditions. Pretty sure America is the best place to live! If not, try any other country! How entitled have we become? 🙁 We all have medical conditions….it’s called ANXIETY because people can’t do something so simple for the good of others. It doesn’t prevent me from wearing a mask. The same people who choose to not wear a mask because they have no legitimate medical reason to not do so, should be the same people who should be denied healthcare when they get COVID for Pete’s sake. For those who think masks are poisonous, perhaps your doctor shouldn’t wear one when you need surgery. It’s common sense and so simple – think of someone other than yourself.

    • stph095

      What makes you think that if you don’t wear a mask, that you’ll get covid?? Plus 95% of the people that contract it are not even admitted to the hospital.

    • Cari

      Thank you!

    • Faith

      Common sense…. Doctors wear masks due to a sterile environment during surgery. And for average healthy people, masks are not recommended for any length of time. Carry on.

  19. Tara

    I think it is good to know about the policies. I think it is VERY crappy that Hip2Save allows comments under controversial topics……..No reason for it except I’m guessing $$$ for interactions on the website. Sad. I wrote them with that suggestion but I see the same subject has been posted but for different stores.

  20. Tricia

    About time!

  21. Gregg

    What significant event happens at midnight on July 19 that spurs mandatory mask wearing a minuter later on July 20? Absolutely nothing – that’s what happens.

    • J

      Exactly! Also I guess people will wear masks until the magically day they decide masks aren’t necessary anymore. 🙄

      • Gregg

        That will be November 4, the day after the election.

    • Bobby

      Covid19 is so smart it can tell time! lol sorry, couldn’t resist 🙂

  22. lilihayman

    Fantastic! Not sure what’s taking these places so long!

  23. lilihayman

    Omg… the right to NOT wear a mask in order to help protect other people. Nice.

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